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Chapter 151: Encounter

Very quickly, the rest of them caught up since their speeds weren’t much slower. Bai Yi was examining the vestiges of the battle when the others caught up. The group of them looked at what Bai Yi was examining and could tell with a look that two people were killed and eaten there. Their weapons and equipment scattered all over the ground.

“This is?”

“They met an evolved lifeform. This group of people are quite unlucky,” Bai Yi joked. How could he describe this? Although he didn’t see those normal people as enemies, he still didn’t have much amiability toward those countries outside. They did not help New Zealand in the least since it changed. He wouldn’t feel this way about normal people, but Bai Yi did not feel much compassion for teams like this that chose to come here and seek death.

“Let’s go in front and see if this group of people managed to escape,” Bai Yi said and gestured for Sharpei to lead the way.

The group followed Sharpei, and they gradually headed forward in a straight line. They could tell that this group of people were already in too much of a panic to choose their route. They saw even more scenes of destruction as they moved, but it abruptly stopped toward the end. One of them had probably ignited a grenade when they were in desperate straits and sacrificed himself to save the rest. Bai Yi and a few others checked the surroundings of the explosion and found traces of small bits of flesh lying around, but most of it had already been eaten by other lifeforms.

Sharpei brought the group of the forward slowly and finally stopped after walking for more than half an hour. All of them knew that the squad was not far ahead of them, and this group of people also seemed to have learned the dangers of New Zealand by now. The humans in that squad could probably fight against 10 times their numbers in the normal world, but running around recklessly in New Zealand now was just basically looking for death.

Bai Yi walked beside Sharpei. He looked at the flat valley in front of them and slowly walked toward it.


At this time, in a rundown house in the valley, a group of 5 people was silently bandaging their wounds. Other than that, there was still an old man holding an apparatus and fiddling about. Vegetation had covered this house long ago. If they really met with some evolved lifeform, this place probably wouldn’t offer much protection. However, humans were just this strange. Although they knew this fact clearly, they still chose to desperately hide in this defenseless tortoise shell.

“Damn it! I knew coming here would just be sending ourselves to die. If not for No. 7 activating his grenade, we would all probably be eaten!” shouted one of the special forces soldiers with a camouflaged face and lifeless eyes. Actually, they were all veterans of countless battles outside, but the lifeforms in New Zealand now weren’t something they could understand with their common sense.

“Ok, that’s enough. Don’t talk about it anymore.” The guy that looked like the leader didn’t blame him but just tried to console him.

“I’m sorry, I dragged all of you into this! My enemies forced me to this place. This caused you guys to come here and throw your lives away for nothing.” The old man that fiddled with the apparatus said after hearing their words. His beard shook, as he spoke.

“But, soldiers really don’t have human rights after all, you guys just do whatever the higher-ups tell you guys to do. Or was it that you guys offended somebody in your forces as well, and got sent here together? You guys really don’t seem too likable from the journey so far.” The first half of his words still felt quite consoling, but the latter half almost left the few special forces soldiers utterly speechless.

What did you mean by offending people and not being likable! You damned old bastard was the most unlikeable here!

They immediately wanted to swear at him, but apparently, this old man wasn’t completely wrong either. The people here really did not have many connections. Being thrown into this place, executing their mission was just putting it nicely. In reality, they were just sent here to die. The most furious one among them immediately stood up and anger flashed in his eyes.

“Sit down!” The squad leader immediately stood up as well and held that guy down.

“Dr. Ji, mind your words as well. No matter what, our journey here is for the sake of protecting you!” said the squad leader to that old man.

“Heh, did I say anything wrong?” The old man called Dr. Ji laughed mockingly and extracted a syringe of a faint red solution from the apparatus.

“It’s complete, make your choice now!” From the start till now, even if he was talking, his hands had never stopped moving. At this moment, his expression was incomparably solemn.

“What choice?”

“This!” Dr. Ji gestured to the thing in his hand. “This is the blood source serum extracted from the evolved lifeform that chased after us. This blood serum contains activated cells in them. Although the activated cells level can’t possibly be the highest LV9, that guy didn’t seem weak either. Its level of activated cells probably wouldn’t be low. Even though you guys would be later than these lifeforms by almost 2 years, you might still be able to make it out alive after assimilating with this if you are lucky enough.” 

“What?!” The 5 special forces soldiers apparently did not understand him fully.

“Assimilate with the activated cells. What, which part don’t you understand?”

“What kind of joke are you making old man! Who wants to become that kind of ugly monster?!” One of them immediately understood and scolded the old man on impulse.

“He’s not joking!” Suddenly, a faint voice came from the outside.

They proved that they were worthy of being called special forces, as all of them instantly picked up their weapons upon hearing this unfamiliar voice. One of them even fired immediately, and a bullet flew toward the door with a ‘bang!’. After firing, that guy immediately realized in his heart that he was too anxious. Although it was an unfamiliar voice, at least it was still the human language. Why did he fire so recklessly? However, in the next instant, what they saw stunned all of them. 

Bai Yi directly stretched out his right hand and reached for the bullet.

With a ‘pu!’, the bullet stopped in the center of Bai Yi’s palm. The impact of a bullet was also a type of blunt force, just that a normal human’s body was too weak and easily penetrated. Although they couldn’t tell from Bai Yi’s current appearance, the toughness of his body wasn’t something an ordinary human could understand. The moment the bullet came into contact with Bai Yi’s palm, it collided with the thread web below his skin. Although the area of contact was tiny, all the webs in his body seemed to be affected in an instant, and his entire body was used to cushion the impact. Then, the impact spread throughout all the webs in his entire body and the final effect on Bai Yi was pretty much insignificant.

“This isn’t how you should treat your guests,” Bai Yi said mockingly.


Although Bai Yi’s face had colored fur on it, and he had caught the bullet with his bare hands, they could immediately tell that Bai Yi was one of the evolved humans that survived luckily in New Zealand. However, at this moment Sharpei’s figure appeared at the door as well, poking his head inside to take a look. That sinister and terrifying head of his immediately caused the foreigners to raise their caution to the limit after they had relaxed a tiny bit.

“Don’t be impulsive and put down your weapons. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what may happen later,” Bai Yi said with a smile.

Not knowing why, the few of them immediately felt that Bai Yi’s words were right and wanted to put down their weapons. However, in the next moment, two of them within the special forces squad suddenly woke up. These people were the elites among the normal humans, and they had undergone hypnosis resistance training normally as well. Bai Yi looked at the two of them with slight surprise. However, things did calm down between the two groups after this small commotion.


“Let me introduce myself. I am Bai Yi, an evolved human.”

After the two groups settled down, Bai Yi started to introduce himself. The two groups sat separately on opposite sides, and the special forces squad were obviously on tenterhooks. None of the people sitting opposite them even seemed remotely normal! There would obviously be some fear in their hearts when they sat with a bunch of monsters. However, after the old man heard Bai Yi’s name, he became stunned for a moment. Then, he looked at Bai Yi excitedly and ran toward him.

“You are Bai Yi?”

“En, why?” Bai Yi got a fright from this old man’s sudden friendliness.

“So you are Bai Yi! Did you know you are really famous now? I saw the unfortunate encounter you had at Cook Straits that time! Although your team managed to escape in the end, you never appeared again after that and many people thought you were already dead,” Ji Hua Qing said with great excitement and circled around Bai Yi to observe him. However, his eyes looked at Bai Yi as if he was looking at a lab rat. This action made Bai Yi very irritated.

“Hey!” Bai Yi creased his eyebrows.

“Can you tell us why did you guys come to this place?” Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes activated, intimidation! The Ji Hua Qing who was initially overflowing with interest in Bai Yi immediately got a fright and retreated a few steps backward. The people opposite him instinctively tightly gripped their guns as well. That instant of intimidation caused all them to instinctively feel fear.

“So this is the Reverse Flower Eyes, it really is magical.” Ji Hua Qing blanked for a few seconds and came close to Bai Yi again, as he wanted to see Bai Yi’s eyes up close. From Ji Hua Qing’s words, they knew that New Zealand had indeed stayed in contact with the outside world. Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes had already spread to the outside.

Seeing this old man approaching him again, Bai Yi drew Red Kiss at a moderate speed and placed it in front of him. When he saw the dark red longsword that would pierce his throat if he took just one more step, the old man finally woke up a bit. Moreover, Bai Yi’s eyes at this time were really too cold and apathetic.

“Talk. What is your purpose in coming here this time? Don’t tell me you are here on holiday. What I want to know is, what are the plans of the outside world toward New Zealand, and what are you guys doing here?” If it was before, then maybe Bai Yi would still ask them in a friendly manner. However now, Bai Yi gradually became cold and callous. This way of questioning that did not allow for any objections left them with no room to fall back.

“I’ll talk, I’ll say everything. Can you sheath your long sword first?” Ji Hua Qing immediately raised both his hands in the air. At this time, he finally woke up completely. Although he didn’t show much hostility when they first met, the man before him right now was Bai Yi, who was famous even in the outside world.

“Is this alright? Telling them our mission.” The team leader immediately questioned.

“What bullshit mission! Are you guys still in denial over getting scammed to come to this place?!” Ji Hua Qing old man swore and started to talk about the reason why they appeared in this place.


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