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Chapter 138: Repairing The Fang Sword

Heloise immediately passed over a giant tooth from the side when she heard that Melvin needed other materials. This was the tooth that Bai Yi showed Melvin previously.

“This is indeed very good material, but I think you should keep it first,” Melvin said to Bai Yi after taking a look at it.

“The tooth is normally split into the dental enamel, dentin, tooth pulp, and more. Although this tooth came from an evolved lifeform, it would still generally follow this makeup. Comparatively, the hardest part of a tooth is the dental enamel on the outermost layer, and the dental enamel of this tooth is incredibly shiny and crystal-like. From the looks of it, this must be an incomparably hard tooth that can easily break even steel. Honestly speaking, I’ve never seen this kind of material before, so it should be very rare,” Melvin slowly explained.

“En, this is a tooth from a dragon-type evolved lifeform, there’s only one of these!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Then, that sounds right. Even if this tooth looks very big, there shouldn’t be too much of it either since it is just the dental enamel. I think, rather than wasting a portion of it to repair the fang sword, we should completely melt the dental enamel and create a new long sword. That is definitely the better choice. As for repairing this fang sword, let’s use that spearhead of mine if there’s no other material to use.”

“That spearhead?”

“That’s right, the spearhead made of the Blood-Scaled Centipede. It would be more than enough to repair this fang sword after melting it, and the quality of the materials aren’t that different either. Moreover, by doing so, the fang sword would gain a natural element of poison to it. Once somebody gets cut by the fang sword, they would very easily be poisoned to death. As for accidental injuries, I still have the antidote to the Blood-Scaled Centipede’s poison concocted by Bonnie. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get the Blood-Scaled Centipede teeth in the first place.” Melvin immediately became very lively and excited once they talked about processing and production of weapons. Apparently, Melvin had truly fallen in love with this profession over this period of time.

“Is a poison sword really ok? Won’t the prey got poisoned and become inedible?” Vala asked.

“It won’t, the Blood-Scaled Centipede has a hemolytic type poison, so it only activates when it enters the wound. As long as nobody touches it with an open wound, there generally wouldn’t be any problems. As for becoming inedible, you don’t have to worry about that either. Actually, this kind of poison is just a form of protein. After cooking it at high temperatures, it would denature and become similar to normal proteins,” Melvin immediately explained.

“Oh really? Melvin, can you try to modify the fang sword into a special sword with the poison element hidden inside? Only when receiving a certain shock would the poison element be released.” Bai Yi asked.

“Oh, sure, I’ll try. But I can’t guarantee anything.” Melvin nodded.

“Then, I’m relying on you!” Bai Yi passed his fang sword to Melvin.

“There aren’t any tools for me to do processing over here, which actually is a problem too. Although I joined this team, the usual grinding and dissolution of Weapon Armor Makers require sufficient tools and space. I don’t have a lot of things over at my place, but it isn’t little either. I can’t possibly run around everywhere with the team carrying these things,” Melvin said again.

“Hmm, that is indeed a problem.” Bai Yi nodded and appeared to be deep in thought.

“Let’s go see just how big those tools of yours are Since we are a team, then we definitely need to move together in the future. As for how are we going to arrange this, we would have to wait until after we see everything,” Bai Yi said.

Bai Yi got Woolf and Melvin to carry the tools over. Although Melvin said that the tools were very big, the tools currently used were not the large-sized machinery and molds like in modern technology after all. Most of it still depended on manual labor. So 2 people were already sufficient to bring everything back, so it was just a bit troublesome. Moreover, it would probably be even more troublesome if Bai Yi walked out now, so he just stayed in the house.

As for the rest of them, they slowly got to know each other better during this period of time.

“Yeah, it would be really inconvenient to bring so much stuff with us while traveling. But is everything really necessary?”

“To grind a good weapon, all these are really necessary. However, I don’t need this much if it’s just repairing the fang sword and preliminary processing of a tooth. I would just require a sealed mold, that’s all.” Melvin took out a transparent solution in a bottle.

“This is it, this is the solution that Bonnie concocted by chance. It contains an acid from a certain lifeform that can pervade the bone matter. This makes the bone soft and almost like rubber pulp. In addition, this kind of change wouldn’t damage the structure of the bone. It only has to be left to dry for a period of time before it would solidify into its new shape. However, this process is very slow, and the harder the bone or teeth, the longer it would take. Processing the horn of a large-sized Decay Feeding Bug only required 1 day, but the teeth of the Blood-Scaled Centipede required more than 2 months to process. Even so, only the outer layer got dissolved and I forged a few of them together after that.”

“That’s was why I said at the start that it would take at least a year to process this tooth, and that is already a conservative estimate,” Melvin explained.

“Then why not make more of this solution, and process a few more weapons at the same time?”

“That’s not possible!” Melvin shook his head.

“When Bonnie concocted this solution for the first time, one of the ingredients was my blood. She was just joking only initially, but it unexpectedly turned out like this. So, it isn’t possible to produce this solution in large amounts. The reason why I refuse to join a team was also because of this. It’s not that I’m unwilling to trust others, just that I’m really afraid of being treated like a blood mule by others. I don’t want my blood getting drawn just to make this solution,” Melvin explained and look at Bai Yi’s team.

Bai Yi looked at Melvin seriously too, he naturally understood the reason behind this.

An ordinary man was without sin; sin was being too talented and arousing the jealousy of others! (TN: A Chinese saying which I tried to express in a more layman way)

Honestly speaking, other than this solution, Melvin didn’t have any other areas that he could be proud about. The things he knew, other people knew as well and did it better than him, so Melvin did not wish to join other teams. By telling Bai Yi this information, Melvin had apparently truly trusted Bai Yi. Trust must be developed on a mutual basis, this was also probably because of Bai Yi telling them about his Reverse Flower Eyes before.

“Thank you!” Bai Yi nodded to Melvin.

“It’s nothing much, I choose to believe in you guys.” Melvin smiled and picked up Bai Yi’s fang sword. “Even if I put all my energy into repairing this fang sword, it would probably take at least a month. What plans do you guys have after that? Immediately forge the other tooth?”

“It’s fine to just repair the fang sword, and help everyone to forge a suitable long sword. Fighting ability isn’t inborn, so it also needs to be trained. Those heroic warriors and swordsman in movies you see also had to train from a young age. We just happen to be consolidating some practical sword techniques recently. It’s best if all of us can try and practice those,” Bai Yi said.

“Ok then, but what about materials?”

“Repair the fang sword first, the other weapons can come later when we find the materials. If there really aren’t any suitable materials, then you can dissolve that tooth first. Although we did see a lot of materials normally, it’s really too troublesome to carry all of them on us. We really won’t feel the need to collect them unless it’s really some top-quality material,” Bai Yi said.

The rest of them couldn’t help but relax after they heard Bai Yi’s words. From what he had said, they apparently met a lot of battles on the road but these fights didn’t seem to pressure them. Normal materials wouldn’t even enter their eyes or be collected. From this, it also proved the strength of Bai Yi’s team. What more could let people feel at ease than joining a powerful team?

“Ok then, I’ll repair the fang sword first. Actually, I can start now, but it would be for the best if you guys could help me collect some animal and plant materials. I need to concoct more of this solution. Other than that, do we have any plans soon? If we need to travel, then I need to make preparations as well.” Melvin nodded.

“We won’t leave this valley for now, me and Gary still have some things to do. We still have to gather everyone in the snow valley to participate in this,” Bai Yi said.

“What is it?”

“We need to plan for the future of all evolved humans. To put it simply, it’s to move all of our manpower together to fight for our future from now onward. The general direction hasn’t been completely finalized yet, but the detailed plan will probably be out soon,” Bai Yi explained.

“If it’s this, then I can help!” Vala suddenly said.


“I’m still quite proficient in various types of planning. If you are talking about how to let all evolved humans return to the safe and secure world, I have some ideas of my own too,” Vala said.

“Then that would really be a great help, we had to put Gary at the center of everything because our numbers were really too limited at that time.”

“Team leader’s intention is to take all the credit for this in your hands?” Vala suddenly asked. Bai Yi heard this and immediately looked at Vala, and shook his head.

“Nope, what I want is balance. Undeniably, once this thing starts, all the evolved humans would gather and move together. Among all these people, many would climb up from the bottom rungs and become high-level personnel. I personally do not object to things like this, but I will not allow a minority to exploit this chance to gain benefits for themselves. Of course, I’m not such a lofty person either. In truth, things like this can’t be completely stopped, but at least everything must be done on the basis of the welfare of all evolved humans in mind,” Bai Yi slowly explained.

“Hmm, so things are like that. I will think about everything carefully then.” Vala nodded.

“Then I’m relying on you too, and of course the same goes for Momo’s education.” Bai Yi looked again at Momo. Momo heard this and immediately hugged Bai Yi’s thigh, continuously twisting her body and whining to him. She hoped hard that he would be soft-hearted. Sadly, Bai Yi would never compromise at this time. It was not easy to find a suitable teacher at this time, and it was already overwhelming luck to find a teacher like Vala now.

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