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Chapter 76: Tears

“I’m sorry Bai Yi, Momo!” A regretful murmuring seemed to come from the darkness, Bai Yi’s dazed consciousness could actually hear Hong Qi Hua’s final regrets. Bai Yi did not know where this voice came from, but he felt it just as deeply as if she were speaking in his heart.

Hong Qi Hua… died!

Hot tears slowly flowed down from his eyes, sliding down his face. The one that should say sorry should be me! My greatest regret is that I still have something I have yet to say to you… Qi Hua!

I am an idiot, I always thought that I had enough time, why do I only know how to treasure things after I lose them!

Countless scenes flashed past Bai Yi’s mind – Martin getting smashed into pieces in front of him; Sara blocking the door, showing Momo her last bloody smile; Hong Qi Hua lying on the floor, her heart stabbed by the small willow leaf knife that he gave her, and at last her eyes full of regret and emptiness… Bai Yi’s tears flowed continuously.

How can I die in this place!

How can I!

I have not made up for my mistakes, I haven’t brought my friends out of this cruel world, how can I just let myself die here, HOW CAN I!!! Bai Yi screamed in his heart, his expression becoming incomparably malevolent. Everyone around him instantly jumped in shock seeing his expression, thinking that some strange transformation is happening to Bai Yi.

At this time, Bai Yi’s blood that had initially stopped flowing and turned cold, gradually started to circulate again, rapidly gathering towards his heart, stimulating his heart, from nothing to something. Beat… beat, the heart that had completely stopped initially actually started to beat again.

“AHHHHHHHH…!!!” Bai Yi suddenly roared fiercely, his eyes almost bulging out of his sockets.

Bai Yi’s eyes were completely bloodshot, and the colored patterns on his limbs slowly disappeared. Bai Yi’s eyes seemed to absorb these colored patterns, forming a circle of strange patterns around his pupils. Everyone just happened to meet with his eyes, and all them seemed to have descended into a world like that in a kaleidoscope, their consciousness lost in an instant.

Bai Yi came alone to the door, looking at the 10 plus gene-fused monsters outside.


Bai Yi’s pupils instantly expanded again, and in the eyes of the gene-fused monsters the colored patterns of Bai Yi’s eyes were instantly reflected. The monsters seemed to have seen their worst nightmares, and immediately turned around and ran away in fear and anxiety. Even farther away, those monsters who were still approaching them also seemed to have felt the aura of some primordial beast, instinctually feeling fear and avoided them hurriedly.

Bai Yi turned around, and looked towards a camera inside the prison cell.

“Yeye, are you really not opening the door?” Bai Yi asked.

“I’m sorry, I really want to open the door, but the duty placed on me makes me unable to do so.” Yeye’s voice came from the air. Honestly speaking, even Yeye’s simple autonomous consciousness was very shocked by them.

“There should still be a temporarily safe place here, right? Can you tell me where it is?”

“Walk out from here and follow along the left side of the walkway. In 400 meters there’s a passageway, I will open it for you guy. The passageway connects to a small research laboratory, its where the researchers conduct some simple experiments, there should be tools and medicine that you guys need there. However, can you guys reach that place now?” Yeye at this time also seemed to treat herself as one of Bai Yi’s team members. However, because Yeye by nature had to follow the programming set by her creators before, she couldn’t act according to her own will completely.

“We can, there’s no problem.” Bai Yi nodded, and patted on the others inside the room.

After looking into Bai Yi’s eyes again, the rest of them finally woke up from their daze and stared at Bai Yi in surprise. Bai Yi’s eyes, isn’t it too magical? It already almost couldn’t be explained by reason anymore, a lifeform’s evolution, can it really evolve continuously in such a short period of time?

“We will go out, there’s a passageway 400 meters away. We will go there to rest first, Yeye will open the door.” Bai Yi said to everyone.

Nobody doubted Bai Yi’s decision, even if there were still numerous gene-fused monsters outside now. When the bunch of them helped each other to the walkway, they realised that all the gene-fused monsters immediately ran away from Bai Yi after seeing him from afar.

“Bai Yi, your eyes?” Mavis asked.

“Nothing much, just a deeper level of evolution of a lifeform’s mimicry, letting me obtain a stronger power.” Bai Yi explained dully. But...every piece of strength had its price, and the change in Bai Yi’s eyes came from the shock of Hong Qi Hua’s death. If he had a choice, Bai Yi would rather not have this power.

Mavis saw that Bai Yi didn’t seem to want to continue on this topic, and she also intelligently chose not to continue asking. The group of them safely came to the small laboratory that Yeye mentioned, and the facilities inside were all very complete. Mavis and Heloise who had the lightest injuries, as well as those who still could move began to use the medicine and equipment here to start their treatment.

After Bai Yi entered the room, the colored patterns in his eyes slowly disappeared, but the colored pattern on the hair on his limbs did not return. After confirming that it was safe, Bai Yi finally fell on the bed heavily.

Everyone got alarmed again, but after Mavis checked she spoke to everyone: “There’s no problem, Bai Yi’s body was just too over-fatigued, and he fell into a deep sleep to recover. Be at ease, his vital signs are very stable, there won’t be a situation like just now.”

Mavis’ explanation finally made everyone let out a breath of relief, so it’s just over-exhaustion!

When Bai Yi woke up again, it was already 3 days later. When Bai Yi opened his eyes, he realised that it was very dark, terrifyingly dark. Bai Yi stretched out both his hands to try and touch what’s around him, and he could be sure that he was lying on top of a bed. However, he couldn’t tell anything beyond that because his body was so weak that it felt like it didn’t belong to him, he could barely move anything.

Mavis had been taking care of Bai Yi all along, delight went through her heart when she finally saw Bai Yi opening his eyes, but when she saw Bai Yi’s movements afterwards, her heart immediately dipped.

She saw this kind of situation in other patients before… loss of sight!

“Bai Yi, are you awake?”

“En, is that Mavis?” Although his expression was very calm, the way he tried to feel around with his hands couldn’t escape Mavis’ eyes. “Is there light here?” Bai Yi asked.

Mavis’ heart ached, not knowing how to reply Bai Yi.

“So it’s like that…” Since Mavis didn’t reply, Bai Yi could guess the answer. Bai Yi understood his own body the best, the last two transformation and usage of his eyes were utterly abnormal. If one were to say that these transformations did not come with any side-effects to his eyes, Bai Yi wouldn’t believe it himself.

“Don’t worry, it should be able to recover.” Mavis immediately consoled him.

“En.” There wasn’t much of a change in Bai Yi’s expression.

“I’m serious, your blindness is not congenital, but due to over-usage of your eyes. Normally, as long as you have enough rest and let yourself recover, your eyesight should return soon.” Mavis explained, and gave Bai Yi a check-up seriously.

This check-up took a few hours, during this period the rest of them also got to know of Bai Yi losing his vision, and they all waited uneasily for the results.

“Relax, Bai Yi’s vision did not disappear completely, just that his ability to sense light is very weak now. This definitely has something to do with the transformation of his eyes before. I think that as long as he can master the changes in his body he will be able to regain his sight again. Maybe his eyes will even become completely different from before.” Mavis said to the rest of them.

“Hahahahaha, see? What did I say? Bai Yi will never die so easily!” Woolf said boisterously.

“It’s just blindness.” Heloise reminded.

“En En.” Woolf immediately nodded his head. Bai Yi felt a wave of gladness and laughter, did Woolf and Heloise finally get together? Although everyone was a monster now, the feelings between each other wouldn’t be estranged just because of appearances.

But, Hong Qi Hua!

Bai Yi did not know where her voice came from then, but Bai Yi could be sure of one thing: that was definitely not his hallucination. Hong Qi Hua, was really dead.

“I didn’t think that you would still be alive.” Yeye looked at the Progenitor in surprise.

“What’s so strange about me being still alive?” The Progenitor replied, and in front of her was the naked Hong Qi Hua.

“Nah, it just feels strange. An artificial intelligence that oversees all experimental monsters, and the Progenitor that caused everything. There’s actually only the two of us non-human lifeforms left here in this huge research facility.” Yeye thought and said. “So, why did you want me to bring Hong Qi Hua’s corpse here?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Yeye said in surprise.

“En, I don’t know, because I don’t know how it would turn out. So, I hope that you can keep this a secret from Bai Yi’s group.” The Progenitor explained.

“Why must it be kept a secret?”

“I don’t know either.”

“You’re really an idiot, you don’t know anything.” Yeye was speechless at the Progenitor.

“That’s right, I’m really very normal, I have neither the resolution nor the confidence… So, I will place my hopes on them.” The progenitor said, and few tentacles stretched out and grabbed hold of Hong Qi Hua’s naked body, slowly lowering Hong Qi Hua into her stomach, as her tummy area changed and swallowed Hong Qi Hua whole. After a while, Hong Qi Hua disappeared completely inside the Progenitor. From the looks of it, she seemed just like a pregnant woman.

“I really don’t get what you are doing. It’s so boring talking with you! You’re really about to die, so see you! I’ll keep it a secret.” Yeye’s voice became distant.

“No matter what, I’m also considered… your half-daughter!”

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