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Chapter 37: Do You Know Why!

“Bai Yi, what are you doing?!” Qin Kai Rui, Dai Yu Yao and a few others immediately questioned.

Bai Yi didn’t bother to explain at all and ignored them, walking towards Yu Han again. At this moment Yu Han also climbed up, his wounds that just closed not too long split open again and blood flowed out profusely. In reality, Yu Han’s injuries were actually just as serious as Bai Yi’s, just that he didn’t lose his consciousness.

Quick steps… Heavy punch!

Bai Yi fiercely rushed forward, sending out another fist. However, this time Yu Han was prepared, bearing with the intense pain from his wounds, he raised his right hand to block in front of him. As their fists clashed together violently, Yu Han grew ruthless in his heart and gritted his teeth. The powerful strength from fusing ant genes immediately activated.

With a ‘boom!’, Bai Yi could almost hear the bones in his body creaking under pressure, and his body abruptly shot away.

However, Yu Han wasn’t in a good condition either, with this exertion fresh blood soaked his bandages again and his body swayed.

Bai Yi smashed into a metal cabinet heavily with a ‘kuang!’ and fell onto the floor, his body seemingly going limp. Slowly, he climbed back up and wiped away the blood leaking from his lips, heading towards Yu Han again. Yu Han opposite him seemed to have guessed why Bai Yi was trying to fight him now. Similarly, he wiped away the blood on his face and headed towards Bai Yi.

As the two of them approached each other, Yu Han wanted to gain the upper hand by taking the initiative, and immediately swung his right fist towards Bai Yi.

However, Bai Yi tilted his body slightly and parried Yu Han’s fist with his left hand, sliding closer and striking out viciously with his right elbow. Sounds of bone fracturing came from his left arm, but at the same time, Bai Yi twisted his body and his right elbow mercilessly smashed into Yu Han’s face.

With a loud thud, Yu Han’s body instantly spun around and shakily fell on the floor, his eyes starting to spiral.

In terms of fighting techniques, Yu Han couldn’t be compared to Bai Yi!

Even so, the two of them had no signs of wanting to stop. Both of them stabilized their injury-ridden bodies and then ran towards each other again.

At this time, everyone else was just stunned and stood still on the spot. Qin Kai Rui, Ning Xue, Dai Yu Yao and a few of them wanted to come out to stop them but were stopped by Woolf and Hong Qi Hua. Although Woolf wasn’t even able to stand properly now, Qin Kai Rui had no intentions of fighting with him. Ning Xue and Dai Yu Yao also looked at Hong Qi Hua dumbly, not knowing why she stopped them.

“This is their battle, just continue to watch!” Hong Qi Hua said solemnly.

The battle between the two of them!

At this moment, Bai Yi and Yu Han had already started to messily brawl with each other. Although the genes that Yu Han fused with were vastly superior to Bai Yi’s, Bai Yi held the advantage in fighting techniques. Moreover, both of them were heavily injured in the first place. What they were competing in is definitely not strength or technique but… Perseverance and how ruthless you could be to yourself!

Every strike was made with their life on the line. Blood continuously splattered out and the sound of bone breaking caused everyone nearby to turn their eyes away. Especially those people who were originally staying in the base, they were completely stupefied. They couldn’t even begin to imagine such cruel and brutal brawling. In a short period, all the old wounds on their bodies reopened and they were almost completely dyed red in blood.

“Ahhh…!” Yu Han suddenly started sprinting and then jumped, sending a flying kick towards Bai Yi. Bai Yi’s body was swaying about uncontrollably and couldn’t dodge in time, taking Yu Han’s kick fully in the stomach and flying into the wall behind him.

Woolf and Hong Qi Hua both immediately tightened their fists, almost rushing out.

With a ‘boom!’, Bai Yi heavily smashed into the wall and everyone felt like a mini-earthquake just happened. Yu Han’s strength from the ant genes was really too monstrous.

Bai Yi…lost?

However at this instant, Bai Yi suddenly opened his eyes wide and roared savagely “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Powerful sound waves shook everybody’s eardrums, and Bai Yi’s expression became extremely malevolent. Bai Yi screamed crazily in his heart, all the muscles in his body heating up and becoming burning hot, as if all the blood in his body started boiling. He suddenly reached out with his right hand and grabbed onto Yu Han’s neck, savagely pushing him down onto the floor.

‘Boom!’ Bai Yi using his entire body weight smashed Yu Han onto the floor. Various food items and shattered wine glasses below them splattered outwards. Actually, this wasn’t too heavy an attack, however both Bai Yi and Yu Han were heavily injured now. The impact ran through Yu Han’s body and he felt his vision blacking out again. At this moment, Bai Yi’s right hand had pierced through the bandage and a layer of muscle, clamping onto Yu Han’s neck directly.

Yu Han’s eyes popped out, trying to struggle for his life but Bai Yi mercilessly refused to release his grip. The two of them were deadlocked for a while, blood continuously dripped from Bai Yi’s shoulder and chest onto Yu Han. The blood that dripped out immediately evaporated into a faint red mist, it was easy to imagine just how hot Bai Yi’s blood was right now.

Yu Han’s body vigorously tensed and struggled continuously, but the more he struggled the tighter Bai Yi’s grip became.

Bai Yi’s completely locked all movement from Yu Han using his body, not giving him a chance to resist. Yu Han could feel that Bai Yi’s finger bones were already broken, but he still kept his neck in a death grip. Suddenly, as if he was resigned to his fate, Yu Han’s body went limp on the floor.

Bai Yi’s right hand loosened slightly and Yu Han immediately started to pant heavily, staring at Bai Yi.

“Do you know why even though we had already split into two groups, even though I clearly knew that you had ill intentions, why I still came back to group up with you guys?!!” Bai Yi slowly used his hoarse and barely discernible voice to speak. He was similarly panting heavily, locking stares with Yu Han.

“Because, I AM NOT AS COLD-HEARTED AS YOU!!!” Bai Yi suddenly roared. His expression was malevolent to point of being terrifying, blood and saliva almost spraying onto Yu Han’s face.

“All of us were friends from Waikato University, I’m not able to just abandon them! I clearly knew that staying with you, staying with a bunch of idiots would just put me in more danger, but honestly speaking... I just wanted more people to survive! Khina, Ning Xue…all of them are friends, even if it was Qin Kai Rui, I never thought of sending them to their deaths!”

“You caused the deaths of three of them and you still have the cheek to talk about it?”

“At Te Awamutu, you did it on purpose right? You intentionally fell behind by half a beat so as to push all responsibility onto me! Although even if you did not do so, the three of them may not have survived, but! Most of the responsibility definitely falls on you! Of course, things that didn’t happen cannot be used as justification, so I never talked about it.”


“At that time, you definitely wanted to kill Woolf off!” Bai Yi expression instantly filled with rage again, his eyes becoming incomparably cruel and his right hand started to tighten.

“Un...rea...son...a...ble!” Yu Han’s face turned red, only able to utter out one syllable at a time. Yu Han at this time would never admit to it. Once he admitted to it, then he was finished. Only with this kind of resolute attitude would the others think that Bai Yi was falsely accusing him.

“Uncle Bai, don’t! Don’t kill Yu Han!” At this moment, Khina suddenly shouted loudly. Although Yu Han already fell in love with Ning Xue, Khina seemed to still love him. The thing we call love wasn’t something that could be explained by reason in the first place.

Kill this bastard!


‘Kacha!’, it seemed to be a sound of bone breaking, Yu Han’s heart instantly dipped. His collarbone fractured and started to pierce into his throat. At this moment, Khina dashed over frenziedly and grabbed onto Bai Yi’s right hand.

“Uncle Bai!” Khina cried out pitifully.

Khina hugged onto Bai Yi’s right arm tightly, refusing to let go. After a long while, Bai Yi took a deep breath and sighed, loosening his grip. He slowly removed his right hand from Yu Han’s neck. Everybody could see that Bai Yi’s right hand was stained with blood, just that they didn’t know whose blood it was. Moreover, Bai Yi’s index and middle finger were twisted unnaturally, they were both apparently fractured. It was easy to tell just how brutal Bai Yi was just now and just how much he wanted to end Yu Han’s life.

In this instant, Yu Han even had the idea of retaliating in this window of opportunity and killing Bai Yi. However, at the end, he didn’t do anything and just laid on the floor. He could see from Bai Yi’s eyes, those freezing murderous eyes that if he really were to try anything, he was sure that Bai Yi wouldn’t listen to anybody and immediately kill him.

“This time is my loss! However, our battle is far from over, Bai Yi!”

“Hmph, you should thank Khina first!” Bai Yi sneered coldly. Since he already made the decision, Bai Yi wasn’t the kind to worry about his personal losses and gains.

Bai Yi loosened his hands and slowly stood up, walking shakily towards the side.

Everyone else at this moment could finally let out a breath of relief and immediately ran towards the two of them. Although the battle was extremely brutal, at least no lives were lost. However, this time the two of them were in really miserable states. If it wasn’t for the activated cells greatly enhancing everyone’s vitality, then these kind of injuries were enough to kill a normal person multiple times over.

Khina immediately tried to help Yu Han stop his bleeding, but she knew nothing about treating wounds. Only after Bella came over to help that Yu Han’s condition stabilized.

At this time, Bai Yi was also receiving emergency treatment from Mavis.

“Idiot, didn’t I just tell you your body has been thoroughly spent? Your activated cells have already started consuming your body and you still dare to do something like this, do you still want to live?!” Mavis scolded Bai Yi while doing her emergency treatment and then asked Sara to help bring some food over.

For people who had assimilated with activated cells, any miracle medicine couldn’t be compared to food. As long as enough nutrition was provided, activated cells would become active and preserve the person’s life. Otherwise, Woolf, Sharpei and Dai Yu Yao couldn’t have possibly survived.

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