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Chapter 8: 8
If last chapter I got stuck with martial arts terms, this time it was baseball . I’ve also made some changes to the previous episodes:

Norfolk came from baseball player, Yoon Suk-min’s nickname, “Norfolk Wars”, when all in one year, he tried to make it big in the US but got transferred to the minor league team, Norfolk Tides, because of his poor performance and thus ended up going home . The wars in the nickname came from his “war” with another baseball player, Yang Hyeon-jong, whose success or failure was inversely proportional to Yoon every baseball season . In 2014, when Yoon was fighting a losing war in Norfolk, Yang was winning the war and making records .

So if Yellow Storm is called as Norfolk, it meant she is like Yoon and is losing the war (server rankings) against Outboxer009 .


In the afternoon two days later .

Cordelia, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a big skirt, went out of Count Chase’s mansion with Dahlia .

Ttak-ak-ttak-ak .

The sounds of the horse pulling the carriage and of the rolling carriage wheel could be heard . And as if to match it, Dahlia hummed .

It seemed that it was Dahlia, not Cordelia, who was going on a date .

‘No, it’s not a date . It’s not a date . ’

It was just a business meeting .

It was just a business meeting .

Because it is important, Cordelia, who repeated it twice, turned away from Dahlia’s high tension and looked out of the window .

The site of the temple of Varuna was located in the outskirts of the border town, but there were many people and buildings .

Varuna’s temple was built not only in the Sälen kingdom, but also anywhere on the continent – to be exact, it was erected where there was a large floating population, and the reason was simple .

To hide the tree, hide it in the forest .

The best way to hide a secret was to make people not interested in the secret itself .

If there were many visitors, those who visited the temple of Varuna could easily conceal themselves .

“Miss, we’re almost there . You can meet him now . ”

“Yes, yes…”

Cordelia, with a forced smile, hoped the carriage would arrive quickly .

Rather than wanting to meet Jude, I wanted to escape from this awkward space and the excited gaze of Dahlia .

“We’re here . ”

And finally, the carriage stopped .

The heavy voice of the coachman relieved Cordelia, who let out a breath of relief, and Dahlia continued her own misunderstanding this time again .

‘You are nervous . How cute . ’

It was Cordelia who could tell what Dahlia was thinking just by looking at her sparkling eyes, but she tried to turn away this time . It wasn’t something I could deal with right now .

“Anyway…let’s go!”

“Yes, miss!”

Cordelia got off the carriage with Dahlia and looked around . Perhaps because it was afternoon, so the believers of Varuna stood out all over the place .

But it was then .

“Hello! Is sister called Cordelia Chase?

A child squatting in the corner of the temple rushed to ask .

He was a little boy around 5 to 6 years old and held a small folded note in his hand .

“What’s going on?”

Although her strange appearance was only seen lately, Dahlia was ostensibly an escort knight of Count Chase .

After reflexively blocking the child’s access, she asked with a low voice, and the frightened child replied hesitantly .

“Thi-this! A very handsome brother told me to deliver this!”

It was the note the child was holding .

It was a very suspicious item, but Dahlia’s face loosened at that moment . Because the name of Jude was written on the outside of the note .

“Miss . ”

“Yes . ”

When Cordelia gave her permission, Dahlia took the note from the child .

“Then I’ll go . I’m sure I told you!”

Perhaps because he was scared of Dahlia, the child ran out of the temple as soon as he gave the note .

But Cordelia and Dahlia had long lost interest in the child .

“Come on and open it . Hurry . ”

“Ye-yes . ”

At Dahlia’s prompting, I opened the note, and the content was simple .

See you in the confession room .

Confession Room .

It is one of the reasons why the cult of the god of secrets, Varuna, is enjoying popularity .

In Varuna’s temple, there was a confession room where you could confide and keep any secrets .

Varuna didn’t perform any miracles for those who told secrets, but the fact that there was a place to confide secrets to those who lived under the weight of secrecy was bound to be comforting .

“Oh my, is this a love affair in the confession room? Fufu, how cute . ”

At that moment, Cordelia was worried that Dahlia’s brain had gone haywire, because she kept relating all of Cordelia’s actions to a maiden in love, but she couldn’t protest against it .

“Anyway, let’s go . ”

“Yes, miss . ”

In the temple of Varuna, I had memories that I had visited here several times previously before my memories as Yellow Storm awakened .

As Cordelia moved to the eastern section of the temple where the confession room was located, a middle-aged priest, who appeared to be in charge of the confession room, approached and guided the way .

“He is inside . ”

He didn’t tell who, but it was obvious who was there .

The priest retired with a smile, and Dahlia stopped at the door and smiled brightly .

“I’ll stay here . ”

And a wink .

It was Dahlia’s helpful consideration, but I feel like I’m falling into a quagmire .

“…I’ll be back . ”

“Yes, miss . Good luck . ”

“Ye-yes . ”

After responding awkwardly, Cordelia entered the confession room as if she was running away .

And it was at that moment .

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“Yo, long time no see . ”

In the confession room, where a small desk and two chairs were placed, there was Jude was waiting as expected .

This side suffered from all kinds of misunderstandings, but the face on the other side seemed to be well fed and well-off .

“Haa, I’d rather die than suffer . ”

“Yellow Storm?”

Instead of answering, Cordelia asked Jude .

“How did you borrow this place?”


“The temple’s confession room . Have you caught the priest’s weakness?”

Outboxer009 was someone who knew the inner workings of the big and even the small NPCs in the streets .

The priest seemed to have quite a weakness, given that he had come all the way to meet her .

At Cordelia’s question, Jude blinked once and soon laughed lightly .

“What is the weakness…it’s money . ”


“Yes, money . He lent it to me because I gave him money . ”

Why would he threaten him with weakness?

I have money .

“You seem to forget, but I’m the son of a Count . ”

He is also the son of Count Bayer, one of the 12 northern families .

Even though they were weaker than they used to be, the Bayer family was still one of the most prominent families .

“What, I’m a daughter of a Count, too?”

“I know . ”

As the awkward Cordelia grumbled for no reason, Jude smiled small and offered her a seat, while Cordelia, opposite Jude, asked, slightly opening her eyes .

“How is your Gueumjulmaek?”

“I’m recovering little by little . ”

“Hmm . ”

Perhaps because I heard the story, it did seem that Jude’s complexion was better than before .

“What about you? Any accomplishments?”

“I think there’s a little more before I become a 2-star . I leveled up a lot last time . ”

A smile spread across Cordelia’s face when she recalled the “fight” against Leisegang .

I wanted to do it one more time at heart, but unfortunately, Bellastin’s magic circle was good for one use only . If we forcibly summoned Leisegang again, there could have been some problems with the seal this time .

“Why did you call me anyway? There’s nothing here . ”

“Why not? You know . ”

“Huh? There is?”

“Oh, there is . Hidden event . ”

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In Jude’s response, Cordelia blinked . Because I could not understand .

“No way…that’s not possible . There was nothing on the walkthrough sites . ”

I wasn’t talking about a typical walkthrough site .

She was talking about “Legend of Heroes Wall,” a site created by a large number of rotten and stagnant water, including Yellow Storm .

Did Cordelia forget about it?

But that was not it .

Yellow Storm’s memory was correct .

The cause of the problem was with Outboxer009, not Yellow Storm .

“No wonder there isn’t . ”


“Because I’m the only one who found it . ”

The first discovery notice came up when it was discovered .

And Jude kept this event in his mind .

No, why would you post hidden event information that you’ve struggled to find on the walkthrough site?

“Wait, you didn’t post on the “Legend of Heroes’ Wall” walkthrough site?”

“I do post, I did post, but only the things that everyone knows . ”

Secrets can only have value when they’re kept secret .

“What, so you just put it all up? Really?”

Cordelia didn’t answer, but you could tell the answer by just looking at her face .

“Yes, so you’re 2nd place . No wonder you always came in second . ”

“F*ck, you jerk . I knew there was something fishy . I struggled and couldn’t catch up . ”

“Our Norfolk is naïve . I never imagined stealing the base . ”

(T/N: For Norfolk, please see the explanation I wrote before the beginning of this chapter .

As for “stealing the base”, that’s a baseball terminology . Yeah, the author’s a baseball fan…)

Source: 윤석민상


But in fact, I had just guessed it .

While I was having fun browsing at people’s comments, I saw a clue buried in the guides’ posts .

“So, what is it, what is hidden here? Is it yours again?”

When Cordelia asked with a pout on her lips, Jude hid his laughter and continued to speak .

“There is mine, and there is yours too . Do you know the dungeon book?”

“I know . Is there a dungeon book hidden here?”

“It’s hidden . The rewards are pretty good . ”

Dungeon Book, as its name suggests was a virtual dungeon that could be entered by using the book .

“What’s the reward?”

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“Mine is a mugong (martial art) . Yours’s probably magic . ”

“Skill Book?”

“Skill Book . ”

Using the skill book, you could acquire the skill at once without having to learn it .

The tempted Cordelia leaned towards Jude and asked .

“What kind of mugong and magic is it in detail?”

“For mugong, it’s a footwork, but I don’t know for magic . ”

“Why don’t you know?”

“I haven’t broken it yet as a wizard . ”

“Sure enough . ”

It was a valid explanation . I had to break it to know .

“Rank? It wouldn’t be too high if we could challenge it in the beginning . ”

“B-rank . ”


“B-rank . ”

Cordelia’s eyes widened . She would have, as it was B-rank .

Of course, if you looked at Legend of Heroes 2 as a whole, B-rank wasn’t that great .

But if you had just begun, it was not an exaggeration to say that B-rank was a rank above the sky .

Originally, what you could get at this point was usually E or D, or C- at best .

“Uh…um, then the magic would be B-rank?”


A bright smile came over Cordelia’s face .

“Good! Then let’s settle it quickly! Where is it? Where is it hidden?”

“Here . ”


“Here . I’ve already found it . ”

It was located in a secret room deep in the temple library, but I came in the morning to find it .

That was why I asked to meet Cordelia in the afternoon in the first place .

“Time is gold, right?”

Saying that with a smile, Jude brought out a thin book from his arms and put it on the desk .

Varuna’s Dungeon Book .

Cordelia stared at the cover of the red book, raised her head and asked .

“Right now?”

“Right now . ”

No further consultation was necessary .

Jude opened the book and recited the spell, and pure white light filled the confession room .

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