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Chapter 110: Unfortunate Encounter

‘I want to ask you about somebody.’

After asking about the changes in Wellington, Bai Yi asked again about the whereabouts of Yu Han. If there was anybody who knew where Yu Han’s team was, it could only be the ghosts here.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream full of fear came from their left. This scream wasn’t because of pain, but it seemed like the person had burst their guts from fright. Everyone involuntarily looked toward the source of the sound, and they had even momentarily forgotten about the conversation between Bai Yi and the two ghosts.

“What happened?”

“It should be some other people coming here.”

“Don’t tell me that it’s Yu Han and his group?” Woolf said. All of them felt a jolt in their hearts, ever since the information spread about ghosts appearing in Wellington, very few people came here to seek thrills anymore. As such, it could very likely be Yu Han’s group. They just had to go and take a look. However, some words appeared on the ground at this moment… ‘Stop! Don’t go!’

Without waiting for Bai Yi to ask anything, all of them instinctively looked in that direction again.

A team of 6 ran toward them in a panic, as if there was something terrifying chasing after them. Bai Yi and the rest did not see anything abnormal, but Momo’s body suddenly tensed involuntarily. Her small hand had already gripped onto her short sword. Everyone looked at Momo’s actions and immediately understood that she had definitely seen something. She had seen ghosts a few times by now, so if it were just ghosts she wouldn’t be so nervous.

“What is it?”

“A giant mass of blackish things are clinging to their bodies and tearing at it, their bodies…no, the thing inside their bodies is getting torn apart,” Momo said softly.

The thing inside their bodies!


This word instantly flashed across their minds. When the group of 6 saw Bai Yi’s group, great joy immediately appeared on their faces. At this time, this group didn’t have the mood to care about the identity of Bai Yi’s group, and they didn’t care if they knew them or not. It was something worth being happy about as long as they could see other humans.

‘Run! Let Momo follow us, that is a mass of vengeful spirits, you’ll be dead for sure if they manage to catch you.’ At this time, new words rapidly appeared on the sand.

“Momo, follow grandpa Johnny.” Bai Yi saw the row of words and immediately said this to Momo. They didn’t have the time to worry about whether the old ghost called Johnny would harm them or not. From the looks of the group of people running toward them, they knew that once they were caught by these invisible things, they wouldn’t even know how to fight back even if they wanted to.

Once Momo heard her daddy, in addition to the two ghosts drifting forward, she immediately followed after the two ghosts. The vengeful spirits behind them were completely different from the two normal ghosts in front of them. Momo knew this very well because she could see them with her own eyes. However, Momo kept on looking behind her as she ran, looking in the direction where the vengeful spirits came from.

The group saw Bai Yi’s group running away and immediately followed. To them, Bai Yi’s group seemed like a piece of straw that had appeared when they were drowning, they would definitely grab onto it if they could.

“Daddy jump!” Momo shouted loudly.

Bai Yi didn’t ask why but immediately grabbed the window sill of a building beside him and flipped over it. He then abruptly increased his speed again, jumping off the window sill. At this moment, Momo dashed past Bai Yi’s side and her short sword viciously slashed across the empty space behind him.

The moment Bai Yi and Momo crossed each other, he clearly saw that her eyes seemed to be enveloped in a ghostly white flame, hazy yet incomparably clear.

Momo’s short sword sliced through the air, but her feet forcefully pushed off the ground. She shot backward abruptly, completely reversing her previous momentum. Although Bai Yi couldn’t see, he still subconsciously grabbed Momo with his hand while landing. The two of them accelerated toward the ground.

“Is it a vengeful spirit?”

“En, if grandpa Johnny wasn’t lying just now. However, Momo can’t hack into it.” Momo nodded. In her eyes, her attack did nothing to the vengeful spirit. It was just like it belonged to another space.

“Where’s Johnny?” Bai Yi asked.

Momo heard and looked over. She suddenly realized that the two ghosts they had just communicated with were nowhere to be seen. Looking at Momo’s face, Bai Yi knew that the moment of delay had probably caused them to lose the two ghosts. At this time, they didn’t have the time to check where Johnny and his granddaughter ran off to. They could only follow the direction Momo pointed in and run toward a place where there were no vengeful spirits in front.

Very quickly, the guy running at the back of the other team suddenly screamed. His eyes instantly turned bloodshot and he charged forward while roaring loudly. He rammed into various things on the street. Abandoned cars, trash bins, he rammed into things to the point where blood flowed all over his face. Despite this, he still didn’t know to stop.

With just a look, everyone knew that the debilitating fear had broken his mind. One must know, everyone was in the Brutal Phase now. Although Bai Yi and Yu Han released the methods to deal with the Brutal Phase and this resulted in more people retaining their rationality than in the research facility, it didn’t mean that they had completely solved this problem.

“Collin! Bastard! Ghost is it?! Spectre is it?! Your daddy isn’t afraid AHHH….!!” Another guy saw his companion charging out and roared loudly. He took the torch in his hands and waved it about frenziedly. It was like he believed he could kill some vengeful spirits if he did this. However, this was apparently a waste of effort. Everyone could see his movements becoming slower and slower. After that, something seemed to wrap around him and he very quickly fell onto the floor.

In such an eerie and ominous environment, coupled with the inability to see the things behind them made their thoughts freeze. All of them just ran frantically for their lives non-stop. When the two groups of people stopped, everyone suddenly realized that they were at a huge cathedral. However, their location wasn’t inside the cathedral but at a large cemetery behind it. They were just running frantically previously and did not realize it. But when they stopped now, this large ruined cemetery immediately made them shiver inside.

“Why did we run to this forsaken place!” The group of people that ran after Bai Yi’s group immediately scolded.

This trip to Wellington was really too thrilling for their hearts. They never expected that there would really be ghosts in Wellington. This nearly scared these guys who thought they were already veterans in this changed New Zealand to death. As such, in their terror, the great joy they felt when they saw Bai Yi’s group was genuine. They just didn’t imagine that they would run to a cemetery.

A gust of wind blew and the leaves on the trees nearby shook noisily and fell, startling and making them jump again. 


“They didn’t follow us but…!” Momo said and looked at the guy cursing loudly. This guy’s face was full of lumps and his eyes bulged out, looking just like a toad.

“What happened to him?”

“No, nothing.” Momo shook her head after looking carefully at him. Momo’s vision was very weird now, she seemed to see double when looking at people, but it didn’t seem like a double image either. In Momo’s eyes, giant black spots appeared on the other image of those people who were getting devoured by the vengeful spirits just now.

“What happened to us, hey you better be clear!”

The toad-like guy opposite them immediately asked anxiously. They had been surrounded by ghosts just now. Although they couldn’t see them, they could still somewhat feel what had happened to their bodies. At this time, when he saw that Momo seemed to have seen something but didn’t want to say it out, he immediately got angry and rushed toward her.

However, before he could come close, Sharpei immediately blocked his path. Sharpei’s vicious appearance immediately put all of them on guard.

“I’m sorry, Ocote is just too nervous.” The leader of this team immediately pulled his companion back.


“I told you to scram!!”

The guy called Ocote struggled vigorously under the grip of his teammate. After a moment of struggle, this guy looked at Momo viciously. Suddenly, he shot his tongue out, piercing toward the figure holding him back. At the same time, the many lumps on this guy’s body abruptly exploded, spraying a yellowish pus everywhere.

Mavis’ eyes twitched and a scalpel abruptly shot out from her hand. ‘Sou!’, the scalpel immediately stabbed the long tongue and the powerful force immediately pushed the tongue to the side. The tongue then embedded itself into a gravestone at the side with a ‘ding!’.

The team leader and the last remaining member wasn’t able to react to this sudden and unexpected change.

Apparently, Ocote was also forced to the edge by this whole series of incidents, and he had entered the berserk state with just a small stimulation. This was the problem that worried everybody in the Brutal Phase, it was just too easy to lose control. Even if they were very normal usually,  they could very likely lose their minds in the next instant.

At this moment, Ocote took advantage of this opportunity and escaped his restraints, pulling his tongue away from the scalpel and tearing open a huge wound in the process. He then charged viciously toward Momo. Sharpei’s body tensed slightly, once Ocote came over, Sharpei would definitely rip him into pieces.

Sharpei definitely had the ability to do so now!

However, Bai Yi’s eyes suddenly opened. He stretched out his right hand, stopping Ocote in front of him. Bai Yi’s right hand pressed onto Ocote’s head, and he paused like that silently in the air before suddenly falling to the ground.

“Bastard! What did you do to Ocote!” The two people opposite them saw what had happened to Ocote and immediately became furious as well. Although Ocote had entered the berserk state and had even harmed his own teammates, they were still comrades no matter what.

“Shut up and keep quiet!”

Bai Yi said incomparably coldly. He raised his head immediately and looked at them with his eyes. The two of them who were initially going to explode in anger suddenly blanked out. Soon, they gradually regained their normal state of mind. The moment they went back to normal, the two of them unanimously turned away their heads and avoided Bai Yi’s eyes.

Too bewitching!

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