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Chapter 152: The Real Objective

Old man Ji Hua Qing was the important person in their team. To put it bluntly, the other special forces members were just here to protect him. What the old man did wasn’t up to them to decide or influence. Moreover, the bunch of them were all downtrodden and disheartened now, so they didn’t have the motivation or mood to do anything either. Ji Hua Qing slowly told them the reason why they appeared in this place.

“You should know this, but a portion of the people in the outside world treats New Zealand as a natural ecosphere for researching activated cells.” Ji Hua Qing opened with these words.

“En.” Bai Yi nodded and sheathed Red Kiss.

“Then, I don’t have to explain from the very beginning. You guys should know, the so-called research is just manually inducing certain conditions or forcing changes to the evolved lifeforms, so as to test the characteristics of the activated cells. However, it was useless to just observe these processes from the outside to get any research done on the activated cells. Active contact with the experimental subjects was still necessary, so the outside world had always maintained its connections with New Zealand.” Ji Hua Qing slowly talked about the entire process. Not just Bai Yi’s team was listening carefully, but the other 5 special forces members were as well.

“It’s obvious that actively keeping in contact with New Zealand was something incredibly dangerous. Of course, those people in high positions would never come here and risk their lives. They just have to wait and reap the fruits of the research. Those people that came to risk their lives were people who came due to their loyalty to their country, or for the sake of their devotion to their countries…A bunch of idiots!” Ji Hua Qing said with a face full of ridicule.

The few special forces members immediately grabbed their guns after they heard his words, their faces full of rage.

“Don’t tell about this, get to the main point.” In contrast, Bai Yi was very calm. All these things like loyalty and devotion weren’t very valuable in modern society. As for whether it was worth it or not, everyone held different values in their hearts, so he wouldn’t go and judge or comment on anything.

“Right right, the main point.” Ji Hua Qing nodded. “The activated cells were the fruit of Doctor Wang’s research, and because he’s a Chinese, China has a slight advantage in the understanding of activated cells over other countries. You guys can understand this, even if all the countries in the world came together to support this research, there are still many competitive and cooperative relations between various countries and powers.”


“Due to the slight lead in China in activated cells research, China has a huge say in the field of activated cells. Of course, along with this influence, there were also the so-called money and power involved in this, along with pulling other countries to ally with them. Unfortunately, an old enemy of mine secretly colluded with the United States. Perhaps with the promise of helping him rise up to the position of chief researcher, I got tricked into coming to this place.” Ji Hua Qing was more vague when talking about this part.

Apparently, he was not in the mood to talk about all these politics and power struggles.

“Actually, I thought that I was attending a conference on activated cells before I got on the plane. Although I don’t really like these pompous conferences, I can’t be absent either with my status. I really didn’t expect all this, and I only discovered something was wrong after I boarded the plane. After that, the plane flew all the way to New Zealand.”

“You didn’t request for the plane to fly back after realizing that something was wrong?” Vala asked.

“The enemy planned everything so perfectly, I didn’t even discover anything off when I boarded the plane. Do you think they would agree to fly the plane back so easily? Moreover, even though I knew it was dangerous, I thought that coming to New Zealand wasn’t a bad choice either. Although there were many experimental lifeforms brought back from New Zealand through various means outside, how could it be compared to directly viewing them here!” Ji Hua Qing said excitedly.

A fanatic researcher!

When he knew that his enemy tricked him, he didn’t think about how to leave this place but went along with the plot and prepared to start his research on New Zealand! However, the ‘various means’ to bring back experimental subjects from New Zealand, did that mean the outside world was still capturing evolved humans and lifeforms?

“What about you guys?” Bai Yi looked at the special forces soldiers.

“We only got an order from the higher-ups to protect an important researcher going to Devil Island to conduct important research.” The team leader didn’t try to hide things at this point in time.

“Where’s the plane?”

“It has already returned.”

Bai Yi acted lazily as if he didn’t really care much about what they said, but he was actually trying to judge how much of their words were the truth. From the looks of it, even though it seemed like they were telling the truth, Bai Yi felt that something was a little off. Rubbing the area in between his brows, Bai Yi looked at them again.

“Separate for individual questioning,” Bai Yi said unhurriedly.

“You want to interrogate us like criminals?” One of the special forces members immediately creased his eyebrows and looked at Bai Yi.

“That’s right, you have something to say about it?” Bai Yi looked back at the guy. He wasn’t using his Reverse Flower Eyes now, but that bottomless eyes, in addition to the brightly colored soft fur made the people in front of him instinctively feel a sense of wariness and pressure. Thinking about how the man in front of them caught a bullet with his bare hands, along with his strange-looking companions, the few special forces soldiers did not say anything anymore.

A person under a roof has no choice but to lower his head! (TN: Idiom that means that for the sake of your own good, it was best to not go against your superiors.)

“Tell the truth!” After the few special forces soldiers were taken away, Bai Yi looked at Ji Hua Qing again. Unfortunately, Bai Yi’s hypnosis wasn’t the kind of hypnosis that could control other people, but could only make lifeforms fall into deep sleep. Otherwise, questioning things and getting information wouldn’t be so troublesome.

“Everything that I said was the truth!” Ji Hua Qing looked at Bai Yi angrily, seemingly furious about the fact that Bai Yi did not believe his words.

“90% of it was true, I need that 10% of lies to turn into the truth as well.” Bai Yi’s eyes transformed into the Reverse Flower Eyes in an instant, intimidation! In the blink of an eye, the stubborn old man in front of Bai Yi immediately fell into a daze. In his eyes, in his mind, Bai Yi’s bewitching pair of eyes filled everything. It was as if the entire world had become Bai Yi’s eyes, that kind of immense intimidation immediately caused Ji Hua Qing to lose his mind completely, and after that…his heart stopped.

Nancy immediately discovered that something was wrong and rushed forward to do emergency treatment on the old man. After busying herself for a period of time, the old man finally started to breathe again, and his heartbeat restarted as well.

Woolf and the few others looked at Bai Yi teasingly. Bai Yi’s original intention was definitely not to kill this old guy, as that was completely meaningless. However, Bai Yi probably never expected that the ordinary people from outside had such weak tolerance. This was just purely intimidation, he didn’t even use his hypnosis, and it already caused the old man’s heart to stop.

Bai Yi felt quite embarrassed himself, but he would never show that expression on the outside, at least not now. The Bai Yi now had an apathetic in his eyes like he was looking down on people below him.

Old man Ji Hua Qing finally started to breathe again when he met with Bai Yi’s eyes, and the old man immediately wanted to go back to being unconscious.

“You can stop pretending to be dead. If you like it that much, I can help you to die for real.” Bai Yi’s voice was very calm, it was like a normal person telling his friend that he would bring him out to play. However, it was this calm and apathetic tone of voice that made the old man’s heart quiver. The pressure he felt from this was greater than any loud and forceful coercion.

“I’ll speak!” Ji Hua Qing raised both of his hands in the air.

So it was actually like this, the members of Bai Yi’s team all looked at Bai Yi, as they waited for his decision. Bai Yi looked at Ji Hua Qing and judged that this was most probably his true objective. It was the reason why he was willing to stay in this place even though he knew his enemies tricked him. Bai Yi never imagined that it would actually be such a critical piece of information as well. Although he said that it wasn’t confirmed yet, they still had to go and check it out.

They didn’t expect that other than Doctor Wang, there was still another monstrous fellow among the researchers in New Zealand. In comparison to Doctor Wang, this guy’s research into activated cells could be said to be completely demented.

“Bai Yi, what do we do now?”

“Bring him along to the mini research facility first. Then, we head to Christchurch.” From the exchange just now, Bai Yi’s team got to know that the evolved humans had plans to rebuild a city. The northern peninsula chose to rebuild Hamilton. Although Hamilton was the city that the experimental monster escaped from the earliest, the place was not much different from other locations after so such a long time. On the southern peninsula, the evolved humans chose to base themselves on the left of Christchurch, as they prepared to build a new Christchurch city.

The reason why they didn’t choose to rebuild on Christchurch itself was because that place was close to the sea. In the normal human world, being close to the sea was a good thing. The ports and shipping industry would prosper and cities close to the sea were usually flourished very well. However, in New Zealand now, being close to the sea meant facing many deep-sea monsters. Doing something like that was just the same as seeking death.

“Then, what about them?” Woolf looked at the few special forces soldiers.

“Up to them.” Bai Yi looked at the few of them and ignored them. The reason they brought Ji Hua Qing along was that he was a true researcher, so he would be very useful in the future. As for these few people, Bai Yi didn’t really have much interest in protecting them. Moreover, these people may not even want to follow Bai Yi.

“Where’s the blood source serum you extracted just now?” Bai Yi asked Ji Hua Qing before leaving.


“Your words just now were completely right, they would definitely die if they stayed here like this. Their only chance of survival lies with assimilating with the activated cells,” Bai Yi said, and he placed the blood source serum that Ji Hua Qing had taken out on that shabby table.

“I’ll leave it here, whether you use it or not is up to yourselves. In reality, the activated cells have very strong infectious capability, so you didn’t have to go to so much trouble actually. If you lose this, you just have to come into contact with fluids from other evolved lifeforms and you probably could get infected as well. So what are you guys going to choose? To become food for other lifeforms in New Zealand, or to turn into evolved humans as well and struggle to survive as you embrace this change?” Bai Yi looked at the few of them, while his words were like the whispers of the Devil.


Bai Yi left a few syringes of the blood source serum there and slowly turned around to leave along with his team. Only the few special forces soldiers who were still normal humans looked at the few syringes on the table dumbly.

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