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Chapter 165: Chinchilla Awakens!

“I am the store manager and head chef of Devil’s Cuisine House—Betsy!” The sexy cat-lady said.

“I am Bai Yi!” Bai Yi stretched out his right hand. Shaking hands had always been one of the etiquettes of the east.

After Betsy took the initiative to introduce herself, Bai Yi knew that he should be able to acquire the preparation and cooking methods for these special ingredients. Sure enough, Betsy promptly started negotiating the terms of the trade for her special preparation methods. Bai Yi could tell that this sexy cat-lady was very capable given she had independently opened a store here, but now, facing him, she restrained her audacity, fearing that he would bully her and Bellamy with his status.

No matter what the circumstances, the side with lesser status would always have to be more cautious when negotiating.

However, Betsy very quickly put her nervous heart at ease—Bai Yi was easier to talk to than she would have thought, and he agreed to give her and Bellamy treatment for a week. Bai Yi planned this accordingly, as a week’s time was just right for him too. Vala and the rest could use this period of time to make all the necessary preparations, and after a week they would leave New Christchurch for the location that they had prepared long before for the Hypersomnia Phase.

After the two sides reached an agreement, Bai Yi brought Betsy and Bellamy back to the recovery center. Of course, they took a trip to the food market before returning, since Betsy couldn’t just teach her preparation methods as a matter of theory. It was best if they had real samples to practice on. Hence, after entering the food market, they bought all the special ingredients that they could find.

When Bai Yi again returned to the shop with the guy selling Evil Vine, that guy was still zoning out.

“Hey, the Evil Vine hasn’t been sold yet? 500 Devil coins, I’ll take it,” Bai Yi said.

“Sure, sure!” This guy finally reacted and placed the Evil Vine into a monster skin bag. While filling up the bag, the guy was still looking at Bellamy. Betsy didn’t come out much, so he definitely didn’t recognize her, but he would certainly know Bellamy since he'd eaten at Devil’s Cuisine House before.

“Why did you kidnap the waitress of Devil’s Cuisine House?”

Bai Yi laughed. “When did I do so? We’re just going out to buy ingredients together.”

“Ah I understand now! You definitely didn’t have enough money and got taken as somebody who wanted a free meal. After that, they beat you up and sent you out to do manual labor! Although I’ve never seen the boss of Devil’s Cuisine House, I've heard that the boss is very strong.” The guy pointed his finger forcefully with an expression that said ‘I knew it!’, and looked at Bai Yi mockingly.

Bai Yi heard his words and only smiled without denying it. This made the guy even more certain that he had guessed correctly.

Although there weren’t many special ingredients, they still bought a big bunch of them and hired somebody to help them carry it all back to the recovery center. After arranging for that, Bai Yi brought the two of them along and they all walked into the recovery center itself. Momo was being forced to study when Bai Yi returned, and the moment she heard him coming back she instantly threw her pen down and ran outside, giving him a big hug. Alodia followed behind Momo, giving Bai Yi a nod.

“This is my daughter, Momo! This is Alodia.” Bai Yi introduced the two groups of ladies to each other.

“Hello, Miss Momo. Hello, Miss Alodia.” Betsy and Bellamy immediately greeted them. The fact that Bai Yi had a daughter wasn’t a secret, and everybody knew that Momo had practically no changes to her physical form. If not for her still being so young, many powers would have probably started to think about a political marriage.

“Greetings.” Momo immediately returned the pleasantries, graceful and relaxed.

“I’m going to learn some culinary skills from Betsy. Momo, you can go and play somewhere else,” Bai Yi said.

Momo’s eyes instantly lit up, not only because she'd been brought up to become a glutton since she was young, but also because she could run away from studying. “Cooking? I want to see! And taste as well!”

Bai Yi of course knew what Momo was thinking, and immediately flicked her forehead lightly. “Come and see if you want. These are all special ingredients. I’m also just learning how to prepare them, and it might not taste good, so don’t regret it later.” Bai Yi tried to frighten her, but Momo apparently wouldn’t be dissuaded; in actuality, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to scare her, and it was all his own fault for nurturing and bringing up an outrageous daughter like her.

“Come and see if you want to,” Bai Yi repeated, giving up.

Bai Yi’s deal with Betsy was that he wouldn’t use these special preparation methods for business, or make them public knowledge, but given those conditions it wasn’t a problem if his inner circle knew about them. Anyway, the deal was purely verbal and very loose, so the extent to which Bai Yi would keep his end of the deal was entirely up to him. This was the privilege brought about by his status, and Betsy didn’t dare to ask for more.

Alodia spent most of her time now with Momo, as she was both looking after Momo and also learning some deeper knowledge while Momo was studying.

Bai Yi brought Betsy to the kitchen and started learning all the special preparation methods he could. There weren’t too many special ingredients on the market at the moment, and they only managed to acquire six. However, even if there were only six, the preparation methods were extremely complicated. They also only had one serving of four out of the six special ingredients, so if they made a mistake while cooking any one of them, that ingredient would become inedible. They started with those ingredients that they had extra servings of, and Betsy prepared the ingredients first while explaining everything in detail before letting Bai Yi give it a go.

When it was Bai Yi’s turn, Betsy and the few others all looked at him, waiting for his performance.

In reality, Bai Yi had very rarely cooked during the year plus of staying in New Christchurch. Given the level of status he'd reached, cooking couldn’t possibly be his main job now and was just a hobby. However, Bai Yi still instantly felt a sense of familiarity the moment he held a kitchen knife. With a year of consolidation, Bai Yi’s grasp of blade techniques had become even deeper. Although it wasn’t Red Kiss, Bai Yi could feel a sense of the knife being an extension of his body the moment he grabbed hold of it.

Bai Yi swung the kitchen knife in the air. His actions were clearly very slow, but everyone felt like they seemingly saw afterimages.

Very quickly, Bai Yi followed Betsy’s demonstration and prepared the Ice-shelled Tortoise. This was a kind of mutated tortoise that lived around ice floes. If the handling of it was inadequate, then the icy aura would disappear and it would turn into a normal ingredient. If it was prepared properly, the icy aura could remain for a long time, and the meat of the Ice-shelled Tortoise would remain cold even when cooked. The fresh, cold meat would give an intense contrast inside a pot of boiling soup, stimulating anyone’s taste buds.

Bai Yi’s movements stopped, and the second Ice-shelled Tortoise that was about as big as a person’s face didn’t seem to have any changes to it. It was still laying flat on the counter.

Is it finished?

Everyone had this question in their heads. Bai Yi stepped back and to the side, waiting for Betsy to inspect his work. Betsy went and took a look, before staring at Bai Yi in shock. It was prepared extremely well—in fact, it was done so well that it was unbelievable! The strength and angle of the cuts didn’t have the slightest deviation, and the most incredible thing was that the appearance of the Ice-shelled Tortoise didn’t have the slightest change to it even after the preparations were finished. It wasn’t like hers, where there were obvious knife marks on the sides of the tortoise shell.

Bai Yi’s blade skills!

Betsy recalled Bai Yi’s special and unique look when he had picked up the knife, and immediately guessed at something. The general public’s understanding of Bai Yi stopped at his Reverse Flower Eyes because he very rarely personally fought. Hence, most people didn’t know how great Bai Yi’s blade skills were. Just based on his precision and his fine control over his strength, there wouldn’t be more than five people who could compare to Bai Yi in the Devil Isles1 now.

Betsy composed herself and said calmly, “The preparation is very good, now for cooking it.”

When it came to cooking, Bai Yi still retained that kind of precise control, and he himself realized this at that moment. What kind of feeling was this? He hadn’t cooked for more than a year, but Bai Yi now seemed to naturally have a certain feeling. All his movements flowed like moving water and were extremely smooth. It was just like he could accurate grasp every inch and every change in the outside world.

“Another serving!”

“Meow, meow meow!” Momo and Chinchilla sat off by the side. They didn’t have a trace of resistance towards delicious food, and nobody knew how they stored so much of it in those small tummies of theirs either. Bai Yi couldn’t help but chuckle at this gluttonous daughter of his. Even Chinchilla at her side ate until its tummy was full and round.

However, very quickly, Chinchilla couldn’t eat anymore. After all, Chinchilla now looked just like a normal house cat, it was just that it was slightly smarter. It wasn’t like Momo, who had previously gone through the Binging Phase. Although the Binging Phase had already ended, they could still eat a lot if they let themselves eat without restraint.

The six special ingredients were made into 21 dishes. Bai Yi spent his entire afternoon learning how to cook, and Momo spent her entire afternoon eating by one side. Betsy then taught all the other special preparation methods that she had to Bai Yi and waited for him to fulfill his end of the deal.

“The two of you, follow me,” Bai Yi said, and he led Betsy and Bellamy to the treatment room.

Alodia and Momo didn’t follow this time. They weren’t normal kids after all—even Momo knew that Betsy wouldn’t teach Bai Yi so many special preparation methods for nothing.

“I’m so full! Chinchilla, you are really pitiful! So many delicious foods that you wouldn’t normally get to eat, but you got too full from just the first dish!” Momo poked Chinchilla with a finger, and Chinchilla immediately rolled around on the floor on its round tummy and meowed.

Chinchilla lay on the floor lazily, not wanting to move at all. Very quickly, it fell asleep. Momo carried Chinchilla back to its cat bed and went out afterward to help with her digestion.

At this point in time, nobody realized that within Chinchilla’s body, some dormant cells were slowly awakening after absorbing special nutrients from the special ingredients.



The offspring of evolved lifeforms contained activated cells in their bodies as well. However, these activated cells were normally in a hidden and dormant state, and these cells needed to be awakened. Awakening in the early stages of development wasn’t hard, it only required that the host body be healthy and that the activated cells were provided with sufficient nutrients. However, in the later stages, it would be harder and harder to awaken the activated cells, and the food needed to awaken these cells would become more and more precious.

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