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Chapter 109: Interacting With Ghosts

After looking around for a while, Heloise realized that she was really lost and flew up into the sky again. Although she got lost because she flew into the sky, there was no harm in doing so now since she was already lost. This time, Heloise didn’t stop and continuously flew up all the way.

After reaching a height of more than 10000 meters in the sky, she seemed to finally break through something and sunlight appeared in her eyes.


Heloise hovered in the air, feeling the warms rays of the sun on her body. It felt completely different from the cold and dark environment she was in before. At this time, Heloise looked around, and she could see places extremely far away through the gap in the clouds. The towering mountains in the distance, and the emerald-green sea of trees. Everything seemed to be full of life.

When Heloise looked downward, she realized that Wellington seemed to be covered by a layer of dark clouds, and not a single ray of sunlight could pass through.

What a weird phenomenon!

If somebody told her that this was all caused by the activated cells, Heloise would never believe it. How could it be possible that the activated cells could change even the climate? No matter how powerful it was, it couldn’t do this kind of magical thing. Heloise had wanted to fly outside of Wellington and go in again from the place they entered, but she suddenly stood still in shock.

This is!

“Did you scare away that bunch of people?” When that female ghost returned to her usual hangout location, another extremely handsome ghost suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“I didn’t, there’s a little girl with them that can see me. Don’t talk about scaring them away, they weren’t scared in the least! Just what kind of people are they!” The female ghost complained with a face full of unhappiness. “Hey grandpa, can you turn back to your original self? Who are you trying to impress with this appearance?” The female ghost said again after complaining.

“Very handsome right, I told you I was very good-looking when I was young, but you never believed me.”

“You’re already dead.”

“Eh……!” The ghost was immediately shut down and his face became full of resentment.

“Ah right, you said that there was a girl who could see us?” The ghost who turned back into an old man said after a while.


“I’ll go take a look then, maybe there’s no need to scare them away, we can just tell them to leave.” The old ghost drifted away. The female ghost hovered in the air for a while before drifting after him helplessly. Really, grandpa was already dead but still always worried about the living humans, fearing that they would enter the center of the city.

Momo suddenly stopped; from her expression, Bai Yi knew that she had definitely seen a ghost again. Bai Yi followed Momo’s line of sight, but the dim street in front of them was completely empty.

“A male ghost and the female ghost from before,” Momo said.

‘Hello! So you can really see us, little girl.’ The old ghost immediately floated over.

Bai Yi looked at Momo’s actions, but he couldn’t see any ghosts. As such, he tried to guess what was going on. He came to Momo’s side, and from her actions, he could tell that these ghosts were nearby and in front of them. At this time, the old ghost drifted close to him, seemingly still not believing that Momo could really see them.

I’ll test if you can really see us!

The old ghost was up to make some mischief, but the moment he moved Momo drew her short sword with a ‘shing!’. She pointed the half a meter long sword at the center of the old ghost’s eyebrows, and he immediately jumped back from her actions. Although he knew that normal physical attacks wouldn’t be effective on him, this little girl was still a little bit too agitated.

‘Hahaha, grandpa got scared too right! The first time I came out I got ‘beheaded’ by this little girl too. New Zealand has only changed for 9 months, I really didn’t expect that even a little kid would be so alert and ruthless now. That strike was really without any hesitation.’ The female ghost saw her grandpa’s dumb look and couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Of course, she wouldn’t know that among all the little kids, Momo was an exception.

“The two of you are in front of me, right? Can you guys hear me?” Bai Yi spoke. After a while, everyone seemed to hear some voices beside their ears, yet it also seemed like there weren’t any voices. If they really had to describe it, it seemed to be the so-called ‘ghost murmurs’.

“Momo, did they talk? Can they hear our words?” Bai Yi asked.

“They’re talking but I can’t hear clearly, it’s so noisy.” Momo seemed to hear some voices but she couldn’t hear them clearly either. This made her abnormally uncomfortable.

‘Hey, what do you mean noisy you little beansprout!’ The female ghost immediately blew her top. If she could, she wouldn’t want to be like this either. However, there were some rules binding the body and soul, so their words couldn’t be heard by the people in the physical world. The only way to interact was for the ghost to possess the body, entering a dream-like state.

Bai Yi swept his eyes across the surroundings and found a messy stretch of sandy land. This was the place where the glass window before was pushed off by the ghosts! That also meant that ghosts could affect the physical world to a certain degree.

Bai Yi went toward the sand and flattened it before writing down a simple greeting.

After Bai Yi finished writing, he followed Momo’s line of sight and looked in that direction. After a while, the soft sand beside Bai Yi gradually concaved inward, forming a simple ‘hello!’.


Bai Yi’s group immediately laughed in their hearts, it was really their first time interacting with ghosts. Afterwards, Bai Yi communicated with the ghosts through writing on the sand. Although it was very slow, it was still better than being unable to communicate at all. Luckily, Momo could see the ghosts and the group had strong nerves as well. If it were normal people they would have fainted from fright long ago. Wasn’t this a real run-in with ghosts?

‘Can I ask, what exactly happened in Wellington? Why did it become like this?’

‘We aren’t sure either. After the activated cells proliferated in New Zealand, the beginning stages were very chaotic. Since Wellington was the capital, many people nearby rushed to this place. A lot of them suddenly established their own religions, hoping to be saved. Despite this, the intangible Gods would never come and save them. I don’t know when it started, but Wellington was slowly engulfed in a mad self-destructive emotion…everyone went crazy!”


‘That’s right, crazy. Everyone thought that they would die soon and started to kill and destroy in their madness.’

‘So it’s like that.’ The intense madness and self-destructiveness were easily infectious within a mass of people.

‘But how did you guys turn into ghosts? The number of people that died in other cities wasn’t small either, but none of the other places experienced changes like Wellington.’

‘That I don’t know, when I regained my awareness, I was already like this.’

‘Forget about it since you don’t know. But do you know how many ghosts are there here? Also, why are there so many incidents of ghosts here? What are your goals?’ Bai Yi continued writing. Everyone else looked at the patch of sand being wiped clean, and words mysteriously appeared on it again. They all felt that this kind of experience was very novel.

‘It’s of course to frighten you guys away, this place is very dangerous.’

‘Why do you say that?’

‘We aren’t very clear as to why Wellington became like this, but since it’s hard to meet someone that we can communicate with I’ll just tell you what I know.’

‘There are probably more than 100,000 ghosts in Wellington now, but there aren’t a lot of ghosts that retained their self-awareness, the number is probably less than 10,000. These ghosts are all staying in the outer area of the city. Also, even if they retained their self-awareness, in reality, all of the ghosts have some missing gaps in their memories and emotions. As for why this is the case, we don’t know either.’

‘Other than these 10,000 ghosts that still retained their self-awareness, the remaining ones have lost all of their rationality and minds. If I really had to describe them, they could be considered to be vengeful spirits. These vengeful spirits usually resided in the center of the city, and that place is extremely eerie and ominous. All the ghosts feel extremely comfortable in that place, just that it is very easy to lose your way.’

‘Other than that, we tried to exit Wellington once before. However, it seemed that we can only exist inside Wellington. Once we exit this place, we would rapidly disappear. Many of our companions thought that this was ascending to heaven and insisted on leaving. The other portion thought that this meant their complete erasure from the world and decided to stay in the city. No matter what, even though we are ghosts now, we still have family and friends that we knew initially.’

‘I’m really thankful that I did not lose my memories of my granddaughter!’


‘That’s right, we are grandfather and granddaughter.’

‘Oh, so the main reason you guys tried to frighten us was to prevent us from entering the center of the city?’

‘That’s right, those vengeful spirits are different from us. Once any living thing enters that place, they would surround the living thing crazily. Based on our understanding, in the underworld-like environment of Wellington now, ghosts have a small ability to affect the physical world. But the most crucial thing was that they could directly pollute the soul. Don’t think that you are fine when it’s just one vengeful spirit because once the number increases the outcome can only be death.’

‘Ah, I’m sorry, this little girl is called Momo, right? She can indeed see the vengeful spirits, but there’s nothing much a little girl can do either.’

Bai Yi’s group communicated with the two ghosts about many things, while Mavis seriously recorded all of these things down. Souls, ghosts, vengeful spirits…All of these things were extremely foreign to the humans in New Zealand now. This seemingly simple information might become something very valuable in the future.

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