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"Come hither, five or three of my knights, And feitch me downe my steed; King Arthur, that foule cockeward, Hath none such, if he had need. 105

"For I can ryde him as far on a day, As King Arthur can doe any of his on three.

And is it not a pleasure for a King, When he shall ryde forth on his journey?

"For the eyes that beene in his head, 110 They[L111] glister as doth the gleed;"-- "Now, by my faith," says noble King Arthur,

[_Half a page is wanting._]

No body....

But one thats learned to speake.

Then King Arthur to his bed was brought, 115 A greeived man was hee; And soe were all his fellowes with him, From him they[L118] thought never to flee.

Then take they did that lodly boome,[L119]

And under thrubchandler[L120] closed was hee; 120 And he was set by King Arthurs bed-side, To heere theire talke, and theire com'nye;

That he might come forth, and make proclamation, Long before it was day; It was more for King Cornwalls pleasure, 125 Then it was for King Arthurs pay.

And when King Arthur on his bed was laid, These were the words said hee: "Ile make mine avow to God, And alsoe to the Trinity, 130 That Ile be the bane of Cornwall Kinge Litle Brittaine or ever I see!"

"It is an unadvised vow," saies Gawaine the gay, "As ever king hard make I; But wee that beene five christian men, 135 Of the christen faith are wee; And we shall fight against anoynted King, And all his armorie."

And then he spake him noble Arthur, And these were the words said he: 140 "Why, if thou be afraid, Sir Gawaine the gay, Goe home, and drinke wine in thine owne country."

32, the rived west.

34, tranckled.

50, They better.

65, bue, _sic_.

67, bue, _sic_; of two.

71, his gone.

101, said he.

111, The.

118, the.

119, goome?

120, thrubchadler.


And then bespake Sir Gawaine the gay, And these were the words said hee: "Nay, seeing you have made such a hearty vow, 145 Here another vow make will I.

"Ile make mine avow to God, And alsoe to the Trinity, That I will have yonder faire lady To Litle Brittaine with mee. 150

"Ile hose her hourly to my hart,[L151]

And with her Ile worke my will;

[_Half a page is wanting._]

These were the words sayd hee: "Befor I wold wrestle with yonder feend, It is better be drowned in the sea." 155

And then bespake Sir Bredbeddle, And these were the words said he: "Why, I will wrestle with yon lodly feend, God! my governor thou shalt bee."

Then bespake him noble Arthur, 160 And these were the[L161] words said he: "What weapons wilt thou have, thou gentle knight?

I pray thee tell to me."

He sayes, "Collen brand Ile have in my hand, And a Millaine knife fast be my knee; 165 And a Danish axe fast in my hands, That a sure weapon I thinke wilbe."

Then with his Collen brand, that he had in his hand, The bunge of the trubchandler he burst in three.

What that start out a lodly feend, 170 With seven heads, and one body.

The fyer towards the element flew, Out of his mouth, where was great plentie; The knight stoode in the middle, and fought, That it was great joy to see. 175

Till his Collaine brand brake in his hand, And his Millaine knife burst on his knee; And then the Danish axe burst in his hand first, That a sur weapon he thought shold be.

But now is the knight left without any weapone, 180 And alacke! it was the more pitty; But a surer weapon then had he one, Had never Lord in Christentye: And all was but one litle booke, He found it by the side of the sea. 185

He found it at the sea-side, Wrucked upp in a floode; Our Lord had written it with his hands, And sealed it with his bloode.

[_Half a page is wanting._]

"That thou doe.... 190 But ly still in that wall of stone; Till I have beene with noble King Arthur, And told him what I have done."

And when he came to the King's chamber, He cold of his curtesie 195 Saye, "Sleep you, wake you, noble King Arthur?

And ever Jesus watch yee!"

"Nay, I am not sleeping, I am waking,"

These were the words said hee: "For thee I have car'd; how hast thou fared? 200 O gentle knight, let me see."

The knight wrought the King his booke, Bad him behold, reede, and see; And ever he found it on the backside of the leafe, As noble Arthur wold wish it to be. 205

And then bespake him King Arthur, "Alas! thou gentle knight, how may this be, That I might see him in the same licknesse, That he stood unto thee?"

And then bespake him the Greene Knight,[L210] 210 These were the words said hee: "If youle stand stifly in the battell stronge, For I have won all the victory."

Then bespake him the King againe, And these were the words said hee: 215 "If we stand not stifly in this battell strong, Wee are worthy to be hanged all on a tree."

Then bespake him the Greene Knight, These were the words said hee: Saies, "I doe coniure thee, thou fowle feend, 220 In the same licknesse thou stood unto me."

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