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Chapter 192: Wilfully Carefree

At this time, Lucretia came over and as well, and said, “Bai Yi, it looks like the distribution system isn’t really suitable.”

“You need a squad that can absolutely protect themselves underwater; that also means that all the Tranquil Grass will be collected by them. However, your distribution method before only ensured what they needed—that is, three stalks for every person—with the rest being distributed to everyone else. With these conditions, even if they have the ability, I’m afraid that they would purposely hide themselves and not take the risk. It would be better for them to just wait and enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor later on,” Lucretia said slowly.

“Human nature!” Bai Yi smiled and said.

“That’s right, human nature. I actually think that the distribution method that you drew on the sand the first time was quite good. Those who take the risk would get 70%, or maybe even more, and the Tranquil Grass they obtained would be distributed up according to their own choices. The remaining 30% would then be used by Medicinal Makers to develop into potions. Since the rest could get free Tranquil Grass potions even if they didn’t do anything, they don’t have the qualifications to complain either. Of course, in this process, if the squad members that obtained 70% of the Tranquil Grass would willingly take the initiative to donate it, the effect would be even better.” Lucretia looked at Bai Yi.

“Prestige!” Bai Yi smiled and said again.

“That’s right, prestige!” Lucretia nodded. “In modern society, many people will do charity, but they will make it very high profile every time they do it, to the point where there’s some suspicion of playing to the gallery. What do you think of a situation like this?”

“Sensationalizing charitable events to play to the gallery?” Bai Yi asked in doubt.

“Yes, for example, donations and such.”

“Donations... regardless of how much they sensationalize and hype it up, as long as it’s not fake, then charity is charity. It won’t become a bad thing just because of a few trying to sensationalize it. They gain prestige from doing charity, and those who are needy also receive a certain amount of aid. Although there are always people who would say that this was just putting up a farce, I think such people are much better than those who only know how to criticize others, but not do anything to help those in need,” Bai YI slowly said.

“What a really objective and rational point of view.” Lucretia couldn’t help but clap. In modern society, there weren’t many who could look at things in an objective way.

“That suits us then. Let those who take part in the risk have 70% of the Tranquil Grass collected, and let some of the more impartial people inside the squad willingly donate their Tranquil Grass out to others. They don’t have to donate everything; they could totally keep enough for their friends and their own needs, and at the same time still obtain prestige,” Lucretia said.

Bai Yi nodded. “I understand. As expected you are still better at these kinds of things.”

“It’s not that I’m skilled in these kinds of things, but rather that you think too well of other people. The sociological interactions within human society are an extremely huge area of study. Let me handle this matter,” Lucretia said.

“Sure!” Bai Yi nodded. Actually, it wasn’t that he thought too well of people, but...

Very quickly, the new distribution system was announced, and it instantly provoked an immense reaction. Just like Lucretia had said, many people were planning to sit around and wait for the benefits to come, but now so many of them had to split just 30% of the harvest? A very big group of people immediately became unhappy, and noisily demanded an explanation.

“It starts!” Bai Yi looked into the distance, seemingly able to see the boisterous crowd.

“They have already started monitoring to see whose attitudes remained the same throughout, and are thus worthier of trust,” Alodia quietly replied.

It was only because Alodia had been following Bai Yi all along that she knew that he had intentionally planned all this. Bai Yi had already thought of the 30% and 70% distribution at the start; how could he not know the pros and cons of such a plan? However, when Bai Yi announced the distribution system, it only gave priority to satisfying the bare minimum needs of the squad that took the risk to pick Tranquil Grass, and there weren't many privileges given to them. All this was because Bai Yi wanted to see everyone’s attitudes.

“Alodia, do you think that I’m very despicable?” Bai Yi asked.

Alodia hesitated for a moment, and answered, “I don’t think so, it's just that I don’t really understand this.”

“I really do hope that everyone can enter LV2, head for the normal human world together, and look for a safe environment. It can be said that they are all our future comrades-in-arms. But, not everybody is trustworthy, and this uproar this time is the first filter. At least we can see the true nature of some people,” Bai Yi said quietly.

“Yes!” Alodia nodded.

After Bai Yi finished speaking, he brought Alodia out, and now he needed to give the furious crowd an ‘explanation’. Why did the distribution system suddenly change, and why was the change so big as well? Actually, that was a good question: why? Why did so many people take so many things as if they were their rights?

“They are risking their lives to pick Tranquil Grass; therefore, it is their natural right to have such a huge say in allocating the Tranquil Grass. As for whether they give the remaining Tranquil Grass to their friends or companions, that is their freedom. Even if some of them are willing to hand out the Tranquil Grass for the sake of everybody, that is their nobleness as well,” Bai Yi said to the crowd, which was in an uproar now.

“How can you do this?!”

“That’s right, you already said that you were going to distribute it one way earlier, but you changed it all of a sudden! Don’t tell me you are going to change it again later and announce that the leaders will have priority?!”

“Is going back on your words how you do things?!” After Bai Yi finished speaking, the words of retaliation became even louder.

“I guarantee that this is the final distribution system; there will not be any more changes to it. Other than that, if anybody is unhappy, then you can join the Tranquil Grass harvesting squad yourself; then you can have the right to split 70% of the harvest,” Bai Yi said to everyone, while pointing his right hand to the body of water where they tested their swimming proficiency and battle ability.

“If you’re unsatisfied, then go over there!” Bai Yi repeated again, and the voices below gradually quietened.

Bai Yi didn’t continue speaking, but brought Alodia to leave this place, leaving behind a bunch of people standing there blankly. They didn’t know who to bring their complaints to now. Should they continue to look for Bai Yi? But he didn’t seem like he would care about them anymore. At this time, Bai Yi suddenly started laughing while walking, and his laughter was extremely jubilant. Even Alodia wondered if something was wrong with him.

“Uncle Bai, Uncle Bai, are you still OK?” Alodia asked.

“I’m fine.” Bai Yi’s laughter hadn’t stopped. “Alodia, don’t you find it funny? Look at that bunch of people below, taking the reaping of others’ efforts as their given right; and they actually had the cheek to come to me full of righteousness and question why!” Bai Yi laughed until he almost couldn’t breathe anymore, and even leaned on Alodia.

“Uncle Bai, you are laughing so loudly because of this?” Alodia looked at him in puzzlement.

“Why?” Bai Yi looked at Alodia.

“No, nothing.” Alodia supported Bai Yi. Looking at his eyes, an illusion seemed to appear in her own eyes. Slowly, Alodia’s heart became more and more dazed, and she leaned towards Bai Yi. In the middle of her daze, Alodia suddenly felt that she had kissed something. That was my first kiss... Alodia thought in her heart, and woke up with a start. Alodia’s face went completely red with shyness after waking up; she realized that Bai Yi had used one finger to press on her lips, and he was looking at her with puzzlement.

My first kiss... was actually to Bai Yi’s finger!

Alodia immediately felt incomparably dejected in her heart; as for what kind of dejectedness it was, even she herself wasn’t clear about this. However, this shouldn’t be considered my first kiss, Alodia consoled herself. But at this time, Bai Yi didn’t notice Alodia’s change, but rather he closed his eyes and rubbed the center of his brows.

“Alodia, do you feel that something is wrong with me?” Bai Yi asked after returning to the room.

“Something wrong... Uncle Bai, the feeling you gave people before was that of calmness and reserve. With your personality, you wouldn’t do something like intentionally trying to test other people, and definitely not laughing at other people so mockingly like just now. It feels like Uncle Bai has changed to become somewhat wantonly carefree recently.” Alodia slowly spoke her thoughts after Bai Yi asked the question.

Bai Yi sat on his chair, his right hand clutching onto his forehead as he silently thought about his recent changes. Bai Yi stretched out his right hand, and a circle of air slowly began to spin on his palm. With regard to his changes, other than being able to weakly control air with his absolute life field, his energy seemed to have some other changes as well. Abruptly, Bai Yi seemed to have a thought on the reason behind his changes. Metamorphose Stage, huh?

“Alodia, which personality of mine do you think is better?” Bai Yi suddenly asked.

“Eh, me? I think both are good,” Alodia replied with a small voice.

Bai Yi stretched out his index finger and raised Alodia’s head that hung low, nodding. “Are they? Thanks! Let’s go then, we’ll participate in the selection of new squad members as well. No matter what, we have to present an example.”

The selection trial of new squad members was much more popular than before, due to the new distribution rules that Bai Yi had announced. Although the people that got selected for the squad would face great danger to their lives, they would similarly also gain great rewards. Moreover, there was still this sufficiently big medical team and supply team behind them for support.

There was somebody in Bai Yi’s team that had been selected, and as expected, it was of course Woolf. Fusing with alligator genes and perfectly entering LV2, he was in the earliest batch of LV2s, and his strength was indeed extremely great. The most important thing for Woolf now was to become familiarized with the water, so that he could gain greater ability to protect himself and battle in the water.

Woolf carried his big tummy and shouted to Bai Yi, “Bai Yi, do you want to come and try?”

“Sure!” Bai Yi said, and suddenly accelerated, dashing towards Woolf’s direction. He actually stepped on the surface of the water a few times before falling inside, without knowing if it was because his speed was too fast, or from some other cause. After going into the water, Bai Yi delved into deep thought for a while; just now, it hadn't seemed like it was just because he was going too fast.

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