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Chapter 208: Visual Illusion

Long Jia Tuo shot backward from the impact, but in mid-air he suddenly roared in a frenzy, and all the muscles in his body bulged, instantly bursting his clothes and even his own skin apart. Blood vessels ran all over his firm muscles, making him appear disgusting yet terrifying; most notably, the muscles in his body had three distinct colors, as if they had been put together from different bodies.


After bellowing at Bai Yi, Long Jia Tuo pounced forward at him again, his gigantic body giving off an oppressive pressure. Just a simple pair of gauntlets enabled him to fight on par with Bai Yi’s Red Kiss, and if not for Bai Yi intentionally avoiding a head-on clash, he even felt that Red Kiss might have broken.

“Will you become like this as well? Hahahaha!”

Long Jia Tuo laughed boisterously as he battled, three different voices overlapping with each other. Combining this with how Long Jia Tuo looked right now, Bai Yi could basically guess his current state. This guy couldn’t be a single person, but rather three people. As for whether he devoured the other two of his own accord or was controlled into fusing with the other people, Bai Yi wouldn’t know that. This wasn’t just a fusion of their physical bodies, but it even seemed like their minds were fused together as well. Long Jia Tuo couldn’t calm down no matter what and seemed just like a hysterical maniac. It was precisely because of this that Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes hadn't been effective at the start of the fight.

Bai Yi retreated a distance in the air and said quietly, “Stop laughing, you will only make people feel pity for you.”

That’s right, pity. The laughter sounded very crude and brash, but in his bones was contained a deep sorrow.

Long Jia Tuo paused for a moment before suddenly becoming even more hysterical. “What do you know?! Pity? Who do you think you are, a God that can arrogantly judge others?!” Long Jia Tuo roared loudly while incessantly raining attacks on Bai Yi. From the looks of it, he seemed very ferocious, but the subtle abandonment of himself to despair inside made Bai Yi’s eyes become even heavier. Bai Yi wouldn’t self-righteously make any judgments; these were just the emotions he felt from Long Jia Tuo while the two of them battled.

The two of them clashed together, and Long Jia Tuo roared savagely at Bai Yi, “Are you taking pity on me!?”


Bai Yi’s eyes were calm but apathetic. “I’m just taking your mistake as a lesson.”

“Hmph!” Long Jia Tuo looked at Bai Yi’s expression and couldn’t help but grunt, sending Bai Yi flying backward again with brute force.

“I will be responsible for myself!” Bai Yi said calmly after landing, looking at Red Kiss in his hands.

“Then come!”

Nobody else knew what the two of them were thinking inside, but everybody could sense the two of them turning solemn. If the clashes now were about them sounding each other out, then the following battles would be real life and death fights.

Bai Yi wiped Red Kiss. Domineering strength, overwhelming defense, strong yet chaotic consciousness; Long Jia Tuo was practically intentionally chosen to counter him. It was very apparent that Bai Yi had gained the attention of the United Nations long ago. Most probably, Long Jia Tuo had other orders as well, such as to capture Bai Yi alive if at all possible. When Bai Yi said that he would be responsible for himself, Long Jia Tuo understood that Bai Yi meant that he would give it his all to kill him, both for the sake of survival and to make a stand and fight.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi raised his head and his eyes spun rapidly. Long Jia Tuo opposite him squinted his eyes slightly but didn’t feel any changes. The racket caused by three chaotic consciousness couldn’t be said to make him completely immune to the hypnosis of the Reverse Flower Eyes, but it was just very easy for him to wake up from it. At this time, Bai Yi had already closed in on him. Long Jia Tuo immediately focused his attention and carefully faced Bai Yi. However, he still didn’t feel even the slightest changes inside, just that the fight had become even more dangerous.

Wasp’s Sting!

Shattering Fist!

Seeing Bai Yi’s determined sword stabbing toward him, Long Jia Tuo prepared to trade injury for injury. From what he had sensed just now, Bai Yi’s body was extremely durable, completely unlike what he looked like on the outside. However, the stronger the opponent, the more excited he felt when he ripped them apart into pieces.

Just like a sting from a poisonous wasp, Red Kiss pierced forward, and their attacks landed on each other at practically the same time. ‘Puchi!’, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss instantly left a deep, bloody hole in Long Jia Tuo’s body, while Bai Yi’s body shook and the sound of bones breaking could be heard coming from his waist. This guy definitely didn’t have just a single type of energy; this destructive force was completely different from the defensive power he had. So he was a fusion product after all?

“Your body is really durable, there seems to be something dispersing the force inside.”

Bai Yi wiped the blood from his mouth and said, “Your body is very tough as well, just like a tortoise shell.”

“HAHAHAHA!” Long Jia Tuo laughed loudly and charged toward Bai Yi again.

This was a completely different level of battle from before; even though they were only using cold weapons, the level of danger and intensity contained within their combat was hard to describe. Even with metal-type energy protecting his body, Long Jia Tuo still suffered countless injuries. Bai Yi’s longsword was even sharper than he imagined, especially the layer of air twisting around the edge of the blade. Bai Yi also suffered quite a few punches to his body; a normal evolved human would have had all his bones broken long ago, but Bai Yi was still stubbornly standing upright on the ground.

Wasp’s Sting!

Seeing Bai Yi going through the exact same motions as before, Long Jia Tuo started to wonder if Bai Yi only had this bit of power. Indeed, facing the defense of his metal-type energy, only the Wasp’s Sting seemed to be able to effectively deal damage to him, so it wasn’t hard to understand if Bai Yi used this attack again.

Bai Yi pushed Red Kiss with his right hand, the dark red blade shooting forward at a shockingly fast speed like the sting of a poisonous wasp. At this time, his Reverse Flower Eyes were still spinning rapidly, but Long Jia Tuo had stopped minding this long ago. Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes had never stopped spinning so far, it was just that they had never had any effect.

Seeing the Wasp’s Sting stabbing toward him again, Long Jia Tuo instantly dodged finely and rapidly. The piercing power of this attack was extremely sharp and acute, and he didn’t want to experience it again. Fortunately, the attack of the Wasp’s Sting was only focused at a single point, so he could still dodge it. Seeing Bai Yi’s Red Kiss stabbing a few centimeters past his cheek, a contemptuous smile rose on his face.

Defense: other than Wasp’s Sting, Bai Yi didn’t have any other effective way of dealing damage to him.

Speed: Bai Yi didn’t have an advantage in that area either.

Attack: although he didn’t know how Bai Yi’s body resist could so many destructive-natured attacks, he was already in an infallible position with just the previous two attributes.

‘Puchi!’, an abnormal pain came from the center of Long Jia Tuo’s brows!

At this time, Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes happened to slowly stop spinning. Long Jia Tuo only realized at this moment that the longsword that he thought he had dodged had somehow managed to pierce through the center of his brows, and it had already stabbed through his brain. Right before death, a sense of puzzlement flashed through Long Jia Tuo’s mind: why? When did Red Kiss pierce into his head? He had clearly dodged the attack! As his vision gradually turned dark, he looked at Bai Yi’s eyes and Long Jia Tuo seemed to understand why.

Bai Yi pulled Red Kiss out and panted heavily. This guy really was specifically chosen to deal with him. If not for the new ability of his Reverse Flower Eyes not being widespread knowledge yet, the ending might not have been like this.

After confirming Long Jia Tuo’s defense, Bai Yi had always been looking for a sure-kill opportunity. The two Wasp’s Sting strikes having the exact same motion was just Long Jia Tuo’s vision getting tricked. Bai Yi had recorded the motions of the first Wasp’s Sting and covered the trajectory of the second Wasp’s Sting with it. When Long Jia Tuo thought that he had managed to dodge the second Wasp’s Sting, he didn’t know that Bai Yi’s Red Kiss was actually already aimed straight at the center of his brows.

Before Bai Yi’s panting stopped, three new opponents automatically came from one side of the battlefield.

“Come!” Bai Yi tilted his head and bent his fingers at the three new experimental subjects to his side.

The three strangely-shaped experimental subjects immediately charged at him, and at this time he didn’t seem to have managed to recover his breath yet. However, the moment their attacks were about to land on Bai Yi’s body, he moved instantly. His Reverse Flower Eyes started spinning again; his body flashed past the gaps in between their bodies and Red Kiss sliced through them.

‘Pa pa pa!’, three corpses collapsed onto the ground; not everyone could resist Reverse Flower Eyes.

Bai Yi raised his head and looked at the sky, his gaze seemingly able to pierce through the vast distance and see a satellite high up beyond the atmosphere. In this pose, the satellite happened to perfectly capture his eyes and the expression on his face at that moment. Bai Yi was smiling, and in this smile was contained a sense of stubbornness and a refusal to submit. All who saw that smile suddenly felt stuffy in their hearts, as if they were the subject of some soundless ridicule, making them feel extraordinarily uncomfortable.

“Wait!” Although they couldn’t hear his voice, all of them could guess the simple word that Bai Yi said from the shape of his mouth.

Bai Yi lowered his head, returning to the battlefield again, a calm yet agitated killing intent flashing in his eyes. They were evenly matched. Although they were at a disadvantage in numbers, who among Bai Yi’s group wasn’t somebody who had managed to struggle and survive in the treacherous environment of the Devil Isles? All of them had their own trump card; it was just that if things continued like this then there wouldn’t be many of them still alive after everything was over.

Bai Yi meticulously gazed across the battlefield, and charged out in the next instant, swiftly dashing through it. Bai Yi didn’t stop at any one place for long but flashed through the battlefield like a shadow. After just a short distance, there were already eight corpses lying in the wake of his path. All the original opponents of these experimental subjects stared at Bai Yi in amazement.

“Go help the others,” Bai Yi said, and his figure disappeared again.

Bai Yi carefully looked for Momo; everybody had gradually lost each other after the battle had started. Suddenly, Bai Yi saw Betsy and Bellamy battling up in front. Just when Bai Yi wanted to go over, an experimental subject came out and blocked him from the front.

This guy stuck out his long tongue and said, “You actually managed to come here; did that Long Jia Tuo fellow die?”

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