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Chapter 186: Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi

The smell of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit indeed had an extremely great impact on those who smelled it for the first time. At this moment, the three of them finally understood why Woolf seemed a bit weird when he had been talking to them just now. Seeing the three of them swaying about, Woolf and the rest were bursting with joy while watching from an upwind area. However, after they finished laughing, they still came back and gave Bai Yi and Betsy a hand. Since Bai Yi was already there as their team leader, they couldn’t hide by the side forever.

Nancy got some of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit's flesh from them and went to concoct a suitable potion with it, while Bai Yi and Betsy truly started on developing a complete recipe.

“The taste can’t be suppressed; we don’t need to detoxify the Narcotic Seaweed then. Nancy, you balance the poison, it’s fine as long as everyone can tolerate it.”

“We don’t need the other parts of the Gemstone Scorpion, just the tender meat of its pincers.”

“The Winter Cherry Grass that we just picked is more suitable with this; go and pick some more and bring it back.”

“The Deep Swamp Rice can be the main ingredient, but these kinds of small grains won’t do. Woolf, you guys go and pick the completely matured rice at the centermost area.” Oh heavens, that was a swamp! Furthermore, there were a lot of swamp creatures inside!

“The nutritional value of the Rock Fish is very high, but it’s completely incompatible with this taste. Let’s abandon it.”

“The mutated chili you guys saw last time, bring it back for me.”

“The poisonous components aren’t balanced; didn’t we see a Black-marked Venomous Python last time? Bring it back as well; I think that guy’s venom should be quite suitable.” If not for Nancy acting quickly enough, Ulisses probably would have been poisoned to death that time; were they really going to eat that thing?

“There’s also the...”

The moment Bai Yi and Betsy started developing the recipe, various instructions came continuously from them, which made Woolf and the rest frantically busy. With this attempt, nobody knew how many ingredients they used, and the group of them were also sent out to acquire various additional types of ingredients. As for Bai Yi and Betsy, they were completely focused on developing the recipe, trying to see how to use all these ingredients together.

One week!

Everyone looked at the sushi that was stacked into a small hill in front of them. This was the recipe that Bai Yi and Betsy had decided on in the end. With the Deep Swamp Rice as the main ingredient, and by combining it with various other ingredients, they had completely balanced and suppressed the taste of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit. All of them sniffed the odor coming from the sushi now. It still had an immense impact, but it wasn’t a purely stinky smell anymore, and on the contrary, it aroused their appetites incomparably. However, none of them really dared to take a bite, because they all knew what kind of ingredients Bai Yi and Betsy had used.

Just considering the poisonous ingredients, there were already eight of them. Moreover, based on Bai Yi’s requests, Nancy hadn't removed the poisonous components, but just suppressed them.

Bai Yi pointed at the big stack of sushi. “Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi!”

“Can this stuff really be eaten?” Woolf and the rest of them couldn’t help but be a bit doubtful.

“Yes, Nancy adjusted all these ingredients based on everyone’s poison resistance. However, everyone can only eat a limited amount, and not any more. If it exceeds your level of tolerance, then you will be poisoned to death,” Bai Yi said seriously. The rest of them heard this and felt distressed in their hearts. This stuff was just a severe poison! They really had to hand it to Bai Yi and Betsy for being able to make this—if anybody else accidentally ate this, they would probably die immediately.

Bai Yi split everyone’s portions up, and Chinchilla had the smallest portion. Even though the sushi was placed in front of everyone, none of them dared to actually eat it.

“If I said it can be eaten, that means it can be eaten. Look at you guys, being so careful,” Bai Yi said.

After speaking, Bai Yi grabbed some sushi and took a bite. Actually, how could Bai Yi and Betsy not test the taste while they were preparing the food? They had actually eaten it long ago. However, Bai Yi still didn’t know what effect this stuff had on them. The flavor of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit was balanced, but its effect became unclear now since so many other ingredients had been added.

Forget about it, just treat it as eating a hard to come by gourmet meal then.

Since Bai Yi had already started, the rest of them also took a bite of the sushi, although they were still quite suspicious. The sushi, made with Deep Swamp Rice as the main ingredient and wrapped with the other ingredients, was so delicious they could feel it in their bones. Every single ingredient inside was something that could never be found in the outside world. Moreover, Betsy was a true top-level chef. An intense burst of flavor hit their taste buds the moment the sushi touched their tongues. Although none of them were gourmets, all of them only had a single thought in their hearts—delicious!

Initially, they were quite hesitant about eating the sushi, but they couldn’t stop anymore after taking the first bite, stuffing sushi inside their mouths non-stop. Especially Chinchilla, Salva, and Ulisses—they stared at other people’s sushi longingly with sullen faces. The amount of sushi they were given was really too little, and furthermore. their appetites were all huge now, so they still felt deeply unsatisfied after finishing their portions.

Chinchilla stealthily sneaked up beside Sharpei, prepared to steal a few pieces of sushi. However, the moment it stretched its paw out, it was pressed to the ground by Sharpei.

“No!” Sharpei said.

“Meow~!” Chinchilla immediately whined and rolled around cutely below Sharpei, but this time Sharpei wasn’t moved at all. This wasn’t a joke. Sharpei understood his owner Bai Yi well. Since Bai Yi had said everyone’s portion was fixed, then that really meant that it was fixed. If they ate any more, they would definitely keel over and die.

“Chinchilla, don’t bother Sharpei anymore, you really can’t eat any more of that. However, I still have some ingredients left; if you like it, I can make some more for you tomorrow. But there won’t be any left for others,” Bai Yi said. Everyone’s ability to tolerate and break down poison was limited. On the second day, the poison within Chinchilla and the others’ bodies wouldn't be completely broken down yet, so the amount they could eat was even smaller.

“Meow!” Chinchilla saw that Bai Yi had spoken as well and didn’t bother Sharpei anymore. Even Chinchilla knew the finality of Bai Yi’s words within the team.

However, looking at the rest of them gorging themselves with joy, it really felt annoyed. Chinchilla then turned its head over to the other food that they had prepared and pounced on it as if it was venting its frustration.

As expected, the six LV2s in the team ate the greatest amount of Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi. After they finished eating, all of them looked at Bai Yi in dismay. In the end, they had already finished eating it all, but just what was the use of that Great Stink Bomb Fruit? After eating until his stomach was round, Pupu immediately looked for Bai Yi and asked Bai Yi to hypnotize him, and entered deep level sleep. With Pupu leading the way, Bai Yi and the rest also more or less knew that they needed to enter deep level sleep to let their bodies adjust themselves.

“We’ll take turns then. Let Woolf and a few others enter deep level sleep first,” Bai Yi said.

After Woolf and a few others entered deep level sleep, the rest of them fell into their own shallow sleep as well, and felt the changes in their bodies. Even Salva and the few others weren’t exceptions. Over this past week, they'd also accepted that the Great Stink Bomb Fruit definitely had some hard to describe and important effect; otherwise, Bai Yi and his team wouldn’t have tried to develop a recipe to turn it into a dish so seriously.

Very quickly, Romain, Ulisses, Bellamy, and a few others woke up; but Pupu, Woolf, and Momo remained asleep, much like how they had been when they were undergoing metamorphosis. Pupu had said it: this thing was effective even for LV2s! However, this was probably also only effective for LV2s and above.

“Romain, Ulisses, I’ll leave our safety to you guys. The few of us will enter deep level sleep for now,” Bai Yi said to the few companions that had already woken up. They all hadn’t reached LV2 yet, so apparently for them, the Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi was just a unique tasting delicious dish, and didn’t have any other special effects.

The few of them nodded. “En!”

After they nodded, Bai Yi also entered deep level sleep with Sharpei. After all the LV2s entered deep level sleep, the rest of them stood watch over this place and waited for them to wake up again. All of them were very curious: just what kind of effect would this Great Stink Bomb Fruit have?


Sleep is a very magical state for lifeforms. In deep level sleep, womb sleep, meditation... and other states above those, lifeforms would automatically adjust their own bodies to undergo the most perfect changes. In comparison to other methods that borrowed the help of outside substances, this method was more natural, because it was the kind of change brought about by the body itself.

During every instance of deep level sleep or womb sleep, a lifeform would undergo a shallow level metamorphosis. In the same way, every instance of such sleep would bring about a slight adjustment in the physical body, so sufficient nutrition and food was needed. However, what sufficient food referred to wasn’t just about being full, but replenishing the elements that were lacking in the body for the attendant metamorphosis.

Tonic Cuisine:

A qualified chef would prepare suitable food based on each individual’s needs to replenish the consumption of elemental components in their bodies. In the later stages, the most important thing for a chef wasn’t just to create the most delicious food, but to see what the components that each individual needed were, and to replenish those.

The Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi that they'd made this time was a type of tonic cuisine. Perhaps the tonic cuisine this time wasn’t the dish most suitable for everyone, but the component of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit inside displayed its effects and slowly caused Bai Yi and the others to change.

Energy, physical body, soul, consciousness, absolute life field—during the Metamorphose Stage, every aspect of life was progressively changing toward what each individual was most uniquely suited for.

Great Stink Bomb Fruit—its effect was to enhance the strength of the absolute life field!

Moreover, the Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi this time didn’t just have the Great Stink Bomb Fruit inside, but it had other components as well. Hence, their physical bodies and energy slowly changed as well. After six days to a week of sleep, depending on the individual, all of them noticed these changes right away. Although the difference was only roughly around ten percent, all of them could easily sense it.

Not only had their energy attribute inclinations increased, even the strength of their absolute life fields increased as well. Needless to say, this was the effect brought about by the Great Stink Bomb Fruit. No wonder Pupu had insisted on picking that fruit back then!

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