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Chapter 124: The End

No one in Bai Yi’s team was a Medicinal Maker, so none of them knew how to extract the medicinal components of the Dead Soul Flower. However, they were at the core of the ghost city Wellington right now. They weren’t lacking in Dead Soul Flowers at all, and they had even found a flower field growing on a patch of corpses.

“This is really unbelievable!”

All of them were amazed when they first saw the big flower field. However, after seeing the densely packed corpses below, their mood turned quite sour again. According to the rumors, the Dead Soul Flower grew through absorbing souls. Although they didn’t know if this was true, the scene of the Dead Soul Flowers swaying on top of the corpses still mesmerized yet appalled them.

“So many Dead Soul Flowers!” Woolf said in astonishment.

“No, it isn’t many at all.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“Although it looks like a giant field of Dead Soul Flowers, if we look at it carefully, then the total number of Dead Soul Flowers in Wellington probably wouldn’t exceed 10,000. In addition, if the rumors are true and these flowers grow by absorbing souls, then these flowers can basically never reproduce. The more the flowers are used up, the lesser and rarer it will become,” Bai said slowly as he looked at those flowers.

“It’s just too bad. If only we had a talented Medicinal Maker to find the way to extract the medicinal compounds of the Dead Soul Flower and concoct a drug for us. That would be the best way to optimise the effects of the Dead Soul Flower,” Mavis said as well.

“En, that’s really true.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Not only can the Dead Soul Flower nourish the soul and shorten the Brutal Phase, but from our situation, this flower can heal damage to the soul as well. So far, no other places have found anything similar to the Dead Soul Flower. It’s easy to imagine just how valuable this thing is,” Bai Yi said till here and gradually stopped.

“An enormously useful and non-renewable resource. It would definitely be a scarce flower in the future,” Mavis added.

“How do you guys know?”

“It’s just basic deduction. Really, can’t you just use your brain for once?” Bai Yi was at his wit’s end regarding Woolf. This guy’s brain was clearly not bad, but he just didn’t want to use it.

“Let’s put the future aside. For now, we should just heal our injuries and collect more Dead Soul Flowers as a backup,” Bai Yi said at the end. This was indeed a good plan, but in the end, they probably couldn’t take away many either. After all, there wasn’t much Soul Purifying Tree sap left in the briefcase. Moreover, they had never seen this kind of sap before, so they didn’t know where to get it either.

During their free time while resting, all of them silently thought about their gains and losses from this battle.

Bai Yi chatted with Mavis every day, seemingly recovering his gentle demeanour. However, Mavis could feel that Bai Yi’s inner self had changed again. After this journey to the ghost city Wellington, Bai Yi understood some things very deeply. Now, he was a combination of both gentleness and callousness, contradictory elements that somehow complemented each other.

Woolf retrieved his greatsword and would swing it around when he had nothing to do, treating it as practice. His greatsword was actually the most durable weapon here; even Bai Yi’s fang sword had some cracks on it. It was really true that the bigger and simpler the thing, the harder it was to break.

Pupu often laid down and faced one direction silently. To the active Pupu who liked to move around, this was something very rare. They could tell that Pupu was really worried about Warner’s disappearance. No matter what, Warner was Pupu’s real owner, though toward the end it was getting harder to see who was the owner in this owner-pet relationship.

Momo frequently wandered around the Soul Release Tree, she seemingly felt very comfortable around this tree.

Soul Release Tree – This was the name that Bai Yi’s team gave the giant tree in the middle. To think of it, it seemed like none of them here had any talent for giving names. They initially wanted to give it a similar name to the Dead Soul Flower and just name it as the Dead Soul Tree, but Momo pulled on Bai Yi and whined that the name wasn’t nice. Then, they changed part of the name to the Soul Release Tree, and it indeed sounded quite a lot better. It even had some Buddhist or Taoist vibe to it.

As for the Soul Release Tree, only Momo felt comfortable around it, while the rest of them felt that the tree was extremely ominous. Growing to become so lush among that pile of corpses, just imagining it…However, they really didn’t find any other dangers from the Soul Release Tree so far. At least, it wouldn’t suddenly grow some tentacles out to pull people inside.

Of course, they could obviously tell that Momo had a deeper connection to spiritual things. They didn’t know if this was because Momo innately had these characteristics or it was because of the influence of the Progenitor’s source blood.

Other than that, Sharpei was also behaving quite abnormally recently. Momo actually found Sharpei eating the corpses the piled up around the center of Wellington. Sharpei avoided everyone when he did so, but Momo still caught him. After discovering Sharpei’s actions, Momo actually didn’t tell anybody but kept Sharpei around her, secretly covering up for him.

Momo herself did not know why she did so.

After 3 days, when their bodies had mostly recovered and they could move around a lot easier, Bai Yi gathered everyone.

“Finish all of that fluid we have left and pick all the Dead Soul Flowers we can. We will leave after that,” Bai Yi said to everyone.

“So quickly?” Woolf still felt that his body wasn’t as nimble as before.

“That’s right, we don’t know where Warner is now. He fell into the berserk state, and coupled with the damage to his soul, it’s easy to imagine how bad his situation is now. We didn’t have the ability to move before, but now that we can move, we must go back and find Warner. There’s also Heloise. It has been a few days since we split up and she hasn’t come back either. The Spirit Devouring Butterflies that I asked Momo to send to search for her couldn’t find anything as well. Anyway, although our injuries aren’t healed yet, we still can’t afford to just stay here anymore,” Bai Yi summarized the current situation and explained.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, they didn’t have any objections. To speak of it, there weren’t that many of them now.

All of them started to move, and their first obstacle were the vengeful spirits outside the Soul Release Tree. These vengeful spirits naturally felt the temptation of the Soul Release Tree, but also felt afraid at the same time. This strange feeling made these vengeful spirits encircle the Soul Release Tree from a distance.

How do they get out?

At this time, Momo walked toward the Soul Release Tree, drawing her sword from the sheath and hacking off a branch. Then, she brought the branch back to them.


“Use this, my instincts tells me that the vengeful spirits won’t attack us if we use this,” Momo said.

Ok then, even though there was completely no reason behind it. However, after they tried it out, everyone realized that it was just as Momo had said. None of the vengeful spirits had attacked them while they were holding the branch of the Soul Release Tree. Rather, the vengeful spirits became confused. After ascertaining this point, everyone looked at Momo in astonishment. Momo experienced the greatest change after entering Wellington. Just what was she turning into?

However, overall, her changes didn’t seem like a bad thing sofar.

After wandering around Wellington carefully for more than a week, they finally found Heloise. She was getting chased by a Terror Bird when they found her and they saved her from it. After saving Heloise, they talked about everything that had happened during this period and their emotions stirred up again. The regretful thing was that Bai Yi’s team never found Warner at the end; they couldn’t find any traces of Yu Han either. No matter what, Wellington was the capital of New Zealand, to find one person in this city full of shadowy figures really needed quite a lot of luck.

“I really didn’t imagine…If only I was there…” Heloise looked at Mavis in regret.

“No, it’s really fine. Just that in the future, the people in the team will have to rely on you to take care of them.” Mavis entrusted Heloise with this responsibility.

“En, be at ease, I will look after Woolf well.” Heloise nodded.

“It’s Bai Yi!”

“Hey, I can’t do anything about Bai Yi, you know this.” Heloise shrugged. She wasn’t talking nonsense. If it was Hong Qi Hua, then maybe Bai Yi would have listened to her. However, if it was her, unless Bai Yi already had the same plan in mind, he wouldn’t be easily persuaded by other people for many things.

“Forget about it then, that’s it for now. Well, see you guys again.”

“En, see you again!” All of them said their farewells to Mavis, and left with some sorrow on their faces. Although this journey to Wellington didn’t take too long, they had already experienced more than enough in this period of time. While leaving this place, Bai Yi had a new responsibility on him and that was Momo’s promise to find a way to revive Mavis.


Half a month later, the remainder of Yu Han’s team said their farewells to Nancy as well. Yu Han tried to invite Nancy again over this period, but Nancy declined gently every time. Only now did Yu Han realize that this girl in front of him that had turned into a monster had a very firm stance on things. She wouldn’t easily change her mind.

When the 3 of them left Nancy’s residence and came to the outside of Wellington, Adams suddenly stopped. Yu Han quivered in his heart. Adams hadn’t answered his question yet. Yu Han thought that they would just silently go on like this forever, but at this time, Adams suddenly stopped. Yu Han felt a bad premonition in his heart.

“Yu Han!”

“I will seek back justice from Bai Yi, but not with you. Sorry!” Adams said very seriously.

Yu Han’s heart throbbed intensely, but he still revealed a look of understanding. After Adams finished his words, he nodded toward Yu Han and Ning Xue. Then, he turned around and walked off in another direction. Yu Han didn’t try to make him stay either, Adams had already thought about it for so long. If he would change his mind with just a few words, he wouldn’t be Adams anymore.

There was only him left, there was only him again!

Seeing Adams disappear into the distance, endless pain and darkness grew in Yu Han’s heart, as if threatening to engulf him. However, at this moment, Ning Xue suddenly hugged Yu Han from behind. Her touch didn’t feel too warm, but he felt the warmth from somewhere else. Yu Han looked at this girl that had always stayed by his side, never abandoning him, and suddenly his heart completely fell for her.

Yu Han hugged Ning Xue back. From this moment onward, Ning Xue occupied an incomparably special position in his heart.

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