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Chapter 101: Fang Sword

“What is this?” Woolf thought he had accidentally grabbed onto something good.

“A fang!” Bai Yi said, and wiped away the mud on the grass nearby.

This was probably a fang from some animal, and it should belong to an experimental monster. The evolved lifeforms in New Zealand shouldn’t have reached this level yet. Bai Yi held the fang, and suddenly a thought went through his mind. This fang had a slight curvature to it; other than the shape, it wasn’t too different from a sword. Bai Yi had lost his broadsword for a long time. Since he hadn’t prepared any backups either, he didn’t have a suitable weapon to use in New Zealand now.

However, since New Zealand had already turned into this state, then was it possible to use materials from the evolved lifeforms to create weapons?

“Momo, lend me the short sword.”

“Orh.” Momo obediently passed the short knife to Bai Yi.

Bai Yi received the short knife and forcefully used the back of his knife to try and cut the fang sword. Just as Bai Yi had guessed, the hardness of this fang was astounding, and there wasn’t even a single scratch on it. It was easy to imagine how hard the teeth of these monsters were. For example, if something like the Great Devil Snake didn’t have a set of good teeth, how did it bite through almost anything?

“Bai Yi, what are you doing?”

“This thing can be used as a weapon, and my sword has been lost for a long time as well,” Bai Yi said.

“But this fang isn’t too suitable, let’s try and look if there are any more fangs below,” Bai Yi said, planning to do it himself. However, Wuzhi’s actions were even faster. Rats were originally good at burrowing holes, and even when they turned into monsters they still retained this habit. A few of the rat monsters ran over and dug into the edge of the swamp that Woolf had fallen into previously. They, pushed the soil to the side and quickly revealed the giant skeleton of the monster that had died in here.

The roots of the Black Wisteria wrapped around the skeleton of this monster. In addition to the sludge that dyed the skeleton black, they really couldn’t tell what kind of monster this was. However, there wasn’t much use even if they managed to identify it because everyone could more or less guess that the mutation of the Black Wisteria was probably related to it. The Black Wisteria had likely absorbed the flesh and blood of this monster.

Woolf used the back of his sword to knock out the few remaining teeth of this monster. Bai Yi picked carefully among the few fangs left. Actually, there wasn’t much need to think too much, the best teeth he could pick were the two fangs similar to the canines of a sabertooth tiger. The fang poked out of the monster’s mouth and was roughly 1.3 meters in length. It was slightly flat in its shape, and there was a sparkling crystal-like metallic sheen on its surface. Even these people who did not understand monster materials well could tell that these two fangs were very decent.

He picked up the two fang swords and passed one of them to Wuzhi. After that, everyone filled up the hole again. If this Black Wisteria had mutated because of this monster, then it was best not to do anything to affect it.

While Bai Yi acquired a fang sword, Mavis also harvested some Black Wisteria and stored it carefully. She needed to go back and test its medicinal properties later. The little rat monster that had tried this yesterday seemed to be in some discomfort and didn’t follow them here today. Although the Black Wisteria had the ability to induce sleep, it could also have some side effects.

Everyone went back together as Wuzhi held the fang sword that Bai Yi gave him, not knowing what to do with it. Although Wuzhi was quite smart, he was still more used to using his teeth while fighting normally. Additionally, their two incisors were quite strong as well now. They rarely used weapons, and they never seemed to use other objects as their weapons before. In the end, Wuzhi decided to learn from Bai Yi and follow whatever he did with the fang sword.

After returning to the city, everyone had their own things to do.

Bai Yi found a grinding wheel in the city of Taihape and wanted to grind this fang sword into a suitable long sword. Woolf and the others practiced the Tai Ji Fist and blade skills diligently, but they would come and fool around at Bai Yi’s side from time to time. Mavis tested the medicinal properties of the various new plants that she had collected and their uses, while Momo explored the city. After these rat monsters got to know Momo, they didn’t attack her at all. Moreover, with Sharpei protecting her, Bai Yi wasn’t really worried.

“Daddy, daddy!” When Bai Yi was grinding the fang sword, Momo suddenly ran back and shouted loudly.

“What is it?” Bai Yi looked over and saw that there was nothing wrong with Momo and involuntarily relaxed.

“A little rat was born; a little rat was born!” Momo said hurriedly, appearing very excited.

En? Bai Yi heard her and couldn’t help but feel a great curiosity. A little rat was born? To think of it, there wasn’t a single normal looking rat left in the city now. Bai Yi had initially thought that the food chain in New Zealand would break sooner or later if nobody could reproduce but unexpectedly, reproduction was still possible. Just what did the baby rat that was born from these random messy looking rat monsters look like?

Bai Yi felt extremely curious and went with Momo toward the rat monster that gave birth to the baby rat. Along the way, Heloise heard of this matter too and followed them.

“What kind of baby rat would be born? Do you think it will look weird the moment it’s born?” Heloise asked.

“I don’t know.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“It’s not! It’s just a baby rat, just like the little rats we saw at home last time,” Momo turned her head and answered.

Just when Bai Yi and Heloise were surprised, the few of them reached a house by a small alley. This house was relatively short and also seemed quite dark. Apparently, these rats did not forget their habits of burrowing holes. Even when they had grown to such a big size now, they still liked to stay in a cave-like place. This rat monster even more so stayed in the basement of this house. This rat apparently recognized them. When it saw Bai Yi appearing it did not attack him but just focused on looking after its few new born babies.

From the dim light around them, they saw a bunch of baby rats about the size of Momo’s fist. They were squeezed in the corner of the cave-like basement. Bai Yi walked over and the rat monster that had just beoame a mum immediately bared its teeth at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi immediately stopped himself. Although this rat monster knew him, its primal instincts were still stronger than its rationality. This was especially so when this rat monster had just become a mother. Bai Yi took a step back, and the expression on the mother rat finally relaxed. Bai Yi and Heloise looked at the bunch of baby rats by the side, feeling stunned in their hearts.

“They are actually rats!” Heloise said with a face of disbelief.

“They were rats all along.”

“I don’t mean that, I mean…nevermind, you are doing this on purpose,” Heloise wanted to explain, but looking at Bai Yi’s teasing eyes, she knew that he had understood long ago. Bai Yi wasn’t the dumb idiot that Woolf was, how could he not understand what she meant?

This rat monster was already more than a meter long. Its size was not too different from a normal human female but it also displayed many characteristics of other animals. Their appearance now wouldn’t let anybody think of a rat, but the 8 baby rats that she gave birth to were…really just baby rats, without any characteristics of other animals.

“Let’s go.” Bai Yi couldn’t continue disturbing the mother rat as well, so they left after leaving some food as a compensation for disturbing it.

At this time, both Bai Yi and Heloise were thinking, why was it that the baby rats that were born did not have any characteristics of other animals? Would these baby rats fuse with genes from other lifeforms and grow into monsters too or would they stay in this form forever? All in all, with the abrupt interception of the activated cells into the ecosphere of New Zealand, no one truly knew what this country would become like in the future.

Going back to their place, Bai Yi continued grinding his fang sword. However, after more than a week of grinding, Bai Yi finally gave up.

This fang sword was really made of some mysterious material, its hardness wasn’t even inferior to the broadsword that Bai Yi owned previously. The grinding wheel grinded its surface but all it could do was to polish it. It was completely impossible to grind the fang sword into the shape that he wanted. However, Bai Yi felt quite happy about this even in his disappointment, the more it was like this, the more it proved the quality of this fang sword. It was just that without grinding the fang into the shape of sword, it felt more unwieldy.

Mavis had already completed her research into the medicinal properties of the Black Wisteria. After combining a few other plants with it, she had finally managed to develop a sleeping drug that was relatively safer. Bai Yi filled a few test tubes with this drug and passed the rest to Wuzhi.

At this time, due to Bai Yi hypnotising them to enter a deep sleep to rebalance their body and soul every night, Woolf and Sharpei finally seemed to be more normal now.

It was time to leave!

Bai Yi thought in his heart. In more than a month, nobody had actually passed through this city of Taihape at all, so they couldn’t afford to continue staying in this city.

After knowing that Bai Yi’s group was going to leave, Wuzhi was seemingly quite reluctant for them to go. However, he was only somewhat reluctant, there weren’t any other emotions. When Bai Yi’s group left, practically every rat monster in the city came to send them off. This kind of grand farewell ceremony actually made them feel overwhelmed by the favour they were receiving.

“Wuzhi, if you trust me, find a safe place every night and drink a bit of the Black Wisteria fluid,” Bai Yi said softly to Wuzhi when he was leaving. Black Wisteria fluid of course referred to the drug developed through the combination of the Black Wisteria and several other plants. This drug had a strong ability to induce sleep. Although its effect wasn’t as good as Bai Yi’s hypnosis, it still had a certain level of effect on rebalancing the body and soul.

Wuzhi looked at Bai Yi in puzzlement. Bai Yi didn’t explain more either, waving his hand and leaving with the rest of his team.

Although Wuzhi knew that Bai Yi’s group valued the Black Wisteria greatly, he didn’t understand what use it had exactly. Wuzhi was smarter now, but if Bai Yi tried to explain to him things about the physical body or soul, Bai Yi would probably think that he had become retarded. Although Wuzhi didn’t understand these things, it still didn’t obstruct his admiration and learning from Bai Yi’s group.

Drink a bit of Black Wisteria fluid every day! 

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