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Chapter 106: Dead Soul Flower

"Hey although I can't see you, Momo can. Can your posture be a bit better? A small kid is looking at you, you know? Can you be a bit wary of your influence on her?" Bai Yi touched his back, but apparently, he couldn't feel anything.

"Daddy, your hand passed through her head," Momo said loudly.

"Oh, sorry!" Bai Yi apologized without any sincerity.

The spectre lying on Bai Yi's back felt his heartbeat and helplessly drifted backward. Bai Yi's heartbeat was very stable, so apparently, he really wasn't scared at all. Being able to stay so calm even when a ghost was on you, what an abnormal man. However, the spectre knew that ever since New Zealand had changed, it became harder and harder to influence the humans that entered this place. It was almost as if their souls were continuously getting stronger…that's right, their souls were getting stronger.

Especially this group of people, the connection between their bodies and souls were very tight. It was very difficult to actually affect them.

Initially, this spectre wanted to conceal itself and reappear when the lighting was darker to scare them again. However, when it saw that Momo's line of sight was always on her, she knew that she would just be inviting humiliation if she did so. But this was really frustrating, there was actually a girl that could see ghosts, and most importantly this group of people wasn't afraid at all.

"Ah…she left!" Momo said.

"Is it? It's good that she left too. Honestly speaking, the feeling of a ghost hanging on you isn't too comfortable," Bai Yi said and rubbed his neck. At this time, Woolf came close to him and immediately made a mountain out of a molehill.

"Bai Yi, there's a handprint on your neck!"

"It's the ghost, what's so strange about it?" Bai Yi said.

Just like Bai Yi had said, fear came from the unknown. If they didn't have Momo, who could see ghosts, then they would probably be in another state now. They would definitely be frightened out of their wits by this thing. Events such as glass windows falling occasionally, blowing a breath of cold air on their necks from time to time, revealing a scary appearance and disappearing again would definitely cause everyone to be on their toes at all times.

Such as how Yu Han's group was like now.

At this time, Yu Han's group acted like they had met their greatest enemy. These small things obviously couldn't harm them, but it was difficult to curb the fear of the unknown in their hearts.

"Calm down, even if it's a ghost, from the looks of it, it's just playing with us…" Yu Han just wanted to calm them down. Suddenly, he felt the back of his neck go cold as if something had wrapped around it. However, there wasn't anything there. Although he said not to be worried, Yu Han still reacted subconsciously and the snake from his left arm fiercely bit behind him.


The snake was now as thick as a thigh. There was a small horn growing out from its head and it appeared to be very sinister. The snake head abruptly shot out and gave Ning Xue who stood behind him a fright. However, after the snake head realized that there was only Ning Xue behind him, it stopped in mid-air.

"What is it, Yu Han?"

Yu Han closed his eyes and slowly felt the changes in his body. Especially the eyes of his snake that gradually focused and stared behind him. After a while, through the shared vision with his snake, he vaguely found something lying on his back. Without a need to guess, Yu Han knew what it was - a ghost! The appearances of ghosts in Wellington wasn't a secret. Normally, it would be very rare that people came here to seek a thrill.

"There's something on my back," Yu Han said, and instantly all the people in his team froze in fear.

"But so what? Other than making me feel slightly cold, there's pretty much no other influence on me. Is it that after coming so far, you guys are frightened of some ghosts that can't even be seen?" Yu Han said again. Putting it this way, these people who were initially quite nervous immediately blanked for a moment, and their minds gradually regained its calm. He was right, there were countless strange monsters in New Zealand now. Blood and death were just daily happenings. So what if there really were ghosts? The worst they could do was to kill them, just like what they had been facing all along.

"We will become ghosts too when we die, why the heck would we be scared of them," a crude guy in the team said.

"You are right, if they really are ghosts, then we would become ghosts when we die as well. When that time comes, I really want to see which bastard dared to mess with us," another guy rubbed his knuckles and said viciously. After their jesting, Yu Han's group very quickly calmed down.

However, the moment Yu Han's group calmed down, one of them suddenly looked toward the left. Seemingly, he could hear a faint buzzing sound.

"There seems to be a sound?"

After this guy spoke, the rest of them looked over as well. After a short while, their faces suddenly changed greatly. Giant Devil Mosquitos, enough of them to blot out the sky!

Giant Devil Mosquitos - evolved from mosquitos, there weren't any major changes to their physical shape. They still looked like a mosquito, but they were extremely terrifying. Its size varied from the size of a normal mosquito and up to half a meter wide. They normally moved together in a giant swarm. Unless the person could defend all 360 degrees around him, he could say goodbye to the world once one of the mosquitos manage to plunge its sucker into him. The sucker of the Giant Devil Mosquito could secrete a powerful dissolution and numbing fluid. Once the sucker stabbed into the victim, they would turn into a big piece of skin within minutes.

Honestly speaking, the reputation of the Giant Devil Mosquitos outside was even more terrifying than any ghosts or spectres.

"Move!" At this time, none of them cared about any ghosts anymore. They only wished to have two more legs so that they could run faster now.

Luckily, there were no mediocre people in Yu Han's team. They were all the cream of the crop that Yu Han had gathered, so they wouldn't have to worry about safety for now. However, Yu Han looked at the city shrouded in shadows and his eyes became more and more solemn.

Dead Soul Flower…Just where did it grow here?

"What did Yu Han come here for?" Heloise asked again.

"Who knows what he came here for."

"Pupu, don't run about!" Warner shouted at Pupu. Pupu now was getting even fatter. He was 2 meters tall when he stood on his four legs, appearing to be very strong. However, his lazy and gluttonous personality hadn't changed at all. Pupu ran toward the shadows, and after a while, Warner finally managed to drag Pupu back. At this time, Pupu was still struggling, his eyes looking in that direction.

Bai Yi felt slightly curious and looked in the direction that Pupu was gazing.

Bai Yi had realized long ago that Pupu had an unimaginable intuition toward many things. He didn't know where Pupu's intuition came from, but this guy always seemed to be able to discover danger a step ahead of others. Don't tell me that Pupu has discovered something again?

The group walked into an alleyway, and after a while, they found two small white flowers in a collapsed building. At this time, Bai Yi didn't look at the flowers but where they were growing from.


Although they were buried by the soil and heavily worn away, it was still very obvious that there were more than 10 skeletons of animals and humans in the concave part of the ground. This small white flower grew on top of one of the giant thigh bones. It was unclear what had happened in Wellington at the start, but many people seemed to have died in this ex-capital of New Zealand. It was a very ominous place, and that was probably why there were ghosts appearing here.

"Pupu you really are so curious about everything, aren't you afraid of getting cursed coming to a place with so many skeletons?" Woolf saw the pile of skeletons and couldn't help but jibe at Pupu.

"No." Bai Yi's eyes changed slightly and immediately refuted Woolf's words.

"Do you guys remember that piece of information we chanced upon last time, someone seemingly found a plant that could nourish the soul," Bai Yi suddenly turned his head and said to everyone.

"A plant that can nourish the soul!" Everyone was incredibly taken aback.

Based on the information they had obtained from the research facility, humans and animals do have souls, and they could clearly sense it once they entered the LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage. Other than that, Wellington had become a ghost city and there were frequent reports of ghosts. The spectre that they had seen before could also prove the existence of the soul. If the soul really existed, then the other hypothesis should be valid as well - the world was a harmonious whole. Since the soul really existed, then there must be something that could nourish it, regardless if it was a plant or animal.

Unfortunately, even if this was the case, the evolved lifeforms in New Zealand were still unable to sense the existence of something like a soul. As such, they were unable to ascertain if something that could nourish the soul really existed or not.

However, they had heard a rumor before this - Dead Soul Flower!

Dead Soul Flower - It was rumored to grow in places where a great number of living things had died and where the space was weak and strange. That place was also known as the mythical underworld, where the flower absorbed souls to grow. These flowers had the ability to nourish the soul.

This was originally a rumor that came from nowhere, but now Bai Yi suddenly felt that this thing could very likely be the rumored Dead Soul Flower. No matter the eerie location where the flower grew, or the environment of Wellington now, it both seemed to prove that this was the rumored flower. Bai Yi wanted to stretch out his hand to pluck the Dead Soul Flower, but Momo suddenly drew her short sword and blocked in front of Bai Yi.

"Daddy be careful!"

"What happened?"

"There's a crying face on this flower," Momo said.

When they looked over, they only saw a big and a small flower swaying lonelily in the wind. Where was the crying human face? However, from the situation just now, all of them knew that something changed in Momo's eyes as well. She could see things that they couldn't. Moreover, the place where these two flowers grew was really too strange. This was really an underworld where ghosts appeared, and there was a pile of skeletons below as well.

"Be careful Bai Yi, I seemed to remember that everyone that plucked this flower died for mysterious reasons," Mavis reminded.

"There really was such a saying along with the rumors about the Dead Soul Flower." Heloise nodded as well.

The few of them looked at each other, then at Momo. If there was somebody who was more special and more suitable for picking the Dead Soul Flower, then that person could only be Momo. After all, she had changed only when she entered Wellington. However, would Bai Yi let Momo take this risk?

Chapter 107: Giant Devil Mosquito

Bai Yi shook his head!

As expected, he wouldn't let Momo take this risk. Even though Momo's eyes became strange after entering Wellington, he wouldn't bet on this change that had happened for unknown reasons.

"Forget about it!"

"Daddy, I can do it." Momo thought that Bai Yi was worried about her. The smaller the age, the more she wanted to prove herself.

"No need, there's really no need to force yourself. Momo, I'm afraid even you yourself haven't figured out what happened to your eyes, so we can't place our hopes on this mysterious transformation. Moreover, we don't really need this Dead Soul Flower either, or at least for now, we don't need it. As such, we don't need to take the risk to test the characteristics of this plant," Bai Yi explained. A part of it was Bai Yi trying to protect Momo, but it wasn't a mindless over-protection.

During this period of time, the whole of New Zealand had been developing and researching. This research ranged from the most basic medicinal properties to the characteristics of every single plant, to the powers and species of evolved animals. It even encompassed every single change in themselves, the method to regain their original human form yet retain their current powers…and many more.

Moreover, it wasn't just the evolved humans but all the researchers from other countries were also looking into this. Just like Doctor Wang guessed at the start, the other countries did not try to control New Zealand but let it develop naturally, becoming a true natural ecosphere for researching activated cells.

No matter the things that the evolved humans were studying or the experiments of the humans in the outside world, they were all extremely dangerous. This was a completely new ecosphere, everything in it was unfamiliar to everyone.

The characteristics, medicinal properties, and attacking methods of every single plant or animal…were traded for in blood by evolved humans and animals.

Such as this Dead Soul Flower, Bai Yi did not think that they were the first to discover this plant. Despite this, there had been no wide-spread information regarding this plant, information such as the method to harvest it, store it, prepare it, or use it. This proved that this was an extremely dangerous plant. No matter if it were the humans outside or the evolved humans themselves, they all had to pay a huge price to truly understand and use these things.

"Maybe it's a bit selfish, but let's wait for others to figure out the way to use the Dead Soul Flower first. We aren't the ones that need it the most." Bai Yi stroked Momo's little head.

Momo didn't understand that much, but the rest of them all nodded their heads.

If the Dead Soul Flower really had the ability to nourish the soul, then it was really very useful to other people. The reason behind the Brutal Phase was the incongruence between body and soul. As long as this incongruence was rebalanced, then it could shorten the Brutal Phase and reduce its effect.

However, if it was just this usage, then it wasn't really a necessity to Bai Yi's group.

Right now, the balance between their bodies and souls were quite stable. After entering a deep-level sleep, their body and soul became even more harmonized. It was much better than using any calming drugs or practicing the mysterious Tai Ji Fist.

This was to the point that after they tried those new drugs that could calm and relax the mind, they immediately abandoned them.

It was like how some people could eat supplements every day and not be healthy, but other people could just eat normal food every day and still remain very healthy. The body of a living thing was a complete and harmonious whole from the start, and it had its own ability to adjust and balance itself. Even if it was something very different like the body and soul, the being would also continuously adjust itself automatically. Outside assistance was only one of the factors and not a necessity. On the contrary, there was an old saying that said 'medicine is 30% poison'; as long as the body could adjust and recover itself, Bai Yi felt that it was best to not use these new plants that they had not fully understood yet.

The better sleep they got, the more it could smoothen the process of the lifeform's self-adjustment.

Everyone knew this by now, but most of them still relied on these new drugs to fall asleep. After all, those with the ability to hypnotize were among the minority within the minority. So far, they had not met another person that had this kind of hypnotic ability like Bai Yi.

"If I'm not wrong, Yu Han's goal in coming here should be this Dead Soul Flower," Heloise said.

Bai Yi nodded. Along their journey—other than trying to help all the evolved humans in New Zealand by releasing information about the activated cells—they were also trying to track Yu Han down. Earlier, they had finally chanced upon the information that Yu Han wanted to head to Wellington. That was also why they decided to come him to this place.

Bai Yi's eyes were very calm, but the killing intent hidden inside could freeze people's hearts!

Yu Han naturally knew that Bai Yi was looking for him, and there was no need to explain why explicitly. However, Yu Han didn't have the time to think about this now, because his team was miserably running away from the swarm of Giant Devil Mosquitos. The fatty who ran the slowest was left behind. Very quickly, they heard a pitiful scream.

Yu Han stopped, but a guy beside him immediately pulled him.

"Don't go, even if you go now, you can't save Doss!" The man said.

"Damn it…!" Yu Han's body trembled, and he gripped his left fist very tightly. From the looks of it, he seemed like he was in great pain over not being able to save his companion. There was indeed some pain in his heart. After all, the fatty was a very capable subordinate, but it definitely did not reach the level of being sad over it.

At this time, the fatty being surrounded by the Great Devil Mosquitos waved his limbs around continuously. He shouted powerfully as he fought back. However, his powerful strength, tough skin, and armored shell were really not too useful now. The Great Devil Mosquitos were really unable to pierce his shell, but they didn't need to attack these hard places. In a few seconds, the fatty felt a numb pain coming from his eyelid. Apparently, a small mosquito had already plunged its sucker into his body.

The fatty killed more than 10 small mosquitos with a slap to his face, but many more came flying to him continuously. Most importantly, the hemolytic poison had already invaded his body.

Very quickly, at an unimaginable speed!

The poison contained a numbing agent, and in a few minutes, the fatty lost his ability to move. The hemolytic poison also rapidly dissolved all his flesh and blood into juice, causing his body to twitch rapidly from the immense pain. However, due to the numbing agent, he couldn't scream even if he wanted to. Just from the look of despair in the fatty's eyes, everyone knew just how painful and terrible this way of dying was to any lifeform.

Furthermore, it wasn't just his blood, but even his bones rapidly dissolved. Fortunately, this dissolution was very rapid as well, so the fatty didn't suffer for too long.

The other Giant Devil Mosquitos surrounded him. Within a few minutes, this fatty that was more than 4 meters tall and even bulkier than Woolf started to deflate. The only parts that remained of him were a hard armored shell, his claws, and the human skin sticking to the harder bones that had yet to dissolve.

Yu Han's team were looking back as they ran, and they instantly shivered inside when they saw this scene.

Giant Devil Mosquitos!

They definitely did not let down the name of a 'devil'. They were definitely many times more terrifying than those nonsensical ghosts or spectres. After all, this kind of terror could be seen right in front of them; it was much crueler and direct than those intangible ghosts.

"Yu Han, over here! There's a sealed hall beneath this lake!" A hoarse voice came from one of his teammates in front. The head of this guy seemed just like an octopus, and gills grew from the sides of his neck as well. Apparently, he had fused with the genes from some sort of aquatic animal.

"Go in!" Yu Han immediately said as they saw how the Giant Devil Mosquitos were getting closer and closer; they didn't have the time to think so much now.

The group dived into the lake and swam inside through the ruined aqueduct. They all climbed out from the ruined aqueduct after they swam for half a minute. They looked at the hall, at the exit of this aqueduct. This hall was apparently the building they saw submerged in the lake earlier on. Wellington was a port city, it was close to the sea and this lake was the relatively famous Oriental Bay Lake.

All of them panted heavily after they entered the hall. That desperate run for their lives just now didn't just tire their bodies but the pressure on their minds was the most severe.

Everyone was dripping wet, and the lake water dripped onto the floor from the bodies. None of them spoke as they were all in a lousy mood. The scene of the Giant Devil Mosquitos feeding just now still shook their hearts.

"It's my fault, if only I didn't make everyone come here, Yu Han lowered his head and said in a voice full of remorse.

"No, it isn't your fault. You already told us from the start that it was going to be very dangerous to come here. In reality, is there still any safe place in New Zealand? Even if it was us, we are still facing various threats to our lives at every moment. Doss just left a step earlier than everyone else." Sinclair patted Yu Han's shoulders and consoled him.

"That's just how it is, all of us here have that level of awareness about the situation we are in. The reason we are here is not just because of you. On the contrary, all of us wanted to come to this place. If we don't find a solution for the Brutal Phase, we would all become mindless monsters sooner or later. I really don't want to become a monster, so even if I knew that searching for the Dead Soul Flower would be very dangerous…" Another man said as well.

"Wait…what is that?" Suddenly, a woman interrupted him and pointed toward a palm-sized white flower in the middle of the hall.

Everyone instantly turned their heads and found that there was a pile of corpses at the center of the hall. Even underneath their feet were countless human bones scattered around. After getting a clear look at the scene inside the hall, all of their hearts involuntarily skipped a beat. Nobody knew what had happened at Wellington initially, but it didn't seem to be as simple the outbreak of the activated cells. In brief, a huge number of people had died in Wellington.

However, there was no meaning in searching for the cause of this abnormality in Wellington now. Everyone stared at the white flower growing from the eye socket of a skull - Dead Soul Flower!

Chapter 108: Ghost City Wellington

All of them couldn't help but stare at the plain white flower at the center of the hall. What used to be known as New Zealand and now known as Devil Island was extremely different from the peaceful outside world. Any plant that mutated and evolved was extremely unfamiliar to everyone. It was still okay if the plants were normal, but on Devil Island, more than a third of the new plants were immensely dangerous. Every time somebody tried to consume a new plant, that person would very likely die of mysterious and unknown reasons.

In addition, because of the inconveniences in circulating information on Devil Island and selfishness, any complete information wouldn't be released and known by everyone so quickly. Many people still died today due to this lack of information.

Yu Han slowly walked toward the white colored flower.

"Be careful Yu Han!" Ning Xue immediately cautioned.

"I know." Yu Han nodded. The group had already forgotten about the Giant Devil Mosquitos as they stared at the white flower blankly. Their goal was this Dead Soul Flower, so they naturally knew more about this plant. In reality, when Yu Han released the information about the activated cells and obtained great fame, he had also gained the trust of many people. From somebody that Yu Han saved, they got to know of the way to pick the Dead Soul Flower that the person had discovered by chance.

Yu Han stretched out his left hand, and another person beside him immediately took out a leather suitcase. Yu Han took out a small bottle from the suitcase and sucked a bit of solution from it using a pipette.

This solution contained the green fiber of some plant and apparently wasn't something well-made. However, this was the thing extracted from a plant that could expel soul fragments. They had obtained this method from that person.

Dead Soul Flower, this flower grew by absorbing souls and could also nourish it. However, it was extremely dangerous if somebody recklessly used their hand to pick this flower. The soul fragments of the souls that the Dead Soul Flower absorbed would possess the person who picked it. Although there wouldn't be any effects in the short term, all those who directly used their hands to pick this flower died of mysterious causes. Yu Han did not want to die so meaninglessly like that.

A thick drop of solution fell on the petals of the Dead Soul Flower. Everyone seemed to hear a clear jingle in their ears, just like a drop of morning dew falling.

All of them saw that drop of solution spreading on the Dead Soul Flower, and a black smoke started to appear from the bottom of the flower. What got released was probably the soul fragments that the Dead Soul Flower had yet to absorb. These soul fragments weren't like those ghosts or spiritual bodies. If they had to describe it, then it was the pollutants in the soul.

All of them took a step back in fear of getting contaminated by this thing.

After a while, the black smoke dissipated, and the Dead Soul Flower suddenly appeared to be incredibly bright and alluring. It was almost as if the entire flower was enveloped in a layer of light. In this eerie and dim atmosphere, a white flower grew from the eye socket of a skull. It seemed to stand alone in this world as it gave off a faint glow. This initially plain and ordinary flower actually turned out to have an entirely different air to it now.

This was the Dead Soul Flower, the rumored plant that could nourish the soul.

Everyone stared at the flower dumbly. After a while, Yu Han finally stretched out his hand and lightly pinched the stem of the Dead Soul Flower.

The moment Yu Han lightly used force to pluck the Dead Soul Flower out from the eye socket, a black shadow suddenly shot out from within the skull. Everyone was caught off guard in that moment. Although the snake on Yu Han's left arm shot out in a split-second, it was still too late. The black shadow still bit Yu Han's hand in the blink of an eye. Yu Han's hand instantly became numb, and the reddish-black beetle-like creature that was only about the size of a thumb flew out instantly.

One of the guys standing in that direction tilted his body slightly and drew his long sword from the sheath with a 'shing!'. Instantaneously, he hacked toward this reddish-black beetle.

However, the beetle didn't split in half like what everyone had expected. Instead, the reddish-black beetle was smacked away by the edge of the sword with a 'dang!'. It flew out again and the rest of them reacted by now as well. They immediately focused their attention, preparing to capture this unknown beetle.

"Don't smack it into the ground!" Ning Xue shouted when she saw the person closest to it preparing to smack the beetle to the ground. From the hardness of this beetle, smacking it into the ground would not only fail to kill it but also let it escape.

After a messy and chaotic chase, Ning Xue's right index finger shot out instantaneously toward the beetle when it flew in her direction. Her nail was now a full 10 centimeters, and the tip was even sharper than the tip of a needle. In that instant, Ning Xue's irises contracted like that of a cat and the sharp nail pierced outward.

'Puchi!', the incomparably sharp fingernail pierced through the mouth of this beetle and went all the way through it immediately.

The moment she pierced the beetle, Ning Xue fiercely swung her hand downward. Sure enough, even though it was pierced by the fingernail, the beetle was still alive. It desperately tried to gnaw on the metallic-black colored nail.

"Yu Han, are you ok?" Ning Xue immediately ran toward Yu Han the moment she finished off the reddish-black beetle.

At this time, the doctor in Yu Han's team, Purian, had already started doing an emergency checkup on Yu Han. Living at the stem of the Dead Soul Flower, it was easy to guess that this reddish-black beetle wasn't some benign creature. There was a big bite on Yu Han's left hand, and only the heavens knew what would happen to him. Of course, the biggest possibility was that Yu Han would die immediately.

However, when Purian checked Yu Han's left hand, he did not see any signs of poisoning.

"Yu Han, do you feel unwell anywhere?" Purian asked.

"I think I'm fine now." Yu Han moved his left hand, and the cold feeling from the wound rapidly receded. On the contrary, his entire left arm felt very warm now, and extremely comfortable. He moved his left hand around and gripped it, while the snake wrapped around the tortoise shield.

"You're really ok now?"

"I'm really ok." Yu Han nodded.

"You scared us to death! I really thought something had happened to you. I heard from Ning Xue that your left arm is the Xuan Wu from ancient Chinese mythology, it's really different huh," one of the men in the team said with some praise and envy.

"Nah, it just looks similar," Yu Han said humbly but the pride in his heart couldn't be hidden. His left arm didn't just look like the Xuan Wu, its ability was also very strong in reality. Yu Han could be sure that the beetle definitely carried some poison but it wasn't effective on him. That's right, it wasn't effective! On the contrary, Yu Han found that the power in his left arm seemed to be gradually growing stronger.

A blessing in disguise?

Only, was it really ineffective?

The rest of them saw that Yu Han was fine and let out a breath of relief. Then, they carefully stored that beetle and the Dead Soul Flower. Ning Xue finally relaxed after seeing that Yu Han was fine, and she snuggled up against Yu Han just like a little girl. There wasn't a single trace of the persona she had when she pierced the beetle so sharply in an instant.

Seeing Ning Xue like this, Yu Han couldn't help but feel a flow of warmth inside his heart. After so long, Yu Han had truly fallen in love with the Ning Xue that had followed him all along. Over such a long period of time, Ning Xue had undergone great changes as well. She was no longer the weak little white flower from before but was now extremely calm and sharp in battle. However, after the battle ended, Ning Xue would turn back into her warm and submissive self. This was what Yu Han loved the most.

"Hey, can you guys get a room." Somebody by the side immediately teased.

"Ha, if you guys aren't happy then find a wife of your own." Yu Han smiled with a hint of arrogance. Not only did the others not find Yu Han to be arrogant, they actually felt that he had the bearing of a team leader now.


Bai Yi's group was different from Yu Han's group that had complete information on the Dead Soul Flower. They had no idea how to pluck the Dead Soul Flower, so they abandoned the two big and small flowers. To speak of it, their goal wasn't this flower but to kill Yu Han.

However, even though they knew that Yu Han had come to Wellington, this place really had some paranormal activity going on. Although Momo could see ghosts and helped them remain composed, the atmosphere in this place was still really uncomfortable. Not only was it eerily cold and creepy, they felt indescribably tense the more they walked toward the center of this place.

"I'll go take a look up in the sky."

"En." Bai Yi nodded.

Heloise spread her wings out and flew into the sky. She flew higher and higher. Initially, she thought that the higher she flew, the further she could see. However, after reaching the sky, the ground became extremely blurry. The dark clouds seemed to be everchanging while the sun couldn't be seen at all.

How ominous!

Wellington was previously the capital of New Zealand! No matter what, its appearance shouldn't turn this ominous? Unless the activated cells could even affect the climate? Only the heavens know what happened here… Heloise said in her heart and flew back down. However, Heloise stared blankly when she landed…She had flown straight up just now, so where was Bai Yi and the rest of her teammates?

Something was wrong, the scenery here was totally different from before! Did she fly to the wrong place?

Bai Yi and the rest waited for a while, but Heloise still didn't come back. They realized that something was wrong. Bai Yi's eyes squinted for a moment and guessed what had probably happened. Seemingly in ghost stories, things like this happened too. It seemed to be called ghost hitting the wall? (TN: It means to lose your way for mysterious reasons in Chinese culture, though I'm not too sure of the origin.)

"Momo, tell us if you see any ghosts later. We must ask them what exactly happened in Wellington, and where did Heloise go," Bai Yi said to Momo.


"What happened to Heloise?" Woolf asked.

"Wellington is a ghost city, so maybe Heloise encountered something and accidentally split apart from us. We must be careful from now on as well, luckily Momo can see ghosts so it's not the worst case scenario yet," Bai Yi slowly explained.

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