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Chapter 140: Answering Questions

Step by step, Bai Yi let everyone recall the despair they had felt over the year and gave them gave them infinite hope. He told them what they had to do to change their lives in New Zealand now to regain a safe and secure life.

“Bai Yi team leader, are you planning to unite all the evolved humans?” somebody below asked suddenly.


“For change to happen among the evolved humans, unity is absolutely necessary. Only when everyone specializes can we display our greatest power. The process that I talked about just now can’t possibly be achieved by just 1 or 2 teams. I know what everybody is afraid of. You fear that your team will be divided up and reallocated, losing your position of leadership in the process. What I want to say is - stop indulging in that bit of power from being a team leader. If New Zealand remains as it is now for a long time, what use is that bit of authority you have? If you really have confidence in yourself, then you can completely take this opportunity to rise up again. As for how are you going to do that, that is a problem you have to think about yourself. That being said, I don’t think that people who try to impede or harm others would get much approval.” Bai Yi described the reality of things very frankly and made everyone feel quite awkward.

Although they really thought this way, nobody expected Bai Yi to expose things so explicitly.

“Then what about Bai Yi team leader? What is your position in this plan?”

“The founder.”

“Then if we have elections in the future, is Bai Yi team leader certain of getting the majority of the support?” Questioned somebody in a seemingly joking manner. However, if Bai Yi could not answer this question properly, his plan would probably fail.

“If everybody really supports me that much, of course I wouldn’t push this responsibility away,” Bai Yi answered with a smile, seemingly joking as well. However, the connotations of his words immediately changed. “In the countless revolutions and uprisings in history, the founder did have the greatest fame at the beginning. However, the person that benefited the most at the end was not usually them.”

What did this mean? Everybody thought rapidly in their heads. Why did Bai Yi talk about these things so explicitly time and time again? Wasn’t this going to create a big bunch of ambitious people?

Bai Yi naturally knew that he would foster a big bunch of ambitious people by doing so, but would those ambitious people stay obedient if he didn’t say this? Even if they wanted to fulfil their ambitions, they had to wait for New Zealand to develop into a place with a general level of safety and security. Otherwise, what use was ambition in an environment like now? This was precisely Bai Yi’s goal. The people who would push the growth and development of the world was precisely these ambitious people.

“And this time, what I want to release is research information about the activated cells from the research facility…”

“Bai Yi team leader, I want to ask a question.” Suddenly, somebody interrupted Bai Yi.

“Please speak.”

“How did you learn so many things? Other than the core personnel, I’m afraid that other people couldn’t possibly know so much,” said a guy sitting on a rock in front of them with his body tilted. From his appearance, one could tell that this person was very proud. Moreover, there were more than 10 similar people around him. Saying that only core personnel could know this information at this time could only imply one thing.

“Would you believe me if I said that it was through coincidence?”

“You suspect my identity. In truth, I was just a chef in Waikato University before New Zealand changed. Although New Zealand turned into a Devil Island now, you could always ascertain this piece of information with a little effort,” Bai Yi said. Starting so soon? Interesting. However, just like Bai Yi had said, even though he couldn’t be considered to be famous before, Waikato University was still a big university in New Zealand. As long as people tried to investigate, it was easy to prove Bai Yi’s identity.

“My team and I entered a research facility by chance and acquired this information. What I released to everyone at the start was precisely this information about activated cells, from LV 1-1 to LV2 and the various ways to manage these stages. Of course, I did hide some more detailed information, because I am still somewhat selfish. I don’t want to give out information that I sacrificed so many companions for so magnanimously,” Bai Yi said with a joking expression. The people below blanked for a moment and smiled.

Selfishness huh!

This was reality and perfectly human. If it was anybody else in Bai Yi’s position, they might not even be as generous as Bai Yi. At the very least, Bai Yi released all of the basic information. Would other people do as much as him?

“Unfortunately, even after studying this information for a long time since I acquired it, I still have to admit something,” Bai Yi said. Then, he suddenly sighed.

“I am just a chef, asking me to study things like cells, genes, and chromosomes is just a waste of effort. Even my degree from university had to depend on others to do my work for me,” Bai Yi shrugged and said with a self-depreciating tone. This time, everyone below laughed at him. Even during peaceful times, those with the capability to engage in top-tier research was the minority among the minority. All of them would probably be just as confused as Bai Yi if they tried to study that information.

“So!” Bai Yi’s tone immediately turned solemn again.

“Talents are extremely important at any time, it isn’t possible for crude people like us to learn everything from scratch. So, I hope that everybody can try to protect those talents that already have background in the subject if you discover them. These people are our hope. Of course, I’m not telling you guys to accommodate these people in every way, but just to protect them to the best of your abilities as much as possible,” Bai Yi said again.

“If you guys don’t believe me, you can just wait until you see this information for yourself. Then, you will know that I’m not just fearmongering. Unless your standard of knowledge reaches a certain level, you won’t even be able to read this information,” Bai Yi said, and he raised the microchip with the information inside.

“Anybody who wants this research data can make a copy of it yourself. Although New Zealand is already ruined now, I think it’s still possible to find a way to transfer data if you look carefully,” Bai Yi said, as he held up a portable hard disk and a thumb drive.

“Of course, if you are really unable to find any, I have written information as well. But the recorded information is really a lot, so you probably won’t be able to copy much of it down,” Bai Yi said, as he held up a giant stack of papers.

“Then, does anybody still have any questions?”

“Does New Zealand only have one research facility?”

“Where is the location of the research facility that your team encountered before?”

“Bai Yi team leader, was there any secret to you making Raymond fall into deep sleep and bringing him back from the berserk state?”

Questions sprang up continuously from the audience below. Bai Yi raised his hands and gestured for the crowd to calm down and slowly answered the questions one by one.

“New Zealand can’t possibly only have one research facility. As far as I know, there are a total of 121 research facilities in this country. The facility that I encountered is only one of the many.”

121? So many? Everyone immediately became overjoyed upon hearing this. Could they acquire information that other people didn’t have if they entered these research facilities? They would be able to get ahead of others then!

“You probably can get valuable things if you enter the research facilities, but what I want to remind you is that there are various experimental monsters inside those facilities. I don’t think anybody needs me to remind them how powerful these early experimental monsters are. You better be ready for death if you want to acquire anything from those places.” Bai Yi couldn’t help but remind them when he saw the commotion in the crowd.

His heavy tone immediately silenced everyone below!

“As for the location of the research facilities, I’m very sorry, but we only found one by chance. Every research facility is independent of each other, so I don’t know where the rest are either,” Bai Yi said.

“As for the changes in Raymond that you mentioned, that’s very simple. It’s just hypnosis.” Bai Yi ignored the commotion below and continued speaking at his own pace.

“I already said before that the reason behind the brutality in the LV1-2 is due to the incongruence between the body and the soul. The physical shape of every living thing was a stable form slowly developed from a long process of evolution. The rapid changes in physical form during the Binging Stage and the lack of change in the soul leads to an the incongruence in the body and soul, which results in the Brutal Stage.”

“To rebalance the body and soul, sleeping is undoubtedly the best way. Both calming drugs and Soul Nourishing Physical Arts that can passively cultivate the soul can’t be compared to sleep. However, it is extremely difficult to fall asleep in the Brutal Phase and entering a deep-level sleep is practically impossible.”

“Coincidentally, the ability that mutated in me after assimilating with the activated cells is mild hypnosis. This kind of power is just like any other ability that people can gain from fusing with genes from other animals like powerful physical strength, poison, fangs, and claws. It is just a little more special. I believe that among this crowd, there are definitely people who underwent mutation like me.” Bai Yi looked at the people below.

“I’m not trying to hide anything. To put it simply, my ability is just a form of hypnosis. In reality, hypnotism had already existed even before New Zealand changed. If somebody could find some method to make people fall into deep-level sleep, the effects would be the same. As for how exactly you are supposed to do this, I’m sorry but I have no idea either. This needs to be figured out yourself,” Bai Yi slowly said.

“Bai Yi team leader, can you give a small demonstration of your method of hypnosis?”

Bai Yi looked at the guy talking and nodded. “Sure, I’ll use you then!”

“My mutation is in my eyes and I happened to give it a cool name as well – Reverse Flower Eyes!” Bai Yi said in a half-joking manner and pointed to his eyes. Under everyone’s gazes, Bai Yi’s eyes started changing and spun around like a flower blooming in reverse. In a short moment, the guy in front of Bai Yi fell to the floor with a ‘pat!’.

The crowd was still chuckling at the ‘cool name’ when all them sucked in a breath of cold air at the same time, so this was this Reverse Flower Eyes!

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