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Chapter 207: Slaughter


“Can you people really be at ease accepting a bunch of powerful, uncontrolled creatures?!”

The number of things to handle after the battle was diverse and complex, but with so many people, there were bound to be some who were good at organizing these kinds of things. Thus, everything was still managed methodically. In the end, Bai Yi didn’t seem to have anything else to do, so he couldn’t help but think about the upcoming call with the United Nations, and how to get them to accede to their requests.

Finding the main culprit behind everything? When the activated cells had first erupted, Bai Yi did have this thought—telling the public everything that had happened in New Zealand and finding the true instigator of everything. However, Bai Yi didn’t have that intention now. Pursuing that matter when the roots of the evolved humans weren’t even stable yet were just seeking their own destruction.

Scenes of all the things that happened over the past five years flashed through Bai Yi’s mind. His face, which looked like it had been carved, carried a heaviness developed during the years of trials and hardships. He carried many, many things on his shoulders, along with the hopes of many people. Bai Yi clenched his fists and affirmed that his choice was the correct one; what the evolved humans needed now were quiet rest and to integrate with the normal humans, not a continuing struggle.

Many people saw Bai Yi sitting by himself on a shoal in the sea and quietly avoided him, none of them wanting to disturb him.

However, there were bound to be people who couldn’t stand being bored. Chinchilla ran around in front of Bai Yi, stretching out a claw from time to time to fish out crabs from the beach. Chinchilla circled around a palm-sized crab, continually testing the waters, seemingly very curious as to why the crab was so small. Chinchilla had battled with the crab in the mountain valley for a very long period of time; in its mind, it wondered: shouldn’t crabs be very big?

Bai Yi chuckled slightly; that thing was just a normal sea crab.

Chinchilla was now over a meter long, just like a small tiger, but it was a female tiger. Chinchilla didn’t look fierce at all, and it seemed to have its own understanding of the etiquette lessons that it had learned with Momo when it was still young. From those etiquette lessons, it had actually developed a kind of grace and liveliness that only belonged to itself.

Suddenly, Bai Yi saw Pupu rush over anxiously. Chinchilla immediately abandoned the crab and went to receive Pupu; however, Pupu immediately knocked Chinchilla aside.

“What is it, Pupu?” Bai Yi asked in puzzlement.

Pupu’s huge body stopped, and he completely ignored the angry Chinchilla, who had been knocked aside. “I feel uneasy.”

Bai Yi right hand pressed down and pacified Chinchilla, who was still angry over being knocked away. At this time, Bai Yi looked at Pupu’s round and fat face. “Uneasy, huh?” Bai Yi repeated and looked at the sea. The gleaming sunlight reflected off the clear and crystalline seawater, causing people to subconsciously feel relaxed and calm. However, why did he come to this place? Did he sense something in his heart?

“Tell the others...!” Bai Yi and Pupu suddenly turned their heads and looked toward the mainland.

Bai Yi stopped his words and mumbled, “You guys can’t tolerate it, huh?” under his breath in the end, walking toward the center area. The afternoon sun shone on his body, giving him a gentle afterglow.

At this time, not just Bai Yi but the other evolved humans also sensed danger rapidly approaching, and it was doing so very ferociously. Finally, they seemed to see something coming—it was actually all evolved lifeforms! As for whether they were evolved humans or evolved animals, nobody could know that. The eyes of these evolved lifeforms were somewhat dazed, but they carried auras that weren’t inferior to theirs at all. More and more people discovered the presence of these unwelcome guests, and all of them quietly felt a sense of unease rising inside, looking at the 2,000 plus evolved lifeforms swarming here from god knows where.

‘Shua!’, Bai Yi suddenly landed from the sky and his wings retracted into his body in an instant.

A man who looked no different from a normal human walked forward a few steps and a threw a black phone toward Bai Yi. Bai Yi caught the phone and placed it beside his ear. After a while, Bai Yi immediately smashed it, “I refuse. We only need a quiet place to live, and I can guarantee that we won’t create any trouble, but I definitely won’t allow restrictions to be placed inside our bodies!”

The rest of them didn’t know what the person on the other end of the phone had said to Bai Yi, but they could guess just from looking at his face.

Planting restrictions inside them!

All of them instinctively looked at the approaching evolved lifeforms; although their auras were all not any weaker than their own, they didn’t seem to have their own freedom. So, it was like this! Was this the power wielded by the 200 plus countries in the world? As a new power, they had to be grasped completely in the hands of others; otherwise, to the normal humans, they were a disruptive force—even disruptive to the political power of all the countries!

Individual power would override the power granted by the masses!

But, what if restrictions were planted in them from the start?

Bai Yi didn’t bother to ask what kind of restrictions these were because Bai Yi would never accept any kind of restriction. Bai Yi wouldn’t think of whether he would have the chance to remove the restriction in the future—to lie on firewood and taste gall1—because it wasn’t every time that they would be able to turn defeat into victory. Once they accepted such conditions, Bai Yi and the rest of them might live even more worthless lives than if they continued to struggle on the Devil Isles.

“I refuse!” Bai Yi’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was as if it was a declaration.

“Foolish; do you think you can persist on that pitiful, so-called ‘pride’ like this?” the man opposite him asked.

“I am only doing what I feel is right.” Bai Yi placed his right hand on the hilt of Red Kiss. The two of them stared each other in the eyes; everybody’s bodies tensed, this situation was on the verge of erupting.

Suddenly, an unnatural tremor came from the man’s body, and he instantly pounced at Bai Yi. Bai Yi immediately shot out at him as well. From the looks of it, Bai Yi’s movement was slightly slower, but a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips. The man opposite knew what Bai Yi was laughing about, and his initially unwilling actions immediately became vicious as he ferociously began his attack.

That moment of trembling was obviously not his autonomous action; he was a puppet controlled by somebody else.

Bai Yi was mocking his pitifulness!

The two groups instantly clashed together, and each and every one of them chose their own opponent. There were more than 2,000 creatures on the opposing side, while Bai Yi’s side only had slightly more than 1,200 people, and a portion of them was even injured. However, the eyes of these 1,200 people bore an unimaginable intensity to them. These were eyes looking toward freedom, they definitely did not leave Devil Isles to become puppets in the hands of others!

‘Dang!’, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss collided with one of the pale white gauntlets on the man’s hands, and Bai Yi instantly felt a powerful impact coming from Red Kiss in his hands. Something seemed to tear, and Bai Yi was instantly sent flying backwards. At that moment, Bai Yi even worried if Red Kiss would break. It was a strange sensation, but Bai Yi still flew forward again, clashing with the unknown man.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi didn’t bother to clash weapons repeatedly with his opponent; this wasn’t presently a one-on-one fight. The most crucial thing now was to kill off the combat forces the opposing side had. Hence, in their second clash, Bai Yi immediately used his Reverse Flower Eyes.

Red Kiss coldly and swiftly stabbed toward the head of this man.

A soft ‘ding!’ rang out, and Bai Yi discovered with a shock that a big mouth appeared on what used to be the man’s right cheek, looking very similar to Sharpei’s appearance. At this time, the big mouth viciously bit the tip of Red Kiss, revealing a hair-raising smile. This wasn't the only thing to happen; the left side of the man’s face started to transform as well, revealing another huge mouth and opening two other eyes at the same time. Taking advantage of Bai Yi’s moment of shock, both of the man’s fists shot out parallel to each other and landed on Bai Yi’s abdomen.

Mountain Shaking Strike!

‘Boom!’, an intense impact instantly spread from Bai Yi’s abdomen and he shot backward like a cannonball, immediately smashing into the defense base in the distance.

Woolf was not far away, and immediately shouted loudly, “Bai Yi!” but he couldn’t spare any effort to help him. His opponent this time couldn’t be compared to the 10,000 normal soldiers before. It was the same for the other evolved humans as well; their opponents already had an advantage over them in numbers, and all of them were desperately fighting with their lives on the line.

After a while, a hand stretched out from the collapsed building. Bai Yi slowly climbed out and touched the blood flowing down his mouth.

“Name?” Bai Yi asked.

“Long Jia Tuo2!”

The man opposite seriously answered Bai Yi’s question and looked at him at the same time. In that instant just now, Bai Yi’s body had done countless small and fine movements, dispersing a portion of the force. However, the most crucial thing wasn’t that, but rather that Long Jia Tuo knew his own energy characteristic. Even steel would have broken under his Mountain Shaking Strike just now, but Bai Yi only vomited a bit of blood.

“Bai Yi!” Bai Yi pointed at himself with his thumb and charged toward him in the next instant.

As if he glided through the air horizontally, Bai Yi instantly appeared in front of Long Jia Tuo. His body dragged along Red Kiss as if carrying a weight of a thousand pounds, and the initially light and nimble Red Kiss seemed incomparably heavy on Bai Yi’s body. ‘KENG!’, Red Kiss impacted against the bone-white gauntlets, and red and white dust mixed together, immediately erupting in a circle around them. A few of the evolved lifeforms battling close to them were instantly torn apart by the powerful force and split apart at their waists.

At this time, Bai Yi’s right leg took another half step forward, and just like a cascading wave, a second burst of heavy force was immediately emitted by Red Kiss.

Long Jia Tuo instantly shot backwards, and on the outside of his gauntlets, a blood-red mark stretched across his body—but it was just a blood-red mark. Long Jia Tuo’s three mouths all opened at the same time and revealed a terrifying smile, just like a three-faced demon. What powerful sword techniques! If not for his metal-type energy, he would probably have been split in half with that strike just now.

The battle this time was completely incomparable to the battle earlier on. The battle with high-tech weaponry just now seemed to be very intense, but it also seemed to be lacking something. However, the people battling now immediately understood what had been missing: the ferocity of the clash of similar-level beings, and the cruel atmosphere of slaughter filling the air around everyone.

Translator’s Notes:

It means to bear with suffering and lie in wait of revenge.I’m not actually sure if this is a Chinese name, but a Google search for Long Jia Tuo (龙迦陀), came up with almost nothing, so... I’ll just take the liberty to assume that it’s a Chinese name.
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