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Chapter 79: 79
I made a mistake while posting the chapter yesterday . The first two paragraphs ended up being repeated, and one paragraph went missing . I’ve already corrected it, but for those who haven’t seen the correction, here’s the missing paragraph:

“Is that…all that you needed?”

“Yes, I need everything . ”

As Cordelia spoke with a big smile, the Wild Fairy Queen moved her head up and down again .

She was glittering .

She was really glittering .

Cordelia’s slender and long fingers were wearing numerous rings from her thumb to the ring finger, and even though she had a brooch on her chest, she was wearing another necklace .

It didn’t end there .

Bracelets .

Belts .

Earrings .

Despite wearing boots, she had ankle bracelets .

How the heck is that girl wearing all that?

Perhaps she was wearing something on the toes of her feet too .

In addition to the glittering and shining ornaments of the brightly smiling Cordelia, she also had a tiara with blue jewels on top of her head that was together with the rabbit ears headband .

Everything was colorful and sparkling .

It was a terrible assortment of fashion accessories, and while Jude was admiring the beauty of Cordelia who still looked pretty even in the midst of this, the Fairy Queen looked back at Jude with a miserable face .

“You too?”

“Yes, me too . ”

Actually, Jude wasn’t that much different from Cordelia .

All his ten fingers had rings, and he had different earrings on each ear . There were also necklaces on his neck, belts on his waist, and bracelets on his arms . In addition to the Eastern Warrior’s Sword and the Bicorn’s horn dagger, there was also a beautiful elven sword on his waist . A new dagger was also attached to his thigh .

And their clothing .

Cordelia wore a gorgeous red cape on her back, while Jude wore a very large purple coat .

All of the High Elves’ legacies were magical items, whether they were strong or weak .

“It’s sparkly . ”

“They’re shining . ”

“Pretty! Handsome!”

While the fairies were thoughtlessly squealing, the Fairy Queen still had a dubious look on her face .

Because there was no unity in their equipment .

Unlike the fairies who were completely like kids, the Fairy Queen was an adult .

In her eyes, it was very clear that the effects of the two rings, a ring that enhanced the flame attribute and a ring that enhanced the cold attribute, would cancel out each other .

But they needed all that?

“We need it . We really, really need it . ”

As Cordelia pressed her hands together to emphasize their necessity of it, Jude followed up in his mind .

‘Not now, but later . ’

In fact, there was nothing much remarkable if one assessed the items individually .

As the Fairy Queen had seen, there were a lot of items whose effects canceled each other out .

But what’s wrong with that?

Let’s just take it and see .

If they had no use for it, they could just sell it .

‘Take as much as you can when you have the opportunity to take as much as you can . ’

It’s better for them to let it sit around in their bags and not use it rather than leaving it and letting it be damaged by time .

‘It’s a justifiable mindset . ’

Jude nodded at himself before he looked at Cordelia and the Fairy Queen again .

It was questionable if Cordelia’s persuasion worked well, but the Fairy Queen eventually nodded despite looking at them doubtfully .

“Okay . Then let’s go to where the monster is . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

“We will meet your expectations . ”

Jude and Cordelia promptly responded, and the Fairy Queen had a gracious smile again as she was a little relieved .

“Close your eyes . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

“You’re really good at answering . You’re pretty too . ”

“Thank you for your kind words . ”

When Cordelia closed her eyes and behaved politely again, the Fairy Queen’s smile also deepened .

“You can open your eyes now . ”

She was indeed the Fairy Queen .

They didn’t feel like they had moved at all, but when they opened their eyes, they were inside a huge cavity and not the forest of fairies .

It was unknown if this was underground or above ground, but it seemed to be a huge cavity that was made by digging into the mountain or ground .

‘I saw this in the Lord of the Rings . ’

Jude nodded at Cordelia’s gaze before he took a look around .

‘There it is . ’

There was a bridge between the precipice, and in the middle of that bridge, a giant demon was sitting in a crouched position .

‘Lacto . ’

If there was a Tomb Guardian in Heaven, there was a Lacto in Hell .

Lacto’s role was usually that of a gatekeeper, and it looked like its Minotaur cousin . It was a slow-witted demon, but it boasted a terrifying power .

“Can you defeat it?”

The worried Fairy Queen asked in low voice, and Cordelia immediately nodded her head .

“Certainly . You can watch us . ”

At her confident declaration, the faces of the fairies and the Fairy Queen brightened .

“Jude, Jude . Since our opponent is Lacto, you know what to do, right?”

“I know . ”

Jude lightly loosened his wrists and swayed his head several times before he said again .

“I’m ready . What about you?”

“I’m ready too . ”

Cordelia clenched Moonlight as she took a deep breath before she stepped forward .

And Lacto reacted to their movement .

The demon who was stiff and not moving as if it was a rock, opened its eyes in a flash and saw Jude and Cordelia approaching the bridge . It slowly spread out its wings as it stood up .

“Its weapons are a double-edged axe and a large shield . There’s also a whip on the waist . ”

“Judging from its eyes, it looks like a low- to mid-class Lacto . ”

“But it’s still a demon . ”

“Yes, a demon . ”

Even a common low-ranking demonic human was a ridiculous existence that can rip someone into shreds .

Although there was tension in Jude and Cordelia’s footsteps, they were not scared .

When they finally arrived in front of the bridge…

“Kekeke… . I haven’t tasted blood for a long time . ”

An unpleasant voice that sounded like the scratching of iron came out of Lacto’s mouth .

The fairies, who were watching from behind, hugged each other in fear, but Jude and Cordelia were rather relieved .

‘It’s the lines of a small fry . ’

‘Let’s stick to the plan . ’

Lacto was on the bridge .

Jude started . He stomped hard on the ground and created a golden whirlwind . As his aura wrapped around his body, everyone including Lacto had no choice but to focus their gazes on Jude .

“Kekeke…it looks like you want to fight . ”

Lacto said and Jude smiled . As Lacto took a step forward, it put down its axe and grabbed its whip .

And at that very moment…

Cordelia began to chant the spell . The fairies were surprised at the gathering of powerful mana and turned to Cordelia, and Lacto flinched before raising its shield .

“Spell’s Echo . ”

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She activated it . It echoed Cordelia’s spell and created another magic spell .

The mana surged .

The whirlwinds rose .

Lacto released a powerful aura all over its body . A purple aura gathered on the shield as it prepared to block whatever attack the two had in plan .

And right after…

When the Fairy Queen and everyone else held their breath…

Cordelia released the gathered mana with the Moonlight . Instead of rushing towards Lacto, it struck the ground!


The bridge shook . A black energy spread all over the bridge, and the magic that she had already invoked was repeated by the Spell’s Echo again .


A crack formed . Numerous lines spread all over the bridge, as if the whole bridge was covered by a spider web .

And Jude used his skill .

When the black dragon’s energy was released towards the ground, black energy soared between the cracks .

“Eh . ”

The Fairy Queen said, and Lacto looked under his feet . Cordelia smiled and waved her hand .

“Goodbye . ”

It crashed .

The cracked bridge literally fell and crashed, and Lacto who was on top of it also plummeted .

They heard a succession of screams .

Cordelia nodded with a satisfied face, and Jude turned towards the Fairy Queen .

“We defeated it!”

They did do it .

Lacto .

And the bridge .

“Th-the bridge is gone!”

The Fairy Queen cried as she flew towards Jude and Cordelia .

She asked them to get rid of the monster blocking the road, but not the bridge itself .

When the Fairy Queen who was brimming with emotion tried to shout again, Jude hurriedly raised his hand to stop her .

“No, no . It’s okay . ”

“What the hell do you mean it’s okay!”

The bridge was gone!

As the Fairy Queen unconsciously held the back of her neck, Cordelia said .

“But fairies have wings . ”


“You have wings, so you can just fly . ”

Lacto, who was obstructing the road, disappeared .

The bridge was also gone, but the fairies could fly in the first place, so the bridge was not necessary .

“Isn’t that right?”

The Fairy Queen felt dizzy at her rather logical words, and Jude said with a smile .

“Fairy Queen, I apologize, but could you step back for a while?”

“I should…step back?”

“Because it’s not yet over . ”

The last one was said by Cordelia .

She looked back at Jude and began to count downwards, and Jude also joined Cordelia .

“5 . ”

“4 . ”

“3 . ”

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“2 . ”


The two shouted at the same time, and at that moment, a roar filled the air .


It was Lacto . With its bat wings stretched out, Lacto flew up and angrily roared as it saw Jude and Cordelia, who had already activated the magic she had prepared in advance .

“ . ”

The Spell’s Echo repeated her spell again .

A sharp wind blade flew towards the target . With a high-pitched sound, it hit and injured Lacto’s wings .

“Goodbye again . ”

“Holy Cross Punch . ”

Jude drove the Holy Cross Punch towards Lacto .

Because it got hit by the golden cross and its flapping wings were no longer moving properly, Lacto lost its balance at once and plummeted once again .



Jude and Cordelia looked back at the Fairy Queen, and the Fairy Queen blinked her eyes and opened her lips with difficulty .


“Let’s finish our conversation . Since fairies have wings, they won’t suffer any inconveniences in using this road even if there’s no bridge . ”


“Think about it . Now that there’s no bridge, there won’t be any monsters like Lacto who’ll block the bridge . ”

If bees gathered in the flower garden, then they should destroy the flower garden itself to get rid of the bees . It was pure nonsense, but the ones who were listening to him was the fairies .

“Wow! You’re right!”

“How clever!”

“Without a bridge, there won’t be any more monsters!”

As the fairies rejoiced, Cordelia smiled and glanced at the Fairy Queen, and Jude said again with a smile .

“This is all thanks to you, Your Majesty . ”


“Thanks to generously giving out such valuable equipment, we were able to destroy the bridge, which was the main cause of everything . ”

“He’s right, this is all thanks to the Fairy Queen . ”

“Let’s give a round of applause for the Fairy Queen!”


Jude spoke and Cordelia incited the fairies to do something absurd .

The fairies were joyous in nature, so when Cordelia began to clap, they also began clapping .

“Long live the Queen!”



They managed to convince them .

In the end, the Fairy Queen had no choice but to awkwardly smile .

“Uh…uh…yes, yes . You did well . ”

“Wow, wow! Our Queen is the best!”

“Hurrah for the Queen!”

“The Queen is so pretty!”

The last one was Cordelia .

Cordelia knew the fairies quite well since she had been harassed by them in the past .

“Ahem, ahem . ”

The Fairy Queen was still a fairy after all .

She blushed with delight at the words saying that she was pretty, and Jude and Cordelia looked at each other .

‘You think it’s okay now?’

‘Yes, all we have to do is finish our job . ’

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The true end goal for this job .

But before that, there was still one more work left to do .

“Your Majesty, please step back for a while again . ”

At Cordelia’s words, the Fairy Queen tilted her head, but she soon retreated, and Jude and Cordelia exchanged glances as they started counting down again .

“5 . ”

“4 . ”

“3 . ”

“2 . ”



The bloody Lacto stuck out its head . Since it had been injured from its fall, its right horn was broken, and blood bled from its head .

“Kuuuuu… . ”

Rage .

Hatred .

Anger .

The angry monster had crept up the precipice and tried to leap at them at that moment .

But it was too late .

Jude was standing on top of a magical hand, and the two were already in position .

“It’s goodbye at this point . ”

“Bye, bye . ”

Jude strongly stepped on the hand that was supporting him, and Cordelia pushed him away with a magical force .


With a grievous scream, Lacto crashed down once again .

It tried to hurl curses at the wickedly smiling Jude and Cordelia at the top of the precipice, but the speed of the fall was too fast for it to do that .

And it crashed again .

“Oh, level up . ”

“We defeated it . ”

Having seen the pure white rings that surrounded them, Jude and Cordelia smiled in satisfaction before they looked back at the Fairy Queen .

“We defeated it . ”

“You can relax now . ”

“Y-yes . ”

The Fairy Queen unconsciously stuttered and then composed herself with deep breaths .

Since the monster was gone, their problem was solved .

But why?

Why do I still have a bad feeling?

The answer came before her eyes .

“Your Majesty . ”


“Please hand out the final reward . ”

“Reward? What reward?”

“A good reward . ”

Shouldn’t there be a reward since they settled the request?

Jude and Cordelia stepped forward as the dupe, no, the head of the wild fairies, instinctively stepped backwards .


“You’re like a demon . ”

“Do you hate it then?”

“No, I love it!”

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