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Chapter 173: Death

Without knowing why, Yu Han felt that Bai Yi had become even more dangerous the moment he returned Red Kiss to its sheath. At this time, Momo also slowly picked up speed and ran over to their location. Yu Han couldn’t help but glance at his subordinates, and a haziness flashed across his eyes. What a bunch of good-for-nothings; he had already clearly exhausted Bai Yi's team of so much of their energy, and his lackeys still couldn’t finish them off quickly.

However, this couldn’t be helped either. In New Zealand now, anybody who had decent strength either established their own team or joined an existing power. Yu Han’s actions would only be accepted by evil scum or lunatics, so the fact that he could gather a bunch of people like this with a fairly strong amount of strength could already be considered very good.

Seeing Momo rapidly approaching, Yu Han decided not to wait anymore and charged toward Bai Yi, the Xuan Wu shield on his left hand readied to block at any time. Sure enough, the instant he closed in on Bai Yi, he saw Red Kiss in Bai Yi’s hands rising immediately. With intense concentration, Yu Han could almost see Bai Yi moving in slow motion.

Sword draw?

Yu Han suddenly thought of this type of sword skill, and instantly went on guard. However, Bai Yi actually retreated backward at this time and did not immediately attack him.

Yu Han promptly thought of another possibility—Bai Yi was accumulating his power! Bai Yi was already extremely fatigued now, so he wouldn’t be able to use certain attacks unless he gathered his strength. Thinking of this, Yu Han immediately accelerated his movements, but at this moment Momo happened to jump in front of him, blocking him with her black sword.

Scattered Butterfly Dance!

Momo immediately drew her sword, and a few Spirit Devouring Butterflies started dancing around and flew toward Yu Han the moment the black sword was swung. Yu Han could recognize these butterflies with a glance; after all, the impression that these creatures that lived in Wellington made was too deep to forget. Afterwards, Yu Han had learned from Nancy that these butterflies had the ability to consume souls as well.

Yu Han swung his sword a few times, but it seemingly sliced through empty air. The purely spiritual bodies of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies couldn’t be harmed by physical attacks at all. A few of them landed on Yu Han’s body, and he immediately felt an ecstatic pleasure, a pleasure so great that it felt like his soul was being sucked away and about to ascend to heaven. However, on the contrary, this intense pleasure made Yu Han extremely wary in his heart, and the Xuan Wu on his left hand immediately raised its head.


The Xuan Wu on Yu Han’s left hand cried out loudly, and a warm flow rushed through and around his body. These few small Spirit Devouring Butterflies were suddenly subjected to a sort of intimidation and stiffened up on the spot. At this moment, the Xuan Wu’s mouth suddenly opened and sucked in deeply in the direction of the few Spirit Devouring Butterflies. These butterflies, without mass or matter, were immediately sucked into the Xuan Wu’s mouth, disappearing into tiny motes of light.

“Little butterflies!” Momo was immediately staggered.

Actually, Yu Han had only been planning to try his luck; he totally hadn't expected that the effect would be so remarkable. Thinking of this, Yu Han couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. The first ability his Xuan Wu Arm displayed was decomposition!

Decomposition: this wasn’t some special ability, as every lifeform had this ability in order to regulate its own physical body. For example, after being bitten by a mosquito, a mild toxin would invade the body and a bump might appear on the skin, but the person would definitely not die. However, if a person got bitten by a more poisonous lifeform like a venomous snake, then if they were a normal human, they would be in big trouble.

Yu Han’s Xuan Wu Arm amplified this decomposition power to the utmost, and any random things that entered his left arm would all be seemingly decomposed. Over all this time, Yu Han’s left arm had been changing as well. Its power of decomposition had slowly evolved into a kind of devouring ability, and it could even draw in normal forms of special energy.

At present, people still couldn’t actively control the special energy in their bodies, but Yu Han believed that the potential of his Xuan Wu arm would become greater and greater in the later stages of evolution.

Unexpectedly, his arm could even suck in special bodies like those of these Spirit Devouring Butterflies.

Yu Han was immediately overjoyed inside. Although the combat power that his left arm displayed now seemed to be inferior to Bai Yi’s eyes, its potential in the future should be extremely great.

When the Spirit Devouring Butterflies died, Momo really did feel an ache in her heart, but very quickly she pulled herself together and continued blocking Yu Han so as to buy more time for Bai Yi to gather his power. Momo’s strength was much weaker than Bai Yi's, and she couldn’t rely on the explosive advantage of her blood boiling either. Although her sword techniques were good, she very quickly became disadvantaged against Yu Han. At this time, Bai Yi reentered the fray behind Momo.

“Squat down!”

Momo heard this and squatted down without any hesitation. At that moment, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss flew out of its sheath instantaneously, and it was even more intense than the Air-splitting Strike that Momo had used just then.

Great Shockwave!

‘ZHENG!’, a ring-shaped ripple instantly spread out from Bai Yi’s sword, and other than Yu Han blocking in front of him, everything else within 50 meters was subjected to an immense cutting force and broke without exception. At the moment when Bai Yi had commanded Momo to squat down, Yu Han had instinctively raised his tortoise shield to block in front of him. In the next instant, a powerful force had impacted against it, pushing him back and sending him flying into the distance.

After a while, Yu Han finally came to a stop and realized that there was a long crack on his tortoise shield too. This cut was very deep, and the strike had almost sliced through the entirety of it and damaged his body. Yu Han was immediately shocked; if not for his scheme to consume the majority of Bai Yi’s energy already, only heaven would know just how powerful Bai Yi would have been now.

Moreover, he actually managed to turn this kind of vacuum strike into a reality!

In comparison, the sword techniques that Yu Han had himself developed seemed third-rate. The more he thought of this, the more uncomfortable he felt in his heart. The genes he had fused with were more powerful from the start, and Bai Yi had fused with useless butterfly genes, but why was the power gap between the two of them getting bigger and bigger!?

However, seeing Bai Yi severely panting and even unable to stand properly, Yu Han’s mood instantly became better. So what if Bai Yi was stronger than him? He was going to die here anyway; Yu Han could tell with a look that Bai Yi couldn’t last for much longer.

Bai Yi looked at Yu Han as well, staring at the tortoise shield with a giant crack on it, and a trace of regret appeared in his eyes. With the condition that he was in now, he absolutely didn’t have the strength left to use another Great Shockwave. At this time, Momo had already rushed over and hurriedly supported Bai Yi. His legs went soft, and his body fell on Momo, with his lips pressing right beside one of her ears. From the looks of it, it appeared like Bai Yi couldn’t even remain standing anymore, but actually he was whispering something into her ears.

“Listen, we must... and absorb the power of your Spirit Devouring Butterflies... so...!”

Bai Yi used Momo as a support and slowly stood up again, but his legs were trembling non-stop. In fighting to this stage, his body had already been exhausted through and through.

Without anybody realizing when it started, a light rain fell from the sky. It wasn’t a crazy downpour, but just a light drizzle, making the atmosphere around the battlefield feel colder.

At this time, the initially intense battle approached its end, and at the center of the messy battlefield were three figures standing together.

Bai Yi’s hands grabbed onto Yu Han’s body tightly, and the newly grown snake head hidden underneath the Xuan Wu shell clamped its jaws around Bai Yi’s neck. If not for the thread web inside his body being incredibly durable, the snake would have broken Bai Yi’s neck long ago. Other than that, a sword viciously pierced through Bai Yi’s chest, and the sharp tip of it exposed itself from his back.

Momo was behind them, holding the black sword in her hands. She was also slowly trying to utilize her strength, but her injuries made bringing any amount of force to bear incredibly difficult. Moreover, even if it was broken, the tortoise shield still blocked the tip of Black Underworld. The black sword trembled non-stop due to the force exerted, but in the end, it still couldn’t gain another inch.

Their blood mixed with the rain and flowed down to the ground from all three of their bodies. Quietly, the three of them stayed still for a long while without talking.

“You actually wanted to die together with me, what a pity! If you were in your best condition, then you really might have succeeded.” Yu Han laughed loudly. His plan to weaken Bai Yi’s team had really paid off: Bai Yi and Momo couldn’t exert much strength from their bodies in the end. Even with Bai Yi using his own body as bait, Momo’s attack had still stopped short of harming Yu Han by just a tiny bit.

Bai Yi’s eyes started to rotate slowly. This was the sign of the Reverse Flower Eyes activating. However, the rotation was abnormally slow now, and his eyes were also bleeding profusely.

“Reverse Flower Eyes... your eyes, I’ll accept them!” As Yu Han looked at Bai Yi’s eyes, he slowly released the longsword in his right hand and lifted it to gouge Bai Yi’s eyes out.

“AHHH...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Momo saw Yu Han’s actions and suddenly screamed pitifully into the sky, brutally pushing with the black sword once more.


The black sword finally pierced through the tortoise shield in an instant and stabbed into Yu Han’s body. Yu Han’s right hand also just happened to stop right on Bai Yi’s eyelids. In the next moment, Yu Han immediately felt an intense pain that he couldn’t put into words coming from the depths of his soul. A transparent mist suddenly rose from Momo’s black sword, and became denser in an instant, finally turning into a burning flame that engulfed Yu Han in the blink of an eye. Yu Han, who had initially thought that he was on the cusp of victory, immediately screamed in terror, his expression incomparably twisted.

This flame was the outward manifestation of Momo’s special energy, and it had the ability to exterminate souls.

The immense pain made Yu Han struggle vigorously. Bai Yi and Momo, who didn’t have much strength left to begin with, were both instantly flung away and landed heavily on the ground.

Devour it, devour it you bastard!

Yu Han willed with all his might for his Xuan Wu on his left hand to activate, but the black sword just happened to get stuck on the neck of the Xuan Wu. Yu Han pulled hard on the hilt of Black Underworld to try and get it out, but the sword got stuck stubbornly on the crack on the tortoise shell, and he couldn’t remove it no matter how hard he tried. Gradually, Yu Han’s voice became more and more pained, and his movements became slower and slower too. At the very end, he turned around and looked at Bai Yi, who was completely still on the ground, with an unresigned expression, refusing to accept everything.

Yu Han slowly walked toward Bai Yi. At this time, no matter what, Bai Yi and Momo simply didn’t have the ability to move anymore, and they could only silently watch as Yu Han approached.

I can’t accept this, I really don’t accept this, it actually turned out like this... just when Yu Han had walked right in front of Bai Yi, he suddenly stopped, and fell onto his knees in the next instant. Yu Han’s head hung low, and the transparent flame on his body slowly extinguished.

Was it coincidental or inevitable... that Yu Han would die in front of Bai Yi in such a position!? many of got baited by the author to think that Bai Yi was really going to lose?

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