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Chapter 91: 91
“Lena! We’re back! Lena!”

Cordelia entered the cave with a loud shout .

It was the bathhouse where Jude and Cordelia met the wild fairies for the first time .

“Cordelia . ”

Inside their temporary shelter, Lena had laid down a mat inside an empty bathtub and was modestly sitting on it . When she responded to Cordelia’s call, Cordelia brightly smiled and ran to her .

“Lena, Lena . Good news! We found a way to cure Demon Syndrome!”

Cordelia quickly clung to Lena’s side and conveyed their conversation with the Fairy Queen .

“So we’re thinking of going to the sacred place . Isn’t that good news?”

“It is . Thank you very much for helping me in various ways . ”

“Eh, you’re welcome . Hehehe . ”

The happy Cordelia’s cheeks blushed, and Lena unconsciously laughed .

In fact, Lena was familiar with this kind of affection .

Because almost all those who knew of Lena’s nickname, Holy Angel, were very friendly to her .

But she felt that Cordelia was a little special .

Not just because she liked Lena, but because she was concerned with Lena herself .

“Cordelia is so cute . ”

“Yes? Eh…hehehe . ”

When she kindly said that, Cordelia’s faced blushed even more as she let out a silly laugh .

But Cordelia looked so cute that Lena laughed again .

“What a heartwarming sight, very nice…”

It was when the pleased Jude was watching that scene from the entrance…

“Jude, are we heading to the sacred place now?”

The Dwarf Kaplan, whom the Fairy Queen recognized for his gentle and moist eyes, asked with sparkling eyes .

The ruins of Solari and the sacred place of a wild god .

For him, an archeologist, it was like getting many valuable things in only one package .

“Yes, we will . ”


Though not as adorable as Cordelia’s, Kaplan’s ecstatic face and flushed cheeks was also enough to make him smile .

‘Come to think of it…’

Kaplan had become strangely brighter than before, even after going through this incident .

‘Perhaps he found some confidence?’

Jude and Cordelia had said to Kaplan many times that they were glad to be with him .

But it wasn’t just that .

Kaplan’s cheerfulness had another slightly different reason .

‘I was nothing . ’

Kaplan was called a god of disaster because an accident happened wherever he went .

But in retrospect, it was merely accidents such as falling rocks, activating hidden traps, or encountering monsters .

‘It’s trivial in front of these two, it’s trivial . ’

It was trivial in front of these two who didn’t stop at destroying a city but even collapsed half of Raptor Canyon .

Moreover, he found out that this wasn’t the first time when he listened to their story .

When they went to a mountain, they collapsed it .

When they went to the fields, they burnt the fields .

When they went to an underground city, they were truly destruction incarnate as they annihilated it .

In front of these two, Kaplan himself was merely a drop in the ocean, so he felt that his worries so far were just something trivial .

Of course, the biggest reason for him finding his confidence was because Jude and Cordelia repeatedly reassured him, but it couldn’t be denied that he was also humbled by the great destruction caused by the two .

‘Let’s become stronger too . ’

Just like Jude and Miss Cordelia .

So that whatever difficulties that may come, he can break them down and move on .

With a renewed determination, Kaplan gazed at Cordelia who was warmly acting like a spoilt child in front of Lena, while Jude narrowed his eyes .

‘Somehow…it somehow feels different from what I intended . ’

But that didn’t matter .

The important thing was that Kaplan found his confidence .

“Jude, Jude . When are we leaving?”

He heard Cordelia calling him just then, so Jude turned to her and answered .

“Well…there’s no reason to drag it out . Miss Lena, if you don’t mind, I’d like to start right away…is that okay with you?”

Jude asked somewhat carefully .

Because Lena’s condition had worsened after the battle .

Demon Syndrome would worsen whenever mana was used, and Lena had already used a lot of mana before joining Jude and Cordelia’s group .

If she used a little more mana now, it would really lead to an irreversible situation .

Cordelia had a worried look upon hearing Jude’s question, but Lena held Cordelia’s hand and said as if she was okay .

“I don’t have a big problem in terms of physical strength . Let’s start right away . ”

“Okay, then let’s hurry . ”

Lunchtime was already approaching, so even if they depart now, they had to hurry to get there before sunset .

About an hour passed by .

As they were heading northeast towards the sacred place, Cordelia quickly approached Jude who was leading the group .

“Jude, Jude . ”


He was glad to see the approaching Cordelia, who had been by Lena’s side for the past hour, but Jude became curious why she came to him .

He asked as he tilted his head, and Cordelia said while keeping her voice down .

“We’re going to the sacred place now . ”


“According to the Queen, the sacred place is where the golden dragon, the king of the wild gods, and Solari, the sun god, interacted in the past, right?”

“Yes . So it’s a sacred place for both the wild gods and the Solari denomination . ”

“Yes, yes, so there must be a dragon vein in the sacred place, right?”

Jude was about to nod his head immediately at Cordelia’s words but stopped . His eyes narrowed and he then said in a low voice .

“What… Is this a murder notice? No, is this a terror warning? What terms are you demanding?”

“Hey, it’s not like that . ”

“No, it is . And put your hand on your heart and ask your conscience . Think if your words were excessive or not . ”

“Umm…it’s excessive . That’s right, Jude said it was wrong . ”

Cordelia put her hand on her chest and calmly said as if she really heard the voice of her conscience .

And at that sight, Jude unwittingly sighed .

“Huu…your acting skills have improved . ”

“It’s because of someone evil . And it wasn’t acting just now . It really was the voice of my conscience . ”

“If you say so… Anyway, why did you bring up the dragon vein?”

“Ah, no…it’s just in case . ”

“Just in case?”

“Yes, just . ”

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“Hey, I’m saying this just in case then . Not the sacred place . Seriously, not the sacred place . The Queen will weep bitterly . Do you understand? She’ll weep and cry . ”

“I know, I know . I understand . I don’t want to make the Queen cry too, so don’t worry . ”

Cordelia said before going back to Lena while humming, and Jude had a somewhat ominous feeling as he continued to move forward .


By late afternoon, the group was able to reach the sacred place .

Located in the northeast of the Raptor Canyon, the sacred place was a basin similar to Gentle Snow Breeze’s land, and it was a place that stood out from afar .

“Only that place has no snow . ”

It was a green land in the middle of a pure white snowfield .

Furthermore, it wasn’t just without snow .

As they approached the place, they could feel a warm wind blowing from inside the basin . It was as if only that place was spring .

“I can feel Solari’s divine power . ”

It was as Lena said .

They could feel Solari’s divine power all around them, just like when they entered Leisegang’s sealing place .

Inside the small basin that was about a hundred meters in diameter .

A place where it was spring despite being winter all around it .

“Ooh…it’s clearly Solari’s ruins . The architectural style is old too . ”

Kaplan said in an excited tone as he closely approached the pillars that served as gates at the entrance of the basin .

But Jude and Cordelia focused more on another place .

“Tomb Guardians . ”

Beyond the pillars sat four Tomb Guardians . They seemed to have no intention of doing anything that was particularly harmful, but their eyes that were looking at the group were those of a watcher .

So instead of going in further, Jude stopped in his place and shouted loudly .

“We humbly ask Blue Whiskers, guardian of the sacred place, to allow us entry! The Wild Fairy Queen sent us!”

At the same time, Cordelia raised the Fairy’s Bonds that contained the Earth Protection .

“The Fairy Queen sent us!”

When Cordelia shouted and the Fairy’s Bonds shined, the direction of the wind changed in an instant .

The wind that blew from the inside stopped as a loud voice came .

“Blue Whiskers greets the visitors!”

A deep and loud voice was heard from the large temple located inside the basin, and the owner of the voice was soon revealed .

As is name implied, it was a dragon with long blue whiskers .

“I am Blue Whiskers, guardian of the sacred place! State your names!”

It had blue scales and splendid deer antlers .

Blue Whiskers looked more of an oriental dragon rather than a western dragon, and as it came forward with a dignified figure, Cordelia quickly bit her lips and held back her laughter .

‘C-cute . ’

She couldn’t help it .

Blue Whiskers was huge and around 7 meters longs, but because its shape was really like that of an oriental dragon, its limbs were too short and undersized when compared to its whole body .

But as he stood on his small hind legs and toddled, Cordelia thought that the harmony between its dignified upper body and lower body was poor .

Cordelia tried hard to hold back her laughter by biting her lips, and Jude stepped first like always and said .

“We are Jude Bayer and Cordelia Chase, who are under the protection of the Fairy Queen . ”

“I-I am Indiana Kaplan . ”

“I’m Lena Ainsburg . ”

After Lena introduced herself, Blue Whiskers looked at them with narrowed eyes and then nodded .

“You’re all good people . Though the woman at the back has a strong demon’s aura… Oh, did you come here to wash away that aura?”

Blue Whiskers wasn’t a guardian of the sacred place for no reason .

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At his accurate analysis, Jude immediately nodded .

“Yes, you’re right . The Fairy Queen informed us that she could wash away the demonic energy in the sacred place . ”

“Hmm, indeed . ”

With his tiny hand, Blue Whiskers stroked his stomach instead of his chin, raised its head and said .

“Come in! Those sent by the Fairy Queen don’t have to go through the test!”

Blue Whiskers cried out loud and began to return to the temple, while Jude and Cordelia quickly turned around to Kaplan and Lena .

“Let’s go . ”

“I’m glad that the conversation went well . ”

“Yeah . ”

Although Lena looked somewhat puzzled as she was surprised by Blue Whiskers’ outspokenness, she soon smiled and stepped forward .

And after a few minutes…

Having entered the temple, Jude and Cordelia let out awes of admiration .

‘It really was a place where they interacted . ’

Unlike the outside which followed the typical style of the Solari temple, the inside followed the style of the wild gods .

It was like a western church on the outside but was like a greenhouse on the inside .

With the pillars and such everywhere, it was undoubtedly an artificial structure, but because it blended with the surroundings, it all felt natural .

In particular, there was a pond about 10 meters in diameter at the center of the temple . The pond was surrounded by stone pillars and had a faint yet beautiful light rising from it, giving the pond a mysterious feeling .

“It’s a sacred pond . It’s a place where you can wash off anything . ”

Blue Whiskers spoke in a proud tone and continued to look at Lena .

“I can tell from your eyes . Though you have been stained by the demon’s power, you are a truly good person . You are allowed to enter the pond, so wash away the darkness and regain the light . ”

The voice of Blue Whiskers echoed loudly in the temple, as if it was a voice from heaven .

After Lena bowed to Blue Whiskers who was stroking its belly while still looking holy, she glanced at Jude and Cordelia before approaching the pond, and the two then stared at Lena’s back .

“Hey, Blue Whiskers . ”

“Say it . ”

“How long will it take Lena to wash away the demon’s aura?”

“I don’t know exactly how long . But it will take some time if she was tainted by the demonic aura for a long time . ”

Satisfied by the sincere but a little vague answer, Cordelia looked at Lena again .

As Lena entered the pond with her clothes still on, the surrounding stone pillars glowed green .

“It’s the light of purification . Don’t be afraid and move on to the center of the pond . ”

Lena did not doubt Blue Whiskers’ words . She moved further and reached the center of the pond, and a green light covered her and the whole pond .

“Is this…okay?”

Worried about Lena who was no longer visible due to the light, Cordelia asked, and Blue Whiskers nodded .

“It’s all right . All you have to do is wait . ”

“Thanks for everything . ”

“I am the guardian of the sacred place, so it is natural to help those in need . ”

Blue Whiskers replied with a smile and later walked to a corner of the temple which seemed to be its dwelling place, and Cordelia tried hard to only see Blue Whiskers’ upper body .

Several seconds passed .

“Cordelia . ”


She turned around at his call, and Jude pointed outside the temple with his chin .

“I’ll go out for a while and look around . ”

There was nothing to do here except to rest and wait anyway .

So it was better for him to monitor the surrounding terrain like what he usually did .

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“Uh… Then I’ll go with you . ”

“Okay, if you say so . It’s fine if we leave Kaplan alone, right?”

“Yes, he doesn’t look bored . Let’s call him at dinnertime when we get back . ”

Because Kaplan’s focus was on the walls as he eagerly observed this and that .

“Mr . Blue Whiskers! We’ll go out for a while and get some fresh air!”

“Don’t go too far! My protection cannot reach beyond the sacred place!”

Blue Whiskers replied to Cordelia’s shout, and Jude unconsciously had a bitter smile .

“What is it?”

“No, I just thought that you quickly became close . ”

“Because he’s like a kind uncle . ”

Cordelia replied with a smile, and the two left the temple and went up the basin . Because they wanted to climb to a high place and survey the surrounding area .

And a few minutes later .

Having arrived at the highest place, Jude and Cordelia both frowned .

“Devil’s Eye . ”

There were people coming from far away and heading towards the sacred place .

Even if their numbers were small, it was around fifty or so .

There were many knights who wore heavy armor, and they looked like they came from the Argon Empire, and not the wild lands .

“The one in the lead…is Billvine, right?”

“I think you’re right . ”

He was a huge man whose whole body was covered in a black armor .

Among the mid-ranking demonic humans of the Devil’s Eye, he was someone who belonged to the particularly strong group .

Unbeknownst to Jude and Cordelia, the Devil’s Eye had actually felt a great sense of crisis when they lost two mid-ranking demonic humans due to the actions of the two .

At this rate, their plan to swallow up the wild lands would be disrupted .

So in order to contaminate the eastern dragon veins, a stronger group was needed .

Thus, they decided to deploy Black Knight Billvine and his men, elites of their group in the Argon Empire, which was the home of the Devil’s Eyes .

“It’s not a simple formation . There’s some monsters mixed in their group . ”

In terms of number alone, they were less than in the previous fights, but the quality of each one of them was different .

Just fifty of them would be able to fight against 500 royal soldiers of the Sälen Kingdom .

In addition, they also had prepared a method to deal with the wild god .

What should we do then?

He though on how they would be able to protect the purity of the sacred place from those who were trying to contaminate the dragon vein .

‘If I consider on a simple way to defeat them…’

They could bait the enemies towards the middle of the basin and blow up the dragon vein to annihilate them .

After he thought about it, Jude looked up in surprise and said to Cordelia, who look quite distressed .

“No, this demon . Anything but that . ”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

“No, you can’t . ”

“What exactly are you talking about?”

“That, that method . ”

Having no idea what he was talking about, Cordelia somehow felt it unfair and frowned,  and Jude turned to Billvine and his men .

He counted the remaining time until they reach the sacred place .

At the same time, he thought about Lena and the sacred place’s situation .

And a few seconds later .

Something came into Jude’s mind .

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