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Chapter 81: One Month Later

While Bai Yi’s group rested at the small laboratory, Yu Han and Ning Xue searched for useful things in the upper section of the research facility. As for Khina, she dragged her severely injured body and left the research facility with great difficulty. When Khina left, she was unimaginably heartbroken, and self-blame took up a great portion of her sorrow.

What had happened here? Yeye seemed to just happen to lose her surveillance of the upper section at that period of time, so she wasn’t clear either. Even if she managed to regain control, the connection didn’t seem to be too stable, and she wasn’t even able to activate the defence system. After all, Yeye’s real duties was to manage the lower section. She only vaguely knew that Yu Han and Ning Xue were looking for useful things in the upper section.

However, what she could be sure of was Yu Han’s transformation, his transformation into a ruthless and ambitious character.

Bai Yi’s eyes couldn’t see right now, so he just quietly listened to the others describe Yu Han’s situation. Everyone worried that Bai Yi would erupt in anger over Yu Han’s matters, but unexpectedly after hearing about Yu Han, Bai Yi’s only reaction was just silence, incredibly calm and still silence. This silence, on the contrary, made everyone afraid, and even Momo carefully avoided Bai Yi.

In the following days, everyone asked Yeye in detail about various information again. If a few days ago they just roughly tried to understand the summary of things, during these few days all of them seriously read through the information that Yeye gave, carefully and meticulously remembering and understanding everything in their hearts.

Other than gaining a more fine understanding of things from Yeye, everyone had been seriously recuperating from their injuries, fighting to have a bit more power when they had to escape for their lives later.

7 days later, Bai Yi finally took off his bandage, but his vision had still not recovered. His vision now was just like a normal person in a dark night, only able to see rough a rough outline of things. However, this was already much better than the complete darkness beforehand. Most importantly, it brought everyone hope… Just like Mavis had said, Bai Yi’s blindness was due to over-usage of his eyes. As long as he rested and recovered, his vision would slowly recover as well.

This place was just a temporarily laboratory, so there weren’t many supplies inside here. Even for food, they had to rely on those gene-fused monsters that died in the circular walkway outside.

After a week, the corpses outside had been devoured completely by the 37 remaining monsters. Of course, Bai Yi’s group had no food left as well. In truth, even if there were food left it would have become inedible, as it would’ve rotted long ago. However, there were still 37 monsters remaining, and they completely treated them as backup rations.

Bai Yi wasn’t in a rush to get out. So far, there didn’t seem to be a place safer than here. Moreover, once they switched off Yeye’s main computer, what they had to face were numerous experimental monsters. Before this, they had to prepare everything properly, not just weapons, but also their physical conditions. Similarly, the longer they stayed here, the experimental monsters would grow weaker due to starvation, increasing their chances of escaping from this place.


The 1st of June 2020, it had been more than two months since the activated cells proliferated from the Progenitor. It had also been more than 1 month since they’d entered this research facility. There were only 4 left out of the original 37 monsters, as the rest were all killed and used as food by Bai Yi’s group.

Bai Yi’s eyes had more or less healed to the level of a normal person. Although it still seemed a bit dim to him, there weren’t any major issues anymore.

During this period of time, their transformation simply couldn’t be described with words. Everyone became a complete gene-fused monster. One must know that during that bloody battle, all of them came into contact with at least 9 monsters, and also fused with all their genes.

Woolf – 1. Dog, 2. Cow, 3. Alligator, 4. Bald Eagle, 5. Ant, 6……

They weren’t even able to tell what genes Woolf had fused with afterwards. The Woolf now was 4 meters tall, his body incomparably thick and sturdy, and grew a huge tail behind him. A pair of wings actually grew from his back, but this pair of wings was only half a meter wide. Compared to Woolf’s body size now, it looked just like a toy. Woolf’s overall body shape now seemed quite similar to a western ‘fat dragon’, but it was definitely the kind that couldn’t fly.

However, Woolf would rather die than admit to this point.

Heloise – 1. Mosquito, 2. Ant, 3. Cat, 4. Praying Mantis……

Heloise was also more than 2 meters tall now, with two pairs of eyes, and appeared to be extremely terrifying. Her tongue could shoot out in an instant, forming a sharp sucker just like that of a mosquito’s proboscis (TN: The mosquito mouthpart that pokes you, I couldn’t find a better term for it), and it was incomparably tough and hard. Other than that, Heloise also grew a pair of transparent wings on her back, and she could fly now. However, she still wasn’t too proficient with this, and the place that they were in right now wasn’t too useful for practicing flying anyway.

Heloise and Woolf had already confirmed their couple status. Although they were both monsters now, they didn’t disdain each other but stuck to each other like glue.

However, what made Bai Yi worried was if Woolf could survive her.

Putting aside the mosquito’s proboscis-like tongue, once while they were playing around Heloise’s praying mantis sickle almost sliced Woolf into half. If not for the armoured skin all over Woolf’s body being incredibly hard now, he would have probably died on top of Heloise’s stomach. Moreover, after the incident was over Heloise still gave off a feeling like she wasn’t done with Woolf yet.

“A female praying mantis had a habit of killing the male praying mantis during intercourse!”

After Yeye explained, everyone could finally understand the reason. As it turns out, fusing with genes from other lifeforms not only brought about changes in their body but also in their habits. However, Woolf didn’t seem to mind it at all, and even seemed to enjoy it. As for their S&M tendencies, Bai Yi and Mavis couldn’t be bothered to say anything.

Mavis – 1. Bee, 2. Ant, 3. Hummingbird, 4……

Mavis fused with genes from quite a few flying animals, but unexpectedly she didn’t grow any wings in the end. She instead had two extra arms now, and both grew on her right side. Other than this, Mavis’ changes didn’t seem to be big, but of course this was relative to Woolf and Heloise’s changes.

During this period of time, Mavis already had already perfected her use of the surgery scalpels, and she used them now as her main weapons.

Warner – 1. Pig, 2. Cow, 3. Ant, 4. Hummingbird, 5. Cat, 6……

Warner did not change much from before. He stopped growing ever since reaching 2 meters tall two weeks ago. Instead, he started growing horizontally and became extremely fat. However, although he was fat, his agility and strength were actually not bad.

Sharpei – 1. Slug, 2. Ant, 4. Hummingbird, 4. Poison Spiked Lizard, 5……

Sharpei underwent huge changes as well. Its body was already nearing 3 meters long, and appeared incomparably large and sinister. Colored scales covered its limbs, spreading all the way to its claws. its upper body still retained the appearance of bursting muscles, while his left shoulder, which had a giant hole ripped out from it earlier, actually had bone growing on the outside. Half of his body was now covered in a white bone armour. As for Sharpei’s tail, it transformed into a scorpion’s tail, and the tip of it was extraordinarily brightly colored.

Pupu – 1. Cow, 2. Ant, 3……

Nobody could tell what genes this guy had fused with. They only knew that it still looked like a pig, just that its entire body was abnormally fat, but the toughness of it was just extraordinary. When Woolf swung his greatsword horizontally at it, he actually couldn’t cut apart its skin, and it would just fly out like a meatball from the immense strength.

Pupu didn’t seem to mind its own changes at all, and only very happily lazed around with Bai Yi and the rest. It seemingly did not know that with its characteristics, it had already been deemed as the ‘super meat shield’ by the rest.

Bai Yi – 1. Butterfly

Momo – 1. Butterfly

Bai Yi and Momo both only fused with the genes of a butterfly, and the two of them just seemed like two big and small, brightly colored caterpillars. However, the colors on Momo’s body comparatively seemed a lot dimmer.

Bai Yi’s eyes now had returned to normal, but once Bai Yi wanted to use his eyes’ abilities, a circle of colored patterns would appear around his pupils. Everyone could see that this circle of colored patterns was the same as the patterns that disappeared from his limbs. Seemingly, Bai Yi’s eyes absorbed the Warning Coloration Mimicry from his body, and amplified the effect of it.

Momo’s transformation also happened in her eyes, similar to what everyone else had guessed. After all, both of them fused with the genes of a butterfly.

However, the change in Momo’s eyes was completely different than that of Bai Yi’s. Quietly, Momo’s irises started to disappear. Anybody who saw her eyes that lost their irises would definitely jump in fright, but once they got used to it, it actually seemed quite adorable. However sadly, other than the change in appearance, Momo didn’t seem to gain any special abilities.

These were all the changes that everyone had in this month.

“Bai Yi, you guys have to move already.” Yeye’s voice suddenly came.

“What happened?”

“The Progenitor said that she can’t hold on for much longer, so you guys better move fast.” Yeye explained. During this period, they also got to know that the Progenitor was still alive, and seemingly she wanted to meet with them. Similarly, they were also very curious about the Progenitor. After all, what kind of existence was the Progenitor that triggered everything?

“I got it.” Bai Yi nodded.

The detailed route was planned out long ago during this period, so now all they had to do was to execute their plan. Hearing Bai Yi’s voice, all of them focused their minds. Were they finally going out after staying here for more than a month?


Author’s Note: These few chapters may be rather dry since it’s all about information and the system, but I have to write about all of this, and write about this in detail. Because what I’m writing is a ‘realistic’ evolution novel, and not the kind of common system based or levelling based novels where things happen for no reason at all. So, my setting must be logical.

Other than that, I’m open to any bug reports, I mean any loopholes in the settings and system here.

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