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Chapter 12: Cat Ears

At this time, news of monsters appearing in New Zealand had long since appeared on the Internet. Needless to say, New Zealanders were all terrified and helpless without knowing what to do. However, the attitude of the rest of the world was that of watching a monster movie. As long as it didn't happen to them personally, why would they care so much?

By now, most of the people with high status in New Zealand have already flown to other countries requesting asylum. However, even the head of state was not given kind treatment but instead… detainment!

All the large countries already knew what had happened in New Zealand and those in high positions coming to seek refuge probably all carried activated cells in their bodies. How was it possible that they would be allowed to seek refuge like in normal circumstances? Not only that, but every country had already given strict orders to detain and quarantine anybody who came from New Zealand, regardless of their status.

If even the head of state got detained, what else can those with 'high status' expect?


Maybe it's because Bai Yi brought Martin who had important information or that he managed escaped from the Great Devil Snake, but now he is quite trusted and believed in by the rest. Nobody had any objections after Bai Yi made the decision and perhaps in their hearts they were close to believing in what Martin said too. Now, everybody was very concerned about the situation in New Zealand and continued to surf the web for more information.

It had been half a day since monsters appeared at Hamilton and tons of pictures of the monsters had appeared on the web. Just as Martin said, you could tell that the monsters in the pictures were a mix of various animals. You could still see that a lot of them were human, but their appearances now were utterly appalling.

Among these monsters, the most detailed and hair-raising pictures were those of the Great Devil Snake that the group met. They didn't know how the photographer did it but the photo was extremely clear. The sinister form of the Great Devil Snake burrowing around the building was captured perfectly, and even the scene of Bai Yi and Woolf running up the wall was taken. This doubtlessly proved that Woolf wasn't just bragging.

Unfortunately, though the camera was following the two of them, it wasn't able to see how Bai Yi and Woolf managed to escape due to the angle. After all, this wasn't a movie, it wasn't possible to shoot so perfectly.

"Uncle Bai, are we really going to rest nearby? What about the monsters?" Hong Qi Hua asked.

"Martin, will those monsters come all the way here?" Bai Yi asked Martin instead.

"Probably not. Those monsters are moving without a goal and they are only treating humans as food. With the distance between Northern Hamilton Research Facility and this place, they shouldn't reach here so soon." Martin explained.

"Ok then, let's hope that you are right." Bai Yi nodded.

"Let's find a place nearby to rest for the night; after running for an entire day I believe everybody is exhausted." Bai Yi said to Hong Qi Hua.

Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi and then the others, nodding her head. The others weren't too tired, just that their nerves were quite tense. However, Bai Yi and Woolf barely escaped from the Great Devil Snake. Although they made it in the end, they suffered numerous injuries and needed a good rest.


New Zealand is a sparsely populated country with a large land mass and Ohaupo wasn't a big place, so there was no need to dream about staying in hotels and such. However, finding a few empty residences nearby wasn't too difficult. Apparently, the owner of this place saw what happened in Hamilton on the web and ran away somewhere.

At the start, some of them were still adherent to moral norms and were unwilling to break into someone's house. However, after Bai Yi broke open the front door of a villa, nobody was willing to stay outside and experience the cold wind.

None of them were able to sleep very quickly; too many things had happened in a short two days and it was difficult to calm down.

Yu Han held his katana in his hands and walked to the courtyard of the villa. After standing still for a while, he started to slowly move his body, going through the motions of Tai Ji Fist. Yu Han's movements were not too accurate, and obviously in modern society it wasn't like those powerful Tai Ji Fist like in the novels. It was purely a set of moves to exercise the body.

There were quite a few rooms in the villa, so everyone could have their own rooms. Even though they were a team, their interpersonal relations were rather complicated. Some people had their own thoughts about things, not accepting Bai Yi and Woolf's words earlier, while others secretly tried to form their own groups within the team. We can only say, that's just how the human heart works!


14 people.

Bai Yi, Momo, Woolf can be considered to be in one group. They were initially friends and ever since Bai Yi managed to bring Woolf out of the dangerous situation safely, Woolf trusted Bai Yi even more.

The two couples: Yu Han and Khina, Qin Kai Rui and Jiang Lin Lin.

Other than these people, the guys who are on their own are Huo Qiu Yang, Tang Ping and Randt Griffin. The girls are Hong Qi Hua, Dai Yu Yao and Ning Xue.

Gan Zhi Ming died in the mouth of the Great Devil Snake, but now there was the addition of Martin.

In the group, Ning Xue and Randt did not speak much. Ning Xue is very quiet and doesn't speak out about her opinions, simply following the rest. As for Randt, he probably felt that he didn't have much status in the group and he was here simply for the sake of wooing Ning Xue. Moreover, most of the people in the group were Chinese international students; as a local he probably felt that they wouldn't listen to his words.


Bai Yi gave Sara a call after settling down. After a long while, Sara finally picked up his call.

"That's great, you are still alive!"

"Bai Yi, are you ok? Is Momo well?" The place that Sara was at right now was really noisy.

"We are all ok! Listen carefully, the things that I am about to tell you right now may seem ridiculous but I think it's the truth." Bai Yi didn't waste any words and gave Sara the information he got from Martin.

"That can't be true!" Sara was extremely shocked.

"I hope that it isn't true as well, but it probably is. Anyway, stay at Otorohanga for now and be safe! We will head towards there as well and will probably get there by the day after tomorrow. Other than that, I can't contact Mavis; if you are able to contact her then please stay together." Bai Yi said. Sara escaped even faster than Bai Yi and she was already at Otorohanga.

"I got it, you guys be careful as well!" Sara nagged.

"Ok!" Bai Yi hung up the call and looked at Momo's worried little face.

"Relax, Mavis will be alright and Sara is safe too." Bai Yi said. Mavis was the female doctor who initially treated Momo in the ER, and Sara was the sassy nurse who grabbed Bai Yi by the ear. Bai Yi owed a lot to them for being able to stay in New Zealand.

"En." Momo nodded.

Seeing Momo like this, Bai Yi couldn't help but stroke her head and bring her to the balcony. After reaching the balcony, Bai Yi and Momo found that there was already somebody here.

"You aren't contacting your family?" Bai Yi brought Momo here to see the stars but found Hong Qi Hua gazing into the distance instead.

"I'm an orphan." Hong Qi Hua said calmly.

"I'm sorry."

"It's nothing, just stating a fact." Hong Qi Hua shook her head, seemingly not minding about this. "Uncle Bai, what do you think is the probability of Martin's words being true?"

"At least 80%." Bai Yi went along with Hong Qi Hua's change in topic.

"That practically means that it is true."

"Yeah… it's a pity that most people still do not believe it." Bai Yi did not continue speaking after that but admired the stars with Momo from the balcony. Sharpei was lying lazily beside him, appearing to lack any enthusiasm. Most people were thinking of how to contact their family now; the phones and Internet were still useable as New Zealand hadn't completely descended into chaos yet.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH…!" All of a sudden, a girl's piercing scream rang throughout the villa.

Bai Yi immediately rushed out and told Hong Qi Hua at the same time: "Please look after Momo."

Hong Qi Hua, who initially wanted to run over, slowed down and looked at Momo. She then brought Momo downstairs and Sharpei blindly followed behind them with a frowning face. When they were at the second floor, Hong Qi Hua found that a group of people had already gathered there. Yu Han was awkwardly holding the entire group back with a red handprint on his face and behind him was the bathroom.

"It's all ok! Ning Xue had a little problem but she will be out in a little while," Yu Han explained to the rest. Apparently, he was the one that came the fastest.

After a short while, Ning Xue walked out with a red face.

"Ning Xue, what happened to you!" Dai Yu Yao rushed over to hold her hands and asked anxiously. The rest were looking carefully, but there didn't seem to be any problems. Why did Ning Xue suddenly scream in the bathroom and draw everyone here? However, upon closer inspection, everybody became stunned… Is that a cosplay? Why is Ning Xue wearing a pair of cat ears?

"Ning Xue... this is?" Dai Yu Yao touched it with her hand.

"Uncle Bai, everybody, I, I… grew cat ears." Ning Xue's expression was indescribable and she started crying as she spoke.

"Don't cry, don't cry, speak properly."

Only after everybody reached the living room did they start asking what had happened. As it turns out, when Ning Xue first reached the villa, she found that the facilities were quite complete and decided to take a shower. While bathing, she took a look in the mirror and found that her ears had become furry. Pinching them a few times, she realised to her horror that they were really her own ears and started screaming. After that, everybody came rushing after hearing the scream.

Huo Qiu Yang and Tang Ping looked at Yu Han; they finally knew how the handprint on Yu Han's face came about. This guy probably rushed into the bathroom and got slapped by Ning Xue.

However, even if it meant getting slapped, it was worth it. This bastard…Ning Xue was really beautiful, gentle and quiet. Moreover, she had been single all along, how could this kind of girl not be popular? Sadly, Ning Xue wasn't interested in anybody. Unexpectedly, Yu Han got lucky this time and managed to see a beauty bathing.

Yu Han at this time was also in a bit of a daze. Ning Xue's beautiful naked figure and enticing pink nipples were imprinted in his head. It wasn't that Yu Han had never seen a girl before, but with his caliber, the girls he met were simply too incomparable to Ning Xue. As for Khina…she was really too fat and she didn't even allow him to touch her.

Suddenly, Yu Han felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Khina looking at him angrily. In other people's eyes, Yu Han and Khina were the real couple. Now that her boyfriend had seen another girl naked, it would be weird if Khina didn't get angry.

"You saw it?"

"Let go."

"You really s-saw it?" Khina's voice cracked and a trace of a sob creeped into it. 

"I told you to let go!" Yu Han looked at Khina's round face that was full of pimples and immediately Ning Xue's exquisite face appeared in his mind. All of a sudden, he felt a wave of disgust and he threw off Khina's right hand.

Upon seeing this scene, the rest of them watching wanted to say something, but they had no grounds to interfere in this.

Even Ning Xue couldn't really pursue the issue as in truth, Yu Han had done nothing wrong. It was her fault for screaming in the bathroom and he only came rushing in because he was worried. She could only consider it her loss to let Yu Han see her naked.

After Hong Qi Hua and Dai Yu Yao examined Ning Xue's ears, they nodded their heads at the rest of the group. The ears were real and not accessories. After confirming this fact, nobody was in the mood to care about other things. Ning Xue's change undoubtedly proved Martin's words - their bodies would start to change due to gene fusion.

"Let's rest for tonight, we will discuss this more tomorrow!" Bai Yi told everybody.

Everybody was extremely tense and stressed for the entire day, by now all of them were exhausted. After hearing Bai Yi's words, everybody couldn't take it anymore and decided to return to their rooms for the night.

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