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Chapter 185: Creating The Recipe

All of them saw Bai Yi extending his wings and relaxed slightly. Bai Yi could probably escape this binding force, right? However, unexpectedly, although Bai Yi's wings grew out, something seemed to have grabbed hold of him, pressing the wings against his body and not letting them spread at all. At this time, without the ground to act against, Bai Yi and Chinchilla were steadily pulled toward the city's center by this force.

"Chinchilla, grab hold of me tightly," Bai Yi said, hanging Chinchilla on his shoulder.

Chinchilla was also frightened now, and immediately gripped onto Bai Yi's shoulder tightly with its claws. As for Bai Yi, with his right hand he arduously reached for the longsword hanging by his waist. What was this feeling? It was like his entire body was tied up, and he desperately tensed, trying to break out of the invisible rope tied around him.

Bai Yi's right hand trembled as he slowly pulled out Red Kiss.

In such a short moment, Bai Yi and Chinchilla had already flown a few hundred meters. All of the others resisted this pulling force as they gazed at Bai Yi and Chinchilla rolling in the air, their eyes full of worry. Especially Salva and his team; they blamed themselves even more now. They had said not to come to this place from the start, but they didn't think that Bai Yi's team wouldn't be able to resist this danger too.

Bai Yi's body tensed tightly, and suddenly… blood boil!

Great Shockwave!

A faint red ripple instantly and rapidly spread from Bai Yi's body, and flew toward the inner city. The range of this Great Shockwave was very wide, and its suppressed power exploded in an instant with incomparable ferocity, seemingly snapping the ropes trapping his body in that instant. A suppressed hum immediately rang through the air, and this Great Shockwave spread far into the distance. At this time, everyone suddenly discovered that the pull on their bodies had abruptly relaxed, and they almost fell down from the imbalance in forces. After everyone stabilized their bodies, they saw Bai Yi flying over from the city at high speed.

"Get out first!" Bai Yi practically reached them at the same time as his voice.

None of them hesitated, and they immediately took the window of opportunity while the force had disappeared to run outside the city. Running like this, they moved more than a kilometer away, and only when they had reached the place where they normally stayed did they finally stop.

"Nancy, do a check on everybody for any injuries," Bai Yi said.

Actually, Nancy had already started doing so without needing Bai Yi to tell her. Very quickly, she finished Woolf's check-up and shook her head. "There are no problems at all." Nancy finished speaking and started on Pupu. In the end, without needing any confirmation from her, all of them knew that they hadn't received any injuries. They had only been restricted by that force after entering within a certain distance of the City of Graves, and now that they escaped that restriction, they were fine.

"It's good that we're OK, but what was that just now?" Bellamy asked in puzzlement.

"Who knows. New Zealand now is getter stranger and stranger. Especially after entering LV2 Metamorphose Stage, who knows what strange creatures would be born," Betsy said softly to Bellamy, but actually everyone else heard as well.

"Then are we still going in?" Woolf asked without any fear for his life.

None of them replied, but they all looked at Bai Yi. At this moment, he was thinking about this meticulously. That kind of powerful restrictive force couldn't have appeared without reason, and most importantly, they hadn't even seen the face of their opponent. Having such powerful strength across such a long distance, Bai Yi could almost be certain that this was the thing that Yu Han had sacrificed all the living things in New Christchurch to nurture and grow.

Yu Han was already dead, Bai Yi could be sure of this. Back then, Momo had even completely exterminated his soul!

Forget about it!

Bai Yi knew that the thing inside was definitely extraordinary, and could possibly be some sort of secret weapon, but he didn't plan to care about it. It was really too dangerous. Bai Yi couldn't play around with the lives of his companions. Since Yu Han was already dead, they should put the matter to rest for now, and wait until they saw Ning Xue to ask her what was going on.

"We won't go in, we'll ask Ning Xue when we see her in the future," Bai Yi said.

"Ning Xue?"

Bai Yi nodded. "En, Ning Xue, she should know something."

"Will there even be a chance to see Ning Xue again? Yu Han's already dead. Would she have the strength to endure in the Devil Isles?" Woolf muttered.

"Don't look down on people, nobody will stay unchanging. Ning Xue is already very strong now!" Bai Yi recalled the last time he had met her and delved into his memories. Ning Xue was not only powerful now, but her heart had also become strong. Woolf had been unconscious back then, so he hadn't witnessed the changes in her.

Each one of them now wasn't the person they had been in the beginning. At the start of the change of the peaceful era, not everyone could be rational and decisive, coolly and elegantly chopping off the heads of their enemies with one strike. Not everyone could be brave and strong either, facing all dangers without fear. However... the gentleness and kindness, the softness and cowardice they'd had at the start could change. Even Ning Xue, a weak little white flower to begin with, could become strong as well. Even Bai Yi, this kind of 'good person' in other people's eyes, could change.

People can grow!

Although there was a price for this kind of growth! Bai Yi stared at his right hand and sighed deeply in his heart.

"Let's go, we'll leave this place. We aren't entering," Bai Yi said. Since he already made the decision, the rest of them didn't have any objections either. After all, the City of Graves now was just too mysterious. It would be better if it was just some powerful monster, but they hadn't even seen what it was before falling into danger. Although nobody had been injured, none of them knew if they would be able to escape alive if they really got dragged inside.

They didn't see anybody else along the way, so they thought that they might as well start looking for special ingredients. These were things that a LV2 couldn't lack. "Salva, do you guys know of any special plants or animals?" Bai Yi asked.

"Special plants or animals?"

Bai Yi nodded. "Right, Special plants or animals."

Although they didn't know what Bai Yi was looking for these special plants and animals for, the group of three still told the others of the few types of lifeforms they knew about. Only afterward did they look at Bai Yi's team in shock; the reason they were inquiring about special plants or animals was actually for the sake of eating them!

Hearing Bai Yi and Betsy excitedly discussing how to prepare all these strangely shaped things, the three of them were all incredibly taken aback.

"The flavor isn't enough. It can't suppress that smell of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit if we cook them together," Betsy said.

"But it should be able to neutralize a part of it. We must at least figure out the effect of the Great Stink Bomb Fruit. As for coming up with a complete recipe, we can leave it for later. Also, I suspect that this fruit can't be kept for a long period of time; it's already showing signs of change in quality," Bai Yi said, after tasting the Narcotic Seaweed.

"Looks like we can only do this for now. What ingredients have you set your mind on?" Betsy asked.

"Great Stink Bomb Fruit, Narcotic Seaweed, Gemstone Scorpion, Deep Swamp Rice, Black Intestine Worm, Human-faced Mushroom, Rock Fish... what about you?" Bai Yi listed out the few ingredients that he thought would be compatible with the smelly fruit and looked at Betsy.

"More or less the same as you, but with one extra ingredient—the Alcoholic Coconut's juice."

"Alcoholic Coconut? That's suitable too!" Bai Yi thought about it for awhile and nodded. "To speak of it, we might need to test every one of these. Nobody would know if something's really compatible with the Great Stink Bomb Fruit without trying," Bai Yi smiled and said.

Betsy nodded. "Let's start then."

"Time to get working, guys! Let's make a more complete open-roof kitchen first," Bai Yi said. They weren't just cooking a meal to eat now like before; they had to finely adjust various components and ratios of the complementary ingredients before being able to develop a complete recipe.

In the end, Bai Yi set up the open-roof kitchen beside a river. Upstream of the river was lake roughly 200-300 meters in diameter. This place had a source of flowing water, and the water from the lake was very clean as well. After confirming the location, everyone started to work and created an open-roof kitchen. The kitchen table was made by Ulisses; using his claws, he turned a big piece of rock into a giant kitchen table based on Bai Yi and Betsy's requirements. As for Woolf and the rest, they went to gather sufficient wood in preparation for later.

"Just what are they doing?" Salva and his team didn't understand this too well. Was there really a need to put in so much effort and be so serious just to cook something?

"You want to know?" Woolf revealed an evil smile on his face.

"En, actually we're just more curious about that Great Stink Bomb Fruit." The three of didn't know it yet, but their curiosity had already caused them to set one foot inside the main gate of heaven.

"This is very simple! Later, Bai Yi and Betsy will probably take out the Great Stink Bomb Fruit. If you guys are really curious, then just stand beside them to take a look later." Woolf suppressed the laughter inside his heart and patted Salva's shoulder.

"Oh, is that thing smelly?"

"En, it's a bit smelly, you can tell from the name itself." Woolf didn't hide anything either.

The three of them nodded. Indeed, the fruit had already been named the Great Stink Bomb Fruit, so how could it not be smelly? However, the three of them couldn't possibly imagine just how pungent the smell of this fruit was. Bai Yi watched the three of them getting dumbly scammed by the idiot Woolf and couldn't help but find it funny as well.

Bai Yi's inner prankster arose as well. "Didn't you guys want to know what the Great Stink Bomb Fruit is like? Come over then."

"Oh, OK, coming!" The three of them immediately ran over after hearing Bai Yi's words. As for Woolf and the rest, they immediately started running upwind, and they were even prepared to abandon everything and escape the moment something even seemed wrong. Bai Yi saw Woolf and the others' actions, but didn't expose them either; it wouldn't be good if he alarmed Salva and his friends.

"This is the Great Stink Bomb Fruit." Bai Yi took out an eight-layer thick monster skin bag, and slowly opened it layer by layer. Before he had opened it completely, that faint smell had already starting wafting into the air.

Salva and his companions suddenly felt that their curiosity was really not wise, but at this moment, Bai Yi had already opened the last layer of the monster skin bag. Instantly, the smell that had been trapped inside that tight space spread over the surroundings. The three of them just happened to take in a deep breath due to their curiosity, and instantly a shaky image appeared in front of their eyes—was that heaven!?

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