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Chapter 87: Absolutely Full Of Life

We have to hurry!

Everyone could judge that the Great Devil Snake was not something that they could contend with now. If not for the environment not being suited for the Great Devil Snake’s movements, somebody would have been bitten by it long ago. Even so, the writhing and twisting of the Great Devil Snake’s body still made everyone very miserable. In this short period of time Woolf who had the biggest size had many of his bones broken, and after the giant snake closed onto him, he couldn’t even get the chance to raise his greatsword.

After making this judgement, Bai Yi immediately rushed towards the Great Devil Snake. Along the way, the Great Devil Snake continued to writhe around and smash everything around it. Bai Yi captured the trajectory of its movements with his eyes and managed to run through the gaps formed with great effort, finally sprinting right in front of the Great Devil Snake.

At this time, the Great Devil Snake’s back was facing the lift, and with their strength they were definitely unable to force the Great Devil Snake in, unless it went in by itself. They could use bait, or…!

Bai Yi’s broadsword hacked down brutally on one of its tentacles, and the force rippled through the tentacle, but Bai Yi’s strike actually did not manage to hack it apart. When the few surrounding tentacles came reaching for him, Bai Yi’s eyes widened suddenly.

Come and chase me!

In an instant, the Great Devil Snake that was already agitated by Bai Yi’s actions seemed to have eaten aphrodisiacs. It immediately abandoned everyone else and pounced at Bai Yi.

“Sharpei, fling me into the lift with your tail!” Bai Yi shouted at Sharpei, not knowing if Sharpei actually understood him.

When the Great Devil Snake turned its body around, it immediately pounced and bit at Bai Yi at a shocking speed. At this moment, Bai Yi swiftly grabbed Sharpei’s tail, and Sharpei understood his words as well and sent him flying into the lift with its thick and sturdy tail.

Its prey that was almost in its mouth disappeared, and the Great Devil Snake got even more infuriated, its giant mouth immediately crunched down on Sharpei’s tail that didn’t have the chance to withdraw yet. Sharpei immediately cried out in pain, but it started to struggle frenziedly and tore off its tail itself, rapidly escaping to the side. If it weren’t for its decisiveness, Sharpei would have probably been trapped by a few tentacles and sent into the mouth of the Great Devil Snake.

Come and chase me!

When Bai Yi’s body was still in the air, he turned his body in mid-air and his eyes widened again, attempting to entice the Great Devil Snake through hypnotism. Sure enough, after biting off Sharpei’s tail, it did not continue to chase Sharpei but headed towards Bai Yi again.

Only heaven knew how fast snakes could pounce, Bai Yi’s body was in mid-air from Sharpei’s effort, but the Great Devil Snake almost caught up with him in a split-second. Everyone looked at the Great Devil Snake in shock and horror as its wide open mouth closed onto Bai Yi. At this time, Bai Yi, who was still in the air, had no ability to dodge. Even if they had faith in Bai Yi, just how was he supposed to deal with this now?

In reality, Bai Yi could not think of anything in his mind now either. There wasn’t any time to think, so Bai Yi instinctively stabbed his broadsword towards one of the sharp teeth within the Great Devil Snake’s mouth.


The mouth of the Great Devil Snake that shot out heavily had not managed to bite onto Bai Yi, but its sharp teeth impacted the tip of the broadsword, and Bai Yi, who was gripping onto the broadsword tightly, flew out again. Blood and saliva splattered from the Great Devil Snake’s mouth onto Bai Yi’s face, and at this time Bai Yi had already reached the door of the lift. When going past the lift door, Bai Yi’s left hand forcefully grabbed onto the door and swung himself towards the side of the lift, and pressed onto the ‘close’ button of the lift in mid-air.

‘Kuang!’, Bai Yi landed heavily inside the lift, and the Great Devil Snake practically brushed past Bai Yi’s clothes and followed behind him inside the lift.

At this time, the lift door was slowly starting to close, but these few seconds were the most life-threatening. Normally, the lift would only start moving when the door was closed completely, and if the door closed onto something, it would open again. This was for the sake of safety, but at this time it became the most critical issue.

Bai Yi did not go out immediately. If he went out now and the Great Devil Snake followed him, then there was no meaning in whatever they did. The lift was extremely huge, and it could even fit the Great Devil Snake without any problems. When the giant snake chased all the way inside, it instantly bit viciously towards Bai Yi again. Bai Yi at this time could only try his best to dodge inside the lift, waiting as long as he could for the door to close.

However, one could imagine how dangerous it was facing such a Great Devil Snake in such an enclosed space. Within two seconds, Bai Yi was grazed by it twice, and with such a simple graze it almost broke all the bones in Bai Yi’s body. At this moment, the lift door was almost closed.

“Bai Yi, come out!” Woolf shouted loudly outside.

“Come out Bai Yi! Hurry up and come out!” The rest of them shouted as well. The lift was very big, but the door was almost closed, if Bai Yi did not come out now there wouldn’t be any chances anymore.

Hearing the voices of his companions, Bai Yi instantly focused his mind and sprinted outside. While running, Bai Yi abruptly jumped and turned his body around to face the Great Devil Snake, intending to borrow the strength of it to knock himself out like before. If he was just purely running, there was a 100% chance that the Great Devil Snake would catch him and bite onto him from behind.

However, this time, Bai Yi’s broadsword just started to extend outwards before a tentacle came swinging from the side. The powerful impact instantly flung the broadsword from Bai Yi’s hand, and his body was also flung aside from the force. At this moment, the rest of them looked on with shock and horror, and Bai Yi himself widened his eyes in shock. Don’t tell me… I’m really going to die here?

I can’t accept this!

Bai Yi’s pupils contracted again, blood immediately flowing out of his eyes. In an instant, the Great Devil Snake received the intimidation and paused for a split-second. In that instant, Bai Yi went along with the force that flung him, landing at the corner of the lift and rolling. Bai Yi really did not know what to do now, he sat at the corner and saw the Great Devil Snake that got lightly intimidated pouncing over again.

Even if it was Bai Yi, his eyes were filled with despair at this time.

‘KUANG DANG!’, and he suddenly realised that the Great Devil Snake’s mouth had stopped just a few centimeters from his face. In front of him was a giant black cavity with countless sharp teeth and shredded flesh, and Bai Yi’s heart almost stopped beating from fright. Bai Yi wasn’t a God, when facing danger, he only did his best not to think about the danger, and tried his best to use an absolutely calm way to deal with it. However, when facing this kind of sure-death situation, Bai Yi would similarly feel afraid.

The Great Devil Snake rammed into the sides of the lift!

Bai Yi only realized now that his body had subconsciously retreated all the way into the corner of the lift, and the three sides around him were all alloyed metal plates. The Great Devil Snake’s mouth was too big, after opening its mouth it rammed directly onto the sides, missing him by just a few centimeters.

Bai Yi breathed heavily, looking at the closed lift door towards his left…Should I open it, if I open it now then all the effort would have been wasted. If the Great Devil Snake got released again, they may not have the chance to lure it inside the lift again.

When it discovered that it had not bitten into Bai Yi like it imagined, the Great Devil Snake blanked for a moment, and tried to bite a few more times, banging heavily onto the sides of the lift. The immense impact shook the lift and heavy sounds of impact rang out.

Woolf and the others were all stunned when they saw Bai Yi getting swept aside by the tentacle. When the lift door closed, they just happened to see the image of the Great Devil Snake pouncing towards the defenceless Bai Yi. Everyone stared at the closed lift door blankly, but Heloise immediately ran towards the door wanting to press the button to open it once again. None of them tried to stop her, if Bai Yi really died, they wouldn’t be able to accept this outcome either.

When Bai Yi hesitated over if he should open the lift door again, Heloise had already pressed the button to open it.

At this moment, after banging onto the sides a few times, the Great Devil Snake couldn’t help but to pull back its head by a bit. Seeing the opening in that instant, Bai Yi did not think about what to do after but instantly shot out from the side of the Great Devil Snake’s body, dashing towards the door that just cracked open a small gap.

‘KUANG!’, the Great Devil Snake’s all out strike caused an even greater impact, and the lift shook along with the entire building, cracks appearing on the floor. The lift door that just had a gap open immediately got stuck in that position. However, in this situation Bai Yi was instantly overjoyed, that small gap was enough for him to get across but definitely not the Great Devil Snake.

Bai Yi dashed all the way to the crack of the door, and immediately tried to rush out. However, all of a sudden, he felt a pulling force on his leg and his entire body started to get pulled backwards. One of the tentacles had grabbed onto Bai Yi’s leg. Just when Bai Yi’s hands grabbed onto empty air, Woolf’s claw gripped tightly onto Bai Yi’s hand, and cracked open a grin to him.

Just in time!

Two powerful strengths, one wrapping around Bai Yi’s left leg, and one grabbing onto Bai Yi’s right hand, made Bai Yi almost feel like he was getting ripped into half. In this difficult situation, Bai Yi turned his head with great difficulty and took out a kitchen knife from his back, and brutally hacked the tentacle curling around his leg.

Under Bai Yi’s desperate hacking, the tentacle finally had signs of loosening, and making use of this opportunity Woolf and the others wrenched Bai Yi out from the lift. Behind Bai Yi, the Great Devil Snake rammed onto the lift door brutally, and dents appeared even on the metal alloy door. Seeing the lift door with more and more dents appearing, everybody felt quite terrified. This guy was really too fierce.

“Destroy the wall on top of the lift and break the cable, fast!” Bai Yi said to everyone.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, everyone started to destroy the wall on top of the lift, hurriedly trying to break the lift cable before the Great Devil Snake managed to escape. Otherwise, if they let the Great Devil Snake get out again, they couldn’t think of any other ideas to deal with this guy.

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