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Chapter 21: Getting Robbed On The Road

Along the way they met a few other groups with around 3-5 people per group. It was apparent that everyone started to form teams of their own now. All the groups were cautious and wary of each other, but it was more or less peaceful heading towards the south. When the edge of the city was finally in sight, all of them felt relieved and happy. By this time, Bai Yi's group had already found 4 cars and they could head out of the city straight.

However, just as they were about to exit the city, a road block appeared in front of them and they had no choice but to stop the car.

Just as their cars stopped, 20 plus people rushed out from the sides, carrying various weapons in their hands. Not just cold weapons like machetes but a few of them even had handguns and shotguns. From the atmosphere that these people had and the tattoos on them, there was a high chance that these 20-odd people were from the underground gang in the area.

"Get down from the car, all of you get down!" The leader of the group, a man holding a shotgun shouted at them. The rest of them started to smash the car windows with their baseball bats, intimidating and pressuring Bai Yi's group.

This is bad!

Bai Yi looked at the group rushing over and the bloodstains on the floor, he could basically guess what these people were doing. They were blocking the exit to the city and then robbing everybody who passed by this place. If it weren't a specially organised group, facing 20 odd armed gangsters could only result in one thing…giving in. However, just giving in won't be enough, they probably planned to not just rob them.

Bai Yi looked at Hong Qi Hua and she nodded back at him.

Apparently, Hong Qi Hua thought the same way as Bai Yi. If it were just their supplies, then for the sake of safety they didn't mind giving it to them. However, the crucial thing is that there were girls in the team, beautiful girls. Hong Qi Hua, Dai Yu Yao, Jiang Lin Lin were all considered beautiful. In this chaotic time, being beautiful was not a good thing. If they didn't have the power to protect themselves then they would probably have a very tragic fate.

"Get down from the car!" The baseball bats outside continuously smashed onto the car with loud bangs. Other than Bai Yi and a few others who could remain composed, the others such as Dai Yu Yao and Jiang Lin Lin were already trembling all over.

"What should we do?" Hong Qi Hua asked.

Inside the car were Bai Yi, Woolf, Hong Qi Hua and Momo. They could be considered the most composed group of people among the team. Bai Yi looked outside and knew that the best way to get out of this scenario was to reverse the car and barge their way through. Then they just had to avoid this group of people and find another road out of the city. However, at this time the terrified Qin Kai Rui, Dai Yu Yao and a few others already got off the car.

Bai Yi could only sigh helplessly in his heart, there really was no chemistry in this team and the few of them were just too timid.

"We'll all get off except Woolf, you stay in here and get ready to ram into them with the car." Bai Yi looked at the others getting off, he had to quickly make a decision. Luckily the car windows were closed, as long as they didn't speak too loudly the people outside wouldn't be able to hear what Bai Yi was saying.

Bai Yi opened the door and get off with Hong Qi Hua. He intentionally blocked Woolf from their view in case they noticed what Woolf was doing. Actually, it was impossible for the gangsters to not notice but Bai Yi just hoped that these people took them lightly enough. But first they needed…

"What do you guys want?" Bai Yi asked, drawing the man's attention to himself. The words he wanted to say to get Woolf off the car were forgotten.

"Ha, what do we want? Quickly hand over all your food!" The leader pointed his shotgun at Bai Yi.

"You will let us go if we give you our food?" Bai Yi asked.

"En, of course! Hand over your food and we will let you go." The leader agreed but his eyes were scanning over the bodies of the girls present. Their lust was obvious from the way they were looking at them and other than Hong Qi Hua who was relatively calm, Dai Yu Yao, Ning Xue and the other girls already felt very uneasy.

"Ok then, we'll hand over our food, but you must keep your word." Bai Yi said and stretched inside the car, looking as if he was taking food for them. While he was moving, he looked at Yu Han. In this team, Bai Yi could only put his hopes on Yu Han to understand his intentions. As for the others, there was no need to expect too much.

At this moment Yu Han just happened to look at Bai Yi too, though it was unclear if Yu Han understood Bai Yi just from that eye contact.

Bai Yi entered the car and glanced at Woolf.

"Prepare to ram them." Bai Yi said very softly but Woolf should have heard him. Woolf now had dog ears so his hearing is a lot more sensitive now. While he took the food, Bai Yi stroked Momo's head and nodded his head slightly and then looked at Sharpei.

Bai Yi was the de facto leader of the team, since he already did so then the rest of them also thought that it would a good outcome if they could avoid conflict just by handing over their food. Qin Kai Rui and the others also turned to their cars and moved the food they collected out.

However, Qin Kai Rui and the others did not understand Bai Yi's intentions at all. It could only be said that they had completely no chemistry, even till now they did not understand that the world had changed. The weak will not be able to survive in this world.

Hmph, grab their food first and then make the few pretty girls stay behind. If this group cooperates then it's fine letting them leave, but if they don't then we'll just send them to hell like the group before them.

The leader revealed a mocking smile on his face and secretly gave a signal. When his underlings saw the signal they instantly understood his intentions. It wasn't the first time that they blocked the road and robbed people, they were already familiarised with their 'profession'. They had already stolen various supplies and beautiful women that they never could have gotten otherwise.

When the world is in chaos and order broken, evil people were always better off than good people!

Bai Yi carried a backpack out and glanced at what Yu Han was doing, hoping that he could coordinate with him. Yu Han on the other side was also observing Bai Yi, guessing his plans…it should be to fight back. Judging from Bai Yi's personality, he shouldn't be the kind of person to simply compromise. In that case, he is obviously trying to coordinate our actions and at the same timing…!

The same time!

Yu Han felt like he guessed Bai Yi's plans, as expected Bai Yi grabbed the bag and headed towards the leader with the shotgun.

"The food that we collected is packed inside these bags, it's mainly some dried meat that are more filling." Bai Yi said and slowly walked towards the man with the shotgun. When the man was about to become wary Bai Yi suddenly threw the bag in his hand towards the man.

Subconsciously, the man caught the bag with his hand; this is a natural human reflex.

However, Bai Yi took advantage of that instant and drew the chopper from his back, viciously swinging towards the man. At the same time, Hong Qi Hua also targeted one of the man with a gun and with the bag as an obstacle swiftly attacked like a bolt of lightning.

'Kacha!' Before the gangsters could react two people were already on the floor. Bai Yi's chopper split the leader's head almost into half and he couldn't be more dead. Hong Qi Hua with a twist of her body cut open the carotid artery on the man's neck with her willow leaf knife.

"Bai Yi what are you doing! Are you trying to kill everybody!" Yu Han shouted as if he was shocked.

Actually, Yu Han only lagged behind Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua by half a beat. However, from his shout it seemed like Yu Han had no choice but to fight after seeing Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua's actions. Yu Han by doing so very easily pushed the responsibility of this incident to Bai Yi, regardless of the outcome.

"Be careful!" Yu Han shouted again.

'BANG!' the deafening sound of gunfire rang but Yu Han swatted the barrel of the shotgun away in time and was uninjured. However, Jiang Lin Lin who stood in that direction cried out painfully and fell onto the floor. Yu han swung his katana horizontally and cut across his opponent's stomach.

The sudden change shocked not only the opposing group but even Bai Yi's group was stunned. At this moment, Woolf hurriedly stepped on the accelerator and the car abruptly flew in front, charging towards the bunch of gangsters. This was a truly intentional hit and run, with a few 'bang!'s he knocked some unlucky souls to the floor and rolled over them with the car. In an instant, loud painful cries filled the air incessantly.

By this time, Bai Yi, Yu Han and Hong Qi Hua had already rushed towards the few other gun-wielding gangsters.

'BANG BANG BANG!' sounds of gunfire rang out, apparently the group of gangsters finally reacted and started shooting at Bai Yi's group. Those holding cold weapons also charged towards them fiercely, hacking indiscriminately towards Qin Kai Rui's group.

A complete mess with no sense of organisation, it was just a chaotic street fight. However, compared to Bai Yi's group the gangsters were apparently more familiar with things like this. Qin Kai Rui and the other students were still pampered kids just a few days ago so they were at a complete lost suddenly facing a situation like this. However, when the machete hacked into their bodies the severe pain would force them to wake up no matter how lost they were.

Tang Ping understood quite quickly so he immediately retaliated when the gangsters came charging. However, the giant hiking backpack that he picked earlier greatly slowed his speed and he couldn't dodge in time. The machete hacked into him and he fell onto the floor.

Tang Ping got hacked in the head right in front of Dai Yu Yao and fresh blood sprayed everywhere.

"AHHHHH!" Dai Yu Yao screamed an ear-piercing scream. The gangster probably saw that she was a beautiful girl and seemed to be frightened to death, so he did not attack her. His goal was just to kill all the males and as for the beautiful girls he was of course going to keep them alive.

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