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Chapter 177: LV2 Metamorphose Stage

More than half a year had already passed since the incident in New Christchurch, and that city had been officially renamed to the City of Graves. Nobody knew how this name managed to spread, but everyone who heard the name had basically no objections to it. Countless lives had indeed been buried in that place. The City of Graves was extremely dangerous now: there was a strange, carnivorous plant that occupied the entire city, and nothing that entered the city managed to escape death.

“I really can’t believe this! That uncle obviously dragged us here to be slaves for him!” Bellamy retracted her cat claws after killing off her prey. She grumbled continuously, but her hands had never stopped moving.

In point of fact, Bellamy’s complaints weren't without reason. Half a year after Bai Yi and the others had entered the Hypersomnia Phase, Nancy, Melvin, and Alodia had also followed them and entered the Hypersomnia Phase as well. Going by Yeye’s data, the Hypersomnia Phase would usually end after half a year, but unexpectedly, Bai Yi and the rest were still asleep, and they hadn’t woken up since a month ago.

In the end, the only ones who were still active outside were Betsy, Bellamy, Romain Cristot, Ulisses, and Chinchilla. Hence, the job of preparing food completely fell to the few of them, and Bellamy really complained a lot.

“Then complain to Bai Yi when he wakes up, what are you telling me for?” Ulisses curled his lips.

“Hmph, I must definitely make Bai Yi pay me back for this!” Bellamy clenched her little fist.

Romain didn’t say anything, but just picked up the carcass and went back to the valley. Seeing how the four of them behaved, it could be seen that Bai Yi hadn't trusted the wrong people back then. All the people from the original team had entered the Hypersomnia Phase; if these newcomers really wanted to do anything to them, they would be utterly defenseless. Of course, Betsy and the rest wouldn’t treat Bai Yi as an enemy for no reason either.

Why was Bai Yi and his team’s Hypersomnia Stage lasting so long?

In reality, Bai Yi and his team members couldn’t stop. When he had fallen asleep the last time, Bai Yi realized that his body and soul were interacting intimately and automatically changing toward a new, balanced state. This kind of balanced state hadn’t manifested completely yet, but Bai Yi already felt a completely new feeling within himself.

LV1-2 Brutal Stage, the cause of that was due to the incongruence between the body and soul. During LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage, the lifeform would sense the incongruence in itself, and proceed to rebalance its body and soul. On Bai Yi’s team, due to the information they had obtained from Yeye, they had started to undergo deep level sleep ever since the Brutal Stage to do this kind of rebalancing. Hence, when they truly entered the Hypersomnia Stage, their changes seemed to be a step ahead of those of the experimental subjects, and they immediately started their metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis: The body and soul have both grown to a certain level, reaching a new state of balance.

The evolved lifeform would sense the existence of the soul for the first time during the Hypersomnia Phase, and after a period of time in this phase, the lifeform would passively start to undergo metamorphosis. The general process was sensing the existence of the soul, then letting the body and soul continuously adjust themselves, forming a complete whole. The moment the body and soul completely harmonized with each other, the entire lifeform would evolve in that moment, and release its absolute life field.

After another three months, Bai Yi’s body completely relaxed, and slowly floated up. The wings on his back opened up by themselves, and they were even more beautiful than the time when he had opened them himself. Bai Yi at this time didn’t seem to have a consciousness, until... the moment his body and soul reached a new state of balance!

How could this be described? It was like a clear drop of water falling onto the surface of a dead silent lake; the drop of water rippled through its surroundings, and also broke the dead silence of the lake surface.

Bai Yi slowly opened his eyes, and after a long while he waved his right hand in front of them. The more than two meter wide pair of wings behind him—which looked as light as a feather—immediately swept, and with a ‘chi la!’ sound, they left a deep scar on the stone wall.

LV2—Metamorphose Stage!

Bai Yi felt the energy slowly circulating in his body and confirmed this fact.

Based on Yeye’s data back at the research facility, hadn't the probability of successfully entering LV2 only been 2.31% for the experimental subjects? This was really strange, Bai Yi himself absolutely hadn't felt any pressure; he seemed to have just passed through the obstacle of Metamorphosis very easily, and entered LV2. Bai Yi quietly pondered on this. Maybe he was special? Or was it that he had found the correct method?

Bai Yi worried slightly inside; he had managed to pass through the 2.31% success rate of Metamorphosis, but he didn’t know how the others were doing.

With a thought, Bai Yi’s wings retracted, and the crystal-like thin threads disappeared within his body. This time, even the soft, scarf-like wings behind him vanished completely. However, Bai Yi knew that if he wanted them to, the wings could be brought out again from within his body.

After doing all this, Bai Yi pushed open the door of the stone room.

When Bai Yi went outside, he immediately heard Bellamy’s grumbling. “Slice you to death, slice you to death! Bai Yi, you lousy uncle, this place is so boring!” Bellamy kept on grumbling non-stop while cleaning food ingredients proficiently with a small sharp knife. At this time, a school of fish about half a meter long each smelled the blood from inside the lake and wanted to swim over, but they seemed to be quite hesitant.

Finally, two of the fish couldn’t bear the attraction of this smell anymore, and swam toward Bellamy. At this moment, the sharp knife in Bellamy’s hands flew out instantly, and with a ‘puchi!’ pierced through one of the fish.

“Heya! Good job, me! There’s fish to eat again today!” Bellamy herself jumped up excitedly.

At this time, a creature more than half a meter long that looked like a small leopard rushed out from behind Bellamy; but on closer look, it was actually a big cat with dense fur. Chinchilla’s eyes shined as he looked at the two fish on the lake surface, and he excitedly cried out. After hearing Chinchilla’s cry, Bellamy hurriedly pulled back the fish that had been pierced. At this time, Bai Yi realized that a thin rope was connected to the hilt of the small knife. This big fish was very strange; its teeth were sharp and densely packed, so Bellamy and the others did want to go into the lake to catch fish.

Bellamy immediately hugged the strange fish she'd caught tightly. “Chinchilla, no stealing my fish!” Probably due to fusing with cat genes, Bellamy loved fish a lot. However, in this valley only this lake had fish, and it was very inconvenient to catch any.

“Meoowww!” Chinchilla slowly circled around Bellamy, just like he was stalking prey. However, Chinchilla’s gaze never left that big fish.

Two gluttonous cats, but what Bai Yi couldn’t understand was: why was Bellamy cursing at him?

“Do you need my help?” Bai Yi suddenly asked.

“Help with what? You will get eaten if you go down to catch fish!” Bellamy waved her hand, but suddenly realized that the voice didn’t seem right. She abruptly turned around and looked at Bai Yi with her mouth wide open.

“Bai—B-B-B-B—Bai Yi!” Bellamy stuttered and said.

“Am I that scary?” Bai Yi asked, and looked at the bunch of strange fish swimming in the lake. He then grabbed a wooden rod lying to the side. Bai Yi tested the special energy circulating in his body and weighed the wooden rod in his hands for awhile, before he smashed the surface of the water without any technique.

‘PA!’, water splashed everywhere, and a powerful shockwave pervaded the lake instantly. Sounds of water sloshing continued incessantly, and all the water within twenty plus meters surged high up into the air. All the strange fish within this range were immediately torn into a few pieces, blood and internal organs flying about everywhere. As for the wooden rod in Bai Yi’s hands, only the part he was holding onto was left, and the rest of it had already completely turned into dust.


Even Bai Yi himself was stunned; he had only wanted to try using the Great Shockwave technique to send an impact into the lake and kill these strange fish. He didn’t expect that something like this would happen.

“Sorry, it seems like I’m not too familiar with my own strength,” Bai Yi said.

Although he had mutilated many fish, there were still a few of them around the edges of the impact which had died from the shockwave, yet still remained intact. They retrieved these fish. This commotion alerted everyone, and all of them finally realized with a shock that Bai Yi had finally woke up! One must know that Bai Yi had slept for more than four months this time around.

“Hey, long time no see, everyone!” Bai Yi saw the few of them running out due to the commotion and revealed a bright smile.

“Long time no see! Wait a moment, I’ll prepare food for you immediately,” Betsy promptly said. Betsy thought that Bai Yi was still in the Hypersomnia Stage and would resume sleeping in a short while.

Bai Yi shook his head. “I think there’s probably no need to anymore.” He could sense that after his body and soul had reached a new state of balance, the energy that he expended now seemed to be insignificant. Anyhow, although he felt quite hungry now, his hunger wasn’t really intense.


“My Hypersomnia Phase has already ended,” Bai Yi said. Not only had it ended, but he had entered LV2 Metamorphose Stage in one go. Even Yeye didn’t have any detailed information regarding the stages after LV2; from now onward, they would need to slowly grope about for answers themselves.

“And if my feeling isn’t wrong, I’ve already entered LV2 Metamorphose Stage!” Bai Yi continued.

It wasn’t a big deal if the Hypersomnia Phase ended, as Bai Yi had slept for a really long time initially anyway. So although everyone was a bit surprised by Bai Yi’s first sentence, it didn't rise to the level of shock. However, Bai Yi’s next words caused everyone to become utterly dumbstruck... entering LV2 Metamorphose Stage just like this? Did they hear wrongly?

However, looking at Bai Yi’s expression, he didn’t seem like he was joking.

A short while after the few of them returned to the cave, Momo opened her eyes as well with slight puzzlement in them—LV2!

Half a month later, the first batch of people had all woken up. Bai Yi, Momo, Woolf, Sharpei, and Pupu brought shocking news to all of them. The five of them had all achieved LV2, and they hadn't encountered any obstacles along the way either. It was completely unlike what Yeye had described of there being only a 2.31% chance of success.

Just what was going on?

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