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Chapter 195: One Versus Four

When Bai Yi flew off, the rest of them started moving as well; especially members of Bai Yi’s team like Sharpei and Pupu—they dashed over at their top speed. After all, the incident of the Tranquil Grass’s theft was such a big matter that it very quickly alarmed everyone. Everyone knew that there already wasn’t a sufficient quantity of Tranquil Grass, but all their hopes were placed on this amount now, so they couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Lucretia looked at Nancy’s quiet appearance and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried?”

“Bai Yi is really angry this time!” Nancy didn’t answer her question.


“Let’s just start on our own work. Regardless of whether if it’s concocting a suitable potion or finding a way to cure the parasitic insects, we can’t afford to dally with both,” Nancy said to Lucretia.

“Ha, seriously, don’t forget that I was your teacher for a period of time before,” Lucretia said laughingly.

“Stay here!” Momo said seriously, with her black sword pointed diagonally. Everyone there went a bit silent; none of them had managed to come to their senses yet. Basses, whom they initially thought was powerful enough alone, ended up falling into a disadvantage in an instant. The girl, who was rumored to only be nine years old, was actually this strong? Although by now everyone had learned long ago that strength couldn’t be measured by age, they were all still very surprised.

“What a good sword!”

“Bastard! Kawada, don’t you like swords? This sword is definitely suitable for you!” Basses touched his hair—or, actually, his fur would be more accurate; that strike just now had instantly sliced off half of his hair. When he heard Kawada Machida praise the sword, he immediately wanted to pull Kawada over to help him.

“I’m taking the sword.” The strange looking man that looked like a praying mantis with four arms walked out.

Basses nodded. “Then you better put more effort into this.”

After that instantaneous clash just now, these 60 people were all startled; but it was only at the level of being startled, since they also had four LV2s on their side as well. After Kawada Machida stepped out, Basses retreated back. He still wanted to save face; after all, Momo was a little girl, and so far this group of people didn’t have the intention of ganging up on her.

“That’s a given,” Kawada said, drawing four different longswords from behind his back; from the looks of it, all four of them were decent swords.


After seeing this guy stand out, Momo immediately went on guard. Through her eyes, she could clearly see the flow of air around the edge of his blades. This guy actually had the same type of energy inclination toward air as Bai Yi.

Four Sword Style: Wind Slicer!

Instantly, Kawada dashed toward Momo, his four arms swinging the swords at her from different positions. Momo’s eyes turned heavier for a moment, and she suddenly pulled her black sword, clashing with the four swords in the next moment. Multiple sounds of metallic collisions rang out and joined together into a long, continuous ringing. Both of them moved shockingly fast, and some of the guys who hadn’t entered LV2 yet couldn’t even capture their movements properly. Until suddenly, a huge ‘ZHENG!’ rang out.

Kawada slammed all four of his swords against Momo’s black sword at the same time.

Between the five swords, a chaotic air flow instantly erupted and forced Momo’s petite body to shoot backwards. Momo then flipped in the air and landed on the ground.

A trail of blood slowly flowed down Momo’s little face. She used her left thumb to gently wipe it away and licked it with her small tongue; it had a slight salty taste. This guy’s sword skills weren’t weak at all, and his four limbs swinging four swords around seemed to complement each other very well. If not for Momo’s sword skills being excellent as well, she would have probably lost right then. Moreover, the degree of control over air that he had was even stronger than Bai Yi’s, but his energy characteristic didn’t seem to have any other special attributes.

As expected; just like daddy said, all the evolved humans who could survive until now are all very strong, Momo thought inside her heart. Everyone had to grope about from scratch; if Bai Yi’s team could develop some things, other people could as well. This Kawada Machida opposite her was Japanese. He loved swords even in normal times, and after New Zealand had changed, he was similarly studying and practicing; his sword skills weren’t inferior to Bai Yi and the rest.

“Give me the sword and I’ll let you leave,” Kawada said to Momo.

“Not possible, and you guys aren’t allowed to leave anyway,” Momo said seriously. Momo was still young, and her grave words at this moment just seemed like a little kid’s stubbornness in the eyes of these people now.

“You really don’t know what’s good for you! I’ll just take it myself then,” Kawada said furiously.

“Kawada, since you want the sword, there’s no problem if we leave this to you, right?” Another LV2, Julian, said.


“We don’t have the time to waste here, so I’ll make a move first,” Julian said, and he prepared to walk through by the side. At this time, all of them knew what it meant to be stuck here; probably not long from now, the people chasing them would catch up.

“I said, none of you are allowed to leave!” Momo’s black sword lifted up lightly and an Air-splitting Strike flew out, flying right in front of Julian’s body. If Momo had needed preparation to use this kind of attack in the past, then now she could use this attack at will just by making use of the special energy in her body.

“Little girl, know what’s good for you.” Julian’s face turned slightly colder.

Alcott immediately and hurriedly said, “Don’t kill her, be careful of Bai Yi’s vengeance.” Although Alcott had stolen the Tranquil Grass, he just wanted to get through metamorphosis and enter LV2, and not to create such a great feud with Bai Yi. Alcott was still quite familiar with Bai Yi from before; although Bai Yi rarely acted in front of others himself, he had luckily managed to see Bai Yi in action once. Bai Yi’s battle ability combined with the Reverse Flower Eyes was practically unbeatable at this stage.

“How freaking troublesome, everyone is still so afraid of this at this time. Since you are so scared, why didn’t you stop at the start? It's just you guys grumbling and mumbling back there; the people chasing us are almost here! When we really enter the Devil Isles, who would be able to find us?” The last LV2, Agnes, said.

“Let’s do this together; the sooner we settle this, the sooner we can get moving. Kawada, since you want this little girl’s sword, you will get fewer stalks of Tranquil Grass later, any problems with that? If there’s no problems then let’s start,” Agnes said sinisterly after taking a deep breath from a stick of black tobacco in her hands. The tobacco in Agnes’s hands wasn’t real tobacco, but a type of poisonous plant that she had found which could excite the nerves slightly.

“I have no objection.” Kawada looked at Momo’s black sword and revealed a look of desire in his eyes. If he could get the black sword in exchange for a few stalks of Tranquil Grass, then it was an overwhelming profit for him. Only people who loved swords could see how precious that sword was.

“Then!” Agnes revealed an evil smile toward Momo, and the colored patches on her body gradually lit up.

In this moment, Momo’s heart was calm like still water. She raised her black sword horizontally and her left hand pressed on the back of the blade. In the next instant, the four LV2s attacked at the same time. However, although the four of them attacked together, she could still see that the strength of their attacks were all different. Compared to Agnes, the other three of them were slower by a bit, and their attacks weren’t going for the kill either.

Circle Dance Strike: Break!

Momo pushed the black sword with her left hand and spun her body twice instantaneously, and two circular ripples immediately flew outward at her surroundings. As expected, the four LV2s stopped one after another and blocked the two circular sword qi1. However, the other people didn’t do as well. The two circles of sword qi spread out over 360 degrees, and immediately sliced apart the surroundings. ‘Puchi’ sounds rang out continually as the people who reacted slightly slower all fell to the ground screaming pitifully, while an entire circle of trees in the surrounding area fell with multiple crashes.

At this time, the rest of them understood why the four team leaders hadn't gotten all of them to attack together. With a single difference in their stages, the difference in their strengths was like heaven and earth. After becoming able to freely control their energy, every single one of their attacks wasn’t something those who were below LV2 could withstand. The five of them clashed together immediately, while the others could only run away and avoid the battle. The rest of them now were like minions who could only buy soy sauce2.

However, the more the others watched the intense battle between the five of them, the more envious they were of the power of a LV2.

‘Keng!’, Momo forcefully parried two of Kawada’s longswords, and her body trembled slightly. At this time, Momo suddenly noticed that the air that she was breathing in carried a slightly sweet and sickly smell.

“Did you notice it? But it’s too late.” Agnes smiled arrogantly.

At this time, Momo suddenly realized that the colored patches on Agnes's body seemed to be breathing, releasing a scent which bore that sweet and sickly smell. Looking at the brilliantly colored patches on Agnes's body, Momo could basically guess one thing: this person was probably skilled in using poison. That was why she could use a poisonous plant as a cigarette earlier like that.

Momo surveyed her surroundings quickly and discovered that it wasn't just Agnes, but the other three of them didn’t get poisoned either. This wasn’t a video game, and there was no such thing as switching off friendly fire; since the three of them didn’t get poisoned, that meant that they had their own ways to filter out the poison.

Basses: high internal temperature; once the poison entered his body its structure would be damaged and become ineffective.

Kawada Machida: control of air; he was able to filter out the poisonous components.

Julian: his energy could filter out some abnormal things, so he wasn’t affected either.

Of course, the three of them had learned about Agnes’s poison long ago, and this also wasn’t the only poison that she could use. No matter what, since they had to work together they definitely restricted each other as well, and they would be ill-founded if they completely suppressed one another. Agnes had even more powerful poison, it was just that she didn’t use it.

Momo took out an antidote pill that Nancy had concocted for ordinary poisons and put it into her mouth.

Initially, Momo didn’t have the intention to kill; even those who were hurt by her circular strike were probably only heavily injured. At this time, Momo’s eyes gradually became icy, and two transparent Spirit Devouring Butterflies slowly flew out from the black sword.

“I’ll be there immediately!” At this moment, Bai Yi hurried toward Momo’s location, his face incomparably cold.

Translator Notes:

I think the vacuum strike-type attacks gradually developed into sword qi after LV2, but basically, it should be the same thing. The sword qi is the stuff that flies out from the sword for a ranged attack; it can be known as sword energy/aura and things like that, but if you are familiar with fantasy novels, or especially Chinese cultivation novels, this should be familiar to you.Buying soy sauce is slang in Chinese that means that you are a minion that can only do a very unimportant job/it’s way out of your league, which has been represented as buying soy sauce in Chinese culture. Anyway, I realized I never explained why I always explained these Chinese terms/idioms. It’s just because I thought it would be interesting for you guys to gain more insights into Chinese culture and the way they describe things. (I think the Chinese describe things very beautifully/meaningfully.) And also, it’s very hard to translate these kinds of things without losing their meaning, or I would have to find an equivalent saying in English, which isn’t really the same anyway.

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