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Chapter 111: Spirit Devouring Butterfly

“He’s fine but doesn’t your other companion need help? Since this Ocote is your companion, you should know how to neutralize the corrosion from that pus, right?” said Bai Yi as his eyes returned to normal. After hearing Bai Yi’s words, the two of them finally realized that their teammate had been sprayed by Ocote’s pus earlier and many small holes had appeared on him.


The two of them immediately became anxious, and hurriedly took out a powder they extracted from some plant. They immediately poured this powder over Samuel. Since Ocote was their companion, they knew long ago how to neutralize the pus inside the meat lumps on him. However, Samuel just used his hand to stop the two of them and said, “There’s no need to, I’ve already applied the medicine on myself.”

His tone was very plain and subdued!

Bai Yi could hear a faint anger in the voice of this person called Samuel. He wasn’t wrong to be angry either. They were similarly companions, and he got injured because he tried to stop Ocote. Despite this, nobody thought about him first. However, this wasn’t something Bai Yi wanted to care about, he obviously didn’t want to bother about the relations in other teams.

At this time, the Ocote that Bai Yi had hypnotized slowly climbed up, still seemingly in a daze.

Bai Yi didn’t use his hypnosis to its greatest extent; he wasn’t that kind-hearted. Making the person enter deep-level sleep using hypnosis had great benefits to the balancing of the body and soul. Bai Yi would rather save these benefits for his own teammates than to help strangers for no reason. One must know, Bai Yi’s eyes couldn’t be used without limitations, especially the reverse flower eye that consumed special energy.

“What did I…what happened?

“Ocote, you’re awake?” The leader of the other team said in shock.

Although Bai Yi didn’t hypnotize him deeply, this was already enough to shock the other team. One must know that the things everyone were most afraid of now was to enter battle or receiving any big stimulations. If they accidentally fell into the berserk state, then whether they could wake up again was really up to luck. Even for their companions, it was rare for people to go through danger to stop somebody in a berserk state. To put it more accurately, nobody had an effective way to stop somebody in a berserk state, and the plants that the evolved humans had found so far weren’t powerful to the point of instant results.

“Momo, where are those vengeful spirits?”

“They didn’t follow us, but I don’t know where they are either,” Momo looked over and said.

Hearing their conversation, everyone focused their attention again and observed their surroundings. Honestly speaking, they didn’t feel good at all staying in this cemetery; especially in a city with ghosts. Fortunately, none of them were normal people, and after the initial panic, all of them started to calm down. Even the four newcomers followed Bai Yi’s group into the cathedral.

After entering the cathedral and having the cemetery out of their sights, they finally felt a bit better.

“I’m sorry, very sorry, we were too anxious just now.” The team leader felt quite embarrassed at himself, the difference between them was really too much.

“I am the leader of this team, my name is Xiao!”

“Bai Yi!”

“Bai Yi?”

“You are really Bai Yi?” The few of them asked in surprise.

“Do I have a need to lie?”

“No no, we just didn’t expect to bump into you at this place. But really, thank you so much. If not for you and Yu Han releasing the information about activated cells, a lot more people would have fallen into the berserk state and not be able to recover from it,” Xiao immediately said excitedly. Bai Yi and Yu Han had good reputations among the majority of evolved humans in New Zealand. The feeling was just like meeting a movie star in the world before, but of course, they might have other expectations from him as well.

“The method you used just now, is it a new way to deal with the brutal urges?” Xiao continued to ask excitedly.

This was the reason behind his excitement and expectations. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, Bai Yi and Yu Han definitely knew of more detailed and effective ways to deal with the Brutal Phase. This was a common mindset that people had. After all, why would a person share something good with everyone else so unreservedly and selflessly?

“En.” Bai Yi looked at Xiao and nodded.

“Really?! What is this method?”



“How do you hypnotize people?”

“It’s probably due to the genes I fused with giving me a basic hypnotic ability, but as for the details of how it happened, I don’t know either. Just like how you guys aren’t clear about how your abilities came about, you guys aren’t able to recreate your abilities either. Of course, if you guys could hypnotize through other methods, it’s worth trying as well,” Bai Yi said.

“Is it really like that? You won’t keep it from us intentionally, right?”

Bai Yi glanced at Ocote and didn’t bother saying anything else. He was already being very generous by explaining so much. If this group of people didn’t know what was good for them and continued asking, Bai Yi didn’t mind showing them what was called appropriate behavior. Fortunately, Xiao didn’t let down his role as the leader and pulled back his companion. He knew that it wasn’t appropriate to ask anymore.

Suddenly, Momo drew her sword nervously again.

“Vengeful Spirits!”

A simple reminder instantly put everyone on full alert. However, before anyone could think of how to deal with these vengeful spirits, a continuous fluttering sound suddenly came from above them and gave everyone a fright again. All of them saw a large bunch of unknown lifeforms flying out toward the main entrance of the cathedral. These lifeforms seemed like bats at first glance, but they realized that they were butterflies after a more careful observation. However, they were still different from the butterflies they normally saw. But none of them was surprised by this, there weren’t any normal lifeforms left in New Zealand by now.

A huge bunch of blackish translucent butterflies flew out, surrounding a side of the main door as they danced around lightly and gracefully.

Momo saw the scene over there and her body relaxed slightly.

“What happened?”

“They are eating, the vengeful spirits are getting eaten by these butterflies.” Momo’s face was full of surprise. At this time, Xiao’s group was even more surprised than her. They had already guessed that this little girl could see ghosts from her words before, but after hearing Momo’s words now they didn’t have to guess anymore.

“She can see ghosts?”

However, before Bai Yi’s team could reply, the bunch of butterflies started to fly toward them. Everyone instantly became nervous again, but only Bai Yi and Momo didn’t feel nervous. On the contrary, they felt very close and dear. The feeling was just like the joy they got from seeing somebody similar to them. Bai Yi’s team could guess the reason, this was definitely because Bai Yi and Momo had fused with only butterfly genes.

This big bunch of butterflies of an unknown species surrounded Bai Yi and Momo and danced around them. Finally, they stopped on Momo’s body. There were some on Bai Yi’s body too, but comparatively, the majority of the butterflies had landed on Momo’s body. Moreover, they seemed to be even more intimate with her. These butterflies could consume vengeful spirits, and Momo’s eyes could see ghosts, so it made sense that Momo had better compatibility with them.

“Hahahaha, so itchy!” Momo laughed happily, twisting her body.

“Daddy can we bring them with us, I like them a lot.” Momo suddenly turned and looked at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi could only smile bitterly in his heart after hearing her words. He could tell that these butterflies were very useful as well, but taming them wasn’t as easy as talking about it. Whether they would follow them or not, where they would keep them, and what to feed them with, these were all difficult questions to solve.

At this time, these butterflies started to fly toward Xiao’s team instead.

Xiao’s team became slightly nervous. However, they very quickly felt an extremely comfortable feeling as if they were ascending to heaven. The few of them immediately thought that these butterflies were healing their injuries for them. Even if they couldn’t see it, they knew that they were injured by those vengeful spirits before.

However, only Momo could see the clearest. These butterflies weren’t healing their injuries for them but clearly sucking out their souls!

While their souls were being consumed, Xiao’s team suddenly felt an immense pleasure like they were ascending to heaven, and they were all completely lost in that feeling. If these butterflies flew toward them from the start they might still be quite cautious, but they had surrounded Bai Yi and Momo for so long. This made them think that these butterflies were harmless. Just that bit of change in their mindsets caused them to be completely defenseless, and very quickly they were completely lost in that ecstatic feeling.

All of sudden, the four of them all fell to the floor with a ‘pat!’.

Even Bai Yi’s team were stunned by this, what just happened?

“What happened?”

“Their souls were consumed,” Momo said.

“AH!” Bai Yi, Woolf, Mavis, and the rest of them stood on the spot in shock. Their thoughts were actually not too different from Xiao’s team. These butterflies had flown around Bai Yi and Momo for so long and nothing had happened to them. As such, they really thought that these butterflies weren’t dangerous. However, after they flew toward Xiao’s team, why did the butterflies suddenly consume their souls?

At this time, the bunch of butterflies flew back again, and all of them instantly went on full alert.

“Stop!” Bai Yi stopped Woolf and the rest from moving. These butterflies didn’t seem to consume people’s souls without a reason. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have just surrounded the 4 people in Xiao’s team earlier. Moreover, the person that could sense everything the clearest here should be Momo. Sure enough, Momo didn’t stop the butterflies and the butterflies around flew past their bodies and stopped on her again.

“Probably, these butterflies would only consume those vengeful spirits, ghosts, and those souls that are damaged or polluted. This is also probably the reason why there aren’t any ghosts or vengeful spirits around this cathedral.” A butterfly stopped on Bai Yi’s hand, and he looked at Momo. Momo could see anything that happened with their souls; since she didn’t say anything, it proved that these butterflies weren’t sucking their souls.

“Shit, lucky I didn’t get caught by those vengeful spirits, otherwise, I would be in so much danger now.” Woolf was frightened out of his wits.

“Dead!” At this time, Mavis also checked for the vital signs of Xiao’s team.

“What a pity.” Bai Yi shook his head slightly. However, all he did was shake his head slightly. With how dangerous New Zealand was now, any new thing could prove to be fatal to anybody. If Bai Yi’s team had suffered some damages from the vengeful spirits earlier on, they probably couldn’t have escaped this fate either.

“Give a name to these butterflies,” Mavis took out her notebook and said. When they discovered something new, most people would immediately record it down. All this information would prove to be extremely important in the future. Many people were willing to pay a large price to buy new information. After all, the more they understood the safer they would be.

“Spirit Devouring Butterfly!” Bai Yi didn’t think about it much and immediately gave it a name.

Spirit Devouring Butterfly – A mutant butterfly that grew in the underworld. It fed on dew, ghosts and vengeful spirits, and the souls of normal lifeforms if the soul was damaged or polluted.

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