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Chapter 17: Willow Leaf Knife

“Hey, do you think there will be some crystal core in the bird’s head? You know the kind that will increase the constitution of your body after eating it and turn you into a superhuman?” Qin Kai Rui suddenly said while Hong Qi Hua was still preparing the ingredients.

“Heh.” Yu Han gave a cold snort after hearing what Qin Kai Rui said.

Martin was confused by Qin Kai Rui’s words and only understood after he explained in detail. After knowing what he meant, Martin shook his head.

“I think you read too many novels; this isn’t like those novels where the apocalypse happened for no reason but it is a biological evolution caused by human actions. Maybe in some worlds you can grind monsters for crystal cores and raise your strength just by eating them, but that world is definitely not ours. True strength is raised step by step through an evolution of our biological state.” Martin explained.

Qin Kai Rui looked quite embarrassed, was he lecturing him?

Bai Yi of course noticed this scene as well and couldn’t help but shake his head inside.

“We should just be wary of any other monsters around. This Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture already flew all the way here; if there are any other monsters around then we would be caught unaware.” Yu Han suddenly said, standing beside Ning Xue. At this time, Khina looked at her boyfriend, feeling that Yu Han was so far away from her now.

“Those monsters definitely came from the Northern Hamilton Research Facility. Although they come in many different shapes and sizes, generally they can be split into 4 categories – flying type, land type, underground type, and water type. These monsters, other than looking for food, would normally not have any other goals. We are at Ohaupo now, which is neither too close nor too far from Hamilton. Taking into account the speed of these 4 types of monsters, only the flying types will be able to reach here. However, I don’t think that our luck will be so bad as to meet two flying type monsters in a row, so I think we can be at ease.” Martin analysed the situation calmly.

The rest of the group thought about it and also nodded their heads. Martin understood those monsters the best here; since he already said so then it should be all right. Meeting this giant bird was already shitty luck. If there was a second one, it would really be the death of them all.

This Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture was gigantic; they wouldn’t be able to carry all the meat with them since their cars weren’t made for carrying goods. Since everybody got hungry very quickly now, they decided to cook the meat and eat it here first. Under these conditions, there was no need to think about eating delicious food, they should already be thankful if the food was cooked properly.

Luckily, as a chef, Bai Yi carried basic seasonings on him so the meal wouldn’t be too bland.

When Hong Qi Hua cut open the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture’s stomach, a corpse was revealed within it. It was the body of Huo Qiu Yang, who got swallowed by the giant bird. The corpse wasn’t completely digested yet but because of this, it looked even scarier. A few of the girls immediately started vomiting. It was really hard to endure seeing a companion that was still with them not long ago become food in some monster’s stomach.

Hong Qi Hua’s expression also changed and she barely held it in. The preparation of the body was done by her, so she had the clearest view of the corpse out of everyone here.

“You guys go and find some firewood, we need it to start a fire for cooking the meat.” Bai Yi said after seeing the unbearable looks on their faces.

When the rest heard Bai Yi’s words they instantly nodded and went out to find firewood. The bloody corpse with the skin dissolved by gastric juices and the bloody dismemberment of the Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture were just too shocking and gory. Any one of these things would be unbearable to these students, who had never seen such bloody scenes.

So it’s this bloody when food is being prepared!

Not long after, the food was cooked. By now, everybody’s hunger and appetite wasn’t something that could be explained by reason, so nobody tried to be courteous. As soon as Bai Yi announced that they could eat, everybody started at once. The Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture became their food. The brain was also opened up in front of everybody, revealing that there was nothing else inside and definitely no signs of a crystal core.

Other than that guy who wished to reach heaven in one step (TN: means getting great rewards with little effort) by eating the crystal core, nobody else was disappointed by it.

The roasted meat wasn’t too tasty, but this Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture let everyone truly fill their stomachs for the first time in these few days. Also, the naturally flavoured snake soup was quite delicious as well. The meat of this Seven-Tailed Snake Vulture seemed to be more filling than normal food; the group only managed to eat less than half of the meat and the rest was brought along with them.

As for the six snake heads that were chopped off, they were all rendered inedible. Although Hong Qi Hua was extremely careful, she still didn’t manage to produce one that could be used. All of them had their venom sac accidentally ruptured and their respective heads contaminated with poison. Bai Yi expected this scenario from the start, so he just smiled and didn’t say anything. Even if it were him, he wouldn’t be able to succeed on the first try.

“Uncle Bai, I have something to ask of you.” Hong Qi Hua looked for Bai Yi.

“What is it?”

“Can you give me this Willow Leaf Knife?” Hong Qi Hua asked.

“I thought it was something serious. If you like it, then you can take it. I have quite a few kitchen knives left; they are sufficient for my use. Normally speaking, a chef would have his own dedicated knife that would be good enough to handle most ingredients, We would only use other knives or tools when handling those special ingredients,” Bai Yi explained.

“It isn’t that, I just like this Willow Leaf Knife.”

“Oh…so it’s like that. Again, it’s fine as long as you like it.” Bai Yi was stunned for a moment, but then started laughing. He forgot that Hong Qi Hua wasn’t a real chef but was just a student, today might be the first time she had even handled raw ingredients.

“Thank you, Uncle Bai Yi!”

“It’s nothing much. Make sure you keep your knife sharp!” Bai Yi said.

“En, I will remember.” Hong Qi Hua carefully held the Willow Leaf Knife in her hand and observed it seriously. She didn’t know why, but from the moment she first held it in her hands, she fell in love with this small and delicate knife. Spinning the knife in her hand a few times, Hong Qi Hua revealed a smiling face.

By now, everyone had already discovered that Hong Qi Hua was very pretty, really very pretty. Nobody expected that after removing those wide and old-fashioned glasses, she would become this eye-catching.

However, Bai Yi saw Hong Qi Hua like this a long time ago, so he wasn’t surprised at all. Hong Qi Hua and Momo’s relationship was quite good, so they were more familiar with each other.

While eating, Yu Han and the other guys were looking at Hong Qi Hua and then the other girls in the group. They realised that there were quite a few pretty girls here.

There was no need to talk about Jiang Lin Lin; since she was Qin Kai Rui’s girlfriend, she was definitely good looking. Ning Xue was also a petite and pleasant beauty, while Dai Yu Yao wasn’t bad either. Initially they thought that under those huge glasses Hong Qi Hua’s appearance wouldn’t be anything worth looking at it, but after she removed them she was actually that beautiful. From the looks of it, only Khina was a fatty.

The group set out again. As for the matter of them abandoning Bai Yi and Woolf, nobody tried to talk about it and all of them let the matter get buried. Bai Yi didn’t mention it either. For this kind of thing, it was enough to understand in your own heart. If it were to be brought out into the open, then everyone would become awkward and it benefits nobody. It was good enough that he and Woolf understood in their hearts, and like Woolf said, they should be a bit more selfish in the future.

At this time, New Zealand completely and utterly descended into chaos. If the extreme hunger from before was the appetiser, then the monsters that escaped from Northern Hamilton Research Facility were the soup. Now, the majority of people undergoing mutations played the role of the true main course.

People can bear with the hunger, all they have to do is find food to eat. Monsters can also be tolerated; since everybody have watched quite a few monster movies, it doesn’t matter what gets reported in the news as long as they do not encounter them. However, why were their bodies undergoing such transformation? A majority of the people living in New Zealand realised that characteristics of animals started to appear on their bodies. When these changes happened to themselves, nobody could bear with it any longer and the entire country went crazy.

Not everyone was like Bai Yi’s group, knowing that these changes could be reversed. When they found out that they had become monsters, their reason collapsed. Combined with the disorder from before, New Zealand’s society completely crumbled.

Law enforcement?

What’s the use of law enforcers; are they very special? They are also humans. Now that they had become monsters too, who would care that much? Moreover, most of the people in power in New Zealand had already fled to other countries and were detained, leaving nobody around to handle this situation.

Moreover, it wasn’t just humans. Other animals were also undergoing the same changes. Animals like dogs, cats, pigs, and chickens that we were familiar with suddenly turned into monsters and started eating humans. In this kind of situation, who could maintain their state of mind?

When everything they knew was thrown into chaos, the people could not hold on. New Zealand completely descended into chaos!

At this time, other countries’ internet connection to New Zealand had been completely cut off. The changes in New Zealand could not be shown to normal citizens or else they would cause great unrest. At the same time, the leaders of various countries were still discussing how to handle the situation in New Zealand.

The Longevity Project was something that almost every country had a hand in.

With a part of the experiments already a success, nobody thought that something like this would happen. After months of discussion, every country reached an agreement. They would ban all sorts of lifeforms coming out from New Zealand to try to completely isolate the country from the world, and turn it into a natural ecosphere for researching evolved lifeforms.

From now on, the name of New Zealand on the world map became – Devil Island!

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