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Chapter 181: Inclination Of The Energy’s Attribute

“The absolute life field exists within the body, but it can also faintly extend itself one to ten centimeters away from the body. Other than manipulating the special energy within our bodies, the absolute life field can also control matter to a certain extent. The matter that each person can control is also apparently different due to differences in each individual,” Bai Yi slowly said.

At this time, a transparent ring of air was slowly spinning above Bai Yi’s hand.

By his side, Alodia obviously couldn’t see anything, but Bai Yi walked over and placed his right hand close to one of her cheeks without really touching it. Alodia’s face immediately went slightly red, but at this time she suddenly felt a gentle breeze coming from the center of Bai Yi’s palm. At this time, Alodia finally understood the meaning behind his words just now.

The uses of the absolute life field: 1. manipulate energy, 2. control matter!

Alodia immediately noted down their discovery in a hurry. Of course, right now they hadn’t discovered the other usage of the absolute life field, which was also its most important usage—the absolute domain, guaranteeing that the matter inside their bodies couldn’t be controlled by others. However, in reality, being able to discover all this in such a short period of time was already very impressive.

During the Metamorphose Stage, everyone’s bodies, souls, energies, consciousnesses, and absolute life fields were changing in different directions and toward different natures.

So far, Bai Yi changed the fastest. Bai Yi’s energy now already had a small difference compared to ordinary special energy. Other than that, his absolute life field could already weakly control matter, and the thing that Bai Yi could control was air. Although this control was still very mild, Bai Yi was already gradually inferring his own attribute inclination. However, Bai Yi couldn’t be sure if his ability was purely controlling air, as there seemed to be some other changes as well.

As for the others, their changes were cryptic and hard to figure out as well. They could only rely on their own intuition and guesses.

Woolf: the name of his attribute inclination hadn’t been decided yet, but they could more or less tell the nature of Woolf’s energy now. It was a kind of powerful protective ability. It seemed to be able to increase Woolf’s defense, causing his tough, armored skin to become even more durable, yet not creating difficulties in movement. As long as the damaging force didn’t exceed the limit of Woolf’s protective energy, he would basically not receive any injuries.

Precisely because of this, this guy’s fighting style became more and more savage.

Sharpei: apparently, the two heads had two different types of energy attribute inclination, but this wasn’t entirely clear as the amount of time which had passed was too short. Even so, all of them realized that Sharpei’s attack power was ridiculously strong; the destructive ability of a swing from his claw was absolutely astounding.

Momo: there were signs of her inclination to the soul attribute long ago but the general nature of the attribute couldn’t be tested. More specifically, Momo didn’t have too much special energy, but her awareness value was the highest among everyone's. The rest of them couldn’t help but sigh at her numbers; the drop of the Progenitor’s source blood that Momo had received way back when was definitely extremely precious.

Melvin: his attribute inclination had already appeared, and if nothing unexpected happened then it should be a high heat-type energy. His temperature was already approaching 60 to 70 degrees Celsius; one would already feel a slight burn with any accidental touches.

Pupu: this guy still appeared to be as lazy as before; his energy inclination didn’t manifest at all, and nobody knew what it was going to be.

After Bai Yi finished speaking, he again went to practice his sword techniques by the lake. In the end, Bai Yi held Red Kiss as the special energy flowed from his body into it, and Red Kiss, which was already very sharp, seemed to become even more bewitching. Bai Yi could tell that this was the state that Melvin had mentioned before. In this state, he could activate the haemolytic poison that originated from the Blood-scaled Centipede fangs.

“Meooarroww!” Chinchilla suddenly cried out loudly and dashed out from the side, pouncing toward a crab on the water's surface.

However, this crab immediately dived into the water, hurriedly running back into its hole. Chinchilla fluttered around in the water for a while before climbing back out again, its face full of disappointment. Another failure. Just when would it be able to eat the big broth-steamed crab that Bellamy talked about? Sadly, Bai Yi didn’t seem to intend to intervene, otherwise it would have caught the crab long ago.

Bai Yi and Alodia immediately started laughing as they watched this. They had discovered this big crab long ago, but didn’t want to interfere in the younger generation’s hunting. Moreover, they could tell that this crab was pretty smart as well.

When Bai Yi returned, he found Momo sitting on a simple balcony, silently reading a book. Beside her, Sharpei lay quietly on the ground.Momo now increasingly had a peaceful and noble disposition, but of course, that was only when she was quiet. After Vala had died, she seemed to promise Vala’s soul something, and Momo nowadays would take the initiative to start studying.

“Daddy!” Momo looked at Bai Yi.

“En.” Bai Yi nodded and sat down.

Looking at the black sword Momo had placed on the desk, Bai Yi smiled to himself. Where would you find a normal girl who brought a sword with her all the time? But now, she really couldn’t go without it either.

Bai Yi poured himself a cup of tea and asked, “Is Woolf still disturbing Melvin?”

Momo nodded. “En, Uncle Woolf wanted Uncle Melvin to forge a new greatsword for him, and Uncle Melvin already agreed to it, it was just that he needed the materials. Pupu was also dragged along for the hunt.” After thinking for awhile, she added, “Woolf threatened that if Pupu didn’t come along, he would pull out Pupu's tusks to be used as the materials.”

“Hahahaha!” Bai Yi immediately burst out laughing upon hearing her words, and Alodia to the side couldn’t restrain her smile either.

Woolf’s greatsword hadn't let down the dense materials that it was made out of, and there still wasn’t much damage to it even after having been used battle till now. However, it was already unsuitable for Woolf. After all, the greatsword was forged from metal, and Woolf very quickly realized that his special energy couldn’t flow into the greatsword, even though both Bai Yi and Momo didn’t have this impediment. After thinking about this, the problem obviously lay with the materials used.

The greatsword was forged from metal alloys, and Bai Yi and Momo’s longswords were forged from biological materials. These materials contained activated cells themselves, so they could also conduct special energy. Hence, when Woolf realized that his greatsword was already obsolete, he bothered Melvin endlessly to help him forge a new weapon.

Bai Yi didn’t ask Woolf where they were going either. They were already LV2s, and Bai Yi didn’t need to protect them carefully with their level of strength now.

“Wait for them to come back and we’ll make a trip out too,” Bai Yi said to Momo. Although this valley could be considered safe, nobody knew if any accidents would happen. So normally, they wouldn’t all be absent from this place at the same time, and there would always be somebody keeping guard. Today was Momo and Sharpei’s turn to stand guard outside, and that was why Momo hadn’t gone out.


“It’s also time for everyone else’s weapons to change. Now that we have the chance, we should start working on that,” Bai Yi said.

“Sure!” Momo immediately nodded.

The big crab waited for Bai Yi to come back every day, and seriously watched his sword techniques from beneath the water. However, after not seeing Bai Yi or anybody else after waiting for three days, it finally discovered that something was wrong.

Actually, the big crab itself knew that Bai Yi had long ago discovered it secretly watching from the side, it was just that Bai Yi didn’t care about it. However, the fact that Bai Yi didn’t care didn’t mean that the others didn’t. Bellamy and Betsy would never forget their desire to pull this big crab out of the water and cook up some steamed crab for themselves. When it realized that they hadn’t appeared for a long time, the big crab finally plucked up its courage and climbed out from the lake, gradually heading toward the mountain wall to search for them.

When the big crab carefully approached the cave, it finally confirmed that there wasn’t anyone remaining.

Did they leave, that bunch of humans!?

The big crab felt somewhat disappointed and crawled outside, dragging its feet. Suddenly, this big crab discovered drawings on the cave walls. These were the product of Chinchilla’s moments of interest when it was bored. Bai Yi had told Bellamy to develop a more powerful sword skill than the Great Shockwave, but in the end, all Bellamy came up with a bunch of messy sword skills. Chinchilla still made a show of itself in being very earnest, and carved all these sword skills onto the cave wall.

Is this that something back then... In an ancient cave, an unmatched martial art was carved onto the walls.

Actually, Chinchilla didn’t understand much of it either, but it had the habit of sharpening its claws anyway, so it just conveniently did both at once. Anyway, Chinchilla had quite a lot of fun doing this as well. However, at this time, this big crab looked seriously at the random carvings on the wall, and started to slowly wave its crab legs around.

When the group of them left again, half a year had already passed. At this time, it was already July of 2024, and more than four years had passed since the outbreak of the activated cells.

Everyone recalled the past four years and sighed with a lot of emotions. Everything had been an experience they would have never imagined having in peaceful times.

Other than the five of them who'd been present from the start, and Melvin, the rest of them were all stuck at the boundary of the Hypersomnia Stage and metamorphosis, as might be expected. Given this, all of them took the chance to head out again and see for themselves how New Zealand had changed in more than a year, and also to search for any way to make up for this deficiency.

In the team now were: 1. Bai Yi, 2. Momo, 3. Woolf, 4. Sharpei, 5. Pupu, 6. Melvin, 7. Nancy, 8. Alodia, 9. Betsy, 10. Bellamy, 11. Romain, 12. Ulisses, and 13. Chinchilla. A total of thirteen team members, and almost half of them had entered LV2. Their level of strength now was completely incomparable to before. Of course, Bai Yi believed that the outside world had also changed to become even more dangerous than before.

More than a year had passed since they'd disappeared, and the Devil Isles had changed, living up to that name even more so. Betsy and the others’ Hypersomnia Phase had ended, meaning that probably almost half of the first batch of lifeforms that had assimilated with activated cells had passed the Hypersomnia Stage and started metamorphosis as well. Inside the research facilities, the probability of failure of metamorphosis was as high as 62.8%, turning lifeforms into defective products. Most importantly, these defective products didn’t have clear minds and only knew how to kill and grow. Their power was absolutely at the LV2 stage, and they were even more brutal than before.

Without travelling too far, Bai Yi’s team had encountered these kinds of LV2 lifeforms multiple times. Of course, Bai Yi didn’t really need to act at all himself. Since the worry of falling into the berserk state had disappeared, those few who loved to fight like Woolf and Sharpei had their warlike nature completely aroused.

Woolf didn’t choose to use a greatsword anymore, but chose to use a new weapon—gauntlets!

Covering the back of one of his hands was a gauntlet that revealed a few sharp claws, in addition to the claws that Woolf himself already had. The gauntlets didn’t have room to fall off unless Woolf lets go of them himself. Combined with the defensive attribute of his energy, this gauntlet was practically made for him.

Wonder if the author has any plans for the crab in the future hmmm..

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