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Chapter 80: Complex Lifeform Change

At this moment, there was only one number in everyone’s heads… 2.31%

Wasn’t this number pitifully low? Although the death rate was only 14.17% and the remaining seemingly survived, the ‘defective products’ didn’t seem like something good either.


“That’s right, that’s the probability of entering LV2 Metamorphose Stage now.” Yeye nodded.

“Isn’t this probability too low?” Heloise creased her eyebrows.

“No, it isn’t low at all. When trying anything for the first time, it will usually end up in failure. We should say that the fact these lifeforms are able to enter LV2 Metamorphose Stage at the start without any form of safeguard, actually proved that they were evolving in the correct way. If the probability is 0%, then that would be really worrying. We would need to search for a new way to evolve if that were the case. However, now you guys just need to study the information of all the stages in detail, and figure out the method to raise your chances of success to the maximum.” Yeye explained.

“Then what do you mean by defective products?”

“It means that they couldn’t even be consider to be wild beasts. No rationality, no emotions, and not even that bit of intelligence that animals have. They only instinctively know how to kill and survive.” Yeye said, and displayed an image again. The wild and savage appearances of the gene-fused monsters that appeared made everyone look away in discomfort.

“Of course, even though they have no rationality, they are beings that entered LV2 after all. If we really had to classify them, we could refer to them as LV2.1, and so their strength is still absolutely astounding~.”

Astounding~. Yeye’s adorable tone on the contrary didn’t cause any of them to smile.

“How many of such guys are there?”

“Not many. The truth is, only six years have passed since the Progenitor was born, so only the very first batch of experimental subjects reached the Metamorphose Stage. In Tongariro National Park Research Facility, there’s only a total of 1000 experimental subjects in the first batch. Among those, 29 of them died in accidents, 654 died in various experiments, and the remaining ones that had the chance to attempt Metamorphosis were only 317. Only 7 out of these entered the LV2 Metamorphose Stage perfectly, and there were 243 LV2.1 defective products. Due to these lifeforms being too dangerous, only 30 of them were kept for research and the rest were all killed.”

“Of course, this is also what you guys need to take note of. Once you switch off my main computer, other than the 7 perfect LV2 Metamorphose Stage experimental subjects, these 30 defective products are the ones that you need to be most wary of.”

Yeye said all this while displaying the images of these 30 LV2.1 defective gene-fused monsters. There was seemingly no effect on these monsters even after more than a month of starvation, and they still looked very energetic. However, these guys all seemed to be able to sense the position of Yeye’s cameras. After they heard the soft sound of movement, they instantly twisted their heads and viciously bit towards the direction of the cameras.

‘BANG!’, the few of them instantly jumped in fright, just as if these monsters were going to pounce out from the screen and devour the bunch of them. Bai Yi couldn’t see, but the rest of them couldn’t help but to look away seeing these 30 ‘defective products’. Any one of these among the 30 monsters could wipe out all the experimental monsters in the first floor alone.

“What about the true perfect LV2 Metamorphose Stage?”

Yeye displayed the other 7 experimental subjects. Similarly, these perfect Metamorphose Stage lifeforms immediately sensed the movements of the hidden cameras. However, 6 of them just yawned lazily, not paying much attention to the movements. Only one of them immediately jogged over and revealed a friendly smile after discovering the movement of the hidden cameras.

“Heyyy~ researchers, are you guys still there? It’s been so long; can you give me something to eat?” This guy grinned cheekily and said.

“This is?” Bai Yi couldn’t see but he still could hear him speak.

“Serial number NO. 0721-2, one of the two humans that entered LV2 among the first batch of experimental subjects. Of course, he still has his intelligence, and is usually very cooperative with the experiments as well, never resisting.” Yeye explained.

Everyone instantly stared at this guy seriously. Human?

He completely doesn’t look like one!

However, monsters weren’t actually scary, what was scary was the inability to communicate and how they attacked for food on sight. Although this guy looked very sinister, he didn’t look too different from the so-called ‘demon’. It wasn’t a big deal anymore after a few more looks and they got used to it. Everyone looked at this guy and immediately thought of the same thing. These guys that still have their intelligence, could we cooperate temporarily with them?

“Yeye, in this research facility, how many of them still retained their sanity and are able to have normal interactions?” Heloise suddenly asked.


“Bai Yi!” Heloise looked at Bai Yi.

“Give it up.” Bai Yi seemingly guessed what Heloise wanted to say, and shook his head. He then came to in front of the computer screen. Bai Yi eyes were bandaged, but somehow, he could seemingly see through the bandage, the computer screen and stared at that NO. 0721-2. Bai Yi slowly turned his head towards his left, looking down at the floor at an angle.

“This guy is concealing his true nature very deeply. He seems very normal, but I can feel a mad and brutal aura from him. Yeye, is that guy in this direction?” Bai Yi pointed towards the direction of his gaze.

“DingDong~ Congratulations you are right!” Yeye jumped inside the computer screen, and threw flower petals everywhere from her flower basket. She then displayed the translucent grid map of the research facility on the screen, and used a red line to join two points. These two points were their location and the prison cell of NO. 0721-2.

“I know what you guys are thinking, whether we can cooperate with these experimental subjects that still retained their intelligence and escape together. From the first look, this seems to be quite an attractive idea, but in reality, this won’t work. Of course, with so many experimental subjects, there are bound to be some guys that we can actually with. However, there could also be guys who appear normal, but are actually very brutal inside. Once we make the wrong choice, the price would be our lives.” Bai Yi explained.

“Bai Yi, aren’t you able to see their aura?” Woolf suddenly asked. The way Bai Yi found the direction of that guy was incredibly mystifying.

“It’s only a general sense, and it’s very weak.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“It’s probably because this guy is a LV2.” Bai Yi explained. “Moreover, this is just my personal feeling after all, we can’t ascertain if it’s accurate.”

Bai Yi said and everyone else looked at NO. 0721-2 again. Seemingly, they really couldn’t see any brutality in this guy, he just kept on chattering away non-stop at the camera. After a long while, he finally gave a yawn and walked back to his bed, seemingly falling asleep.

“He seems to know what had happened in this research facility.”

“Of course! Any intelligent experimental subject would be able to guess what had happened, after all the commotion caused by the Progenitor more than a month ago was too huge. Moreover, in the month following that none of the researchers appeared in front of them again. As long as they still retained their intelligence, they could definitely guess that something had happened. As for what exactly happened, they are definitely in the dark.” Yeye nodded.

“To speak of it, Yeye you said Bai Yi’s change is somewhat different from a normal experimental subject, but what exactly is the difference?” Mavis suddenly thought of a question from Bai Yi’s performance just now.

“Oh this, you guys should now about mutants, right?”

“Bai Yi is a mutant?!” Woolf instantly asked in shock.

“No…I mean, I’m not sure. In truth, I do not have many examining capabilities. The most I can do now is to use the experimental data in the database and compare it with you guys. Bai Yi’s transformation shouldn’t be considered to be a mutation. Based on Doctor Wang’s naming, it should be known as deep-level fusion.” Yeye explained.

“Deep-level fusion?”

“When a normal experimental subject fuses with genes from another lifeform, it isn’t just a simple fusion process, but like adding on genes to their original DNA. A very small percentage would display mutations, and an even smaller percentage would display deep-level fusion.” Yeye said steadily.

“Gene addition, to put it simply, means that the main DNA of the lifeform did not have any obvious changes, and the genes fused did not truly merge into the original DNA chain. The genes only got attached on the surface level, just like an additional supplementary. As for deep-level fusion, it means that the gene fused had truly merged itself with the human DNA chain, and thoroughly mixed itself together. Mutation means that the original DNA chain got affected by the fused genes and becomes fundamentally different from the initial lifeform.”

“Mutations can be good or bad, but they generally result in increases in strength. As for deep-level fusion, no special characteristics have been found so far. Or rather, Bai Yi, you are the most special one so far. Of course, this is conditional on that your situation is really deep-level fusion.” Yeye explained.

Simple fusion, gene addition, mutation, deep-level fusion…!

“Ahhh, no more, my brain is starting to malfunction. Yeye, I think you can wait for us to finish digesting all this information first before gradually filling us in again.” Heloise thought for a while and rubbed her head.

If even Heloise was in this state, then there was no need to mention Woolf, Warner, or Momo. These people had simple brains. Everyone had close to zero understanding of the entire research before. Although they only intended to ask some things, they ended up going off on a tangent. However, the information was all about something that everyone didn’t know but wanted to know.

Bai Yi’s brain at this time was similarly in a mess. There was too much information in this short period of time, and he of course couldn’t digest everything.

“Are the researchers just making things up? How can there be so many things?!” Woolf thought for a while, but his brain seemed to tie itself into a knot and he banged the table in frustration. ‘Kuang!’, the small table instantly broke into pieces.

“Woolf, don’t get angry, calm down.” Bai Yi immediately reminded.

 “Orh……!” Woolf’s furious face stiffened for a moment and slowly sat down after hearing Bai Yi’s words. They could see that Woolf was the most influenced by the Brutal Stage and lost control of his emotions easily.

“However, there really is so much information, research on life is truly complex. If only it was simple like levelling up in a game…” Heloise said as well.

Bai Yi only chuckled at Heloise’s words like it was a joke. This was a true transformation of life; it should be complex. Leveling up like in games… How was that possible?

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