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Published at 9th of April 2019 08:50:41 PM
Chapter 2

Just How Red Can She Be…?

Ignoring Liselotte, who didn’t know what was happening, I planted a deep kiss.

Pulling her close to me.

That said, it was just on the cheek.

“…Well, is that satisfactory? Coebyashayshan?”

Of course, I refrained from impulsively stealing a kiss from her lips.

Since I wasn’t told specifically how to kiss her, I suppose this should be alright?


After a moment of evanescent silence, as I pondered just how truly soft Liselotte’s cheek had been, the voice of Cobeyasheshan pierced through the quiet.

Liselotte’s cheek under my palm was growing hotter by the second. Looking back at her, they had grown a bright shade of red. Tears were welling in the corners of her eyes and her entire body seemed like it was trembling.

Just who was this cute creature?


Suddenly, Cobeyasheshan’s voice turned into a shockingly loud shout.

『C-Calm down, Kobayashi-san!』

『How!? Could!? I!?!? Because! Sieg and Rize-tan just…!! Smooch! Even if it’s just on the cheek! Smooch! The smoooch!! Rize-tan’s so kyuuuuuute!! Oh gosh, having seen this, I’d be fine dying right now…!』

『Please don’t!? I’m not sure why at all, but it seems like he really can hear our voices, right? In that case, why don’t we do our best to help out Sieg avoid the final boss and the witch and stuff? Let’s do our best doing that, okay!? So stop smacking me on the back, okay!?』

『…That’s it!』

As Cobeyasheshan shouted, the two venerable gods began to hold a conversation I could barely comprehend.

Not wanting to rudely interrupt the two deities, I waited quietly, but when they talked about Liselotte being ‘cute’, I couldn’t help but agree.

Usually, Liselotte was as stubborn as a mule and headstrong to boot.

‘I am the fiancée of the Crown Prince, Siegward.’ No matter how many people would approach her and comment on her beauty at social occasions, she would coldly brush them aside with a glare and that line, so it was hard for me to even believe that the same girl would turn completely red and speechless just from having been kissed on the cheek.

Just what happened to her usually brusque attitude? I was prepared for a scowl that reached absolutely below freezing levels for what I just did.

Instead, her whole face is… No, even her neck and ears are completely red. Just how red can one person be?


As I was fascinated by Liselotte’s face, the Goddess coughed loudly.

Oh, had they finished talking?

I took my hand off Liselotte’s cheek and tried to straighten myself up.

『Umm, well, for the time being, even if we don’t really understand what’s going on with being called Gods and such, we’ll just go with it.』

Thus declared Cobeyashayshan.

Looking towards the heavens where she must dwell, I nodded in response.

Such is the will of the Gods.

『I know the scenarios that… Um, that is to say, what shall befall the country, centered on this academy.』

As expected of a Goddess.

『Ummm, but it would be sort of spoiling things if I suddenly said everything, and even if I told you everything right now it really wouldn’t make any sense to you… Not to mention I still want to keep our club practice going, so with that being said, from now on, we will continue providing play-by-play and colour commentary!!』

As Coebayashayshan dictated an entirely incomprehensible commandment, all I could do was stand there in silent confusion.

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Play-by-play and… Colour commentary…?

『Umm, I’m, uh, I mean, my name is Endo, I handle the play-by-play.』

『My name is Kobayashi, the colour commentator.』

The gods named themselves officially as 【Endow of the Play-by-Play】and 【Coebayashay of the Colour Commentary】. Perhaps they only use Kuhn and Shan when talking to each other? I must have been exceptionally rude.

In any case, I inscribed their names upon my heart. Ah, I should take a note of it too.

I need a pen and paper… Does anyone have…? Ah, I can use Finne’s. She had some, right? I’ll borrow her notebook… Wait, just when did she go back to sitting back down on the bench?

『We’ll be commentating on the events that are coming up, and most of all about Rize-tan’s… Err, I mean, Liselotte’s feelings, I’ll be giving a detailed commentary. Ah jeez, it feels like I’m going crazy talking to myself like this, but anyways Sieg, just listen and think carefully and this should all work out. It feels weird talking to someone in a different world too and what’s more, Sieg, you’ve been kind of out of character for a while now, so it’s fine if you don’t talk to us. Instead, you can just listen to what we say instead, does that work?』

Out of character…?

As I looked back at Liselotte and Finne with the Goddess’ words in mind, I could see that both of them were staring at me with obviously worried faces.

Ahh, right, even though I’m technically talking to Gods right now, they can only hear my voice. I must look crazy. To all onlookers, it must seem like I’ve made a brilliant transformation into a madman.

It wasn’t just these two either, nobody outside the royal family can hear 【The Voice of God】. Talking to them in public might cause some troubling misunderstandings.

『Just listen』… I had my reservations about how rude it was not to respond to the Gods, but their proposal was a great relief to me all the same.

“…Thank you very much for your benevolence.”

With a final word to the heavens, I bowed deeply once more and turned back to Liselotte and Finne.

That’s right, I was supposed to be in the middle of a conversation with these two in the first place.

『Do your best, Sieg! Don’t give in, Sieg! As Sieg returns to this tense situation, will he safely be able to overcome this difficult event…!?』

『Since Liselotte has already been well boiled after what happened just before, it may be possible? It would be nice if all three of them were able to study peacefully together.』

That would be nice.

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I agreed with Coebayashay’s voice in my heart without saying it out loud.

With her face still flushed as red as it was when I gave her a kiss on the cheek, Liselotte was absent-mindedly playing with her loosely curled hair, the fire with which she had strode into the courtyard completely gone.

I don’t really understand what Endow meant by 【Event】, but it’s clear that this situation would have played out completely differently if it wasn’t for the intervention of the Gods.

“I’ve already finished receiving the commandments of the Gods. Now, why don’t the three of us study altogether? Liselotte, you join us too.”

Trying to bring the two confused girls to their senses, I beckoned towards the bench, taking the dazed Liselotte’s hand to gently sit her down.

So we sat down, with Liselotte in the middle, Finne on her left and myself on her right.

It seemed like Liselotte didn’t have the energy to go after Finne like she had before, though even if she sat down awkwardly on the bench at first, it didn’t take Liselotte long to once again return to that naturally elegant posture of hers, as Finne smiled bashfully in her direction. I guess this seating arrangement is fine, then?

If I sat next to Finne myself, it might cause her pride to flare up again. What’s more, it could cause some malicious onlooker to spread rumours.

“Now then, Finne, which parts didn’t you understand?”

Finne had looked a little relieved that the discussion about the Gods was over, but now she flicked through the textbook hurriedly, her expression a little confused.

It seems like the place that she’s tripping over was, in fact, the very basics, the fundamentals of magic.

Most of the students in this academy would have already studied through this before attending the school.

But, as a commoner without a family name to call her own, it’s hardly something she could be expected to know.

“Oh, oh my, you do not even know this much?”

Turning towards Finne, Liselotte said that as if she were looking down on her. Although having said that, she’s leaning in closer to her, as if she’s intending to start teaching.

“It can’t be helped if she never really had the opportunity to know.”

But in order to help teach Finne myself from where I sat, I had no choice but to lean over Liselotte to point things out on the book.

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“When it comes to this part…”

As I began to talk to Finne about the contents of the book, I was conscious that as I leaned past Liselotte, I was but a hair’s breadth away from touching her back.


She must have been aware of it too, as her back stiffened up whilst her neck, ears and no doubt the face of hers I couldn’t see shone an even more brilliant shade of red in a way I could only describe as ‘cute’.

I realized that there was any number of things I could get away with and play off as an accident.

Should I let a little bit of my breath tickle those flushed ears?

Or should I brush down her shoulder through her back with my fingers?

Actually, even if I hugged her suddenly from behind, that would be fine, right…?

Seeing for my own two eyes the wisdom freely imparted by the Gods that ‘Liselotte is a Soon d’Rey and actually likes you’ was a divine truth filled me with a deep and indescribable joy.

As I kept teaching in a happy mood, Liselotte seemed flustered and confused by my sudden change in attitude whilst Finne could barely suppress her smile as she looked at us. It seemed like the Goddess Coebayashay forgot to provide commentary, as the God Endow cried out『Ouch ouch ouch, s-stop it, Kobayashi-san…!』

…Just what could be transpiring up there in their heavenly kingdom?




Hey there, thanks for waiting. I kind of have an obssession with having the illustrations before starting so I waited for the LN to come out to continue. From now on, I’ll be posting chapters daily until I run out of backlog, then I’ll aim for semi-regular releases. In that vein, though, there are two good pieces of news.

As mentioned, I have those illustrations now, and you can view the first of them here. I’ll be updating this page with the illustrations as they appear in the novel’s story.

The second piece of great news is that this series will be getting a manga soon! As well as the manga cover below, I’ve posted the character designs of the manga here. Not quite sure when the manga will be out, but I’ll keep you all posted.

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