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Chapter 139: Bai Yi’s Plan

After Raymond woke up, he did not complain or cause any problems. When he learned Bai Yi’s identity, he immediately agreed to stay in the team. Actually, he couldn’t have wish for anything more. Although he called himself the berserker, he was still very afraid of the berserk state, where he would completely lose his mind. Moreover, even though Bai Yi explained to him the power of his eyes, Raymond still developed a sense of respect and awe toward Bai Yi after losing to him mysteriously.

The new members somewhat surprised Heloise after getting to know them for a few days. Putting aside their fighting abilities, these people that Bai Yi picked all had decent personalities, even though they were picked almost completely by chance. Even Raymond wasn’t disliked by them once they got to know him.

At this time, they finally begun on their goal in coming to this snow valley.

The evolved humans faced a lot of problems in New Zealand now. Vala listed all these problems out and created a table for Bai Yi to look over. Bai Yi then shared these problems with everybody and got all of them to think of ideas to solve these problems. The solutions did not have to be immediate but they had to at least design a path for the evolved humans to take to escape from their current situation.

During this period of time, Bai Yi had visited Gary once as well and had discussed these problems openly with him. Vala took on the role of Bai Yi’s secretary and helped him out a lot.

After coming back, Vala still had to guide Momo’s studies. She taught her things from the most basic level before going in depth. Of course, because there wasn’t sufficient time recently, Alodia had to guide Momo most of the time. Other than early education, Vala and Alodia also had to learn basic sword techniques. In the team, Bai Yi and a few others had already organized a systematic set of sword techniques. Maybe these sword techniques were far from being complete, but they were already ahead of everyone else.

As for Melvin, he was busy repairing the fang sword. Repairing a weapon was not as simple as immersing it inside that solution.

Raymond, Woolf, and Heloise went around to help Melvin collect the ingredients needed to concoct his special solution. With their strength, they basically wouldn’t be in danger in this snow valley. After they returned, Raymond would also listen to Bai Yi explain sword techniques. Of course, Raymond didn’t intend to learn it, but there wasn’t any harm in knowing more. Some of the theories about usage of strength were still very useful when applied to himself.

However, Vala and Alodia had received a slight shock when they witnessed Momo’s combat abilities, they had never imagined that Momo would be so strong.

If they were talking about purely sword techniques, Momo was actually the second strongest in the team.

That’s right, if it was purely on sword techniques, Momo would only lose to Bai Yi. Even Woolf and Heloise wouldn’t be able to compete with her. Maybe because she was very young and had a very moldable mind, or perhaps she just naturally loved the sword, her learning was even more thorough than others. Of course, combat power wasn’t calculated so simply like this, so Momo was still the one with the lowest combat power in the team previously. However, Momo had merged with the Spirit Devouring Butterflies now and gained the ability to damage spirits, so it was hard to say now.

As Vala and Alodia taught Momo knowledge, they learned about sword techniques from Momo as well.

Vala used a competition between Momo and Alodia to see who could learn better, and it actually motivated Momo to diligently study a children’s textbook that Vala had made.

They had to admit that Alodia’s background was really extraordinary. Although she was only 15 years old, she was really a child of a noble family in New Zealand. She was very cultured and educated; even when she became like this, she still retained a gentle and serene air around her. Momo also slowly learned from Alodia and slowly started to change from all the time they spent together.

Bai Yi could finally let out a breath of relief when he saw that Momo was no longer on the the path of a Amazon warrior.

This was why people said early education was very important, it could very well influence a person’s entire life.

Over this period of time, Bai Yi had finished his discussions with Gary as well. Using Bai Yi’s name, they gathered everyone in the snow valley to fight for the future of all evolved humans. However, the general execution of this plan was left to Gary. This was a way of cooperation that Gary was more satisfied with. Although this would cause Bai Yi’s reputation to become even greater, Bai Yi had too little manpower under him to do anything. Hence, both sides could compromise and cooperate like this. Otherwise, Gary would have to consider if he could tolerate Bai Yi’s presence here.

After a week of preparation, a notice was sent out through the snow valley. It announced Bai Yi’s arrival to the snow valley, that he wanted to announce some things, and his hope for a change in the current of state of New Zealand for evolved humans.

Bai Yi’s appearance in the snow valley had long become common knowledge, and after this notice came out, everybody in the snow valley became incredibly excited. Was Bai Yi going to release some new information again? After getting to know of this information, everybody looked forward to the gathering one week later with great expectations. During this meeting, Bai Yi would not only release some information but also answer some questions.

Within this week, Vala helped Bai Yi tidy up and organize all the information that they had. At this time, Bai Yi finally confirmed again that Vala’s presence was a great help to him. Although she didn’t have much combat power, she was miles ahead of anyone else when it came to planning and organizing.

A week later, it had been more than half a month since Bai Yi’s team had entered the snow valley. Early in the morning, on the day of the assembly, all the evolved humans had already gathered at the public square. They were all squeezed together and were discussing about what Bai Yi planned to announce.

Gary, the ruler of the snow valley, went up on stage first to say a few words. However, from the looks of it, he didn’t seem to be too popular among the crowd. Gary realized that continuing to speak would only bring about adverse effects, so he finally let Bai Yi go on stage.

“I am Bai Yi!” After coming up on stage, Bai Yi didn’t bother saying any patronizing words and immediately announced this.

“I’m sure many of you are curious about why am I standing here today. Then, let me tell you, the reason I am standing here today is for…the future of all evolved humans!” Bai Yi’s voice wasn’t heavy, but it felt like a hammer smashing into everyone’s hearts. The individuals who initially took Bai Yi casually and lightly immediately focused their attention subconsciously.

“I have a timeline over here.” Bai Yi took out a piece of paper with a timeline on it.

The Progenitor proliferated her activated cells to the entire country. The activated cells spread to practically the whole of New Zealand and its nearby waters. After 1 – 2 days, all the activated cells in animals and humans had awakened and everyone entered the Binging Stage.

The Binging Stage lasted for half a year, which was also the hardest period of time for all humans and animals to go through.

The body crazily needed various kinds of nutrition and food, but New Zealand had a limited food supply. This resulted in various bloody killing, fights, and devouring. At this stage, all humans started to fuse with genes from other lifeforms and slowly transformed into monsters. Many people couldn’t accept their transformations and slowly went crazy.

Within this half a year, more than 5 million people are estimated to have died through various causes. Perhaps some people may say that 5 million wasn’t a lot of people, but that was more than 80% of New Zealand’s population.

Half a year after the proliferation of the activated cells, the appetite of all lifeforms had stabilized. But this wasn’t something to rejoice about because evolved humans and evolved animals had started to enter the LV1-2 Brutal Stage.

The incongruence between the body and soul would cause the lifeform to enter the berserk state for no reason. In addition, the greater the number of times the lifeform entered the berserk state, the harder it was to wake up from that state. Eventually, the lifeform would turn into a completely mindless and savage monster.

All the way until now, although all surviving evolved humans had slowly adapted to New Zealand’s environment, this was far from a kind of lifestyle! We can only say that everybody was struggling!

“That’s right, this is a struggle!”

Bai Yi’s voice was cold yet harsh, the vibrations from his voice seemingly brought everyone’s minds into the world that he had described. In nearly a year, all the surviving evolved humans struggled desperately to survive in this New Zealand, and they would have to continue struggling in the future as well. Everyone subconsciously started to recall their pasts and felt a deep fear in their hearts.


“Nobody came to save us, nobody. The only people that can save us, is ourselves,” Bai Yi said. Bit by bit, Bai Yi slowly drew everyone’s attention toward the situation he was describing with his words. As a result, they couldn’t help but turn solemn.

“There’s quite a lot of people here and maybe some of you have acquired information about the outside world from some sources. New Zealand’s official name in the outside world has already been changed to ‘Devil Island’. The people outside are not coming to save us, because the other countries treat this place as a natural ecosphere for them to research about activated cells.”

“However, we don’t have to pray for other people to save us! We ourselves have the ability to save ourselves!” Bai Yi clenched his fist tightly.

We can save ourselves!

“Bai Yi team leader, what exactly do we have to do?” At this time, even those who had some prejudice toward Bai Yi couldn’t help but await Bai Yi’s explanation with baited breath. Just what did they have to do to escape from New Zealand, the current Devil Island? Bai Yi’s hands slammed down and the crowd started to quickly calm down.

“As for this issue, I have already drafted a simple plan for it. However, as for the specifics of what to do, I still need all of your help to complete it.” Bai Yi took out another list.


Nothing is more important than surviving, because only life could give us infinite possibilities. That’s why it is essential for everyone to do their best to survive.


Protect the remaining various types of talents left amongst the evolved humans to the best of our abilities. Never underestimate their importance just because of New Zealand’s current state. Among these people, the most important individuals were the talents in the biological field, especially those researchers who had participated in the research on the activated cells. Although we hate these researchers a lot, we still have to admit that they only they have the chance to develop the drug that can help everyone regain our human forms.


New Zealand shouldn’t become an isolated Devil Island. Although all of the evolved humans look like monsters now, but most of us can still retain our rationality and minds. We need to get the support of the normal humans from the outside world. Hence, we need to rebuild the telecommunications network with the outside world.


Collect the past technology and resources from the New Zealand before. Then, build a new and safe place for humans to stay in.


For evolved humans to return to the normal world, we must be able to control our brutal urges and solve the problem of our appearances. Even though New Zealand’s change started from the activated cells, the researchers can’t abandon this area of research. On the contrary, they must research this at an even deeper level and find a solution for these problems.

All of this requires a safe and secure environment, so we need to build a new city.

Bai Yi spoke slowly and described the overarching direction and the miniscule details. As he spoke, everybody listened to him with incomparable seriousness.

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