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Chapter 164: Special Preparation Ingredient


When Bai Yi arrived at Devil’s Cuisine House, he realized that the place wasn’t too lively. Outside the door there was even a notice: ‘Buying preparation and cooking methods of special ingredients at high prices, trades are accepted too’.

When Bai Yi entered Devil’s Cuisine House, he saw that there were only three customers inside, and the place was very empty. After finding a seat, he picked up the menu on the table. There were more than a hundred dishes on the menu, but Bai Yi could tell with a glance that most of the ingredients were the same—it was just that the way of cooking them was different. He counted 31 different ingredients within the dishes on the menu. This was probably the number of special preparation ingredients that this Devil’s Cuisine House had grasped the method of using.

“Welcome! What would you like to eat?” While Bai Yi was looking over the menu, a cat-lady skipped over to him.

“En, I’ll have this hundred-legged eyeball roast.” Bai Yi pointed at the first item on the menu, the kind that people would know was extremely strange with just a look.

“I’m sorry, you are looking at the wrong side. Today’s menu is on the back,” This cat-lady reminded him.

“Eh?” Bai Yi was puzzled for a moment and flipped the menu over, realizing that there were only eleven items made from three ingredients. These were all dishes that the menu on the other side had as well.

“I’m sorry, customer, Devil’s Cuisine House is different from normal restaurants. It’s harder for us to acquire ingredients, so we can’t produce all the dishes at any given time. The dishes that we can serve every day are limited, and what we can serve today are just these eleven dishes,” The cat-lady explained.

Bai Yi nodded. So that was how it was. The reason why there weren’t many customers in this Devil’s Cuisine House was not only because things here were expensive, but also because the dishes served were all limited. It was very likely that a customer wouldn’t be able to eat what they wanted. Since that was the case, he couldn’t waste this opportunity. Bai Yi slid his right hand over the menu and captured the entirety of it in his eyes.

“I want one of everything!” Bai Yi said.


“En, everything.”

“The eleven dishes today will cost 60,000 Devil coins in total.” The cat-lady looked at Bai Yi hesitantly. This guy, don’t tell me he’s here to make trouble or get a free meal?

Bai Yi nodded. “En, I know.”

The cat-lady didn’t continue to say anything but the distrust in her eyes couldn’t be concealed at all. She jogged toward the back of the building, apparently to inform the head chef or boss of this Devil’s Cuisine House. Watching the cat-lady running further inside, Bai Yi couldn’t help but smile teasingly. Did he really look like somebody who was going to dine and dash? However, the boss here was apparently very professional and didn’t suspect him. Even if Bai Yi decided to dine and dash, that was something to be handled at that time. For now, no matter what, Bai Yi was an honored customer.

Very quickly, the first dish was served—Sliced Ghost-faced Mushrooms.

Bai Yi looked at the plate of weird slices being served to him and couldn’t help but analyze it seriously. With a look, he saw that on every slice was an abstract image of a ghost face seemingly about to jump out at him. It appeared to be extremely frightening, and Bai Yi had never seen this ingredient of Ghost-faced Mushrooms before.

“Are there any steps to eating this thing?” Bai Yi asked.

“None, you can just eat it directly, we have already prepared it properly.” The cat-lady nodded and looked like she was waiting for Bai Yi to be scared to death. The cat-lady’s mild excitement couldn’t escape Bai Yi’s eyes, but he also couldn’t understand where her enthusiasm was coming from.

Bai Yi didn’t see any cutlery, but he realized that there was a small stalk on the side of every slice. At this time, the cat-lady also told Bai Yi that he could directly hold the stalk with his hand and eat it.

Bai Yi picked up a slice of Ghost-faced Mushroom and put in inside his mouth. At this instant, the excitement in the cat-lady’s eyes was even more pronounced. Just what is she playing at... Bai Yi thought in his heart as he bit down on it. The moment Bai Yi bit into it, the Ghost-faced Mushroom in his mouth immediately let out a sharp, terrifying scream, and after that Bai Yi discovered that there was a faint stench in his mouth. This was definitely the taste of blood!

What the hell!

Bai Yi indeed got a fright, but after his body tensed slightly for a moment he immediately relaxed again, appearing perfectly normal. After that, he slowly savored the taste of the Ghost-faced mushroom in his mouth, and the faint stench gradually dissolved as well, turning into a fresh, delicious taste. With every bite the Ghost-faced Mushroom would release a strange sound, just like a blood-curdling scream from a human. Of course, only the first time sounded like a human’s scream—the sound became very strange after the Ghost-faced Mushroom was broken down into pieces in Bai Yi’s mouth.

“Not bad, very tasty,” Bai Yi said and went for another slice of Ghost-faced Mushroom.

Why didn’t he get frightened? Normally people who eat the Ghost-faced Mushroom for the first time all get a scare! The cat-lady looked at Bai Yi in puzzlement and walked back into the kitchen patting her head. After that, another ten dishes were prepared and served up continuously. Although the other dishes were strange as well, other than the first Ghost-faced Mushroom dish, the rest of them didn’t give him a scare. No matter what, these were only special ingredients, not some kind of horror game.

Bai Yi slowly savored these dishes and nodded approvingly inside his heart. Not just the preparation of these special ingredients, but even the composition of the tastes was all very well done. Bai Yi had to admit that his culinary skills weren’t as good as those of this chef.

Although Bai Yi was alone, he still finished this entire table full of dishes completely, without even leaving a drop of soup. Although the Binging Phase had already ended, if evolved humans really wanted to eat to their heart’s content, then the amount they could put away in one meal was still terrifying.

Bai Yi placed his chopsticks on the table and lightly breathed out. A random walk around really let me find a good place. 

“Bill please,” Bai Yi said and took out the newly issued Devil coins of New Zealand. Currency has always been a mark of a civilization’s progress. They had started issuing these coins right after their environment had become safer and more stable, as otherwise, they'd really have seemed like primitive people if they continued to use barter trade. After Bai Yi took out a sufficient amount of Devil coins, the cat-lady, who had been unhappy all along, finally started smiling—she'd still thought that Bai Yi wasn’t going to pay up.

“Could I meet with the boss and head chef of this Devil’s Cuisine House?” Bai Yi asked.

“What do you want to do?!” The cat-lady immediately became very wary like a cat that got its tail stepped on, and watched Bai Yi cautiously.

Suddenly, a female voice came from the second floor, “Bellamy, bring this customer up here.”

The cat-lady, who was just like an agitated little cat, immediately calmed down. She then angrily creased her small face and glared at Bai Yi before bringing him upstairs. At this time, Devil’s Cuisine House already had no other customers, so he only gave this cat-lady called Bellamy a smile and followed her up.

“I’m curious, what business does this customer have with me?” A woman that wore a chef’s uniform and also looked like a cat-lady walked out. However, compared to the young and inexperienced Bellamy, this lady seemed to have a provoking sexiness even after she became an evolved human. Bai Yi could tell that this lady was not only attractive, but powerful as well.

“This Devil’s Cuisine House, are you the one in charge of this place?”

“That’s right, I’m the store manager and head chef of Devil’s Cuisine House.” The lady opposite him nodded her head.

“I’m quite interested in the preparation methods used in cooking the special ingredients in your noble1 shop. I’m curious if you are willing to sell them to me?” Bai Yi asked seriously.

The moment Bai Yi finished speaking, the fur on the cat-lady called Bellamy immediately stood up. She revealed her little canines, and her slit-like cat eyes glared directly at Bai Yi. Just by looking at Bellamy’s sharp claws, Bai Yi knew that with just a word from the sexy head chef this little cat-lady would immediately pounce onto him, and it would definitely not be some kind of gentle pouncing into his arms.

“Don’t be so nervous, I am genuinely asking you if you could sell the preparation methods for these special ingredients. No matter whether you want Devil coins or any other things, that's fine. I believe that as long as it isn’t too ridiculous, I will be able to pay the bill,” Bai Yi said with a smile as he looked toward the savage little cat-lady and waved his hand lightly.

The initially agitated little cat-lady gradually started to calm down after hearing Bai Yi’s words.

The sexy cat-lady head chef shook her head. “That probably won’t do, no matter what. The preparation methods for these special ingredients are things that we figured out and developed over a long period of time. Additionally, they are the only unique thing about Devil’s Cuisine House. If I teach them to anybody else, then I won’t be able to continue to conduct my business.”

“You don’t have to worry about this problem, because this is just for my personal curiosity. I was a chef before too, it's just that my main occupation isn’t as a chef now. I probably won’t open a restaurant or anything similar in the future either,” Bai Yi said.

“Why should we believe you?” The little cat-lady frowned.

Bai Yi’s slightly colored soft fur on his face wasn’t considered too unique by now, as many other people had fur on their faces as well. Unless they had seen Bai Yi in person before, it wasn’t so easy to recognise him with just a look. Bai Yi heard the cat-lady’s words and smiled, pointing to his eyes. Slowly, a flower growing in reverse appeared in them.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

But there was only the appearance of them, and they didn’t display any effects. The two cat-ladies who initially thought that he was somewhat familiar were immediately stunned. Reverse Flower Eyes, this was Bai Yi’s trademark! So far, nobody had found another person who possessed similar eyes to him.

“B-B-B-Bai Yi!”

The little cat-lady couldn’t even speak coherently now. She suddenly took a few steps backward and landed with her butt on the floor.

Bai Yi saw the appearance of the little cat-lady and couldn’t help but laugh, before showing her an expression that said ‘I didn’t do anything to you’. Seeing how Bai Yi reacted, the little cat-lady immediately climbed up and carefully stood, hiding behind the sexy cat-lady chef. To them, Bai Yi was somebody that they could never approach. The ticket to get Bai Yi’s personal treatment was also ridiculously expensive.

The head chef was also stunned for a moment, before focusing her mind again. It was actually Bai Yi. Bai Yi’s identity, of course, didn’t need too much verification—his eyes were the greatest way of identifying him. If this was Bai Yi, then his words before shouldn’t be a lie.

Moreover, if this was Bai Yi, then using the special preparation methods to trade for something like getting treated by him personally should be quite attractive to him.

“I am the store manager and head chef of Devil’s Cuisine House—Betsy!” The sexy cat-lady chef said.

Translator Notes:

Referring to the shop as ‘noble’ sounds weird here, but it’s a respectful way of addressing something in Chinese culture.
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