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Chapter 126: Hunting For Food

In the normal world outside, Bai Yi wasn’t able to see ghosts. He stretched out his hands and closed his eyes at the same time. He focused all his attention on his 5 senses, increasing their sensitivity to the maximum. Bai Yi’s right hand passed through the ghost that Momo talked about, but he still didn’t feel anything. Everyone else looked at Bai Yi, not knowing just what was he trying to do.

“There’s no feeling, just like how it is normally. Even if Momo says that there’s a ghost here, I still can’t feel anything at all.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“Ah, he became even fainter!” Momo said in shock. In Momo’s eyes, the unknown soul became even more illusionary when Bai Yi’s hand passed through him, almost as if his hand had burst a bubble. Although the soul’s body returned to normal after Bai Yi’s hand withdrew, the soul still became even more transparent, as if it were about to vanish immediately.

In the end, Momo didn’t get to say much before the soul disappeared completely into the air, just as if he had evaporated.

“Disappeared!” Momo said softly.

Bai Yi didn’t say anything. Although Momo was only slightly more than 5 years old now, she was already completely different from a normal kid. Sure enough, Momo’s expression was very calm, and she did not grieve or feel pity for this unknown soul. In New Zealand now, this kind of feeling was just extravagant.

Bai Yi’s team prepared the things that they needed again. Although these things were all not very important, it was still very troublesome if they had to collect them all again. While tidying up these things, Sharpei found a hole that was covered up recently from the scent. Inside the hole was a body that had been buried not too long ago. This body was roughly 3 meters tall, and the outer appearance was already hard to see clearly. The body had already started rotting, but it looked like a monster anyway, so there wasn’t much need to describe it.

Seeing this corpse that had apparently died for only a few days, and the soul that just dissipated in the room, Bai Yi’s team finally understood the words that Johnny had told them.

The energy field in the underworld was very different from the outside world. Ghosts could survive in the underworld, but they would quickly disappear in the normal world outside. Putting it like this, Mavis really had better luck dying in Wellington than Martin and the others. Bai Yi wanted to smack his own head when he thought of this. What was called dying luckily? This way of saying things was really strange.

“Woolf, go hunt some food with Pupu, I’ll cook up something good.”

Bai Yi saw that the ‘seasoning packet’ he made was still here, and couldn’t help but say this to Woolf. These few seasoning packets were personally made by Bai Yi. Although he wasn’t too proficient in things related to medicine, he was still a lot better than many people when it came to natural seasonings. However, looking at how the natural seasonings were carelessly dumped on the floor, he knew that the people who came here didn’t have an eye for valuable things. Of course, if these seasonings weren’t properly prepared then it wouldn’t taste good, and could even poison people to death.

This was New Zealand now, more than 50% of the animals and plants were dangerous in various ways.

Over this half a month, although Bai Yi’s team could still find food in Wellington, the food wasn’t too tasty. It always felt like the lifeforms living in Wellington all carried a ghostly aura in them.

After Woolf heard Bai Yi’s words, he raised his hand to indicate that he got it. Although New Zealand now was extremely dangerous to most humans, some of the more powerful humans could still survive in this place. The people in Bai Yi’s team were of course among those more powerful humans. However, even if it was them, they couldn’t afford to be careless as well. Once they were careless, they could still die to any kind of danger.

Although Woolf seemed to be very carefree and nonchalant, he was actually quite meticulous underneath his crude exterior. It could be seen from how Woolf had followed Bai Yi since the very start of New Zealand’s change and hadn’t been jinxed to death by Bai Yi who always seemed to invite disaster upon himself. Other than that, although Pupu was a pet pig, he was actually quite smart.

After the two of them left, Bai Yi and Heloise tidied up the place and prepared to cook.

“How clear!” Heloise looked at flowing water inside the river and said.

“En, it’s really very clear.” Bai Yi nodded. New Zealand always had a low population density, and after all industrial activities had stopped for more than 9 months, the country now had a primordial environment. They practically couldn’t find any traces of human activity in this river, and it was all natural. Moreover, activated cells wasn’t some infectious virus either. It wasn’t toxic, so basically, they could use water sources like this.

When Bai Yi and Heloise came back, they found that Sharpei had returned from another place and was dripping wet all over.


“Woof.” Sharpei barked at Bai Yi, and shook his body vigorously, shaking away all the accumulated water off his body. Then, he walked toward Momo.

“Do you feel Sharpei feels a bit off lately?” Heloise asked.

“Is it?”

“Maybe I’m just thinking too much.” Heloise shook her head after seeing that Bai Yi didn’t seem to notice anything.

Bai Yi really hadn’t noticed Sharpei’s abnormal state at this time. In truth, Sharpei had gone to consume the corpse that they had found not long ago. Because the body that had rotted slightly had a very strong smell, Sharpei specially went to swim in the river for quite a while. After coming to Momo’s side, Sharpei quietly laid down and closed his eyes to rest. Momo knew what Sharpei went to do, but she did not want to tell her daddy.

Sharpei was eating people, probably even daddy would feel very alarmed at this.

Momo’s simple head could also guess Bai Yi’s reaction when he knew everything, so she decided to hide this matter first. However, it could be quite troublesome if Sharpei continued to be this way. The outside world wasn’t like Wellington where corpses could be found everywhere. Sharpei laid on the floor, seemingly not sleeping very comfortably. He moved his head, and a crack close to his neck appeared on the external bone plates that grew on his left shoulder.

“Woolf, just what did you bring back??” Heloise couldn’t help but feel horrified when she saw the prey that Woolf dragged back.

This thing…was it a caterpillar?

The prey that Woolf and Pupu had dragged back was more than a meter long, as thick as a bucket and very chubby. Little green feelers and spots covered its entire body, and it was still struggling and wriggling non-stop. This guy was practically an enlarged caterpillar! Woolf and Pupu used vines to tie them up and brought back more than 10 of them. These caterpillars wriggled continuously, and their feelers and short legs moved about non-stop as well. No matter how they looked at it, they could only feel goosebumps rising on their bodies.

“I don’t know what this is either, but there’s no choice, where can I find prey in such a short time? I just found a bunch of flying evolved lifeforms, but I can’t catch up with them. Then I found that those birds were feeding on these caterpillars, so I brought them back since they probably aren’t poisonous,” Woolf said helplessly. There was really a lot of different monsters in New Zealand now, but it wasn’t like they could find or catch one anytime they wanted to.

“Haha, anyways Bai Yi will cook this, I want to see what expression he will have.”

What expression would he have? When Bai Yi saw these still struggling and wriggling chubby caterpillars, he was indeed stunned for a while too. Damn it, Woolf why don’t you find something even more novel than this?! However, Bai Yi also knew that sometimes it was just like this. If they couldn’t find food then it just meant that they couldn’t find food. Having something to eat was already good enough.

“Drag those to the river,” Bai Yi said to Woolf.

“Understood!” Woolf saw that Bai Yi didn’t say anything, he knew that their dinner together was probably going to be these caterpillars.

Bai Yi came to the riverside and took out his usual kitchen knife. But after thinking about it, he took out the willow leaf knife instead. Bai Yi didn’t know how to prepare new ingredients like this either, so he could only start figuring it out from scratch. Using one of the caterpillars as his ‘experiment’, Bai Yi started to carefully dissect it.

The most important thing was to slowly and meticulously prepare it and test it for poison. Whether it tasted good or not was secondary, it would be troublesome if there was poison in it. Although Woolf said that those flying bird monsters fed on these caterpillars, Bai Yi still didn’t dare to be careless. In the end, Bai Yi judged that these caterpillars were mildly poisonous, but with the constitution of evolved humans now, this much was tolerable. Of course, this was only to the evolved humans in New Zealand, the normal humans outside definitely had no fortune to enjoy something like this.

As he prepared these caterpillars for the first time, Bai Yi threw away all the hard-to-prepare internal organs, and only kept the layer of fatty meat and skin on the outside. The prepared caterpillar had its appearance changed completely. It looked both tender and slick, just like pork belly. Combined with Bai Yi’s special home-made seasoning, the meat was unexpectedly delicious. Bai Yi tried a few ways of cooking it and realized that boiling was still the best way to cook this caterpillar. In the end, he just decided to make a hotpot.

“Delicious! I really didn’t expect that those caterpillars will be so delicious!” Woolf ate with the fats dripping all over his mouth.

“That’s because Bai Yi has good culinary skills,” Heloise teased.

Bai Yi smiled. His culinary skills were actually just average, but it was indeed already better than the majority of people, and he was also skilled in handling raw ingredients. However, just these 10 odd caterpillars caused Bai Yi to spend more than half a day of effort on them. Ingredients that he encountered for the first were really very troublesome.

“Isn’t Sharpei eating?” Bai Yi looked at Sharpei lazing around and couldn’t help but ask. At this time, Bai Yi recalled what Heloise had asked him before if Sharpei was being strange lately.

“Oh, probably, maybe Sharpei is a bit anorexic lately, he will be fine very soon!” Momo immediately said nervously.

Momo you are really still too tender. Bai Yi was clearly asking Sharpei, what are you so nervous about? Bai Yi immediately looked at Momo and Sharpei, not knowing what were they up to. Looking at her daddy’s questioning eyes, Momo’s body immediately tensed up and hid Sharpei behind her. As for Sharpei, he slowly stood up and seemingly wanted to face Bai Yi directly.


However, at this moment, Bai Yi looked diagonally toward his back. In that direction, he heard a slight sound, but that sound was incomparably soft. If not for the slight lack of coordination the moment the thing landed, Bai Yi probably wouldn’t have heard this sound either.

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