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Chapter 31: Miserable Victory on the Edge of Death

On the other side, a mouthful of blood flowed down from Woolf's lips as he showed a deathly pale smile. Hahahaha, this is really Bai Yi's style, making me work even at a time like this. He would have given up hope on living long ago if he were just by himself. Woolf knew very well that his injuries weren't limited to just getting pierced by the bone spike.

"Did you hear me? Woolf!" Bai Yi shouted loudly.

The Giant Crab Alligator turned its head around and the rest of the group instantly distanced themselves as far as possible from Bai Yi. None of them wished to experience being pounced onto by the monster because of making some noise. None of them wished to take the risk even though the Giant Crab Alligator was obviously stuck.

"What a demanding person…I'll try." Woolf said with barely any breath left in him.

Bai Yi nodded to Hong Qi Hua. She weighed the steel bar in her hands and then carefully circled around the monster, looking for a suitable angle. The rest of them carefully held their breaths, fearing that they would distract her.

Yu Han couldn't help but feel jealous at this scene. Why won't Hong Qi Hua follow me? Damn it!


Hong Qi Hua abruptly threw the steel bar out with force. It was as thick as a forearm and 1.5 meters long. If it was in the past, she would've found it hard to lift even with both hands, but now she could do it with just one. Apparently, the special energy that Martin was talking about wasn't a joke. Although they were unable to feel or control the energy, it had already started aiding their bodies in the most fundamental way.

Everyone stared with their eyes wide open, and Woolf also held his breath.

The steel bar flew straight, and Woolf immediately grabbed it with his hand. Bai Yi's right fist tightened slightly. He caught it! Things should be fine with the dead angle that Woolf is at! Of course, after a moment's pause, Woolf took a deep breath.

"AHHHHHH!" Woolf's expression became vicious and he plunged the steel bar into the Giant Crab Alligator's eyes with all his strength.


A painful wail sounded and the monster flailed about in a frenzy. A pincer immediately came grabbing, but it did not manage to grab onto Woolf. It instead got ahold of the half-revealed steel bar instead.

With Woolf's strength now, he was completely outmatched by the monster, and the steel bar that was plunged halfway in slowly got pulled out.

"FUCK JUST DIE AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Woolf suddenly screamed crazily, his eyes opened to their widest, all the muscles on his body bulged and fresh blood spurted out continuously from his many wounds. However, even though Woolf was pushing himself to this extent but there was just an absolute difference in strength, this gap couldn't be filled by just spirit and willpower.

Suddenly Hong Qi Hua burst forward but Bai Yi grabbed onto her shoulder. Hong Qi Hua was extremely decisive. It was too dangerous just now with the two pincers waving about, but now one of the pincers was grabbing onto the steel bar. A gap had appeared for her to run in, and obviously Woolf would not be able to kill the giant crab alligator at this rate.

"I'll do it." Bai Yi spoke in an authoritative tone that didn't allow for protest.

Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi, surprised. He took the other steel bar from her hands and sprinted towards the giant crab alligator. Bai Yi's speed was really fast, in just a short moment he was already in front of it and aimed the steel bar at the blinded eye. Carrying the powerful momentum from his high speed, he mercilessly plunged the steel bar in.


With a 'puchi!', more than half of the long steel bar sank into its eye and the monster instantly stiffened. The other pincer immediately came grabbing but Bai Yi did not turn around and dodge. Instead, he followed the momentum of his run and dived forward, grabbing onto one of the bone spikes on the Giant Crab Alligator.

A dead angle!

Bai Yi knew that it was impossible to escape after attacking. His mobility now was too inferior compared to these monsters. The only way to survive was to find a dead angle like the one that Woolf was in.

Bai Yi and Woolf were both hanging at a dead angle, swinging about as the giant crab alligator flopped around. A few times the giant pincers almost grabbed onto the two of them, but every time it moved past them with just a few centimeters to spare. Bai Yi knew that he was safe in the dead angle, but from the eyes of other people, their hearts were already at their throats looking at the situation.

"AUUUU…AUUUU…!!" The frantic wails gradually became pitiful cries on the verge of death, eventually to the point where they couldn't be heard anymore. In about 10 seconds, the giant crab alligator that got damaged in its vitals stopped moving and completely died.

Hong Qi Hua, Momo and Sharpei immediately rushed over. Momo was still young, so she only knew how to cry, but Hong Qi Hua immediately helped Bai Yi down. As for Woolf, she didn't dare to move him.

As Bai Yi stood on the ground, only now did Hong Qi Hua notice the numerous deep puncture wounds on his torso. Bright red muscles twisted about, and blood flowed out from them continuously. Looking at the few centimeter long bone spikes coated in blood which were sparsely dispersed on the head of the monster, Hong Qi Hua could guess what had happened.

At this moment, the rest of them jogged over as well and observed the giant crab alligator up close. Being in such close proximity, the black metallic outer shell, sinister bone spikes and scary giant pincers were even more terrifying.

"I don't know how to save him, there's two big holes in his body along with so many other injuries..." Bella also ran over, her petite hands busy pressing down onto the wounds on Woolf's body. However, blood still flowed incessantly from various wounds on his body. It couldn't be stopped.

"Sorry, Bai Yi!" Woolf smiled miserably, blood still flowing out from his mouth.

"Bastard!" Bai Yi turned his head away in frustration, the kind of struggle and madness seen on his face made everyone avoid eye contact with him. Am I really going to lose him like this, am I really going to give up now?! Suddenly, Bai Yi saw Sharpei standing by the side. In less than a day, Sharpei's wounds were already healed, although it was not yet a complete recovery but it wasn't far off.

"Woolf, are you hungry!" Bai Yi asked suddenly.

"What?" Woolf apparently did not know what Bai Yi meant.

"Hong Qi Hua, go take our food, the meat of the Seven-tailed Snake Vulture and a knife." Bai Yi said.

"Bai Yi, what are you thinking of doing?" Yu Han and a few others asked loudly.

"I'll carry you down now. Your only job is to eat both the Seven-tailed Snake Vulture meat and the meat of this Giant Crab Alligator, regardless of whether it's cooked or not." Bai Yi ignored the rest of them and said to Woolf.

"Bai Yi, you really are a… lunatic!" Woolf was speechless for a moment and then finally said.

"Just listen to me!" Bai Yi didn't retort or explain.

At this moment, Hong Qi Hua had already brought a bag of seven-tailed snake vulture meat over. Bai Yi immediately used the knife to cut the meat into fist-sized pieces and stuffed a piece into Woolf's mouth.

"Eat it!"

Some of them wanted to say something, but looking at Bai Yi's bloodshot eyes their words got stuck in their throats. As for Woolf, he didn't question too much as he had an extraordinary amount of trust in Bai Yi. Although the meat in his mouth was raw, he still chewed on it vigorously and swallowed.

"Hong Qi Hua, help me to pull Woolf down." Bai Yi said to Hong Qi Hua.

"Ok!" Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi and nodded.

"He got pierced by the bone spike, he will lose a lot of blood and die once you pull him out!" Bella immediately tried to stop them. However, Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua ignored her completely. In reality, how could Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua not know about this? However, the thoughts of the two of them were completely differently than that of Bella's.

Woolf already bit down on his teeth tightly when the two of them grabbed hold of him, however when he was pulled down his entire body stilled tensed violently. His eyes opened wide and the irises rapidly shrunk, the meat and blood in his mouth also spurted out from his mouth. However, the two of them were not affected by Woolf's actions and immediately lifted him up and removed him from the bone spike.

The two of them put Woolf on the ground and Bai Yi looked at him. Although he was barely breathing now, at least he still had a breath left in him.

"Bella, help Woolf to bandage his wound. Use anything that can be used to block the wound. Woolf, all you have to do is eat everything that I give you." Bai Yi said while stuffing another piece of meat into Woolf's mouth.

"I'll do it Uncle Bai. You have to bandage your wounds too." Hong Qi Hua said.

"Ok." Bai Yi didn't reject her.

The wounds on Bai Yi's body weren't as bad as Woolf's, but while struggling, the small bone spikes still left numerous wounds on his body. Bai Yi tore apart his ragged shirt and then tied it around his body, all the while looking at Woolf worriedly. This guy…you better survive.

Activated cells!

Bai Yi betted Woolf's life on the activated cells, if the cells were really that powerful.

"Bai Yi, he will undergo gene fusion this way." Martin reminded.

Bai Yi raised his head and looked at everyone coldly without speaking. Martin felt uncomfortable under Bai Yi's gaze as if feeling guilty in his heart, and retreated backwards. As for Yu Han, he didn't give an inch and stared directly back at Bai Yi, his eyes looking extremely calm along with an ineffable trace of light in it.

"Bai Yi, we must leave this place right now. The noise from the battle just now wasn't small, and the smell of blood will also attract other monsters over." Yu Han stared at Bai Yi for a while and then said. It was obvious that Yu Han wasn't really seeking Bai Yi's opinion but just stating a fact. After speaking, Yu Han did not care about Bai Yi but started ordering the others to pack everything up into the remaining two cars, making their preparations to leave.

"Where's Qin Kai Rui?" At this time, Dai Yu Yao who had been hiding at the side all along asked. From the 11 people they had leaving the school, there were only 6 of them left.

"Qin Kai Rui ran away!" Khina said in a bad mood.

"How can he do that!" Dai Yu Yao did not see the scene of him running away, so she was very angry at his abandonment.

"That's just him seeking death. Ever since New Zealand changed, he's been stupid like a pig. I really wonder if the pig genes influenced him." Yu Han said mockingly. In the ordinary times before, Yu Han had suffered much ridicule from Qin Kai Rui. In those times, what was important wasn't your capability but your family and background. Yu Han had no chance of winning against Qin Kai Rui.

Dai Yu Yao wanted to say something, but found that she was unable to find the words to speak.

Anybody with some brains could tell how poorly Qin Kai Rui performed during this period. It couldn't be matched to his status previously. In truth, other than Yu Han, Bai Yi, and Hong Qi Hua, the rest of them were more or less still in a daze. It was exactly what Yu Han described as 'being like a pig', and Dai Yu Yao was also one of them.

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