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Chapter 45

Eh? Who? …huh? Wife? You can smell your wife scent? You mean the ‘woman’ you talked about before? …that’s not it? Hah? What do you mean? ……Hey, don’t you go silent, Kuon . ”

The man with the face of Kuon Kirisato tilted his head with a perplexed look .

“Kuon’s presence is weakening, umm…, it seems that the one who is controlling the body right now is Kuon Kirisato-san himself . While Kuon is…, uwah! He’s hiding in a rather deep place…”

Kobayashi-san and I guessed the general situation and both made eye contact with each other for a while after hearing Lilena’s words .
It appears that Kuon Kirisato wasn’t completely possessed as he is currently moving his own body . Moreover, the evil god, Kuon got scared of us who have Lilena’s blessing and ran away . What in the world are we suppose to do now…?

“Kuon is now hiding and confining himself deep inside Kirisato-san’s heart . I didn’t expect that Kuon and Kirisato-san are this closely attached… Could Kobayashi-sama and Endou-sama try making Kuon angry or upset? Otherwise, I won’t be able to get him off of Kirisato-san as he’s clinging really hard to his heart…”

We let out a deep sigh from Lilena’s unreasonable demand .
I’m not sure how to offend the evil god, Kuon, but first, we need to explain the situation to the good-looking Kirisato .

“Hmm, I see… Sure, take him away . ”
After listening to all the circumstances that we knew, Kirisato-san sat down on the ground and gave his honest reply while patting the white cat on his lap .
“Honestly, Kuon is annoying for me too . Even though I’m originally an introvert, he started using my body and becoming an actor on his own which made me shock to see that the money he earned was only for developing otome games . He also gave my body back once a week and occasionally made me go crazy . He even against taking this cat that I just found and bring her back home…
I’ve been wanting to get rid of him and get my body back . Kuon, your wife came to pick you up, just be obedient and go . Oi, Kuon . Kuuuoooon?”
Kirisato-san sighed and complained while calling out the evil god who’s currently residing in his heart .

“Kuon, your scheme has failed . The voice of god position that you were aiming for was taken by me and Kobayashi-san, and everyone in that side is happy now without anyone dying . ”
“Rize-tan and Baaru are also alive, and Lilena has returned back to being a goddess . To top it all off, Finne-chan is in love with Baaru! There is no room for you anymore!”
Whether those were complaints or provocations that we just threw at him, there was still no reaction from him .

“Rather, you said you have a girlfriend but she didn’t even recognize you, let alone acknowledge you . Ain’t that just you being a stalker?”
However, at the next moment Kirisato-san murmured so, his head shook for a moment, and his expression changed .

“Humans, every one of them, why aren’t they respecting God (me)…”
He stood up while giving out a resentment .
The white cat that Kirisato-san likes rolled down from his lap with a short shriek, landed on the ground, and ran away as if she was scared .

“If a god is clumsy, then he will be called clumsy . If he is merciful and benevolent like Kobayashi-sama and Endou-sama, even a high school student can be praised as a god . An existence that misused his position and power will be overthrown someday . Even if it is the god who created the world itself . ”

Lilena said so slowly as if she’s preaching herself as well .
The man in front of me glared at the sky .

“I didn’t expect you saying such a remarkable thing . What on earth happened to that world while I was away…”
Kobayashi-san replied with a leeway expression to the words that the evil god threw out eerily .
“Liselotte, who you thought as only a villainess, was actually very cute . That’s why we became gods instead of you, Lilena regained her sanity, the prince even became madly in love with Rize-tan, and everyone is happy . The absolute best happy ending is already confirmed, with Rize-tan, Baaru, as well as the ancient witch not dead .
With that said, the god who interferes with people’s love affairs should be sealed away by his own wife!”

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Kobayashi-san said so proudly, pointing her index finger at Kuon and putting her other hand on her waist .

“That’s rich coming from you whose heart is awfully black and distorted, isn’t it?”
Kuon shined his eyes in golden color and fixed his gaze at Kobayashi-san .
Although he’s a young man with a pale skin, Kuon Kirisato’s eyes are still brown .
While I was still confused from the incomprehensible words that he just said as well as the color change of his eyes, Kuon took a step forward towards Kobayashi-san while repeating his words .

“The same color of jealousy as I am . You, do you really want a happy ending? Aren’t you jealous?”

“Still a god, even when corrupted, huh…? Yeah, I’m jealous . But that’s why I admire Rize-tan from the bottom of my heart . I’m really glad because I know how wonderful and hard the happy endings for everyone on that side is . ”
Kobayashi-san calmly replied without being upset to Kuon’s poisonous words .

“You know it too, right? The scenario for ‘Majikoi’ . Liselotte in Siegward Route . Her end . ”
Kuon tilted his head suspiciously from her words that were slowly said .
“Rize-tan went crazy with jealousy . She was taken over by the ancient witch and rampaged, killing Baaru . Even so, in the end, she regained her sanity . She wished for the happiness of her beloved Sieg, apologized to Baaru for killing him, and killed herself along with the ancient witch using her own hands .
Kuon, the ancient witch,…even me . Me, my, mine, all of us only cares about their own feelings! But that’s wrong! That’s where we are wrong! It’s obvious that you can’t like such self-centered and pushy existences! Even Endou-kun, obviously, would love someone who is like my sister instead of me!”
Me? What? No, wait, what?
I hurriedly chased after Kobayashi-san’s back who was walking step by step towards Kuon while screaming louder and louder .

“However, even I still don’t have the urge to kill . Hindering him… . . well yeah, a bit, but I want to give up like Rize-tan did and pray for Endou-kun’s happiness instead…!”

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“Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Please wait a moment!”
I shouted while hugging her from behind .
“Eh,…ah . ”
Kobayashi-san, who had turned bright red likely due to her anger, instantly went pale and stopped moving .

“There seems to be some misunderstandings, but first things first, the person who I like is Shihono-san, okay?”
It seems that my unrequited love, which was so obvious that I didn’t understand why it was misunderstood as me falling in love with her sister, wasn’t really conveyed to the actual person herself . Thus, Kobayashi-san shook her head as if to play dumb .

“I… Shihono Kobayashi-san, I like you . I’ve always loved you since I decided to join the broadcasting club . ”
I said my heartfelt words . I wonder if Sieg was feeling like this too at the time of that proposal .
Still, she seemed to not believe me and was stunned for some reason .

“No, it’s true, my unrequited love is known to all the broadcasting club members . In the first place, I’m involving myself in this is because I like Kobayashi-san! Rather, why do you think I like your sister?”
When I desperately said that, Kobayashi-san shook my arm seemingly angry and shouted at me with tears .
“Because Endou-kun confessed to my sister at the school festival! Saying that she was an angel and deeply in love with her!”
She heard us as expected . Still, did she only hear that part?
“That’s because your sister was asking me if I’m interested in Shihono-san . So, the things that I said about being an angel and deeply in love, everything… is all about you . ”

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I managed to put it into words while putting up with the embarrassment . My face, ears, and neck are turning hot .
“Umm, by the way, the way you talk before…, means that Shihono-san also likes me…, right? Then, that… should we go out?”
“Yes! I also like Endou-kun! But, I’m sorry, it was a love at first sound for me!”
Kobayashi-san accepted my suggestion with excitement .

“Love, at first sound……?”
I couldn’t understand what Kobayashi-san was sorry for as well as her words that were unfamiliar to me . She then nodded and opened her mouth when I tilted my head .
“Yup . It was around the time when we enrolled last April . I was curious whether I have a classmate with a good voice, and by the time I saw you, I just thought that I liked how you looked as well……”
“Didn’t I have a buzz cut back then?”
I slightly joked around the part where she said that she liked my appearance, but she confessed easily .

“Yes, you have a well-shaped head . ”
“Ah, thank you?”
Having to be honestly praised, I replied so in confusion . Should I go back to the buzz cut?
“After that, when I saw you doing your best in the baseball club, I fell in love with how a hard worker you were… well, umm, in short, I totally had an ulterior motive when I dragged you to the broadcasting club, so I’m troubled if you see me as an angel…uhh…forgive me…, but are you, okay with, me?”

“Rather than answering that… that’s so cute, what’s up with that? I will cherish it for the rest of my life . ”
I unconsciously hugged her .

The blushing and fidgety Kobayashi-san is truly an angel .

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