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Chapter 82: The Advancing Momo

With a little spy like Yeye, their advancement wasn’t difficult at all. To put it simply, all her defense sequences were just weapon installments that moved based on their programming. Although they were very mobile, but they were still restricted by their settings. After understanding everything, they only had to wait for a certain timing and follow a special path to dodge everything, so it was actually quite easy to deal with.

Of course, even if they knew the patterns of these weapons well, there weren’t many who could remain calm when these weapons were really shooting at their faces. Luckily, after a few times of panicking due to unfamiliarity, everyone gradually got used to this ‘dangerous’ process.

“Next is the last defense sequence, a real laser passageway, are you guys ready?” Yeye reminded.

Bai Yi nodded.

“Yeye, aren’t your defenses quite weak? I didn’t see anything amazing about it.” Woolf stayed at a large hall outside and didn’t enter the passageway. With Woolf’s size now, many of the passageways in the research facility were too small for him, he would probably get stuck inside them.

“Are you an idiot? What I have here are defense systems, do you understand what defense is? Destruction isn’t my goal. With the power from all the countries, I could even get a nuclear bomb, but can I use it? My purpose is to stop invaders, not blow myself up. Not just nuclear bombs, but all those high-powered weapons aren’t suitable for use as well. Moreover, I already told you guys about my defense system in so much detail. If you guys were still unable to bypass it, then you guys would really be retarded.” Yeye immediately started talking rapidly and lectured Woolf.

“Hmph, an adult won’t fight with a kid.” Woolf was taken aback by the lecturing, but this guy still had some self-awareness. Competing in wits with a super artificial intelligence, his brain couldn’t move that fast.

“Yeye isn’t a kid!” Yeye instantly retorted.

“But don’t you look just like a kid?” Woolf and Yeye instantly started quarrelling again. The rest of them couldn’t help but laugh, and Yeye really loved to ‘bully’ the simple Woolf. If Yeye could really appear, the small and big figure quarrelling with each other would really be quite interesting.

“Momo, have you remembered everything?” Bai Yi said to Momo.

“En, I remembered!” Momo nodded obediently.

“Come to think of it, it’s really surprising that there isn’t even a single gap in this laser passageway.” Heloise said.

“Hehehehe, of course!” Yeye giggled in glee.

“This laser passageway isn’t created for people to act cool and pass through. To put it simply, there wouldn’t be any spaces large enough for a person to pass through intentionally built in here. The lasers here are really a continuous web. No matter who, no matter how the person dodges, they would only be cut into many pieces once they entered this place. Why would a real defense passageway leave any gaps? Why not just make a continuous series of lasers? I really don’t understand, why don’t people get such a simple problem.” Yeye questioned slightly at the end.

“Of course we understand, what happens in movies is just for the sake of the story.” Heloise nodded.

“Movies? I don’t have any information about movies here.” Yeye said with some regret. Yeye was an artificial intelligence, overseeing the lower section of the research facility. She had a lot of data, but there was definitely nothing related to entertainment.

“If we have the chance later, we will definitely let you watch a lot of movies!”

“I like anime!” Yeye immediately replied excitedly, causing all them some surprise.

“Why anime?”

“Because the characters inside are all virtual as well, but movies are still played by real people. Yeye… isn’t a real human.” Yeye said these words with an unknown feeling. Suddenly, everyone suddenly fell into silence. Yeye… isn’t a real human.

“Although you guys already know, I still must repeat this one more time.” Yeye changed the topic herself.

“This laser passageway is the last defense, I don’t know if this is imitating something, but anyway it’s something created by you humans. However, this laser passageway doesn’t have gaps like in the movies mentioned by you guys, I think this research facility isn’t lacking in that bit of funds. Moreover, my main computer room and this passageway are all made of high-quality materials, so I don’t think you guys have the ability to destroy it by force. Your only chance is the ventilation shaft.” Yeye started explaining. Although they knew about all this long ago, everyone still listened very carefully.

“The construction of the ventilation shaft back then was definitely not for this to become a loophole for people to invade. The purpose of this ventilation shaft was so that after the poison gas was released, we would be able to clear out the air. Moreover, this ventilation shaft is very small, so an adult would definitely be unable to enter it. Of course, they probably wouldn’t have expected that there would be a small kid try to break through here. Hence, with Momo’s body size, other than a few corners, she should be able to bypass everything.”

“What you guys have to do is to let Momo enter through the ventilation shaft, and crawl along the long passage to the end…” Yeye said slowly.

Although it wasn’t their first time hearing this, all of them still listened to it very seriously. This was because the person executing this mission was Momo, a little girl of not even 5 years old! However, Momo wasn’t at a loss like a normal little girl, but had a serious and composed look. Ever since a month ago when Sara died in front of Momo, she had already went through her baptism.

A baptism of blood!

Outside the ventilation shaft mentioned by Yeye, Bai Yi hugged Momo seriously and kissed her on her forehead. Bai Yi did not continue telling Momo what to do, as in reality they had already gone through this countless times. They couldn’t afford to fail this mission. Once they failed, Momo… would 100% either die in the ventilation shaft or in the laser passageway.

“It’s up to you now, Momo.” Bai Yi’s eyes were very serious.

“En.” Momo replied tenderly, but she didn’t have the silly look of an immature kid anymore.

Bai Yi sent Momo, who was wearing an anti-poison mask, into the passageway and waited outside seriously. From what Yeye said, after entering the stretch in front, the artificial intelligence would automatically judge if the person had the authority to enter. If not, it would give a warning to stop, and if their identity wasn’t proven in 3 seconds it would release the poison gas.

Moreover, even if Momo used the ventilation shaft, she could not enter Yeye’s main computer room directly and could only land at the end of the laser passageway. The lasers activated at a 10 seconds interval, so including the time that momo had to jump down from the ventilation shaft, there was probably only about 8 seconds. In these 8 seconds, Momo had to destroy the laser device, or else the only result would be… death!

Mavis looked at the view of Bai Yi’s back. Bai Yi…had changed as well. If it were before, Bai Yi would definitely not let Momo take such a huge risk, but now he placed everything on a balancing scale and measured them, picking the best choice, even if that choice…

That gentle and kind nature of his had already been buried deep inside his heart.

This kind of change, was it something that they should be happy over?

Momo climbed into the ventilation shaft carefully, even with her petite size, she was extremely squeezed. Momo only had a specially-made short knife with her. Anything else wouldn’t be able to pass through the ventilation shaft.

Momo crawled slowly in the shaft, and listened to Yeye’s directions at the same time as to which direction to turn at each intersection. It was very dim in this kind of squeezed environment. As long the person was human they would involuntarily feel claustrophobic, and even breathing would become hard.

“Turn left in front. Be careful, even with your size that corner is extremely difficult.” Yeye said.

“En.” Momo replied softly.

Very quickly, Momo had climbed to that turn in the ventilation shaft. Sure enough, even with Momo’s size she was stuck, her back in pain from knocking against the hard surface. Momo carefully adjusted her body, and after spending a full 10 minutes she finally crawled across that turn with a body full of sweat.

“There’s still four turns like that in front, and when you enter the third last turn, my artificial intelligence will warn you and also release the poison gas. To be honest, Momo has to crawl through the entire passageway and switch off my main computer in 15 minutes. Otherwise, Momo’s simple anti-poison mask can’t protect you for long against the poison gas.” Yeye’s voice rang beside everyone’s ears.

Her intention was to let Bai Yi make the choice again, if he was really going to let Momo take this risk.

Bai Yi raised his head, looked at the ceiling and said, “Momo, do you want to come back?”

Bai Yi’s voice was very soft and gentle. In truth, Bai Yi didn’t want Momo to take the risk as well. However, through the communicator Momo’s heavy breathing and tender voice was sent to everyone’s ears.

“Momo… wants to get out, wants to open the door and walk out of here.”

This tender kiddish voice had an unexpected heaviness and resoluteness in it. Mavis, who wanted to persuade Bai Yi to find another way initially, was suddenly stunned. That little life that was so tender to the point that it looked like it would extinguish anytime had become so strong as well?

“All the best!”

“En.” Momo replied and continued crawling ahead.

“Warning, warning, please show your identification, or you would be seen as an intruder, or you would be seen as an intruder.” When Momo entered a turn, Yeye’s voice suddenly became very monotonous. Apparently, this is the part of her artificial intelligence that she couldn’t discard.

Momo ignored it, and took in a deep breath… Faster, finish crawling through the remaining distance in the next few minutes!

When Momo’s body got stuck again, she gritted her teeth and forcefully squeezed herself out. A ‘chik!’ sound of tearing came from Momo’s back. After she left, on that sharp corner was a patch of bloody cloth and skin.

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