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Chapter 130: A Well Known Worry


Wairarapa Snow Valley looked just like its name suggested; it was a valley covered with snow. There was already snow halfway up the Tarurua Mountain Range, and it would be hard to even walk outside in the winter. Unfortunately, this was exactly the season now, but the vegetation that had assimilated with the activated cells did not wilt and die like normal plants. Instead, they still grew to be very lush. A field of green and white entwined together appeared before them; it appeared to be extremely beautiful.

Before they reached the snow valley, they could already see the figures of other humans. However, rather than saying humans, it was more like a campsite for monsters to gather.

There were many different strange shapes around. There were flying types, crawling types, aquatic types, four-legged types, and many more. With the human body as the base and fusing with genes from other animals, these were the evolved humans of New Zealand now.

If there were only one or two that changed to become like this, then naturally everyone would see them as monsters. However, if everyone became like this, then they were all be the same and everyone gradually got used to it. On the contrary, if somehow a pure human appeared right now, even if that person was the most ordinary person before, they would probably get surrounded and stared at by these evolved humans.

Such as now, when Bai Yi’s team entered the snow valley, some of the people by the side focused their eyes on Bai Yi and Momo. It wasn’t that they could tell that Bai Yi was the team leader, but it was because Bai Yi’s form did not look too different from before. If not for the visible tiny soft fur growing on his face and neck, all of them would have probably really started to gather around and stare at him.

Arriving at the entrance of the snow valley, Bai Yi’s team stopped at a simple guard pass in front.

“I’ve never seen you before, new here?” There were 4 evolved humans at the checkpoint, and one of the guys with many lumps on his face asked, as he looked at Bai Yi’s team.

“En, first time coming to this snow valley.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Oh, then go over there and take a picture to make an identity card. After that, handover a portion of your prey. 20 kg of meat can let one person stay in the valley for 10 days. If you do not wish to handover any, then you must do some construction work in this snow valley. Of course, once you enter the snow valley, we Snow Valley Guards will have the duty to ensure your safety. You won’t get bullied even if you enter alone.” This ugly looking toad-like guy was actually very gentle. He did everything by the book and didn’t make things difficult for Bai Yi’s team.

“Oh ok, thanks then.”

“Nothing much, it’s good as long as you get it! My name is Berkley!” Berkley waved his hand casually. At the same time, he brought them to an empty space nearby, taking out a camera afterward.

Bai Yi’s team naturally knew what the ‘ensuring your safety’ meant. New Zealand was now completely a wicked world. If you didn’t have a team and was alone, it was possible that some other team would treat you as prey and slaughter you. A world without law was just this cruel. That was why law, or actually not even law, just a group that obeyed basic rules, was absolutely necessary at any time.

“Hi, can you smile?” Berkley opposite them cracked open a wide smile.

Bai Yi’s team didn’t know how to reply after hearing this, but they still followed his instructions and revealed their smiles.

“Very good, nice smiles! It’s already hard enough just living in New Zealand now. If we still frown every day, then we would stifle ourselves to death sooner or later.” Berkley gave a thumbs-up to Bai Yi’s team. They started laughing once they heard him saying this, although the genes that Berkley had fused with were ugly, his personality seemed to be quite good. No wonder they let him guard the valley entrance.

“Are they your pets?” After taking pictures of the 4 of them, Berkley looked at Sharpei and Pupu questionably. Although they all looked like monsters now, it was still possible to tell the difference between evolved humans and other evolved lifeforms.

“En, pets.”

“They have to be considered as a person too, I hope you can understand. After all, everybody looks like monsters now, we won’t see them as pets but count by the number of entities.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Then pacify your pets and I’ll take a photo of them.” Berkley looked at Sharpei with some fear and caution. After all, Sharpei really looked very sinister now. If not for him being together with Bai Yi’s team, they would have started attacking him long ago at the entrance.

“Sharpei, Pupu, go take your photo one at a time,” Bai Yi directly said.

Sharpei and Pupu walked up one by one and took a photo at the empty ground. This kind of human-like behaviour immediately surprised Berkley greatly. There were some people who had pets in the snow valley, but there weren’t many of them. After all, all lifeforms were in the Brutal Stage now, and animals were still animals. Who knew when they would become too hungry and suddenly go berserk, attacking their owners.

“That’s all, you just have to hand over some food over there now,” Berkley said and stowed away his camera.

“There’s still one more.”

“En?” Berkley immediately looked over, There’s still one more? Where? After looking around for a while, Berkley finally saw the little cat sitting on the ground and gazing up at himself.

“It’s fine for this small little thing, one more picture taken means you have to pay more food you know.”

“It’s fine, take a photo of it. Chinchilla is also by itself and not an addition,” Bai Yi said. To Bai Yi’s team, it wasn’t very hard for them to hunt for prey, so they of course didn’t mind this.

“Meow, meow meow!” Although Chinchilla didn’t really understand what was going on, it seemed to sense that it was getting underestimated and immediately cried out threateningly at Berkley. Honestly speaking, it was just mimicking how Sharpei usually barked, but its voice made it seem extremely adorable.

“Little guy is angry huh.” Berkley laughed as well. Since Bai Yi insisted, then he couldn’t be bothered to say more either. The prey that the alligator-like guy carried was so huge, so this was apparently a very powerful team. They definitely wouldn’t mind this bit of food.

Chinchilla was very small, so Bai Yi placed it on top of a rock and let Berkley take a close up shot.

“Smile!” Probably because it became a habit, Berkley said this to Chinchilla before taking the photo.

“Meooow~!” Chinchilla opened its little mouth and its tiny paw reached out for the camera out of curiosity. This appearance was immediately captured by the camera.

“Ok then, you can hand over your food over there. 10kg of meat for each photo. After all, New Zealand is scarce in resources now and it isn’t easy to obtain them either. Oh, bones are fine too. After that, it costs 2 kg of meat to stay in the snow valley per day, and at least 10 days of meat must be submitted each time.” At this time, the other people from the guardhouse came out as well and prepared to help.

“Name.” One of them took out the developed photo and made a copy, creating a simple identity card.

“Bai Yi!” Bai Yi smiled and said.

“Bai Yi, en…” The guy grabbed a pen with his claw and wrote on the identity card. Suddenly, he became stunned. “You are Bai Yi?”

“Yes, are there any problems?”

“No no, no problem at all, I just didn’t expect that it would be you. Are you really Bai Yi?” This guy still asked again in disbelief at the end.

“Is there a problem?”

“Actually there was somebody who tried to impersonate you before, and he got treated as a VIP guest by the guard leader. In the end, we found out that he was a conman, and you should be able to guess the rest,” this guy said.

“I’m not too sure about this impersonation thing, but I am indeed Bai Yi,” Bai Yi said with a smile as he kept the identity card.

The appearances of Woolf, Heloise, Momo, Sharpei, and Pupu indeed matched what Bai Yi’s team was rumored to be like. However, shouldn’t Bai Yi’s team have a few more people? Berkley and the 3 others looked at Bai Yi questionably.

“New Zealand is called Devil Island now!” said Bai Yi.

Bai Yi had guessed their intentions, and his face immediately became heavy. With just a sentence, it made all of their expressions become heavy. That’s right, New Zealand was called Devil Island now, there wasn’t any absolutely safe place here. If this Bai Yi wasn’t fake, then it meant that people could die, even in Bai Yi’s team.

“You guys can weight this thing yourselves, and count it toward our time here,” Bai Yi said and turned around. Woolf then let the unknown creature that was more than 5 meters tall on his back fall on the ground with a ‘boom!’. The ground shook for a moment and all of them headed inside the snow valley.

After they left for a long time, the 4 guards finally came back to their senses. The moment when Bai Yi’s expression dimmed, all of them felt a pressure. It was a pressure on their hearts. Was this what people meant by an aura? All of them thought in their hearts that this team was probably the real Bai Yi’s team. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel this pressured.

They looked at the prey that Woolf had thrown on the floor just now…They were very generous too! The 4 guards all thought that only those with real strength wouldn’t mind something like this.

“Oh right, I still have to inform the guard leader!” Berkley suddenly recalled at this time.

If the guy was indeed Bai Yi, then he had to inform the guard leader. One must know, ever since Bai Yi and Yu Han released the information about activated cells, they had gained great reputations among all the evolved humans. Moreover, these people still carried some other thoughts inside their heads, like whether Bai Yi or Yu Han knew of even more detailed and important information that they hadn’t disclose. This was a normal human reaction, nobody could avoid this way of thinking. In truth, Bai Yi’s team really did have even more important information.

If he was really Bai Yi, then they would definitely have some response.

Bai Yi of course thought of this long ago, the owner of the snow valley would probably come and invite him over in a while. However, there wasn’t a need to focus on this for now. First, they were going to take a look at this gathering point for evolved humans and tour the place.

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