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Chapter 194: Mishap

Everything went very smoothly at the start; across more than 20 days, the harvesting squad collected a total of 377 stalks of Tranquil Grass, and to them, this was more than enough. However, to everyone else, this amount was like pouring a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood1. Furthermore, at this time, an accident happened to the squad. It wasn’t just one or two injured members, but every single one of them. Although they gathered all the medical team together to work on this, they still couldn’t find a suitable solution to this problem.

Woolf and the rest of squad were infected by parasites!

Large-sized aquatic evolved lifeforms were basically not a problem in front of the special squad; what Bai Yi was worried about were those kinds of small-sized, colony-type aquatic lifeforms, such as piranhas. Fortunately, there weren’t any such lifeforms in this lake. However, the news that Woolf and the squad brought back ended up being even worse than this. In the depths of the lake, there was a stretch of aquatic algae, and a type of parasitic insect actually laid its eggs inside the water.

This kind of parasite initially lived within the algae, but after Woolf and the squad had barged their way in, the miniature parasite eggs had entered their stomachs through their various orifices and started to hatch in their intestines. If not for a guy in the squad being extraordinarily sensitive, they wouldn’t have even discovered this.

“Did such a thing happen to anybody else?” Bai Yi asked with a calm face.

“Yes, but very few of them; probably just a little more than 100 of them. However, we don’t know if there are more hidden parasite eggs in other people. This kind of parasitic insect is apparently a kind of mutated creature that lives only in a small area, and they haven’t completely proliferated yet. The squad’s intrusion into their living space just happened to become the opportunity for them to proliferate throughout the entire lake, and now nobody dares to enter the water anymore,” Lucretia explained.

The two of them talked as they headed toward the medical center. Bai Yi wanted to visit Woolf and the rest of the squad. When Bai Yi arrived, Woolf was bragging to a few other people. Everyone had met with numerous dangers in the Devil Isles so far, and who had the most dangerous experience became something to brag about to others. At this time, Woolf was telling the others about the Great Stink Bomb Fruit. Of course, Woolf didn’t talk about the effect of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit, but just its unique smell.

“You guys don’t know, but that smell was totally carried by the wind for a few hundred kilometers; without even coming close the smell was already unbearable! Not a single plant or animal lived within a few hundred meters of that tree, and even in places further away, the wild grass was also dyed with its stink,” Woolf described.

“Don’t tell me you are talking about the stinky tree growing near Methven?”

Woolf immediately nodded. “Ah, yes, yes, you know it?”

Leiden talked about what had happened previously. “Of course I know of it; back then there were already people talking about how a tree started to mutate, and how the smell that came with the wind normally was so freaking smelly. I went to take a look a year back as well, but it wasn’t as smelly as you described. Initially, some people wanted to chop down the tree back then, but they were persuaded not to by other people. Nobody knew how many mutated plants and animals there were in the Devil Isles, and this tree wasn’t obstructing anybody by growing there, so there was no need to chop it down.”

Lucky you guys didn’t chop it down; you guys don’t know just how great the effects of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit are! Woolf criticized in his heart.

“Hey, Bai Yi!” Woolf saw Bai Yi walking over and immediately waved his hand.

“You look pretty energetic.” Bai Yi slowly walked over with a smile on his face.

“I’m doing fine. Actually, I don’t really feel anything; if not for those doctors telling me that I’ve been infected with parasites, I wouldn’t have realized it at all.” Woolf started laughing loudly.

“Look at you, the parasites probably can’t bring down a guy like you either.” Housman gave Woolf a punch. The fifteen people here had gone down to harvest Tranquil Grass together over the past half a month, and the relationship between them had grown to be quite good.

“Hahahaha, don’t be too jealous!” Woolf shook his butt and actually started dancing.

“This guy; aren’t you guys afraid that maybe we can’t find a solution to this? No matter which parasitic insect or plant is involved, normally the host body won’t have a good ending, you know?” Bai Yi was really at his wit’s end with Woolf.

“Speaking of this, Bai Yi, there’s nobody who went to harvest Tranquil Grass recently, right?” Woolf stopped and asked.

Bai Yi nodded. “Of course not. Nobody even went into the water anymore.”

“Then how much Tranquil Grass did we collect?”

“377 stalks!”

“Only 377 stalks? This is totally insufficient for everyone, right? Hey, Bai Yi, actually we discussed this a bit previously as well, and we have made a decision.” Housman stood up and looked at Bai Yi from above. It couldn’t be helped; Bai Yi’s height was already a decent 1.85 meters, but it couldn’t be compared to these guys, who had grown greatly in size.

“What decision?”

“We have decided to donate all of the Tranquil Grass that we have collected to the Medicinal Makers to develop into a potion. You have to ensure the success of those Medicinal Makers; at the very least, the effect of the potion must be dozens of times better than purely consuming the fluid of the Tranquil Grass! Otherwise, if in the end there isn’t enough for everyone to consume, I won’t let you off, do you hear me?!” Housman roared loudly at Bai Yi, but Bai Yi didn’t avoid him at all and stared at him.

“En, of course!” Bai Yi nodded.

Housman acted domineering and said, “En, it’s settled then,” ignoring Bai Yi afterwards.

“I’ll leave first.” Bai Yi looked at Woolf and the rest of the squad. Everyone knew just how ferocious the various evolved lifeforms on the Devil Isles were, because countless numbers of evolved humans had died to these creatures. Apparently, after being infected by those parasites, Housman and the rest had done some mental preparation as well.

After leaving the medical center, Bai Yi said solemnly, “Put all our resources into finding a treatment method!”

“Yes!” Lucretia also couldn’t help but answer seriously.

Before Bai Yi could even leave this simple medical center, Nancy ran over. “Bai Yi, bad news: the Tranquil Grass was stolen!”

There was an instant of oppression, and everyone felt as if they were suffocating. Only afterwards did everyone see the icy and malevolent smile on Bai Yi’s face.

When their minds came back to them, everyone realized that Bai Yi had already disappeared. All of them swallowed their saliva. Seriously, there was actually somebody who chose to create trouble at a time like this? What was this if not looking for death? Only the people who were familiar with Bai Yi knew that, although on the surface he looked like he wouldn’t hurt a fly, that was quite far from the truth. Lucretia and Nancy looked at each other, and they could tell that somebody was going to be very, very unlucky this time.

At this time, in a patch of dense brush more than ten kilometers away from Lake Hāwea, Momo stopped a group of more than 60 people. Because of the mission that Bai Yi had given her, Momo had always been secretly monitoring Alcott. When she found that something was wrong, she immediately chased after him, and unexpectedly she just happened to intercept this bunch of people here.

“Momo!” This group of escaping people were clearly extremely shocked.

“Stay here!” Mom grabbed onto the black sword behind her tightly.

Alcott walked two steps forward. “Momo, what are you trying to do? You didn’t even greet your Uncle when you saw me.”

“Purposefully luring away the guards and coming to this place. I think, this place should be the storage spot for the Tranquil Grass, right? You guys stole the Tranquil Grass?” Momo seemed to see through Alcott’s actions.

Alcott was stunned for a moment, and said with a smile, “It can’t be helped; who asked your father to be so stubborn? He won’t even let me have some of the Tranquil Grass first. A person shouldn’t be so inflexible.”

“Because parasites appeared in Lake Hāwea, people probably won’t be able to harvest any more Tranquil Grass. After that, you felt that you wouldn’t be able to get any Tranquil Grass, and decided to do this?” Momo asked again.

Alcott and the others were stunned again, but afterwards he laughed. “Momo is really smart; since you already know, then get out of the way. As long as you step aside, we will not harm you.”


Beyond everyone’s expectations, Momo said this word coldly, and the black sword came out of its sheath. Momo held the black sword in her hands, and a dark, transparent flame started to burn on the blade. Looking at Momo’s actions, they knew that she had no intention of stepping aside, and intended to make all of them stay here.

“Really, a little girl dares to be so arrogant! You entered LV2, right? Let me tell you, there are four people that entered LV2 here, and furthermore, we have so many other people!” A guy wearing a monster skin cloak that looked extremely insolent shouted this. “Since you don’t know what’s good for you, then we can only send you to your grave; we can’t waste time here!”

“Ha!” this guy abruptly grunted, and his body tensed as white mist started to rise from it.

Basses: his absolute life field could mildly control water, and his energy characteristic had changed to high heat, reaching a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius so far!

This guy called Basses carried a gigantic bone club full of holes and jumped right at Momo as all of his companions immediately dodged. They weren’t like this guy, whose body had already changed to become able to withstand this kind of high heat. It definitely wouldn’t feel good if they were hit by that high-temperature steam.

Momo swung her black sword and intercepted him instantly.

The sword and club collided together, and high-temperature steam instantly shot out rapidly from the holes in the club. Basses saw Momo being enveloped by the steam and couldn’t help but reveal a sinister smile. However, in the next instant, with a ‘kacha!’ his bone club broke at the point of contact with the black sword, and a black vacuum strike flew through his head.

At this time, Momo walked out from steam with her special energy released outside of her body, as if burning in a transparent flame.

Bai Yi opened his wings after leaving the medical center and flew toward the place where they stored the Tranquil Grass. When he arrived, he ignored the surprised looks of others and directly walked in. When Bai Yi reached this place, a transparent Spirit Devouring Butterfly slowly flew out from a dark corner.

“Lead the way!” Bai Yi said softly.

After the Spirit Devouring Butterfly stopped on the back of his hand, Bai Yi flew into the sky again, heading straight for Momo’s current location.

Translator's Notes:

Chinese idiom for something that is insufficient/ineffective, just like trying pouring a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood to try and put out the fire.
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