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Chapter 9: 9
Dungeon Book .

There were quite a variety of types, but the use itself was all the same .

‘Move the person who opened the book into the dungeon . ’

There were times when the dungeon was a virtual space like a virtual reality game, and there were times when it was real dungeon, but in a big way, it was also the key to teleport .

Jude slowly opened his eyes .

The pure white light faded, and what came to sight was not the narrow and dark confession room, but a black sky and white floor – to be exact, a large space covered with pure white cloth .

‘I’ve come to the right place . ’

The dungeon book with an unknown author and title, was hidden in the temple of the Varuna, the god of the mirror wall .

In Legend of Heroes 2, this was the key to the conquerable dungeon – no, Outboxer009 was the only one who got in and conquered it .

‘There’s a reason why I held on for more than 10 years . ’

The world of Legend of Heroes 2 continues to grow .

What it meant was that even now, around 10 years after its release, Legend of Heroes 2 had not stopped its periodic update .

It was not only the story of the 2nd episode’s main story for the single-player gameplay, but also the story between the second and third main stages of the multiplayer gameplay system .

Each character’s story, the various quests that result from it, and the unthinkable relationships between NPCs, etc .

Moreover, the number of stories was never small . Rumor has it that the AI using big data continues to create stories, though I don’t know if it was real, but a huge quantity of stories was created with each update .

Despite the fact that the game is full of rotten waters such as Outboxer009 and Yellow Storm, Legend of Heroes 2 has not been completely conquered yet .

‘Because there are still elements that I do not know . ’

Of course, the fact that there is an realm of ‘mystery’ here, where you don’t know whether it’s in the Legend of Heroes 2 or the world like the Legend of Heroes 2, was not something to be happy about, as it was closer to a demerit than a merit .

What matters now, was the fact that Jude himself had entered the dungeon .

‘What about Cordelia?’

“Oww, I have a headache . Is this teleport motion sickness?’

Cordelia’s voice came from behind his back, as if to answer .

When I turned around, I saw Cordelia holding her head with a painful expression .

“Are you okay, Cordelia?”

“Uhhnn…it’s not okay . Are you all right?”

“Oh, I’m all right . ”

“Why are you okay?”

“Why aren’t you okay?”

“I know . ”

Perhaps because of motion sickness, Cordelia, who responded like a fool, trembled .

“Anyway, hooo… . This is the dungeon in the dungeon book . Looks like… a virtual dungeon type?”

The biggest difference between a virtual dungeon and a real dungeon was the presence or absence of death .

If it’s a virtual dungeon, even if you die inside the dungeon, you don’t really die . Though you felt pain, you were deported from the book and no injuries were left .

Of course, there were penalties besides pain .

‘Retry is impossible . ’

Once kicked out, they cannot return to the virtual dungeon .

‘It’s much better than dying though . ’

There were two reasons why Jude originally chose Varuna’s Dungeon Book at this stage .

One was the reward was good, as I had told Cordelia, and the other was to experience actual battle without the risk of life .

‘Legend of Heroes 2 is a fighting game, after all . ’

The journey to stop the Great Summons was also accompanied by battles .

“Haa . ”

Once again, Jude, who had cleared his mind, looked toward Cordelia, and soon had a little smile on his face .

“Wow…it’s really real . ”

It was a place where I went in and out countless times in the game, but in this reality, this was my first time .

It was strangely interesting and mysterious, so I looked around with my eyes wide open .

‘That’s it anyway . ’

Jude turned to his left hand and smiled again at Cordelia .

“Bingo . ”

As planned, he held a large bag in his left hand .

It was a bag he deliberately held just before opening the book .

Even in the game, the dungeon book also took inside all the items I was holding .

Jude smiled and opened the bag . As the size of the bag was large, there were quite a variety of items inside .

“I should have brought my bag too . ”

Cordelia said, lifting her skirt slightly . It seems that she has been carrying many things in her skirt again .

“What did you bring?”

“Just the basic stuff . ”

Cordelia, answering Jude’s question, looked around again and said, pouting her lips .

“Don’t look back until I tell you . ”

“Should I just turn my back and sit?”

“That’s good, then . ”

Cordelia, who had said so far, laughed, and Jude quickly turned around and then rummaged through the things in his bag again .

“By the way . ”

“Yes . ”

“What tech are you specializing on?”

“You mean magic?”

“Yes, magic . ”

“First, elemental . I’m going for the flame types . ”

“What about buffs or debuffs?”

“I have to get it . But the base is elemental . Because I’ll need firepower . ”

“Well, what a typical Yellow Storm answer . ”

A life-risking battle maniac .

In response to Jude’s comments, Cordelia replied with a small smile .

“Because that’s me . You can turn around now . ”

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“Then without hesitation . ”

Sitting around again, Jude’s eyes widened, and soon smiled again .

“It’s our Yellow Storm, as expected . ”

Cordelia, who had just been wearing a wide skirt and a dress full of lace, was wearing her own combat uniform at this moment .

Body-fitting blouse and leather trousers, a dagger in the waist, and a short magic wand shaped like a baton in her hand .

Her shoes were not dress shoes but leather boots .

“Did you know you were coming here?”

“No, but I thought something must have happened when you called me, so I brought it in my skirt . ”

“Can you show me the inside of that skirt later? I’m curious about the internal structure . ”

“What is this crazy bastard saying?”

There was a stream of abuse, but Cordelia was smiling .

Jude also shrugged once, and then approached Cordelia with some of the things he took out of his bag .

“Come on, put this on, too . ”


“Don’t hesitate . ”

What Jude brought was a leather vest with chains, and hard gaiters and cuff guards made of oiled leather .

“There’s also a helmet and a shield . ”

Again, it was made of leather .

Jude, who placed the helmet with old aviator googles over Cordelia’s head, smiled contentedly, and Cordelia, looking around at the round leather shield she had somehow come to hold in her hand, squint her eyes wide open .

“Outboxer . ”


“If my eyes weren’t wrong, isn’t this the only armor set in the bag?”

“That’s right . ”

“But why are you putting this on me?”

“That’s because you’re the line . ”

“Front row?”

“Yes, front row . ”

“The battle line in front of you in battle?”

“The battle line . ”

“You’re a warrior and I’m a wizard?”

T/N: Warrior refers to “muin” or “musa” . In Korea, they’re people trained in martial arts . If you’ve seen a Korean historical battle drama, they’re the ones fighting in the battles . They’re something like the Korean equivalent of Japan’s samurai warriors . So, if you see the word “warrior” in this series, like the escort Dahlia or Count Bayer’s warriors, they’re referring to muin .


“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I’m a man with Gueumjulmaek . How can I stand in the front lines now? I’m standing behind the line . ”

“You got the Sun’s Necklace . ”

“Will it be treated in 10 days? There’s something you overlook, even if it does . ”

“There is?”

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“Even without Gueumjulmaek, Jude is still weak . ”

The limbs were weak, and the body weight was light .

Perhaps the muscle mass is even less than Cordelia .

“How conscientious it is, though . They’ll dress you in your only armor to stand in front of you . ”

Jude grinned, and Cordelia said with a bright smile, too .

“F*ck . ”

“Yes, yes . If my Gueumjulmaek is healed, I’ll give you a hug, hit you, cross the wall, and even stand in the front row . ”

Jude smiled and raised his thumb again, while Cordelia stood still .

“Hey . Yeah, I’ll be in the front line for now . Then what are you going to do in the back row?”

“I’m going to use this . ”

Jude walked back to his bag and took out a bunch of papers he packed inside .

“Magic circle?”

“I’ve made them available at our level . ”

Originally, Jude had experimented with several magic circles first in order to find out how to start and use Bellastin’s magic circle .

“Let me see . ”

“Here it is . Take your time . ”

On the paper slightly larger than the size of a palm, drawings of quite complex patterns could be seen .

‘Crazy b’

Cordelia, who looked at the magic circles, had no choice but to vent her admiring curses .

The number of magic circles that Jude gave out was thirty pages .

One-star magic circles were drawn, but the reason Cordelia cursed was simple .

‘Did you memorize all of this?’

Bellastin’s magic circle was amazingly complex, but well, it was a very special magic circle .

However, the magic circles in front of them were not so great .

Of course, it would’ve been easy to memorize because it was simple, but with these many, he memorized all these figures?



“No, it’s nothing . ”

At that moment, Cordelia wanted to ask how many more things he memorized, but she decided to hold it in .

‘I’ll definitely memorize it all . ’

And you’ll tease me if I can’t memorize it .


“Well, good . This should be good enough . There are many different kinds of magic circles . ”

“Yes, so please inject some mana on it . ”


“No, you have to inject mana into the magic circle to use it . ”

“What about your mana?”

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“Hey, this again . I have Gueumjulmaek…”

“F*cking bastard, bad guy, son of a b*tch . ”

“Woof woof . ”

Of course, the last one who said that was Jude, and this time, Cordelia growled like a dog .

And an hour later .

Cordelia, who finished injecting mana into the magic circles by drinking the mana potions she had brought, was collapsed on the floor .


I haven’t started yet, but I want to spread out on the floor .

But it wasn’t the time to be spreading .

“The speed of time is doubled by how much… huuuu, tell me?”

“It was one is to 20 times in the game . ”

Cordelia grumbled and asked, and Jude answered refreshingly as he packed up the magic circles .

20 times .

In other words, here – 20 minutes inside the dungeon book meant 1-minute outside .

“No matter how long much confession we’re having, after half an hour, Maja and Dahlia will be worried . So, let’s finish it before that . ”

“Wait, half an hour? How long does it take to attack here?”

“Hmm, I don’t know . At our level now, roughly eight hours if you include the resting time?”

“Crazy . What’s in here?”

“As I have already explained, B-rank mugong and magic skill books . Of course, we’re going to have to suffer first?”

At the snap of the answer, Cordelia thought she was rolling her eyes, but soon closed her eyes and gave up a sigh .

“You just have to use those stinking magic circles . ”

“No way . ”

Jude, who answered leisurely, sat in front of Cordelia and unfolded a large piece of paper .

It was a map of the dungeon drawn in advance based on his memories .

“I remember all the roads, but you should know them for now . We should also talk about the monsters that will come out inside…why?”

“No, it’s nothing . ”

What can a guy who can even memorize Bellastin’s magic circle not memorize?

Once again impressed, she and Jude began to talk in earnest about their dungeon strategy .

How long had it been since then?

After a rough discussion, Jude and Cordelia stood side by side in front of a large arched door .

If the place you are now in is a safe zone, beyond that was a dangerous place for monsters to appear .

Jude took a long breath, then looked at Cordelia, and she also looked back at him .

“Shall we get started?”

“Let’s get started . ”

Varuna’s Dungeon Book attack .

The two who stood side by side, took their first steps .

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