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Chapter 7: Experimental Monster

At a research facility in Hamilton, a researcher got so hungry that he could not take it anymore. All of a sudden, the researcher remembered where there was food. The food originally prepared for the experimental subjects. He recalled the strangely shaped food and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Those things are edible, right?

Sometimes, a person’s choice can become completely different with just a small influence.

The researcher was unable to bear with the intense hunger and decided to go out to retrieve some food. Although the food was weirdly shaped, there was still some among it that looked like one of the more common meats.

Past midnight on the 25th, in the northern district of Hamilton an ordinary looking mansion suddenly collapsed. A giant yet distorted figure climbed out from it. The figure was crawling on the floor with 8 giant spider legs, every one of them four to 5 meters long. At its back, there was a python like tail, or rather it was an actual python. Yet, contrary to our expectations, the figure had the upper body of a human, just that his arms were like the sickles of a praying mantis.

An experimental body! Fusing genes from various animals and transforming into a monster that has a completely different form!

This guy climbed out and rapidly disappeared into the darkness. From that giant hole, various monsters of different forms climbed out unceasingly. This was the Northern Hamilton Research Facility, one of the 121 research facilities containing 3311 experimental subjects.

The night seemed especially dark!


A group of students from Waikato University drove to Vorster Food Market and found that the situation there was even more chaotic than imagined. In most of the shops there were people crowding in front of it and fighting over food. On the contrary, situations where people actually used money to purchase food was far and few in between.

Can we really buy anything here?

Everyone grew doubtful after seeing the situation. There was completely no order in the food market now, everything was gotten through theft and violence. People who are starved to the limit really can become capable of doing anything. In any case, going to jail for stealing food is better than starving to death and the police are too busy anyway.


The few of them drove to shop that Bai Yi was talking about. When they reached the location, they saw a door so damaged and shaky that it looked like it would fall off once the wind blew. Comparing the shop with the surroundings, this place seems especially desolate. Anybody who saw this would think that this place has long been robbed clean.

Has it really been robbed clean?

With the exception of those complete bookworms, those who are capable enough to study overseas are not dumb. Even if their reaction was slightly slower, they could still think of the reason behind why this place would seem to be so broken down. Expectedly, when this group walked into the innermost area they found quite a lot of food that was already prepared and Bai Yi was busy working inside.

Although they were very hungry, the students still maintained their basic courtesy and did not start eating. They only started to eat after Bai Yi served up all the food.

While eating, everyone was discussing this frightening hunger and appetite that came from nowhere, checking if anybody had any clues. Suddenly, Bai Yi seemed to hear a vague scream. He looked towards the north and doubtfully creased his eyebrows. A misperception? Bai Yi then looked at the rest, they were still eating and didn’t seem to hear anything.

“Woolf, did you hear any scream?” Bai Yi asked.

“What?” Woolf asked confusedly.

“I think I heard a scream from the north…” Bai Yi just finished saying those words and a scream came from that direction again. Moreover, it didn’t come from just one person but countless people continuously screaming. This time, not only Bai Yi heard it but the rest who were eating heard it as well.

What happened?

Santos and Bai Yi instantly ran outside, the others also looked outside while still vigorously chewing food in their mouths. It was just past noon now and the line of sight was wide. The two of them haven’t even rushed outside but could already see a human faced bird that had a wingspan of more than 10 metres in the sky. The bird dived down and grabbed two humans, tearing them apart and swallowing them.

“What the hell is this!” Santos stared at the gigantic bird with his eyes opened wide.

Bai Yi was also shocked but his reaction was quick and didn’t just stand dumbly on the spot. He immediately ran back inside the room and shouted to the others “Quick, stop eating and get on the car! Hurry and leave this place!”

“Uncle Bai, what happened?” Hong Qi Hua questioned.

“Not good, not good! Monsters suddenly appeared outside, the biggest is more than 10 metres tall and they are eating people!” Santos at this time also ran back and shouted. Bai Yi didn’t have to explain anymore, but everyone had a doubtful look on their face…monsters, what are they talking about?

Right at this moment, a dragon-like creature more than 15metres in wingspan flew across from the side and ferociously dived to the floor. Numerous painful screams could be heard. Now, nothing more needed to be said and the people in the courtyard all blanked out and then started to run away in a panic. They only wished that they had two more legs so that they could run away faster. Their initial elegance and temperance was completely abandoned in this situation.

“Pa~!” Yu Han viciously slapped Qin Kai Rui on the face and a heavy sound of a slap could be heard.

Everybody instantly got shocked by Yu Han’s actions, only then did they find out that Qin Kai Rui had already returned to the car. He was starting the car and preparing to run away, not even bringing his girlfriend Jiang Lin Lin.

“We are a team now, if you try to abandon your teammates again I will kill you!” Yu Han said coldly. At this moment, Yu Han took his katana out of the sheath and placed it on Qin Kai Rui’s neck, looking extremely serious and ruthless.

Everyone was stunned again, since when did Yu Han have this side to him?

“Hey! I was only starting the car, why the fuck did you slap me?” Qin Kai Rui almost went crazy, he got slapped for nothing and was accused of abandoning the rest.

However, now was not the time to argue and all of them reacted very quickly. They didn’t bother to bring anything and rushed into the car and quickly started it. The 11 of them drove here in 3 cars, so the numbers were just nice. Woolf also had a car used for delivery so all of them could sit in a car.

“Hurry, hurry and start the car! Bastard do you want to die?” The goods car that Santos’s family and Ballent was sitting in experienced problems and could not start. It was hard to tell if it was because they were nervous or there really was something wrong with the car.

“Santos, quick…”

Woolf stuck his head out of the car window and wanted to warn him, but the strangely shaped ‘dragon’ that landed just now pounced over, claws that were a few metres long instantly pressed on the car roof and it opened its huge mouth. Woolf’s voice got stuck in his throat…it’s all over. Everyone felt a sense of hopelessness and nobody thought Santos’ group could survive through this.

Bai Yi saw all this happen from his car’s rear mirror. Though he felt pity for them but he still skillfully started the car and quickly dashed out of the street.

Bai Yi sat in his own car and Woolf was also inside the car. Only Ballent, Santos and his family were in that goods vehicle.

The streets were in a mess, many people were escaping in a panic when they saw the monsters that suddenly appeared. However, the more you panic the easier it is for you to make mistakes. By now the street was completely blocked and it was impossible to drive through.

When Bai Yi was about to have a collision, he did an emergency brake. Damn it! It can’t be that we are stuck here? Bai Yi did not think the group of them could escape from these monsters with just their legs. At this moment, Bai Yi saw a big truck and the flimsy shops at the side.

“Momo, get down! Woolf follow me!” Bai Yi told Momo and then opened the car door and ran out.

Momo is very smart, she immediately opened the door and followed Bai Yi and Sharpei followed intelligently behind too. Only Woolf blanked out for a moment inside and only started moving when he saw Bai Yi making his way for the truck.

At this time, the 3 cars behind also stopped. All of them stared at the congregating monsters behind them, intense fear creeping into their hearts. Just what are these monsters, we aren’t acting in a monster movie!

Bai Yi opened the truck’s door, pushed Momo up and then climbed onto the driver’s seat. Woolf this time was also quick witted and sat in the passenger seat. Bai Yi gave a quick check, sure enough the driver of this truck ran away in a hurry and did not take out the key.

Bai Yi gave a breath of relief and then started the truck.

“Momo, grab my back!” Bai Yi said, then drove the truck boldly towards the shops and smashed into them. These shops were not too thick but were not too thin as well, they were only there for the sake making the sale of ingredients more convenient. The quality of the buildings was definitely incomparable to normal apartments meant for living. If a normal car crashed into it then the car would probably be destroyed, but it was a different story for a big truck.

The truck shook violently and the shops obstructing in front collapsed. The big truck carried on with its momentum and continued smashing through towards the outside.

Yu Han and the rest were astonished at this scene but instantly reacted. Without anybody giving instructions, Hong Qi Hua started the car and followed behind the big truck, heading towards the outside. There can be no hesitation now, they must fight for the slightest chance to live. Since Bai Yi already opened a path for them, they must treasure this chance and follow closely.

The few cars burst out from the collapsed buildings and finally made it to a highway.

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