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Chapter 193: Bai Yi’s Energy Characteristic

Before Bai Yi could figure out what was happening with the buoyancy that had kept his body afloat just now, he suddenly had a completely different sensation when he became submerged in the water.


Bai Yi clearly sensed the countless air bubbles around him, that were invisible to the naked eye, slowly being pulled inside his body through the control of his absolute life field. It was strange; he had gone into the water to bathe back in the valley as well, but he had never had this feeling before. Bai Yi slowly sank into the water, silently feeling through the changes in his body. Metamorphose Stage, and the change in his mental state during this period of time; could it be that it was related to this?

Bai Yi didn’t know it at the time, but he had guessed correctly. 

During the Metamorphose Stage, through the influence of the individual’s absolute life field, the physical body, energy, and soul were constantly changing toward a deeper stage of passive metamorphosis. Bai Yi could be said to be among the first batch of evolved lifeforms in the Devil Isles to go through metamorphosis successfully, and now new characteristics had already appeared in him.

Controlling air, this was the first ability that Bai Yi’s absolute life field manifested. The absolute life field existed within the body, but the aura1 could be released outside the body. After eating tonic cuisine last time, the speed of his metamorphosis had accelerated, and through the aura of his absolute life field, it just so happened that Bai Yi could control the elements of air to allow him to breathe underwater.

Other than that, the nature of Bai Yi’s energy was also slowly displaying itself, it was just that he was too busy with other things to notice this recently. However, at this time, Bai Yi sensed something new as well, and subconsciously activated his Reverse Flower Eyes. A screen of water filled his vision.

“Bai Yi, Bai Yi?”

Woolf was still quite excited at the start; Bai Yi had actually jumped down so rashly and straightforwardly. This was quite different from how Bai Yi normally behaved, but Woolf didn’t stay happy for long after realizing that Bai Yi hadn't moved at all after falling into the water. It couldn’t be that something had happened to Bai Yi, right? Woolf immediately became panicky inside and promptly waved his short and thick tail, swimming in Bai Yi’s direction.

Bai Yi was still pondering over the changes in his body in the water when Woolf suddenly grabbed him tightly with his claw and raised him above the surface.

Woolf rushed out of the water and shouted loudly, “Come and save him, quickly!”

“It’s fine Woolf, I’m fine! I’m just thinking about some things.” Just when the people in the surrounding area started to move hurriedly after hearing Woolf’s words, Bai Yi stood up himself and shook his head at Woolf. Bai Yi had fallen into deep thought just now, so he hadn't moved at all and had allowed Woolf to hoist him up. He waved to the two Medicinal Makers that hurriedly rushed over, indicating that they didn’t have to come over anymore.

“Are you OK, Bai Yi? You just sank the moment you entered the water; don’t tell me you can’t swim?” Housman teased.

“Probably. I won’t participate in this then, I’ll leave the selection of members to you. Remember to put your focus on safety; don’t accept people into the squad if they don’t have the requisite strength,” Bai Yi said.

“Relax, just leave this to me.” Housman didn’t try to object to him at this time.

“Then I have something else to do, I’ll leave first,” Bai Yi said to the people here. At this time, Alodia came over to support Bai Yi, and the two of them left this place.

“Is he OK? Your team leader?” Housman asked Woolf. Their relationship had become quite good recently, but it seemed like Woolf could get along with anyone. The crux of the matter was probably that Woolf was always very open and carefree, making other people less wary around him.

Woolf shook his head. “There’s probably something going on, but he will tell us when it’s time to do so. Don’t talk about this anymore; let’s continue picking the squad members.”

After Bai Yi left, Housman and the others became busy again. After changing the distribution system, the squad received many more applicants, and there were now a total of fifteen of them. In the other areas, there were specialized people taking charge of each aspect as well, and they didn’t need Bai Yi to do things personally. Thus, things very quickly started to run smoothly and orderly.


At this time, Bai Yi submerged his right hand into a basin of water, silently feeling out the changes in his body. Perhaps it was because there wasn’t much air in the water, but after submerging his hand into it, Bai Yi could clearly sense every tiny air bubble being pulled into the pores of his hand by his absolute life field.

Bai Yi closed his eyes and quietly felt this sensation. The air was pulled into his body and became oxidized directly, while the unusable composition of the air was passed out into the water. Bai Yi could completely sense that in this state, he could breathe freely underwater.

This was the change in the absolute life field!

Bai Yi opened his eyes again. Reverse Flower Eyes! His eyes slowly changed, yet he didn’t use them on anyone, but rather looked somewhere else. Alodia quietly stood beside Bai Yi without disturbing him at all.

Bai Yi investigated like this for three days, and the squad came back safely from their first attempt at picking Tranquil Grass, bringing back 21 stalks. This was a piece of good news and everyone was incredibly excited. Bai Yi came out once during this period and oversaw these 21 stalks of Tranquil Grass being distributed in the fashion that was agreed upon previously. Six stalks were given to Medicinal Makers to try and develop into potions, while the remaining fifteen stalks were distributed to the fifteen squad members. This ratio wasn’t exactly 30% and 70%, but the difference would be made up for later.

After Bai Yi oversaw the distribution, he again went back to studying the changes in his body. Over these few days, Bai Yi slowly began to understand the changes in the characteristics of his energy.

1. Visual Imaging and Projection!

When anyone opened their eyes, they would be able to see the outside world; these were the sense organs that the majority of living things used to perceive their surroundings. However, for Bai Yi, when he used his Reverse Flower Eyes and actively used his special energy, he could record everything that his eyes saw in its entirety. There was nothing strange about being able to record what he saw, but the crucial thing was that Bai Yi could project these records through eye contact with another person.

Could this kind of situation be thought of as watching a movie?

Only Alodia knew that this wasn’t something on the level of just watching a movie. When somebody made eye contact with Bai Yi, their original vision would be disrupted, and what they saw in their eyes would entirely be scenes recorded by Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes.

Think about it: their normal vision would be stripped away, and what they could see would only be Bai Yi’s recorded scenes. An initially normal battle environment becoming a scene of a volcano, desert, deep sea, etc.—probably anybody would get a fright from that.

The scene that Alodia saw the first time was exactly the scene that Bai Yi had previously recorded inside the lake. In that moment, Alodia thought that she had been transported into another space and fallen into a lake.

Unfortunately, after multiple tests, Bai Yi and Alodia both found the flaws in this new power. The scenes were very rigid, and the number of scenes that were able to be recorded wasn’t high either—Bai Yi could only switch around a few scenes. Other than panicking the first time when she encountered it, Alodia could now very quickly find the flaws in the scenery and break the illusion by focusing her mind. 

Other than that, Bai Yi’s visual imaging couldn’t record limitlessly, and he could only record a few scenes now and cycle through them rather simply. Bai Yi’s first recorded scene was the scene of being underwater in the lake.

2. Scene Simulation!

Other than the scenes captured by his eyes, Bai Yi’s special energy could also simulate certain scenes now. However, these kinds of simulated scenes could totally be called trash quality at present. If the imagery captured by Bai Yi's eyes wasn't realistic, but it at least had a 3D effect, then the scenes simulated by him looked just like the graphics in the RPGs of the 80s. They looked completely like worlds sketched out of rough lines.

The first time Alodia saw this world she even started laughing, because what Bai Yi simulated was the mushroom-picking game world of Super Mario.

Regardless of if it was the visual imaging or the scene simulation, Bai Yi and Alodia could both easily find the deficiencies in them. However, when they considered that Bai Yi was still in the Metamorphose Stage and that his special energy still had a lot of room to grow, they decided they had a lot to look forward to.

Alodia came out from the illusionary fantasy world and said to Bai Yi, “Uncle Bai, maybe it’s time for you to give a new name to your special energy.”

Bai Yi nodded. “En, indeed.”

During the Metamorphose Stage, everyone’s special energy would undergo great changes due to the influence of the absolute life field. Even now, there weren’t many similarities in the special energies of the few LV2s on Bai Yi’s team.

“We’ll leave the matter of naming it aside for now. When this ends we’ll tell the others on the team, and at the same time take a look at their changes, and name them together,” Bai Yi said.

“OK.” Alodia nodded.

“Uncle Bai, your energy characteristic is inclined toward vision control and illusion, energy is also similarly consumed when your absolute life field controls the air; Woolf’s energy is inclined toward defense, and the general characteristic is unknown; Young Lady Momo’s energy characteristic is inclined toward the soul, and is the most mysterious one; Sharpei has two energy characteristic inclinations, one is inclined toward destruction, and we still can’t tell the other yet; Melvin’s energy is inclined toward high heat, and if nothing unexpected happens, then when his temperature reaches a few hundred degrees Celsius, then he will be able to create flames; lastly there's Pupu, and there’s no indication of his energy characteristic inclination even now.” Alodia slowly summarized all that they have learned over this period of time.

“It’s really unbelievable. We all had the same special energy initially, but it actually changed so much due to the individual differences in the influence of the absolute life field.” Alodia felt very amazed herself after she finished speaking.  

“Life itself exists in a very complex state to begin with; with the intrusion of the activated cells now, nobody would know what we could become in the future.” 

“Let’s go, we haven’t revealed ourselves in these last few days; let’s hope that things are still going smoothly,” Bai Yi said.


Translator Notes:

The author used 毫光 here, which means like tiny rays of light, and I assumed he meant aura in this case and was describing the visuals of the aura/extension of the absolute life field. I’m not too sure how to describe it, but you can just search 毫光 and see the Google Images results.

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