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Chapter 47: Bai Yi’s ‘Hidden Danger’

“I have a question. Bai Yi, you should’ve come into contact with genes from other organisms multiple times as well, why is it that for you and Momo only the butterfly genes are manifested?” Mavis suddenly asked calmly.

“This question is actually very simple. The number of times gene fusion can occur is determined by the level of the activated cells. From LV1 – LV9, the number of times gene fusion can occur is correspondingly 1 – 9 times as well. So, the only possibility why me and Momo only fused with butterfly genes so far is…” Bai Yi replied composedly.


Everyone was instantly shocked, and an ineffable emotion rose in them. What is this, is it sympathy? If the level of activated cells is only 1, then they could only fuse with one kind of genes. In other words, all the things about increasing your strength through fusing useful genes earlier had nothing to do with Bai Yi and Momo. Moreover, every person’s individual strength was probably related to the level of the activated cells as well.

“Look at you guys, actually it may be LV1 for sure. There’s another possibility, that is the fusion slots for me and Momo were all filled by butterfly genes. Although similarly we can’t fuse with genes from other organisms, at least the level of activated cells isn’t 1.” Bai Yi said reassuringly.

The rest of them wanted to say something upon hearing Bai Yi, but looking at Bai Yi’s expression they decided not to continue talking about this topic in case the mood became even heavier.

“On this topic, let me remind everyone again that the gene fusion slots are limited, and we may not have nine slots. Now that everyone had already fused with some genes, it’s best to seriously consider what other genes you should fuse with.” Bai Yi reminded.

Everyone immediately fell into deep thought, as this was really an issue!

“One more thing!” Mavis continued. Everyone’s expression became tense again and then looked at Mavis nervously. It can’t be more bad news? Unfortunately, with the solemn expression on Mavis’ face it really seemed to be bad news.

“Bai Yi, your recovery rate is slower than Woolf’s and the rest!”


“When we rescued you to the base, your injuries were actually a bit lighter than Woolf and Yu Han’s! However, your rate of recovery was a lot slower than theirs. You even fell into a coma for three days, if not for your vital signs being stable I would’ve thought that you weren’t going to make it.” Mavis said. Sara nodded as well. Although she was just a nurse, her medical skills were quite good.

“After asking Woolf and Martin about the battle you guys were in, and examining your injuries in detail, I found out that your injuries were all mainly external. They were mainly focused on your left arm and surface of your torso. However, have you noticed? What hasn’t truly recovered is your entire body, if I really had to be precise then it’s… your activated cells!” Mavis said gravely.

Bai Yi looked at Mavis in shock, and felt the mild prickling pain all over his own body.

An intense emotion screamed silently and crazily inside him. All of sudden, the muscles in his whole body started to twitch and the colourful patterns on his face from the butterfly genes expanded by a third…In a short moment, his muscles started to heat up vigorously, a feeling like his body was burning and screaming crazily, desiring to destroy everything.

Twice, once was when he saved Martin, the other time was when Yu Han kicked him to the wall!

Bai Yi woke up with a shock and breathed heavily, at this moment everyone was staring at Bai Yi seriously, especially the coloured patterns that became even brighter on his face.

“You seem like you recalled something.”

“Ah, I did remember something.” Bai Yi nodded slowly. That was just a memory just now, but Bai Yi seemed to really feel a mild prickly pain and the flaming heat inside his body. At that moment, he really was…

“Martin, do you know anything?” Mavis asked.

“No, I have never seen a situation like this. In truth, the understanding of experimental monsters by you guys may even be more comprehensive than mine now. I was only a side researcher inside the research facility.” Martin said. Actually, Martin had already said these words from the moment they met, he wasn’t some core researcher.

Mavis gave Bai Yi a thorough check-up again, after being busy for a while she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“There’s nothing abnormal! As for the activated cells, none of us understand it much, so we can’t give you any opinions. Just be careful no matter what!” Mavis said to Bai Yi after finishing her check-up.

“En, got it.” Bai Yi nodded.

“As for the active fusion of genes, I think everyone already understood so now let’s split up. Half of us will stay here and guard the vehicles, and the other half will go to the ecological park together.” Bai Yi didn’t waste too many brain cells on the abnormality in his body. Since it was an abnormality, it was either a good thing or a bad thing. It wasn’t like worrying himself sick over it would cause it to disappear, so Bai Yi didn’t bother too much about it. To a certain extent, Bai Yi was quite a carefree person.

“Hong Qi Hua, Momo, Martin, Sara, Little Warner, Sharpei, Pupu, you guys stay here. Woolf, Mavis and Heloise, and I will go to the ecological park.” Bai Yi said.

“Bai Yi, your injury!”

“It’s nothing, as long as it isn’t a head to head clash, my injuries won’t be a problem. If we encounter any danger then Woolf will handle it for us, isn’t that right, Woolf?” Bai Yi said.

“Of course, leave it to me!” Woolf held his head high and stuck his chest out.

Everyone agreed with this and nobody had any other objections. This allocation was quite rational, and everyone was more at ease with Hong Qi Hua around as they could all see her outstanding performance during this period. Bai Yi, Woolf and Heloise were also more experienced in dealing with unexpected changes, and with Mavis around she could treat them if anybody got injured.

Bai Yi brought a handgun and that broadsword. Woolf brought along his greatsword and a submachine gun. Heloise also brought a handgun and her own short sword. Mavis was a doctor, so she brought along a first aid kit, but at the same time she didn’t forget to bring her short sword with her.

The importance of cold weapons that Bai Yi talked to Hong Qi Hua about was already conveyed to everybody, so everyone planned to start familiarising themselves with it.

“Let’s head to the laboratory first!” Bai Yi said.

“Why?” Woolf asked.

“To find a suitable container, like a test tube or reagent bottle to store an organism’s muscles or fluids more conveniently. It’s not like we have to eat the entire animal for gene fusion.” Bai Yi explained.

Woolf was suddenly enlightened and nobody else had any objections, so they headed to the laboratory.

There was no reason for any of them to go to Otorohanga Middle School before, and the area that this school occupied was really quite large due to the low population density of New Zealand. The few of them had already walked a few rounds around the school building. If not for Heloise coming to this school before, all of them would have already gotten lost.

“This place is really damn huge.” Woolf couldn’t help but to complain after he finally saw Heloise stopping in front of a door. The door was standard-sized, and from just a look Woolf knew that he would never fit through that door. With his size now, walking along the corridor was already a bit of a squeeze.

“This is where they keep all their lab equipment; this place is still surprisingly the same after so long!” Heloise said with some nostalgia. Mavis saw that the room was quite dark and subconsciously went to switch on the light.

Fluorescent lights instantly shined on them and Bai Yi raised his head.

“There’s still electricity here?” Bai Yi questioned with suspicion. After so long, the city had had its power cut long ago. Even the base only had a small generator, just barely enough for their daily necessities.

“I only switched on the lights out of habit, I’m not sure.” Mavis shook her head. She only thought the room was quite dark, so she went to switch on the light subconsciously, she didn’t think about whether there was still electricity or not.

“Heloise, do you know anything?”

“Maybe the students did it themselves.” Heloise said uncertainly.


“En, Otorohanga Middle School emphasized a lot on practical skills, and there were many clubs in the school. Maybe this was a product of one those technological clubs, but as for what’s going on I really have no idea.” Heloise explained.

Students made this? Bai Yi was quite surprised; students in China were all a bunch of bookworms. If they had to make a power generator that could supply the entire school with electricity, then they could probably do it… but just in theory. However, what Bai Yi cared about wasn’t this, he didn’t even care about how the electricity was produced, it was all good as long as he knew that there was electricity here. Bai Yi brought along a grinder polisher from the base. He initially thought that he had to find electricity from somewhere else, but now he didn’t have to go through the trouble.

“Having electricity is a good thing, take the test tubes and we will head to the ecological park.” Bai Yi said.

The few of them moved together, taking more than 10 empty test tubes from the laboratory, and used the specialised case to store them. Mavis then carried the case along with her first aid kit. At this time, Bai Yi didn’t try to be gentlemanly and carry it for her, Mavis wasn’t going to participate in battle, so it was most suitable for her to carry it.

Over at Hong Qi Hua’s side, all them started to rest after preparing a simple defensive line to guard against unexpected danger. Little Warner played with the knife that Bai Yi picked for him and looked at Momo who was teasing Pupu from time to time. All of Momo’s fusion slots were filled by butterfly genes, so she didn’t have to be afraid of fusing Pupu’s genes and she also really liked this fat and round pet pig.

“What are you thinking about?” Hong Qi Hua came beside Little Warner.

“I’m not thinking about anything!” Little Warner looked at Hong Qi Hua.

Hong Qi Hua looked at Little Warner’s pure eyes, she could be sure that Little Warner really wasn’t thinking of anything. With New Zealand’s change and the death of his parents, he probably hadn’t completely understood what had happened as a small kid. Although Little Warner knew some things, he still didn’t have the awareness to think about how to adapt to the future world.


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