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Chapter 36: Wrath

"I said he won't be!" Hong Qi Hua turned her head creasing her eyebrows, and ran out.

Martin looked at the back of Hong Qi Hua disappearing into the distance, not knowing why she was so certain that Bai Yi was still alive. Gritting his teeth, Martin wanted to run after her, but at this time he heard the sound of a car again. A car drove over and Martin saw a few people coming down from the car along with Momo.

"Where's Bai Yi?" The female doctor wearing a white overcoat said.

"Over there… Are you guys Bai Yi's friends?" Martin replied dumbly as he watched the few of them run towards the burning flames. Only then did he react and immediately followed them.

"En, friend!" Mavis looked at Martin. His skin where the suckers from the Tentacle Slug had touched him were ripped.

"Sara, help him to bandage his wounds, simple war-time bandaging." Mavis told the other young women.

"Ok, Doctor Mavis." The young women in nurse uniform nodded her head.

"Sara…You are the friend that Bai Yi said was at Otorohanga." Martin immediately realized.

"En, he told you guys before? The commotion you guys made was really huge." Sara said with a smile on her face.

"Daddy, daddy!" Momo's hand was held by Mavis as she looked at the great fire and shouted non-stop. Even the young Momo could guess that something had happened to her dad. Mavis looked at the sea of fire in front of her and creased her eyebrows severely. Even the few of them did not think that Bai Yi could survive in this kind of situation.

At this time, fierce flames continued burning everywhere, but Hong Qi Hua's heart was as if she'd fallen into an icehouse. On her neck suddenly appeared a sickle-like claw that was more than half a meter in length. A monster more than three meters tall, it's upper half of the body was that of a human and lower half was the tail of a snake. Its arms was replaced by sickles and it had half opened wings …If she really had to give it a name then it was completely like a Naga from the video games.

"……!" The figure suddenly said something but Hong Qi Hua couldn't hear it clearly.

Without waiting for Hong Qi Hua to reply, the monster brandished its right sickle-claw, and cut off a giant tentacle from the Tentacle Slug. It then started to chew on it and slowly disappeared within the flames.

Only after the figure disappeared did Hong Qi Hua feel her heart beating again. She couldn't be wrong… This was what Bai Yi mentioned. Monsters that were humans as their origin but had fused with genes from other lifeforms. They did not completely lose their memories and reason, so it did not immediately kill her after seeing her but spared her life.

"Haa, haa…!" Hong Qi Hua breathed deeply and quickly, the air heated from the burning flames.

Momo cried loudly and wanted to run into the flames but Mavis held onto her tightly, not allowing her to go in. The cries of the little girl made everyone's heart dim and ache unimaginably. In the end… In the end we can only accept this kind of ending?

However, just as they were despairing greatly, within the flames appeared two figures.

Hong Qi Hua supported Bai Yi, almost solely supporting both their weights with her strength and walked out of the flames. Hong Qi Hua from the start had a similar way of thinking as Bai Yi. When she knew that it was going to explode, and knew that there was going to be a great fire, where would she hide? Undoubtedly, concave areas in the floor would be protected from the shockwaves and places with water would prevent the flames from burning her. In that case, the only place would be the sewage gutter.

They both had an acrid smell on them, the sewage gutter wasn't a clean place.

Everyone uncontrollably revealed looks of happiness when they saw the two of them. This was unrelated to whether they knew each other, it was just joy that came from the bottom of their hearts. It was the ecstatic feeling of going through tough times and managing to come back successful in the end. Nobody minded the acrid smell and immediately surrounded the two of them. Mavis immediately helped Bai Yi put on a simple respiratory aid and put him on a stretcher.

However, nobody realised that there wasn't much joy on Hong Qi Hua's face now.

Silently, Hong Qi Hua turned around and looked at the direction that the Naga-like creature had left in.


Bai Yi woke up with a start from his nightmare. In an instant his eyes opened wide, and in his brain various bitter and desperate scenes remained. After a while, Bai Yi looked at his surroundings. This was a clean room with simple decorations. He turned his head and found Momo lying by the bedside, asleep.

I was saved!

Although he didn't know what happened, Bai Yi immediately snapped of it. He tried to stretch out his left arm to stroke Momo's little head, but he realised that his arm felt like it didn't belong to him, it was completely immobile. Recalling the scenes of his desperate struggles, Bai Yi lightly sighed in his heart. For sure, you really mustn't take your body lightly.

"!" Bai Yi opened his mouth, his voice sounding extremely hoarse.

"En…Daddy, daddy you are awake!" At the start Momo was still in a bit of a daze, but very quickly she woke up completely and shouted in joy and ran outside.

"Sister Mavis, Sister Sara, daddy woke up, my daddy woke up!" Bai Yi wondered why Momo ran out, but the hurried voice let Bai Yi understand what was going on. He was actually saved by Mavis and Sara? What is this place exactly?

Very quickly, a group of people rushed in. Martin was the first one to squeeze into the room but a 'get out' from Mavis immediately made this guy shrink back and wait outside obediently. Bai Yi found this funny, Mavis really had a powerful aura of a strong woman.

Mavis and Sara entered, nodded to Bai Yi, and gave him a detailed check-up.

It could be seen that this place wasn't a hospital. The equipment that Mavis used to do the check-up was rather simple as well and most of the time, she was just using her intuition as a doctor to judge. Very quickly, Mavis finished the check-up and revealed a smile.

"You recovered pretty well. Although I don't know what you will become, for now there's no danger to your life."

"Thank you!"

Suddenly, Bai Yi's stomach let out an unimaginable rumble, that was the sound of a hungry stomach. Sara covered her mouth and laughed lightly, and Bai Yi felt embarrassed. Mavis, however, didn't seem to mind at all. The hunger of the binging stage was something they were used to seeing by now.

"Food is being prepared, lucky you woke up. Normal IV drips are completely unable to keep up with the consumption of activated cells. When there are sufficient nutrients, the activated cells will only consume various types of nutrients. However, If there is insufficient food, then it will start consuming your body's muscles, fats, and proteins… If you did not wake up soon, then you probably wouldn't be waking up at all." Mavis said.

"So it's like that!" Bai Yi nodded, no wonder his body was so weak.

"Of course, we heard everything from Martin." Mavis nodded as well.

"Doctor Mavis…that…what happened to my friend?" Bai Yi asked with unease. Bai Yi could still remember clearly that back then Woolf and Sharpei were both severely injured.

"Well for this, you will know when you see them." Mavis left it as a mystery.

Very quickly, Bai Yi could see Woolf and Sharpei, and the other people from the team were here as well. Of course, there were also a few people here that he did not know. Inside a hall, everybody was gathered together, and a lot of them had bandages on their bodies. Woolf sat on a wheelchair, but still looked at Bai Yi happily. Sharpei also suddenly stood up from the corner, giving Bai Yi a shock.

Gene fusion…the changes were really too big!

"Then, our last warrior has awoken, cheers!" An old man was messy hair lifted up a wine cup and said to everybody.

Hong Qi Hua passed a wine cup to Bai Yi and the rest of them also lifted up their cups.

Bai Yi looked at everybody. Although he didn't understand what was going on, he could be sure of one thing… This place was considered safe. Safety was… when he didn't have to think of the big picture and take everybody into consideration like in the battle just now.

Bai Yi put down the wine cup and slowly walked towards Yu Han who was wrapped in bandages as well. The rest of them wanted to celebrate but had to stop after seeing Bai Yi's actions.

What is Bai Yi thinking of doing? 

With a 'Pa!', Bai Yi's right fist viciously smashed into Yu Han's face, an abnormal cold light flashing in his eyes. Bai Yi didn't forget how Yu Han tried to kill Woolf back then. He initially thought that Yu Han was just ambitious, but he never expected that he would do this kind of thing. It was really true that he thought of people as better than they actually were, and people always took his kindness for weakness!

Yu Han immediately felt that something wasn't right when he saw Bai Yi walking over. However, his heavily injured body could not react in time, that Armoured Shark Tortoise was really no joke.

With a punch, Yu Han flew out and smashed into a table, the food on the top of it all fell onto the floor. As for Bai Yi, fresh blood slowly seeped through the bandages on his body again.

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