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"Rise up, rise up, you merry men all, See that you ready be; All children under two years old Now slain they all shall be."

[E] crow?

[F] rounds?

Seynt Stevene was a clerk in kyng Herowdes halle, And servyd him of bred and cloth, as ever kyng befalle.[L2]

Stevyn out of kechon cam, wyth boris hed on honde; He saw a sterr was fayr and bryght over Bedlem stonde.

He kyst[L5] adoun the bores hed, and went into the halle: 5 "I forsake the, kyng Herowdes, and thi werkes alle.

"I forsak the, kyng Herowdes, and thi werkes alle: Ther is a chyld in Bedlem born is beter than we alle."

"Quhat eylyt[L9] the, Stevene? quhat is the befalle?

Lakkyt the eyther mete or drynk in kyng Herowdes halle?" 10

"Lakit me neyther mete ne drynk in kyng Herowdes halle: Ther is a chyld in Bedlem born is beter than we alle."

"Quhat eylyt the, Stevyn? art thu wod, or thu gynnyst to brede?[L13]

Lakkyt the eythar gold or fe, or ony ryche wede?"[L14]

"Lakyt 'me' neyther gold ne fe, ne non ryche wede;[L15] 15 Ther is a chyld in Bedlem born xal[L16] helpen us at our nede."

"That is al so soth, Stevyn, al so soth, i-wys,[L17]

As this capon crowe xal that lyth her in myn dysh."

That word was not so sone seyd, that word in that halle, The capon crew, CHRISTUS NATUS EST! among the lordes alle. 20

"Rysyt up, myn turmentowres, be to[L21] and al be on, And ledyt Stevyn out of this town, and stonyt hym wyth ston."

Tokyn he[L23] Stevene, and stonyd hym in the way; And therefor is his evyn on Crystes owyn day.

2. befalle, _befell_.

5. kyst, _cast_.

9. eylyt, _aileth_.

13. wod, _mad_: gynnyst to brede, _beginnest to entertain capricious fancies_, like a woman, &c.

14. fe, _wages_: wede, _clothes_.

15. ne, _nor_.

16. xall, _shall_.

17. soth, _true_: i-wys, _for a certainty_.

21. be to, _by two_.

23. he, _they_.

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