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Chapter 98: 98
Inside Jude and Cordelia’s tent at night…

The lit candles diffused a faint light and warmth all over the place .

And in the middle of that place .

There was a beautiful girl in a white dress with rabbit ears on her head . She had a shy expression on her face as her lips quivered .

Although the candle’s faint light was very small and weak when compared to the night’s darkness, it  brought out the girl’s captivating beauty like a ray of light in the darkness .

She had burning red cheeks, misty eyes, and lips that drew nice-looking curves whenever it quivered .

The girl hesitated for quite some time before she swallowed her saliva and her long white neck trembled a little .

She opened her lips and a nervous voice came out with her breath .

“M-my b-beloved Mr . Jude Bayer . ”

The girl’s cheeks turned redder at her words that expressed love, and the surrounding area that was gently warmed by the candlelight also became hot .


Sweat flowed along the girl’s smooth jawline, and the girl put her hands together and squeezed them, as if she was plucking up the courage to confess before she spoke .

“I-I…c-can’t live without J-Jude, Mr . Jude Bayer . ”

Her words came out slightly stuttered before she bit her lips .

Her voice seemed to have a mixture of shyness and determination .

But it didn’t end there .

The girl took several deep breaths, mustered her courage and spoke again .

“I-I belong to Mr . Jude… Mr . Jude Bayer is mine… No! F*ck! Hey!”

That was it .

Cordelia threw the script she had in her hand onto the floor and then bellowed at the watching Jude .

“Hey! You evil b*stard! What’s with the script?!”

She could overlook ‘my beloved Mr . Jude Bayer . ’

Yes, she could somehow understand the ‘I can’t live without Jude . ’

Because its purpose was to protect Jude from Adelia .

But what about the next?

“Am I yours? Am I yours?”

It was just some words in the script, but it was difficult to say them .

How am I supposed to say this in front of others!

“Woah, woah . Relax, relax . ”

“Wurf-wurf! Grrrrrr! Wurf!”

“No, what am I supposed to do when you’re cute even if you’re angry . ”


“No, anyway . It’s actually fair . You’re not one-sidedly saying that you are mine, you’re saying that I am yours too, right?”

The script’s contents were indeed fair .

When Jude spoke with a calm face, Cordelia hesitated for a moment, but she eventually wasn’t fooled .

“No! I don’t give a damn about fairness! What’s with that script?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Everything’s a problem from start to finish!”

“Ei, what are you talking about? Now, now, take a deep breath and think . ”

“What am I supposed to think?”

“Think about the past . Do you remember when you first acted?”

“Roughly . ”

“I remember it clearly . It was this line back then . ”

Having said that, Jude cleared his throat once and then said in a feigned voice as if reciting a poem .

“I-I want to spend some time alone with Mr . Jude! We’ll be back before dinner, so just wait! Don’t worry about us!”

“Ah . ”

It came across her mind again .

When they went on an outdoor date to get Solari’s Necklace from Leisegang .

‘I-It’s still okay . ’

It was okay . She could endure it if it was this much .

But it was actually not over yet .

“After that, it was something like this . ”

Jude cleared his throat and then said in a slightly more charming voice than before .

“I-I want to go with my beloved Mr . Jude Bayer . I-I don’t want to be separated from hi-him!”


Cordelia’s face turned red . No, it was not only her face as her neck and ears were red too .

But unfortunately, this wasn’t the end .

“I’m going on a honeymoon trip with my beloved Mr . Bayer . We’ll be back in a few days, so please don’t bother looking for us, okay?”

“Uwaaa… . ”

Cordelia unconsciously let out a crying sound from her mouth as she covered her face with both of her hands .

Her legs weakened and she even sank to her knees .

“And then I left a letter like this: I will further continue my honeymoon trip with Lady Cordelia, whom I dearly love more than my life . Please do not worry too much, because I’ve gotten healthier from eating the Sunflower . P . S . I am really happy now . ”


“For your information, that was what you ordered me to do . You loved it so much . ”

What he said was true .

She remembered that she eventually ordered Jude to do it once and that she really loved it .

Why did I do that?

Why did I do that on that day?

Cordelia who was squatting on the floor let out a troubled voice while Jude had such a pleasant look on his face . He then concluded his recap of the events with a happy smile .

“So, now that you’ve heard it, don’t you agree that the intensity has been growing stronger little by little? You could say that there’s progress in our relationship . Therefore, shouldn’t we go a little further this time?”

What he said was reasonable .

What he said made sense .


But even if that is so!


She felt like she wanted to quickly stand up and hit Jude, but she didn’t have the energy to do that .

The current situation had been too stimulating for a girl who only had a lover in the games that she played for certain periods of time .

Thus, Jude approached Cordelia and gently said .

“Umm…anyway, wouldn’t this be enough to stop Adelia?”

What he said was true .

In the first place, the reason why they were rehearsing the script was to stop Adelia .

Adelia was Cordelia’s older sister . She was also an older sister who really cares about Cordelia, so if Cordelia extremely loved Jude, it was highly likely that she would concede even if she didn’t like it .

It was said that parents have a soft spot for their children .

‘In this case, it’s about an older sister and her younger sister . ’

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In any case, Jude waited for Cordelia to recover . After she had slightly recovered, Cordelia began hitting Jude in the back .

“Ugeu! Uu!”

“You should calm down and speak in human language first, okay?”

Perhaps this was a side effect of Beast Mode .

Jude half-jokingly said, and Cordelia pinched Jude before taking a deep breath .

She stood up from her spot and shouted .

“Okay, I’ll let everything go! I understand!”

To protect Jude from Adelia!

I’ll say stronger lines than before to show the progress of our relationship!

I’ll let everything go .

I somehow understand .

But why!

“W-why is Violent Avalanche here!”

As Cordelia pointed to the corner of the tent and shouted, the being involved – Violent Avalanche, was sitting in the corner and watching Jude and Cordelia’s skit . The wild god then nodded and said .

“That’s right . I also wanted to ask . Why are you showing me this? I have to admit that it’s cute though . ”

Upon hearing the word ‘cute’, the cheeks of Cordelia who had just calmed down turned red again . On the other hand, Jude spoke with a calm face .

“Because she needs to be able to do it naturally in front of others . ”

“No, I think you don’t need to practice about your relationship . ”

Violent Avalanche had no idea of the true relationship between Jude and Cordelia, and their current practice had seriously made Violent Avalanche feel out of place . Apart from that, Violent Avalanche doubted the necessity of the practice itself .

‘Isn’t it obvious that they’re a crazy couple?’

The couple were so perfectly compatible that one might think that they were born for each other .

“Well, anyway, let’s take a break . ”

“Uuuu…do I have to do it again?”

“You have to do it again . You have to get used to it . ”

At Jude’s words, Cordelia nodded with drooping shoulders .

She was so embarrassed that her head grew feverish and her normal thinking became somewhat difficult .

Regardless, the strangely quiet Cordelia sat down on her bed and Jude spoke again after turning to Violent Avalanche .

“Violent Avalanche, how is the establishment of the Eastern Alliance?”

“It’s a serious topic all of a sudden . ”

The topic suddenly came in, but it was necessary to talk about it .

It had been two days since Red Wind got the Phoenix .

Violent Avalanche walked to the front of the bed and stretched its arms, and Cordelia lifted up Violent Avalanche and sat it on the bed .

“Huu…that’s good . Anyway, about that, it’s going faster than I thought . ”

There were three wild gods involved so the establishment of the Eastern Alliance was initially progressing quite fast . It was then accelerated by the addition of what happened to the Golden Dragon King, which was a recent news brought by Jude and Cordelia .

“Because the west is already contaminated and there was also a request from the Golden Dragon King… The wild gods who were very hesitant and evasive have also began to move forward . Perhaps when this Karaval is over, a strong Eastern Alliance would be established that is centered on one tribe, which would either be the Great Storm tribe or the Blade Song tribe . ”

At Violent Avalanche’s explanation, Jude’s eyes narrowed .

“Then the scale of this Karaval would probably be bigger than originally planned . ”

“Yes, you’re right . The basic one-on-one battle of Red Wind and Sun Song would remain the same, but the number and quality of the audience would be different . Most of the tribal chiefs of the east would probably get together to watch the Karaval this time . ”

They would be here to discuss the establishment of the Eastern Alliance and not just to watch a fight .

Jude asked Violent Avalanche again .

“Is there any response from the west? I think that your side don’t know much on what’s going on there either . ”

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“It’s not like we don’t have spies there, so we at least know a little about it . We’re also keeping a close eye on the events in the west . However…our judgment is that they seemed to be more preoccupied with the complete unification of the west . The Angry Bull tribe is currently preoccupied with their military expedition on the west . ”

In other words, they hadn’t taken measures against the eastern side because they were preoccupied with the unification of the western side .

‘It’s understandable . ’

Everything that they had done in the east so far was close to a small-scale covert operation .

“But Violent Avalanche . ”

Cordelia finally recovered while their conversation went back and forth, so she raised her hand and asked . Violent Avalanche accepted her question with a smile .

“Yes, what are you curious about?”

“You said earlier that most of the tribal chiefs would be gathering . ”

“I did . ”

“Then would the wild gods also be gathered?”

Jude and Cordelia did not know much about the wild gods’ existence until they had come to the wild lands .

But it was different now .

By personally meeting Great Storm, they learned that wild gods exist . And when they met Violent Avalanche, they found out that the monsters in the original whom they thought to be monsters from hell were actually the corrupted wild gods .

‘Wild gods protected the tribes . ’

The tribesmen greatly respected the will of the wild gods they served, as could be seen in the case of Gentle Snow Breeze and Great Storm .

In short, the will of the wild gods rather than the will of the tribal chiefs were more important in the establishment of the Eastern Alliance .

Violent Avalanche roughly understood the meaning of Cordelia’s question, but it smiled and shook its head .

“Most of the wild gods would probably not participate . Each wild god has its own sanctuary and living in it is basic for us . An example right now would be Gentle Snow Breeze who made an alliance with Great Storm but still lives in her sanctuary in the basin . ”

Thus, the other wild gods would be more focused on protecting their sanctuaries at the present moment .

“Then what about Violent Avalanche?”

Wild Avalanche was also a wild god, but it was staying in Great Storm’s land .

At Cordelia’s question, Jude slightly turned his glance away while Violent Avalanche indignantly shouted .

“You two destroyed it! You two!”

My sanctuary! My rocky mountain!

Of course, Violent Avalanche’s rocky mountain did not completely collapse, as half of it still remained .

“Ahem, ahem, moving on, Violent Avalanche will be watching the Karaval then . ”

“Yes, that’s right . ”

When Violent Avalanche grumbled and answered, Cordelia felt sorry, so she hugged the wild god who did not refuse the beautiful girl’s touch .

“Ahem, ahem . ”

The combination of a bear cub and a beautiful girl was really nice to look at, but Jude was somehow uncomfortable with it, so he cleared his throat and then pulled Violent Avalanche’s hand before speaking .

“On another note, there’s not much time left until the Karaval . ”

“Yes, but I believe in Red Wind . She got the Phoenix and isn’t she also practicing really hard now?”

Violent Avalanche was right .

Red Wind’s growth had been explosive after obtaining the Phoenix .

In addition, Jude and Cordelia’s customized teachings for her had been increasing her winning rate at Karaval day by day .

‘Cordelia is teaching Red Wind’s unique combat method with the flame spirit . ’

Because the character Yellow Storm played the most after Cordelia was Red Wind .

Moreover, Cordelia was better than Jude when it came to battle skills, so he completely entrusted Red Wind’s growth to Cordelia .

‘My task is to take the role of her opponent, Sun Song . ’

Jude had memorized all of Sun Song’s combat patterns .

Of course, what Jude had memorized were the combat patterns of the corrupted Sun Song . However, only Sun Song’s temperament and personality had changed when he was corrupted, so it was highly likely that his basic physical skills remained the same .

‘She’ll learn how to fight from Cordelia and then have a mock battle with me who can fight like Sun Song . ’

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It was the best training method they could do for her right now .

‘But time is running out too . ’

There were only four days left until the Karaval – essentially, that was a little over three days .

‘Will she make it on time?’

‘She will make it . ’

Jude exchanged glances with Cordelia before he nodded once and turned to Violent Avalanche .

When he met eyes with Violent Avalanche, the wild god suddenly clapped its hands, jumped off the bed and said .

“Ah, come to think of it, there’s something that I have to tell you . ”

“Something to tell us?”

They had just talked about the establishment of the Eastern Alliance, but was there something else they had to talk about too?

When Violent Avalanche saw Jude and Cordelia’s curious eyes, the wild god had a little evil – no, a happy smile and said .

“Your older brother and sister will arrive in two days . ”

Gaël and Adelia would be returning after their vain efforts in going to Raptor Canyon .

They were coming to meet Jude and Cordelia .

They were coming to apprehend the two!


Cordelia tightly shut her eyes while Jude held Cordelia’s hand .

Though he had made fun of Cordelia, Jude was also nervous when he thought about meeting them in person .

But it was their inevitable fate .

Four days left until the Karaval .

Two days left until the invasion of their older brother and sister .

The night grew late .


It was a particularly sunny day .

Jude and Cordelia stood side by side on the pure white snowfield as they looked into the distance but didn’t find anyone .

Two days after hearing about the situation from Violent Avalanche…

That day had finally arrived .


Cordelia took some deep breaths as her cheeks were stiff from tension .

Jude asked as he glanced at Cordelia .

“Are you nervous?”

“I am nervous . ”

“It’s all right, you have me . ”

“I’m nervous because of you, okay?”

She had to protect Jude from Adelia .


Cordelia took some deep breaths again before clenching her teeth and straightening her posture .

Jude also straightened his posture like Cordelia and then looked straight ahead .

“They’re coming . ”

The two saw the other side .

Gaël and Adelia finally appeared .

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