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Chapter 172: Weep

“You... deserve death!” Momo said to that hedgehog-man, as she spun her body halfway and waved her black sword rapidly, parrying all the hair spines that suddenly flew at her.

“Heh, hahahaha, 'deserve death', everyone in this world deserves death!”

The hedgehog guy opposite her had a maniacal expression on his face and started to murmur something incessantly. However, Momo ignored that and rushed up in an instant, her black sword hacking down heavily from on high. The hedgehog guy immediately shut his mouth the moment Momo rushed forward; no matter how crazy he was, he was still a veteran of many battles and wouldn’t get distracted in the middle of one. Seeing Momo dash toward him without any intention of dodging, an expression of mockery and brutality appeared in his eyes.

Crazy Dance of Poison Spines!

In the blink of an eye, this guy started to spin rapidly. The countless spines on his body shot out and enveloped the entire area in front of Momo. This move was very well-tested; generally speaking, the majority of people would get hit by at least a few spines, unless an opponent had some sort of hard armor that could block the spikes entirely. After applying poison to the spines, just getting hit by one of them would probably be enough to take away one's life.

However, in that instant, Momo’s movements abruptly accelerated, and the black blade danced swiftly. Her body twisted about rapidly, as she simultaneously protected herself behind the blade.

The sounds of ‘dings!’ and ‘dangs!’ lasted for more than ten seconds before the spine attack finally stopped. At this moment, the hedgehog-man opposite her looked at her in shock. This supposedly eight-year old little girl was half-squatting on the ground with the black longsword diagonally resting on it behind her. Around her was a circle of poison spines, but there wasn’t even a single injury on her body.

Momo’s sword skills were ranked second in the team!

Suddenly, Momo raised her little head slightly, a cold and cutting killing intent in her eyes. The black sword slowly dragged across the ground behind her body. The guy suddenly had a feeling like he was floating in the air, yet he felt very heavy at the same time, giving him incomparable pressure in that moment. The hedgehog-man immediately sensed that things were bad and stretched out his right hand. On the back of his hand a giant sharp spine about five centimeters long aimed at Momo, and the poison applied on it was a deep and dark shade of blue.

Air-splitting Strike!

Hyperspeed Poison Spine!

In a split second, Momo’s black sword viciously swung at the hedgehog-man a few meters away from her, and it just happened to intercept the giant, high-speed poisoned spine flying toward her. ‘Chi!’, Momo’s black sword clearly swung across empty air, but the giant spine suddenly split in half in mid-flight and flew to her left and right. In the next moment, the hedgehog-man’s body shook, and with a ‘puchi!’, a long slanted cut stretched from his neck to his waist.

The hedgehog-man still wanted to lower his head to see what happened, but the moment he tried to. his head immediately rolled off onto the ground.

Air-splitting Strike: Using the high-speed swing of a sword to move the air in front of you, creating a vacuum-type strike. This was something that Bai Yi had demonstrated at the very start, it was just that at that point in time he hadn't had much proficiency with it either. After such a long period of consolidation, it had finally became a proper sword skill. Together with other kinds of sword skills and the use of blade force, these were the kind of sword arts that Bai Yi’s team were learning right then.

Momo panted heavily. Physicality wasn’t her strong suit. In addition, she had already battled for a very long period of time trying to break out of the tide of monsters.

Antidote, antidote!

Momo immediately ran toward the hedgehog-man and started searching his body. Normally speaking, people who used poison as a form of attack would bring a prepared antidote on them, no matter whether it was a naturally obtained poison or a poison obtained from the outside world. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome if their own companions got poisoned by them.

Ignoring his flowing blood and his exposed intestines, Momo scoured the body of the hedgehog-man and finally found a few small bottles. All these small bottles contained something, and they were all sealed up very tightly. But which one of them was the antidote?

Momo became anxious and panicked inside. Then she suddenly looked behind her and discovered that Vala had already collapsed on the floor, unmoving.

“Teacher Vala!” Momo immediately got a fright and ran over.

Momo checked her breathing and pulse, and both were very weak. She immediately started looking for the antidote in a panic, but who knew what was contained in these seven or eight small bottles? That’s right! Nancy, look for Nancy, she should know which bottle is the antidote! However, when Momo raised her head again she realized that Nancy’s situation wasn’t much better: she saw a big, tall guy clutching Nancy’s neck with his hands.

“Boss Yu Han specifically ordered me to kill you!” The guy strangling Nancy pushed her against a broken wall, slowly pressing her into a sharp edge behind her. With his powerful strength, it immediately pierced into Nancy’s body, and her back was slowly dyed red with blood.

“Rea...lly!” Blood spurted out of Nancy’s mouth the moment she started speaking.

“That’s right, Boss specially asked me to do so. You tricked him. You said you didn’t want to join a team, but all of a sudden you were part of Bai Yi’s team!” This guy saw the sharp rock jutting out from Nancy’s abdomen and felt that his mission was already accomplished, so he was in the mood to talk a little.

“Ah... really, what a great sin!” Nancy breathed heavily, but it was as if the air she took in was leaking out somewhere. “Why didn’t he tell you guys... that his life was saved by me?” Nancy asked, and suddenly used both hands to grab hold of the guy’s arm, revealing a pained smile. “And that... I am a Medicinal Maker!?”

“Eh?” The guy opposite her was still puzzled, but he immediately realized that his body was slowly turning stiff and rigid.

“Really... what a pity!” Nancy said, as her shocked opponent saw her slowly close her eyes. After that, the guy collapsed onto the ground, while Nancy still hung from the sharp spike on the wall, her blood slowly flowing down from her body.

Momo watched this scene and turned back to look at Vala again. She realized with a start that in such a short while, her Teacher Vala’s breathing had stopped completely.

Momo raised her head and looked up into the sky, pursing her lips, struggling to hold back her tears. However, something like tears weren’t able to be held back just because one wanted to do so. Her tears started falling continuously down her face, gleaming like pearls, and Momo couldn’t help but recall everything that had happened in the research facility long ago. It was Older Sister Sara the last time, and this time it was Teacher Vala. Why was the world so cruel?!


Momo finally let go and wailed out loud, and on this chaotic battlefield her tender cries seemed even more pitiful and sad. Everyone on the battlefield looked over instinctively and saw Momo kneeling down beside Vala, her little face staring up at the sky as she cried loudly. At this time, the eleven transparent Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew out from her body and danced around her, making the scene seem even more poignant and cruel.

“Dead!” Yu Han said happily while looking at Bai Yi.

“After that, you will die in this place too.” Yu Han gave a cruel smile to Bai Yi. This was what he had spent more than half a year planning, specially picking the personnel and location, and even intentionally dragging an entire city in to die with Bai Yi. Although Yu Han still had other goals, he had made use of those countless evolved lifeforms to consume a large part of the energy of Bai Yi’s team. All of this was for the sake of killing Bai Yi for sure.

“Ah, Vala died!” Bai Yi said hoarsely. Blood slowly flowed out from his mouth and nose. Using the explosive power from his blood boiling for too long caused the capillaries in his body to continuously burst. If not for his cocooning having made his body more durable, Bai Yi might have completely collapsed by now.

Bai Yi’s tone was heavy, really very heavy.

“Maybe I will really die in this place, but you won’t survive either.” Bai Yi walked toward Yu Han slowly. He couldn’t continue wasting time anymore; everyone was already exhausted. He really, really had to quickly put an end to things with Yu Han.

At this time, another guy who saw Momo wailing loud and wanted to ambush her was suddenly attacked by a few Spirit Devouring Butterflies, and very quickly fell onto the ground in a daze. After a while, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew back and landed on Momo’s shoulder. Seemingly woken up by their sudden noise, Momo finally stopped crying and grabbed the black sword on the ground with her right hand.

Faint black mist immediately rose from the blade the moment Momo grabbed hold of the hilt.

After grabbing onto the black blade, Momo swept the battlefield with her gaze and started walking toward Bai Yi and Yu Han. Could it be said that this father and daughter had a telepathic connection? They actually thought of the same thing. The most important battle here was between Bai Yi and Yu Han; as long as this battle ended here, then the other battles elsewhere wouldn’t have much meaning anymore.

Although the opposing side clearly had more people, at this moment Woolf and the others gave their all to block the other enemies, leaving a path for Momo to traverse.

Yu Han saw Momo slowly walking over from the side and couldn’t help but reveal a strange smile. “To think of it, your daughter really grew up so quickly, she’s already so tall. Relax, after you die I will spare her life. Although her looks aren't too good, at least she more or less looks like a human now, so she will still be usable after some training.” Not even knowing if it was for the sake of agitating Bai Yi even more, Yu Han actually said a bunch of words as disgusting as this.

However, Bai Yi felt that this was Yu Han’s true character.

Due to a long period of moral and ethical education restricting him, he would only hide these dark thoughts at the bottom of his heart even if he had them. And now, he completely exposed his true nature. However, what was the use of trying to win any arguments with him now? That darkness had always existed. If Bai Yi really died here today, then that future might truly turn into reality. Hence, the only thing he could do now was to kill Yu Han, protect Momo, and protect all of his friends.

Bai Yi sheathed Red Kiss in an instant—Hidden Edge!

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