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Chapter 209: Slowly Losing It

“Scram!” Bai Yi saw another guy coming to stop him, and he subconsciously activated his Reverse Flower Eyes and swung Red Kiss, but this time he seemed to hit a wall again. The moment Bai Yi raised his right hand, this guy instantly stepped back a distance and escaped Bai Yi’s blade by a hair’s breadth. At this time, Bai Yi finally realized that this guy didn’t have eyes.

“Long Jia Tuo died! Really? En, hehehehe, is that so?!” This guy seemed to be quite deranged; his tongue was sticking out and his saliva dripped onto the ground.

“Ah~, dead! You will die very soon as well!”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve already died many times, but I always couldn’t die! Let me die then, quick, faster!” this guy said manically, and revealed a disturbed smile at Bai Yi. “Heh, hehehehe, but you can’t kill me, because I’m not afraid of your eyes,” this guy whispered to Bai Yi at the end, as if he was telling him a secret.

A bunch of lunatics!

Bai Yi thought of the few guys he had killed just now; they all seemed to be quite similar to this guy. It wasn’t right to say that they were crazy because they weren’t completely deranged yet; it also wasn’t right to say that they didn’t have their own consciousnesses because they still retained a bit of clarity. If he really had to describe them, then they would be among the so-called mentally ill. Among this group of people, Long Jia Tuo could be considered one of the better ones.

Bai Yi didn’t have the time to waste on this lunatic. “Right, you aren’t afraid of my eyes, but...”

Bind: Moving Shadow!

As if a gentle breeze had blown by, Bai Yi walked past this guy just like that, a few afterimages dragging behind him. Just as Bai Yi walked behind this lunatic, Red Kiss also dragged a line of afterimages behind it and returned to its sheath. With a soft ‘ding!’, disbelief appeared in the eyes of the madman who was hooting just a moment ago. His body struggled vigorously because of the immense pain, but his upper and lower body slowly separated from each other, fresh blood flowing outward uncontrollably along with his intestines.

“But very sadly, I’m afraid you are going to die this time,” Bai Yi said softly.

Behind Bai Yi, a few thin, dark, crystal-like threads slowly fell from this guy’s neck, arms, waist, and various other areas. The upper half of the corpse, which was initially fixed in the air, fell onto the ground with a ‘pat!’, his still-contracting muscles causing his body to continuously spasm.

Bai Yi continued moving and entered Betsy’s battle, passing right through the center of it. The few guys who were initially battling fiercely with Betsy and Bellamy immediately collapsed onto the ground. These people were clearly prepared to counterattack, but they always seemed to be restricted by something at crucial moments and became stuck in mid-air. In that instant of vulnerability, that was enough for Bai Yi to take away all of their lives. Five experimental subjects; when the last one prepared to pounce at Bai Yi, his body paused momentarily as well, a line of depression forming on his neck.

Bellamy immediately took a step forward. Advancing Heavy Hammer!

Her petite body seemed like a giant and dense, heavy mountain, and weightily smashed into the back of this guy. The sounds of bones fracturing instantly came from the body of this experimental subject, who couldn’t move at all, and he was immediately forced forward. At the same time, his neck seemed to pass through a metal wire and his head abruptly flew into the sky.

Betsy and Bellamy looked at the few thin, dark colored threads connected to the rocks and vegetation in the surroundings being rapidly retracted into Bai Yi’s body. They only managed to notice these thin threads because they had learned of this attack method of Bai Yi’s long ago. For somebody who didn’t know about this, they would have been impossible to discover unless that person had shockingly extraordinary eyesight.

Bai Yi looked at Betsy and Bellamy and asked, “Any problems with you guys?”

Betsy shook her head. “Nothing wrong, just a bit tired.”

Bellamy rubbed her own claws and asked, “Uncle Bai, what’s up with these guys? Are there so many evolved lifeforms even in the outside world? Also, what exactly is the ‘bind’ you mentioned just now?”

“Help the others first, we’ll talk on the way,” Bai Yi said. All the evolved humans had very high mobility, and without any intentionality, the battlefield had spread out very far. The two of them immediately followed Bai Yi, prepared to help other people and looking for battles close by.

“What do you guys think about their strength?” Bai Yi asked.

“LV2 Metamorphose Stage... but they seem to be somewhat weaker,” Betsy said.

“If we can split LV2 Metamorphose Stage into four different grades... First grade: Perfect Metamorphosis; regardless of the total capacity of special energy or level of control, they have achieved the best possible state at the current stage. Second grade: Imperfect Metamorphosis; special energy and level of control are both slightly weaker—roughly 20–30% weaker than a Perfect Metamorphosis. Third grade: defective products which failed at metamorphosis; unclear consciousness, but special energy and level of control are similar to the second grade—roughly 20–40% weaker as compared to Perfect Metamorphosis,” Bai Yi explained to Betsy and Bellamy as they ran about.

“We can label these guys as fourth grade. The outside world probably found the tipping point for metamorphosis failure and continued to weaken the degree of metamorphosis. Energy and control continue to fall again and are about 30–60% weaker compared to Perfect Metamorphosis. Although the difference is very big, at least they haven’t lost their sense of self. Furthermore, even if they are a lot weaker in comparison, they are all still LV2 Metamorphose Stage, after all.”

“However, we can’t completely relax either. Although these guys are usually quite weak, there will also be some of them who are more powerful. With the huge numbers of experimental subjects, there are bound to be a minority who are exceptions.” Bai Yi thought of that Long Jia Tuo he had met just now.

“Do you guys realize that this bunch of people seem like they are mentally ill?” Bai Yi said mockingly.

Bellamy giggled happily when she heard his words. “Mentally ill? Now that you say it, it really does seem to be true.”

“But how is it that the research of the outside world is even faster than ours?” Betsy asked with puzzlement.

Bai Yi paused for a moment after hearing her words and shook his head. “I think you fell into an incorrect way of thinking.” After that, he started explaining without waiting for them to ask why.

“The activated cells did indeed erupt in New Zealand, and changes happened to our bodies as well. However, that does not imply that we are the ones that understand the activated cells the most. It’s true that the center of research back then was in New Zealand, but would you believe it if somebody said that other countries didn’t have their own research facilities? Furthermore, you can think about it yourselves: how much time did we truly spend on research on the Devil Isles, and how many of us there could have been considered to be researchers?” Bai Yi looked at Betsy and Bellamy.

“About...” Betsy and Bellamy immediately started to recall how things had been back on the Devil Isles. How much time did they use on research? At the start, all of them were too busy with the problem of survival; after things stabilized, they indeed cared a lot about the changes in their bodies, but could that be considered research? Just like Bai Yi said, none of them could truly have been considered to be researchers.

“10%?” Bellamy said uncertainly.

“Probably; nobody can be sure of this. Most importantly, I think our so-called ‘research’ and the research of the outside world have very fundamental differences. Our so-called research is just organizing and consolidating information regarding the conditions and patterns behind our evolution; after all, none of us would play around with our own lives. However, the research in the outside world wouldn’t just stop at this stage.” Bai Yi’s voice became slightly lower.

Betsy and Bellamy weren’t dumb, and knew what Bai Yi meant by saying the outside world wouldn’t stop at that stage.

“So, that’s how it is. The research of the outside world is more in-depth than ours; but actually, our main emphasis is different.” Bai Yi smiled at Bellamy.

“What do you mean?”

“Our main emphasis is to consolidate understanding the conditions behind our evolution, studying how to control our changes and how to walk on this path correctly. But the main emphasis of the outside world... probably tended toward controlling evolved lifeforms,” Bai Yi said, as his eyes turned incomparably cold.

At this time, a miniature battlefield with close to a hundred people chaotically fighting appeared in front of them. After Bai Yi finished speaking, he opened his wings slightly and glided over, close to the ground.

Behind him, Betsy and Bellamy were still in shock over his previous words. Tended toward controlling evolved lifeforms, Bai Yi meant...!

While Betsy and Bellamy were still in shock, Bai Yi had already entered the battle. His eyes were abnormally cold; from the start, Bai Yi’s abilities were already suited for combat, and at this time his presence instantly decided the outcome of this battle. Bai Yi had a perfect metamorphosis; perhaps his special energy capacity and control were only roughly twice that of the experiments, but it didn’t mean that two of the experiments were sufficient to deal with him. In a battle, things could never be calculated this way.

With his Reverse Flower Eyes combined with his sword skills, Bai Yi pierced through the battlefield and finally stopped on top of a broken wall more than ten meters high. At this moment on this battlefield with roughly a hundred participants, all of them subconsciously looked at the view of his back.

There was a lot of blood on Bai Yi’s body; most of the time he didn’t bother to dodge the blood, and it slowly dripped along Red Kiss and fell onto the ground. Behind him was a gory path with more than ten fallen corpses. Bai Yi slowly turned his head around, and that pair of bewitching Reverse Flower Eyes made all of their hearts skip a beat.

“Kill, leave none alive!”

These icy words filled with killing intent caused all the evolved humans to explode with ferocity. As for Bai Yi, he pushed off the broken wall and charged right into battle again.

Bellamy looked at Bai Yi from afar and said secretly “Uncle Bai is really...!”

“Cruel and decisive!” A voice behind Bellamy suddenly filled in the words that she hadn’t dared to say. Woolf’s huge figure walked over from the other direction. His body was also stained with a lot of blood, but he didn’t seem to have suffered many injuries. At this time, Woolf only looked at Bai Yi from afar and revealed a look of reminiscence.

Woolf was the one most familiar with Bai Yi from the start, and so only Woolf knew about the changes in Bai Yi. The man who brought Momo—who was still a baby back then—around to show off, the man who was always smiling, gentle, and kind; just what kind of experiences did he go through to become like this now?

While he became more severe and decisive, seeming more like a qualified leader now, he also seemed to be slowly losing something else in him.

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